Saudi Arabia: Renewal of Iqama

Until one has received their iqama (official identity card depicting an individual as a resident of the Kingdom) little can be achieved.  Without an iqama, one cannot open a bank account, get any loans, buy a car, rent a place to live or most other things associated with settling down to reside in a new location.  The employer “should” be the one taking the initiative to ensure that an employee receives his/her iqama in an expedited manner.  However, it is usually the responsibility of the employee to be aware of when the iqama is about to expire and initiating the action to renew the iqama.  I suggest that one make a note in whatever notetaking system works best for them or place a big highlight on the calendar no less than 45 days prior to when the iqama is to expire.  This will remind you of when to begin the process for renewal of the iqama which can take an average of 30 days.  This is a critical action as the Kingdom does not look favorably on expats who have allowed their iqamas to expire without having initiated the renewal process in advance.


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  1. Assalaamu alaikum, One should also remember that once the iqama has expired, *even if* your new iqama is being processed, all bank aacounts you hold in Saudi Arabia will be frozen! You will have no access to cash unless you have some very good friends willing to help you out whilst you are waiting. 😉

  2. Umm Ibrahim, Welcome and thank you for your very pertinent comment. That is an important factor expats need to know!


  4. Welcome to the Kingdom and congratulations for receiving your Iqama. To answer your question, the iqama can be viewed as your residency card. The iqama indicates you are a legal resident in the Kingdom. With this document you can open a bank account, rent or buy a car, rent lodging and any other legal and/or business transactions. Without an iqama, one is very limited in what they are allowed to do. For example, one may come into the Kingdom on a visitors visa but that visa will not allow one to engage in many standard transactions of day to day life.

    Make a photocopy of your iqama and have that with you at all times. Keep your original iqama in a safe place. Also be sure and note its expiration date as it can take up to 30 – 45 days to have the iqama renewed. There can be steep penalities for an expired iqama.

  5. Hello,

    How much time does it normally take to get Iqama for a new employee? I just moved to Saudi 3 days ago.

    I also need to change profession from ‘Skilled’ to ‘Professional’. How much approx. time does that take?

    I would also want to know if my profession change can be processed simultaneously with the processing of my new Iqama or do I have to wait to first get the Iqama for my current ‘Skilled’ status and then apply for profession change.

    I would like to call my wife and kid to live with me in Saudi once I have my Iqama with ‘Professional’ status. And then invite my parents and siblings on visit visas.

    Thank you for your help.

  6. Hi Zakaria,

    It can take anywhere from 30 – 90 days to receive your iqama. And in regards to your profession, that will depend on your employer. I’m sorry I can not give you a better time frame.

    Of course anyone can understand your desire to have your family be able to be with you while you are working in the Kingdom. I do hope it all works well and quickly for you.

    Welcome to the blog and to the Kingdom.

  7. Well; I have observed few mistakes abov like a fellow mentioned that make copies of Iqama and keep origional at safe place. It is necessary to carry your origional Iqama at all times with you in Saudi Arabia and photocopies will good for nothing.

  8. While it is a shame that the emphasis is on carrying the original iqama, copies should nevertheless be made. These are required not only in the event if the iqama is lost or stolen, but I’ve also found for example when signing up for various trips and excursions throughout the Kingdom, the sponsoring agency always wants a copy of my iqama. And for working purposes, an employer will want a copy of the iqama for their files, etc.

  9. Hello again,
    This is Zakaria from comment #5 and #6 above.
    Alhamdulillah, I received my Iqama today (today is my 23rd day in the Kingdom).
    I want to really get my profession changed to Computer Programmer and my employer does not have a problem with that. Actually it was part of the contract that I would receive family status in the Kingdom.
    I met a person who works in our office and says that he could process my change of profession in 3-4 days. Is that possible? He says that he will charge SR500 and take the money after all the work has been done.
    I’m new in the Kingdom and not aware of the system here. Is it possible for someone besides my employer to apply for profession change on my behalf? Does this time frame of 3-4 days sound realistic to you?
    Thanks again.

  10. Zakaria,

    I’m not an expert but it does sound odd to me that someone from your office but not your official sponsor says he can cahnge the status like that and in such a short time. It would seem to me that your contract needs to be modified and ratified and your sponsor would take the initiative. Perhaps someone else with more experience on this issues will comment as well.

  11. I need to know what are the laws/regulations now for changing a job in KSA.

    I’m currently under a MNC sponsorship but I want to change the jobs to another local company.

    what is the procedure and what could be the hurdles?
    BTW I have already completed 1 1/2 years here.

  12. SPK – I am not an expert on this subject. I think much depends on your sponsor (current) and what kind of job/sponsor you will be going to. I believe it can vary greatly from case-to-case.

    If you check my blogroll, Working In Saudi Arabia blog may offer some valuable insights on this subject.

  13. SPK-American Bedu,

    Leaving your current job in KSA for another one can be very very challenging and fustrating sometimes (most of the times)

    First of all it will be a miracle , if your current employer accepts to give you an NOC or release letter . Most companies , banks and other employers never give such documents which technically allows you to change between two sponsors without leaving the Kingdom.

    As usuall, you will have to leave KSA for your home country and wait untill your new employer send you your new visit visa (Buisness visa) to the Saudi Embassy .

    And this process can be very long , sometimes up to three months . Also if you decide to leave your current job make sure your bank account is clear with no debt , and if any money is there take it or it will be frozen .

    In one sentence , dont leave jobs in saudi .

  14. Thanks for sharing African Bulldog. As I hear about these challenges and difficulties it makes me so appreciate that as married to a Saudi, I do not have to contend with these issues.

    In most other countries, it is natural to “job shop” and move to other postions/employers as better opportunities arise but certainly not the case (for expats at least) in KSA.

