Villa 303, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

September 18, 2007 – Tuesday

Villa 303
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 Ramadan is a holy month for muslims for a variety of reasons.  During the month of Ramadan one is to collect their thoughts; think about their goals and objectives in life; as well as be a better kinder person.  This is all in addition to the fasting aspect of Ramadan where one fasts and does not partake of either food or water from sunrise to sunset during the thirty days of fasting.  So I should not have been surprised when one afternoon about 1.5 hours before iftar (iftar is the breaking of the fast or sunset) when our doorbell buzzed.  My husband answered the door to find a driver at the door who handed him a small package.  Inside the package was simply a note saying “Ramadan Kareem from Villa 303” (Ramadan Kareem is a standard term used for giving Ramadan blessings or greetings) and a delicious traditional dish still warm from the oven.  Now we do not know the residents of Villa 303 and although in the neighborhood, it is not even on the same street on which we live.  Yet according to my Saudi husband, this is a common occurrence during Ramadan that in the spirit of Ramadan and giving, people will give to others whether they know them or not.  My husband and I speculate that since we have newly arrived to this location this may be part of why we were chosen to receive such a lovely gesture of the Ramadan spirit.

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  1. […] are only said during the holy month of Ramadan.  Muslims are expected to be more compassionate, giving and understanding during Ramadan.  It is among the most special times for families, friends and […]

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