  15. I lost my IQAMA before two days, what should i do for this problem and if i need IQAMA urgently, how long time i can get a new one ?how much i have to pay for fine, if I will go back to my country to get a new after 50days IQAMA is necessary?

  16. Ibrahim,

    I suggest if you have not done so you immediately notify your sponsor that you have lost your iqama. I do not believe you can get a replacement without their assistance. I’m not sure what fine or charges will apply. Good luck!

  17. i’m searching about transfer and release, so i started searching for iqama and i found this site… as i understand its miracle if my current sponsor will issue NOC and letter of release if I found a good job other than i already have…so i would like to be enlightend about transferable iqama, if i still have an existing contract is there any good way on how to have a tranferable iqama? thank you very much

  18. Nad,

    Again, this all depends on your sponsor as they have the ultimate say on the disposition of your iqama.

  19. I forgot renewel my Iqama almost one year is over,,what can I do for renew my iqama,,or i want apply for new Iqama ?however what is the new procedue could you tel me,,,

    (some family issue thats why i couldn’t done)

    let me send the

    Thanks and Regds


  20. Babu,

    Your comment is very surprising for one is pretty much disabled without a valid iqama — bank accounts are frozen as well as not in the Kingdom as a legal working resident. You need to speak with whoever is your sponsor. There will likely be penalty fees that would need to be paid at a minimum and you’ll need to be prepared to explain probably why you should not be viewed as an illegal resident. (this is based that I am reading your comment understanding your iqama has been expired for almost up to one year)

  21. Thanks for your valid information,,,If I can submit my panalty fees how long I am waiting for my Iqama, Same matter i have already discussed with my sponser but He counot taking seriously my words,,,what can I do,,

  22. Babu – what kind of work are you doing in the Kingdom? It does not make sense that a sponsor would not take seriously the issue that your iqama is expired. Have you contacted your local embassy?

  23. my renwall of idama take one month
    ihave to go to my country,ihave family reasons
    this is ajail

  24. Thanks for commenting and welcome to the blog!

  25. Hi , I been in kingdom for past 2.8 years.I had given my iqama to the new sponser for transfer.Could be please tell me how long it will take to transfer my iqama.When can i expect to receive an iqama.Please reply to my question.I will get my final settlements from the previous employers only after the transfer is done.Waiting for an reply…

  26. Nazeeb,

    I’m not sure about transfer of an existing iqama from one sponsor to another but imagine it should not take all that long. Things may be a little slow right now since everything was closed down during the Eid break and now playing catch up.

  27. Hi All

    My wife is a Doctor (a GP) and she is considering working in KSA. I ahve been told by may people that a wife cannot have her family join her in KSA on her visa. Can you please advise how she can work in KSA and have her family ie me (her husband ) and our two young daughters live with her in KSA.

    I am also a professional guy working in Accountancy/Software support in the UK. Would I need to find a job in KSA first or can we all go to KSA on my wofe’s visa??

    Many thanks for any advice…. (we are muslims if that helps in any way??)


  28. Sorry about the typos in the above text…:)

  29. Britisher – First of all, welcome to the blog! In regards to whether a contract is a family contract or single contract depends on the position and the employer. I know many many female expat doctors who are here with their entire families as their position allowed them to come on a married contract.

    Bear in mind if you do come on your wife’s visa as a dependent spouse your visa will state “not authorized to work.” Now that being said, you can either see if a potential employer would sponsor you for your own iqama or alternatively many dependent spouses will accept “locum” contracts where they are engaged as a local hire although bear in mind that a locum contract does not offer the same set of benefits as an expat contract.

  30. Hi American

    Thanks for the warm welcome….. and many thanks for the reply.

    The locum way may not seem that bad because my wife (being a UK Qulified GP with MRCGP) should get a job with all the benefits ie housing, schooling for our 2 daughters etc. So I would not be that concerned about my job. My main priority would be to make sure we were all together and my family were safe. Even if i had to do volunteer work I would be happy as long as the hours allowed me to be there for my daughters before and after their school hours…. Although I would never turn down a job, even a locum one, if the opportunity was there.

    Thanks you for you kind help AB!!!


  31. Britisher,

    If your wife has accepted a position at one of the larger hospitals I would not be surprised at all if you are able to also find employment at the same place. I know of several hospitals which have need for qualified IT personnel.

    As a physician, your wife should receive comfortable housing such as a villa with either its own or a shared pool. If at a larger hospital, you will likely live on a compound with others from the same facility. The compound should offer a variety of amenities for the family.

    And by compound living, your daughters should easily make friends among the neighborhood!

  32. AB…you are a fountain of information….!!

    Allah’s mercy has no limits, just as Mrs is considering positions in KSA, her current Health Centre in the UK has offered her a Partnership opportunity. So we are now in two minds…but Jazakallah Khair for all your kind advice and help….


  33. It’s my pleasure Britisher and wish you and your family all the best.

  34. Dear American,

    Thank you for the wealth of information on Iqama. I have a question. I am a Bangladeshi and have been in Saudi Arabia since October. I am entitled to bring in my family. My family (my wife and two sons) have already received their visa stamps. My wife plans to come in early January, then go back a month later to attend to some family business and return in March with the kids.

    I heard that that may lead to problems with the iqama for the kids. Then again someone said it would be no problem if I take prior permission/approval from the authorities. Can you shed some light? Thanks in anticipation.

  35. Zaman, while of course it is easier for the authorities to process all dependent iqamas at one time, it is not a show-stopper for your wife to come first and then return again with the children. I suggest that you just coordinate with your employer to avoid any glitches in paperwork.

    And welcome to the blog!

  36. Thank you very much.

  37. My pleasure, Zaman. Good luck!

  38. salam does anyone know how long an iqama transfer takes.
    i have a valid iqama and xfering to another employer

  39. Abdu, I’m really sorry but there is no set period when transferring an iqama. This needs to be taken into account on a case-by-case basis since differing employers have differing procedures. In some cases it can be done while within the Kingdom and in other cases one must exit the Kingdom in order to get the iqama transferred. And lastly, some employers still do require a letter of no objection (NOC) from the previous employer before sponsoring too.

  40. Dear All..I am residing in riyadh,KSA for last one year witha valid Iqama…But for some reason regarding my job,I decided to change my religion from Hindu to Christian…How can I change that information regarding religion In my Iqama?Please help me with the answer…thanx a lot

  41. Dr. Kumar, the primary aspect in regards to religion and iqama is whether you are muslim or non-muslim so unless there are other underlying reasons, I would consider it a mute issue. Honestly I have never heard of anyone wishing to change their iqama from one non-muslim faith to another non-muslim faith and believe it may not be a ‘simple fast procedure.’ I hope others with more experience on this issue will respond.

  42. assalam alaiqum my sponsor is blocked my iqama and i find every where but i cant meet please suqqest me how can tranfer my iqama and how can renevil and re exit thank you

  43. Riyaz,

    I’m sorry but I do not understand what you mean by your sponsor blocked your iqama and the rest of your words. Can you please explain a little more?

  44. how can icheck my iqama status.
    is there any web site to check iqama detail

  45. I would like to ask about the formalities regarding iqama issuance…like what medical tests are required and how long will it take for issuance???

  46. A standard physical which includes chest xray is required as well as proof that all immunizations are up-to-date. FYI – one will undertake a medical exam prior to arrival and then most likely have a second exam administered after arrival.

    One will receive their iqama anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months!

  47. Hi,

    I have applied for a visiting visa through my consultant to KSA. I have sent my passport and degree certificate to KSA via my consultant. SO how long do you think it will take time to process for a visiting visa?

  48. Hi Khalith,

    I’m sorry but there is no set time period. Each case/application is treated individually. It could take from one week to several months.

  49. Hi,

    Can you tell me the whether any visiting visa can be rejected and any possibility. If it is regected, can i apply for another visa or not.

  50. sure…no visas are ever guaranteed whether KSA or any other country. And usually if one is rejected, one can reapply after a certain period.

  51. Salam : Dear American bedu-
    I am changing jobs- my current employer is saying that he will keep me on his Iqama till the new employer is ready for transfer. So Technically he will let me work for the new employer for 2-3 mnths on his iqama.
    My last date is 25th February with current employer. Should I expect end of service benefits on the last day, whats the legal aspect?
    If the current employer release my iqama to the new employer will the current employer loose the visa from his visa quota?
    Finally if teh visa transfer is happening after release of iqama- can I travel outside KSA? what happens to multiple exit entry permit on previous Iqama.

    Liten dude- I know you are doing social service and these are a lots of questions- may Allah give you Jaza-e-khair for this sevice.
    An advice for all readers-please take an example from this brother and contribute to the community.

    Best Regards

  52. JobChanger,

    I suggest you visit Working in Saudi Arabia blog which is cited on my links. He has written extensive posts about transferring iqamas, etc. I am not sure of the answers to your questions and would certainly not want to give you valid advise. It does sound like your present employer is being very fair and cooperative. So many employers put up obstacles if for whatever reason an employee is changing or wishes to change employment.

    Just guessing but if your last date of employment with your current employer is 25 Feb then you probably would expect benefits to end at that time.

    And when the new employer is officially your sponsor then of course that would apply to their visa quota.

    I cannot answer the question in regards to travel during the process.


  53. sir,

    good day! just like to confirm because i am under my husband’s iqama so does that mean my iqama no. is the same as his? is it correct?

    thank you.

  54. since my spouse is a saudi he doe not have an iqama but I believe you would still have your own number but it would be connected to his…however that is ONLY a guess!

  55. ic. thank u. and i heard there is now individual iqama for dependents but will coz u 200sr each. we are 5 including our baby. have u heard of it? is it advisable to get one? and do we need to get for each one of us.thank u so much!

  56. it is not only advisable but is the law! good luck.

  57. hi , i want to ask you that im paki student in malaysia … mi iqama is going to be expire on sept. 25 so i have to go there back … but i want to ask you that is there any condition in which i can go late there……………………..because im having vacations from oct. 25 so i can easily go there on 25. oct…… but otherwise i have to drop my semester ,,,, thankyou reply me soon … please reply me on mi email as well.n also tell what will be the procedure in such case .. thanks

  58. Hasan – are you saying you are a Pakistani in Malayasia and with a Saudi iqama? If you have a Saudi iqama, it MUST be renewed before expiration. If not, you will face difficulties which will also include having your bank accounts frozen too.

  59. thaNKS….. but is their any condition that i could renew my iqama after 1 month (1 month after expiring )… so it vil also not waste my study as well..i dont know well in this case but i have heard this rumor that i have to submit an application to saudi government if i could be late for some days…please let me know n also tell is their any solution for this thing ..thanks ..please reply me soon…..

  60. yes im pakistani student with saudi iqama in malaysia

  61. hasan – i suggest you contact the Saudi embassy in Malayasia and ask them and please let us know what they advise!

    Good luck.

  62. If a man is on a profeesional work visa as an Architect can the wife follow, who is also an Architect and then secure work whilst in Saudi Arabia with the same company? Can she work on her husbands iqama or will she recieve her own iqama?

  63. If you are hired on a family contract, then your wife would follow and be on your iqama. Her visa may be stamped “not allowed to work” but you will find many (legal) exceptions to this rule. She could possibly work under your iqama or the company may offer to sponsor her independently.

  64. I would be grateful if somebody here can give me a copy of the Saudi Labor Law. 🙂 Thanks

  65. I m the new person in kSA ,, tow days back i got my iqamma ,how can i check my iqamma its valid or not valied ,,pls tel me

  66. Favas,

    If you received it two days back and through your employer or the Jawazat office, it should indeed be valid! The validity dates are on the iqama itself. If you do not understand arabic, see if you can have a friend who knows arabic check it out for you. Or you can always go to Jawazat with your iqama and they will tell you.

  67. Salam alaikom,
    I am a US permanent resident, my wife git a Assistant Professor job in Saudia Arabia, and i with my little daughter are coming with her,
    My question is , can i also get a Physician job there easily?
    or can i start my own business there?
    I love to live in a ISlamic country, thats why we are planning to come to Arab.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable comments

  68. Salam Alaikum,

    Dr. Ali it will not be impossible to find a position but it may take time. Make sure to take all your original documents, certificates and transcripts with you to facilitate any employment processing. Have you tried applying to the same or differing institution before leaving for Saudi? Starting a business as an expat who is in the Kingdom as a dependent can be done but most who do so do as a “freelancer” so to speak.

    Good luck.

  69. Hi,,,Salam,,

    I am the new person in KSA ,,,Im looking for a computer system admin field, how can i get a good job in here,,,i have experience in my field,,I have applaied lot of job site, but still i coudn’t get a call from any co,,what can i do for this situation,,I have more than four year experince ,,,,

  70. Salam Alaikum Favas,

    Just be patient and keep applying and networking. Have you also tried

  71. My contract with my current employer will expire on August 2009. Another employer approach me and want me to join there company. Will there be a problem for me to come back to KSA after my contract ends with my current employer. Please advise. Thanks.

  72. Romel – it all depends…while some will say the non-objection certificate (NOC) is no longer required, many employers will still want to see that before engaging an individual who had previously worked for another employer in Saudi Arabia.

  73. thanks Bedu

    Assuming my new employer hire me even without an NOC, will my previous employer will go after me? Im afraid i will end up in jail and be deported.

  74. romel, I do know of cases where an employer hired an expat without a NOC and upon learning this, the former employer applied pressure resulting in removal of the expat. So, it can happen. I suggest if it is an option you leave your present employer on good terms and willing to provide you with a NOC.

  75. ahh.. so meaning to say, evem i finished my contract with my current employer and i returned to my country i cannot comeback with in saudi arabia to work again.. thanks for your advise Bedu.

  76. No romel…I am not saying that. I am suggesting that you leave your current employer on good terms as when wanting to return or work with a different employer, the new employer may want to know there is a NOC on hand -or- if one attempts to return to work with a new employer but left their previous employer on bad terms, depending on who that previous employer was, the previous employer may have options to prevent an expat from returning and working. That’s all…nothing more, nothing less.

  77. ahh okay. now i understand.. thanks for your advise. i really appreciate it.

  78. My pleasure and good luck!

  79. This is a great blog with quite a bit of relevant info. I have gone through all the comments hoping to find any clues to a query I have. Not much luck or maybe I have missed the information. I understand that the iqama transfers are solely at the discretion of the present employer. But can anyone please advise if he/she has first hand knowledge of how much time it can take to transfer the iqama and what are the formalities? Many thanks

  80. Ashad,

    I wish I had more experience or knowledge in this regard but as I am married to a Saudi and under his “sponsorship” I do not get as much exposure to the issues facing those whose iqamas are through/via their employers. I do hope someone with more experience will answer. Alternatively you may want to check out “working in Saudi Arabia” which is another excellent blog on my blogroll and I know he has posted on the transference of iqamas.

  81. Hi American Bedu or anyone who can offer some help,

    I am an american and my fiancee is Lebanese and has been working in Jeddah for 5 years. We are getting married in couple of months. He wants to take me to Jeddah as his wife and under his name. What is the time frame for him to get me a visa after the wedding?
    Please help
    Thank you

  82. Molly,

    As far as i know he can begin the process right after the marriage. However he must make sure he is in KSA on a contract that allows for dependents.

    Good luck!

  83. I am now outside of KSA and want get job there as well as legal residence(iqama). I am holder of masters degree in Economics $ finance .
    so please how i get the Iqama ? is it possible to get iqama without getting a job first? if a job is necessary first how to apply jobs in KSA?
    best regards.

  84. Salaam, I am a Indian national with a valid Saudi student Iqama (residence permit) studying/working in Canada and recently got married to a Canadian national. I would like to take my wife back with me to Saudi to meet my parents this June.

    I have all the necessary paperwork for applying for a family visit visa but the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs in Jeddah does not approve a family visit visa for my wife because I have a student Iqama. They suggest applying for a tourist visa for her, however there is no details at the Saudi Royal Embassy of Canada in Ottawa regarding tourist visas. How can I pursue an appropriate visa to take my wife back to meet my parents?

  85. Saami,

    You’ve got me kind of confused! What passport do you have? Indian? I can see their (MOFA) point if you have a student iqama and you are not a Saudi national. Your best bet is to call the Saudi embassy in Ottawa or visit them if convenient. Take all your documents (including marriage certificate).

  86. Carol, I assume Saami S is an Indian passport holder but a permanent resident of Canada, whilst holding an Iqama under his father’s sponsorship with a student profession.

    It’s an interesting scenario; as for a foreign woman to travel to KSA, she’d need to have a mahram present with her on her travel. Saami could theoretically meet that requirement. Although afaik for a visit/buisness visa you need to have a sponsor/company in the Kingdom for the travelling woman to visit. Or she could visit with him whilst on an Umrah visa, I suppose.

  87. It is confusing so that is why I suggest he speak to someone at his nearest Saudi embassy and have all the documents with him!

  88. Adnan, you assume correctly…I am a permanent resident of Canada. My wife holds a Canadian passport and is Christian so Umrah visa is not applicable.

    Thanks for the quick response, I did get in touch with a representative at the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa and was told to try for a tourist visa instead from one of the authorized travel agents in Saudi Arabia

    I would like to know more info on foriegn women applying for Saudi tourist visas as I cannot find any information

  89. Saami – the introduction of tourism visas is very new and I fear that is why there is little to know information on foreign women who have applied.

    I know that many of the employers in Saudi will help in facilitating visitors visas for their employees family members. Has your Dad investigated if this is possible?

  90. Dear Blog,

    I wanted to know what was the age limit after which the authorities will not allow iqama renewal? My relative is 64 yrs old whose iqama has gone for renewal. His sponsor is not disclosing information on the status. Almost 2 months have elapsed since the iqama expired. We suspect age to be the likely problem.

    Can someone please give any insight on this situation?

    Many thanks in advance.

  91. Longhorn,

    I believe the oldest age one can be and obtain an iqama (for work) is actually 60 years. Those expats whom I know who are over 60 years of age and continue working in the Kingdom are doing so on either a visitor or business visa and they just continue getting the visa renewed, usually in nearby Bahrain.

    If your relative is still in the Kingdom there are two issues. First anyone with an expired iqama and in the Kingdom will likely have to pay a fine. Secondly due to his age that will be another factor that may have implications. The question is if whether remaining in KSA on an expired iqama will harm his chances of getting a visa? He should be discussing these issues with his sponsor.

  92. hello sir. i am new in KSA. sir i have a problem that i got a visa from pakistan.but now i want to make a ikama urgently.but my employer’s computer show’s a red screen.,have you an other way how i can got a ikama? thanks

  93. Dear AB

    Good day to you. I am relatively new here in KSA and don’t speak Arabic very well. About a month ago, my wife and daughter arrived here in the Kingdom to join me as my dependents. I would just like to ask if you know how can I process the attachment of their IDs to my Iqama? Do you have any idea of the fees I need to pay? Thank you.


  95. @IMOJ – I’m not sure whether the rules vary since you are not in the Kingdom but usually one can get their iqama renewed right away within a matter of a few days. I suggest you check with the Saudi embassy in Malyasia.

  96. hi everyone,

    I just want to know whether somebody here can give me the step by step procedure in renewing an iqama? thanks a lot!

  97. @Luiz – It is my understanding that your sponsor is generally responsible for renewing your iqama. Perhaps someone else will add some additional insights?

  98. Salam American Bedu,
    I am in KSA from last one year.My iqama is expiring in july last week.I came to saudi on free visa .Now Iam working in a good company through a consultancy. I want to transfer to this Consutancy. So I started the process and brought 3 papers(TO Company, Ministry, ..)and passport from Sponser .I have given the requirements to the company. It has been more than 45 days but the consultancy people is still telling that It is in process.As I told that my iqama expires in july last week Iam afraid that , First Transfer has to be done then renewal of iqama has to be done. In this case what is your suggestion?. I cannot go to my old sponser and renew my iqama .Present Consultancy only has to renew the iqama. If the transfer is taking long time , then what are my option for renewing the iqama , Please help me asap.

    Thank You

  99. @Arif,

    Salam Alaikum. I am not an expert in matters pertaining to the iqama. However, a few things come to mind…. did the employer who sponsored you provide a NOC (no objection certificate) to your new employer? I know that the regs say a NOC is no longer needed but in reality few employers receive someone who is “transferring” without a NOC.

    If your iqama expires before this process is complete, I know you would at a minimum, be fined.

    I would suggest asking your new employer where exactly is your iqama in the transfer process and what if anything you can do to help expedite the process before your iqama expires.

  100. hi
    i want to know that if i will go for final exit with out noc so after how many years i can comback on new visa.for pakistani national.

  101. @hassan,

    I’m sorry but there is not a set answer to your question since there are variables such as who you are working for now and who you wish to work for on a return.

  102. i am working in private company in ksa & want to com back on new visa but my company is not agree for NOC .that,s why i want to know about rules.that can i comback after exit

  103. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Ministry of Labour

    Guidebook for expatriates
    recruited for work in the
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Second edition


    The Ministry of Labour of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes all expatriates recruited for work in the Kingdom and wishes them a successful work period until they return to their home countries after the end of their work period.

    The Ministry of Labour and all concerned bodies assure all workers that they are guests of the Ministry and that it is eager to take care of them in accordance with the rules of Islamic Sharia’, the applicable laws and international conventions.

    The Ministry of Labour prepared this Guidebook for all expatriates recruited for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide them with basic information on the Kingdom and to clarify the provisions of the Labour Law, the regulations & decisions rendered pursuant to it which define the relationship between the worker and the employer in order to create a suitable environment for expatriate workers, to maintain their rights, to establish a proper relationship between the two parties and to make better understanding of the labour market in the Kingdom.

    The Ministry hopes this Guidebook will realize its objectives, provide answers to expatriate workers inquiries and make them know about work environment in the Kingdom in order to be adapted to it after arrival.

    We would be grateful if foreign embassies and consulates in the Kingdom could- in coordination with the competent authorities in their countries- take this Guidebook as a main guide for expatriate workers to make them aware of their rights and obligations.

    The Ministry of Labour wishes all expatriate workers a successful work period.

    Ministry of Labour

    Part one: basic information on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of thirteen regions:
    Riyadh Region, Makka Region, the Eastern Region, Madinah Region, Qassim Region, Aseer Region, Jazan Region, Najran Region, Tabuk Region, the Northern Frontiers Region, Hail Region, Baha Region & Jauf Region.

    Capital : Riyadh
    Population : 22.6 millions
    Religion : Islam
    Language : Arabic
    National day : 1st of Libra corresponding to 23 September
    Currency : Saudi Riyal (100 hallas); 1 US$= SR 3.75

    The Kingdom applies free market economy and opens the door for workers from all nationalities without restrictions after they satisfy health, occupational, educational and training requirements. Employers have liberty to recruit workers from all over the world in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law, the regulations & decisions rendered on its implementation and the other relevant laws applicable in the Kingdom.

    Part two: general directives:

    The Labour Law in Saudi Arabia is a balanced law that regulates all aspects of labour relations between workers and employees and applicable to all Saudi and Non-Saudi workers without discrimination.

    Respecting the laws and compliance with their provisions enhances labour relations stability and acts as a key for progress and development. Upon this concept the Ministry of Labour issued this Guidebook for workers and for all bodies concerned with labour relations in the Kingdom. We advise workers, particularly, to abide with the following:

    1-To conclude written work contracts with their employers.
    2-To be punctual.
    3-To avoid absence from work without prior permission or valid reason.
    4-To obey the orders and instructions of their immediate supervisors.
    5-To avoid assaulting supervisors or the manager in-charge by word or hand.
    6-To refrain from malingering.
    7-To abide with occupational health & safety instructions.
    8-To avoid tampering with the equipment and tools of firm or tools of work sites.
    9-To avoid escape from work place except in emergencies.
    10-To return to work in time after the elapse of annual vacation or any other vacation.
    11-After entering the Kingdom, a worker has to make sure that his employer has started procedure for rendering work license & residence permit (Iqama) within 90 days from the date of arrival. Any permit or authorization required by any other body for practicing work or profession will not be acceptable as a substitute for work license.
    12-To avoid working for others as it violates the law unless official procedure are satisfied.
    13-To avoid working in a job other than that mentioned in the work license before satisfying the necessary legal procedure.
    14-To appeal to the competent labour office in your work region if you face any problem or grievance from the concerned persons of the firm in which you work and you fail to settle it amicably.
    15-To avoid trafficking in persons or in visas as it is an illegal practice and punishable by the Law.
    16-A firm shall bear medical costs of its employees according to its work organization regulation approved by the Ministry of Labour or to the Labour Law.
    17-A firm shall subscribe for all employees in Occupational Hazards Branch of Social Insurance Law. The provisions of Occupational Hazards Branch of Social Insurance Law shall be applied on work accidents and occupational diseases.

    Part three: residence permit (Iqama) & work license and recruitment costs:

    1-An employer shall issue residence permit (Iqama) & work license for the worker he recruits within 90 days from the date of the worker’s arrival at the Kingdom. In case an employer fails to issue residence permit (Iqama) & work license, he shall be responsible for any fines resulting from that. In this case a worker’s service shall be deemed in breach of the Law and the decisions regulating the employment of Non-Saudis. Workers shall, in such a case, notify the competent labour office of that to take the necessary procedure against the employer.
    2-A worker shall be medically fit for the work for which he is recruited and free from any disease under a medical certificate rendered from a competent medical body in the Kingdom in accordance with the instructions issued in this respect.
    3-A work license shall be issued for one or two years and shall be renewable for a similar period under the consent of the employer and the worker both. A work license shall be renewed immediately after expiry to avoid fines applied under the laws of residency and labour on employers who delay renewal. As non-renewal affects the worker, the worker shall request his employer to renew residence permit (Iqama) & work license as long as the work relation exists between him and his employer. If an employer fails to respond to the worker’s request, the worker shall notify the competent labour office of that to take the necessary procedure against the employer.
    4-The employer shall be responsible for workers’ recruitment fees, fees on issue & renewal of residence permit (Iqama) & work license, fees resulting from renewal delay, fees of sponsorship transfer for work, job title change fees and re-entry visas fees.
    5-All workers must hold residence permit (Iqama) & work license during their travel within the Kingdom and to show them to the concerned government bodies including labour office officials and passport police.

    How to obtain residence permit (Iqama) & work license?

    Work license:

    A work license shall be issued by the Ministry of Labour (labour offices) under certain conditions while a worker should satisfy the following conditions:
    1-a worker should have legally entered the Kingdom
    2-a worker shall have a work contract with a Saudi or a non-Saudi employer licensed for work under Investment Law.
    3-a worker shall have a passport valid for, at least, six months.
    4-a worker shall have professional competence or academic qualification required by the country.
    5-a worker must be medically fit and free from all diseases.

    Residence permit (Iqama) :

    Residence permit (Iqama) shall be issued from passport departments located in various regions of the Kingdom under certain conditions.

    Part four: work contract:

    1-a work contract is a contract concluded between an employer and a worker by which the latter undertakes to work under the control and supervision of the employer against a wage. The work contract shall include the work conditions agreed upon between the two parties.
    2-The worker shall conclude a work contract with the employer with whom he will work or with his duly authorized representative. This contract shall be written in Arabic or in dual language (Arabic & an other language) knowing that the Arabic text will prevail in case of dual language. No other work contract may be concluded.
    3-The worker shall receive a copy of the work contract to hold it during all the period of his work in the Kingdom.
    4-A work contract shall include the date on which it is concluded, the date of work commencement, place and period of work, salary, allowances and the worker’s job. A work contract for a non-Saudi worker shall be written and for a definite period. If the contract period is not mentioned, the work license period shall be deemed the period of the work contract.
    5-The work contract shall state clearly whether a worker is hired on probation. Probation period shall be clearly stated and may not exceed 90 days in which the Lesser Bairam & Greater Bairam holidays and sick leaves are not included. Both parties shall have the right to terminate the work contract during the probation period unless the work contract states for the exclusive right of one party to terminate the work contract. A worker may not be placed on probation for more than one time with one employer. Except that, a worker may be subjected to an other period of probation for no more than 90 days upon agreement of the contract parties, provided that it shall be in an other job. If the contract is terminated during the period of probation, no party shall be entitled to compensation and the worker shall have no right in service award for the period of probation.

    Part five: working hours & vacations:

    1-A worker may not actually work for more than eight hours a day or more than forty-eight hours a week. Working hours may be increased or decreased by the consent of the Ministry of Labour in accordance with the Labour Law depending on the type of activity and work nature. During the month of Ramadan, the actual working hours for Muslims shall be reduced by two hours. The time of a worker’s movement from his residence to the work place, periods of rest and prayers shall not be computed in working hours.
    2-The employer shall pay the worker for overtime working hours an additional amount equal to the hourly wage plus 50% of his basic wage (i.e. additional working hour wage shall be 150%).
    3-Friday shall be the weekly rest day for all workers at full pay. After proper notification of the competent labor office, the employer may replace this day for some of his workers by any other day of the week, provided that the weekly working hours may not exceed 6 days. The employer shall allow the workers to perform their religious obligations.
    4-After completing one year of work with the employer a worker shall be entitled to a prepaid annual leave of not less than twenty one days, to be increased to a period of not less than thirty days if the worker spends five consecutive years in the service of the employer. The worker and the employer may agree upon a period more than stated above if it is stipulated in the work contract or in the firm work organization regulation. The employer shall have the right to determine the beginning of his employees’ vacations according to the work requirement. The worker may, after his employer’s approval, have an unpaid vacation for a period to be agreed upon by the two parties. The work contract shall be deemed suspended for any period which exceeds 20 days of this vacation unless otherwise agreed upon.
    5-A worker whose illness has been proven shall be eligible for a paid sick leave for the first thirty days, three quarters of the wage for the next sixty days and without pay for the following thirty days, during a single year under a medical certificate rendered by a competent doctor approved by the employer or appointed by a competent government body if the employer has no doctor. An employer may not terminate his worker’s service due to sickness unless the period of sick leave set forth in this law elapses. A worker shall have the right to connect his annual vacation to his sick leave.
    6-A worker shall be entitled to other paid leaves as follows:
    •A worker shall be entitled to three days of paid leave for marriage or in the case of the death of a spouse or one of his ascendants and descendants.
    •One day of paid leave in the case of childbirth.
    •Four days for the Lesser Bairam holiday starts from the day following to the 29th day of Ramadan Month.
    •Four days for the Greater Bairam holiday starts from the 9th day of Dhu Al-Hijjah Month, and shall be increased to 10 days if the worker intends to perform Hajj only once during his service if he has not performed it before provided that the worker has completed 2 years of service with the employer.
    •One day for the Kingdom’s National Day (23 September).
    •An employer may, at his sole discretion, increase holidays leaves for more than above before or after the time fixed for them.
    •Women workers shall be entitled to pregnancy & maternity leave as follows:

    A female worker shall be entitled to a maternity leave for the four weeks immediately preceding the expected date of delivery and the subsequent six weeks. The probable date of delivery shall be determined by the physician of the firm or pursuant to a medical report certified by a health authority. A woman may not work during the six weeks immediately following delivery. During the maternity leave, an employer shall pay the female worker half her wage if she has been in his service for one year or more, and a full wage if she has served for three years or more as of the date of commencement of such leave.

    When a female worker returns to work following a maternity leave, she shall be entitled, in addition to the rest periods granted to all workers, to a rest period or periods not exceeding in aggregate one hour a day for nursing her infant.

    An employer shall be responsible for the costs of medical test, treatment and delivery.

    An employer may not terminate the employment of a female worker or give her a warning of the same while on maternity leave.

    A female worker whose husband passes away shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for a minimum period of fifteen days as of the date of death.

    Part six: termination of work contract:

    1-A work contract shall terminate in the following cases:

    If both parties agree to terminate it, provided that the worker’s consent be in writing.

    If the term specified in the contract expires.

    At the discretion of either party in indefinite term contracts.

    The worker attains the age of retirement, which is sixty years for males and fifty five years for females, unless the two parties agree upon continuing work after this age. The retirement age may be reduced in cases of early retirement as provided for in the work organization regulation. If it is a fixed term work contract which extends beyond the retirement age, it shall terminate at the end of its term.

    Force majeure.

    2-An employer may terminate the contract without an award, advance notice or indemnity in the following cases, and provided that he gives the worker a chance to state his reasons for objecting to the termination:

    If, during or by reason of the work, the worker assaults the employer, the manager in-charge or any of his superiors.

    If the worker fails to perform his essential obligations arising from the work contract, or to obey legitimate orders, or if, in spite of written warnings, he deliberately fails to observe the instructions related to the safety of work and workers as may be posted by the employer in a prominent place.

     If it is established that the worker has committed a misconduct or an act infringing on honesty or integrity.

    If the worker deliberately commits any act or default with the intent to cause material loss to the employer, provided that the latter shall report the incident to the appropriate authorities within twenty-four hours from being aware of such occurrence.

    If the worker resorts to forgery in order to obtain the job.

    If the worker is hired on probation.

    If the worker is absent without valid reason for more than twenty days in one year or for more than ten consecutive days, provided that the dismissal be preceded by a written warning from the employer to the worker if the latter is absent for ten days in the first case and for five days in the second.

    If the worker unlawfully takes advantage of his position for personal gain.

    If the worker discloses work- related industrial or commercial secrets.

    3-Without prejudice to all of his statutory rights, a worker may leave his job without notice in any of the following cases:

    If the employer fails to fulfill his essential contractual or statutory obligations towards the worker.

    If the employer or his representative resorts to fraud at the time of contracting with respect to the work conditions and circumstances.

    If the employer assigns the worker, without his consent, to perform a work which is essentially different from the work agreed upon and in violation of provisions of Article (60) of this Law.

    If the employer, a family member or the manager in-charge commits a violent assault or an immoral act against the worker or any of his family members.

    If the treatment by the employer or the manager in-charge is characterized by cruelty, injustice or insult.

    If there exists in the workplace a serious hazard threatening the safety or health of the worker, provided that the employer is aware thereof but fails to take measures indicating its removal.

    If the employer or his representative, through his actions and particularly his unjust treatment or violation of the terms of the contract, has caused the worker to appear as the party terminating the contract.

    4-A worker may not be terminated without valid reason. In case a worker is terminated for no valid reason, he shall appeal to the competent labour office.

    5-After the work contract expiry, a worker shall- in principle- return to his country after he obtains all his rights. A worker shall appeal to the labour office if his employer fails to pay him all his rights.

    6-No final exit visa shall be issued to any worker unless his/ her employer submits an evidence to prove that the worker has already received all his/ her dues.

    Part seven: national recruitment offices:

    1-There is a number of national recruitment offices licensed for work in the Kingdom and permitted to mediate in recruitment of expatriate workers from abroad.

    2-These offices work upon certain conditions and banned from collecting any charges from expatriate workers against mediation to recruit them from abroad. These offices shall collect their mediation charges from the employers who demand them to recruit workers from abroad upon agreement between both parties (i.e. between the licensed office and the employer).

    3-In case any national recruitment office collects any money from any expatriate worker as recruitment charges, the worker shall notify the nearest labour office in the Kingdom of that in order to take the necessary procedure against the owner of the concerned office, as these offices are banned from collecting any charges from expatriate workers in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law and the instructions organizing the work of national recruitment offices.

    4-National recruitment offices may recruit expatriate workers for their own account and under their supervision to provide labour services to satisfy the demand of employers for a limited period of time according to the instructions organizing this service. Provided that manpower recruited by these national recruitment offices shall be restricted to male workers only and not include female workers.

    5-Providing labour services shall be subject- without limit- to the following restrictions:

    •Providing suitable housing for workers.
    •A contract concluded between the recruited expatriate worker and the recruitment office shall state the right of the office in the operation of the recruited expatriate worker under the office supervision to provide labour services to the interested employers.
    •Compliance with all obligations imposed by the Labour Law, the Social Insurance Law, the Regulations and Decisions rendered in implementation thereof.
    •Labour services shall be extended against suitable wages.

    Part eight: Labour offices and the Commissions for Settlement of Labour Disputes:

    There are thirty seven labour offices distributed to all regions and most provinces of the Kingdom as in the schedule at the end of this Guidebook. Each worker in the Kingdom shall have the right to contact any of these labour offices to inquire about his work relation with his employer and to be enlightened on his obligations and rights. A worker shall have the right to complain to the nearest labour office.

    Labour Offices shall consider all labour disputes and try to settle them amicably between the worker and the employer. If they fail do so, they shall raise complaints to the competent commissions for settlement of labour disputes. These commissions act as private courts to consider labour cases and settle them in accordance with the Labour Law. These Commissions are:

    1-the Preliminary Commissions for Settlement of Labour Disputes;
    2-the High Commission for Settlement of Labour Disputes.

    Part nine:list of Labour offices in the Kingdom as per regions & provinces, their telephone numbers and the telephone number of Expatriate Workers’ Care Dept. at the Ministry:

    Labour office Telephone No.
    Labour Office in Riyadh Region 01/4039857
    Labour Office in Kharj Province 01/4548231
    Labour Office in Dawadmi Province 01/6420920
    Labour Office in Majmaa’ Province 06/4321724
    Labour Office in Wadi Addawasir Province 01/7840264
    Labour Office in Zulfi Province 06/4220235
    Labour Office in Shaqra Province 01/6221342
    Labour Office in Makka Region 02/5420745
    Labour Office in Jeddah Province 02/6311687
    Labour Office in Taif Province 02/7461616
    Labour Office in Qunfudah Province 07/7320761
    Labour Office in Madinah Region 04/8654416
    Labour Office in Yanbu Province 04/3222688
    Labour Office in Al-Ula’ Province 04/8840830
    Labour Office in Qassim Region (Buraidah) 06/3250387
    Labour Office in Onaizah Province 06/3640285
    Labour Office in Al-Rass Province 04/3333502
    Labour Office in Hail Province 06/5321139
    Labour Office in the Eastern Region (Dammam) 03/8261419
    Labour Office in Ahsa’ Province 03/5822801
    Labour Office in Hafr albatin Province 03/7220220
    Labour Office in Khobar Province 03/8641541
    Labour Office in Abqaiq Province 03/5661324
    Labour Office in Jubail Province 03/3620150
    Labour Office in Khafji Province 03/7660380
    Labour Office in Ras Tannurah Province 03/6670424
    Labour Office in Aseer Region (Abha) 07/2242128
    Labour Office in Bisha Province 07/6226718
    Labour Office in Baha Region 07/7253240
    Labour Office in Najran Region 07/5224995
    Labour Office in Jazan Region 07/3213671
    Labour Office in Jauf Region 04/6241766
    Labour Office in Qurayyat Province 04/6421108
    Labour Office in Tabuk Province 04/4221181
    Labour Office in Alwajh Province 04/4421970
    Labour Office in the Northern Frontiers Region (Arar) 04/6627128
    Labour Office in Turaif Province 04/6521029
    Expatriate Workers’ Care Dept. 01/2104588

  104. The following websites are official bodies that are responsible for issuing the saudi visa

    1- Ministry of Foriegn affairs

    2- Electronic service visa.

    you can find most of the information pertains to saudi visa in websites I menioned above.


  105. @Hassan – please review the information that Medina kindly provided. While I am happy to share what I do know, I’m certainly not in a position to address Saudi iqama and visa issues on who can reenter or not.

    @Medina – thank you so much. This is great information to have available.

  106. hi , im a student studying in malaysia .. i want to know that im going back to saudi arabia next month in order to renew my iqama… so i vil need the bonafied certificate from my university stating that im a student … now i want to know that whether that letter should be attested from the saudi embassy KL or not….THE LETTER IS ORIGINAL ….PLEASE REPLY ME SOON URGENTLY THANKS..

  107. HI, m hasan paki student studying in malaysia … actually m going back to saudi arabia next month in order to renew my iqama.. SO I VIL ALSO HAVE TO TAKE THE LETTER FROM THE UNIVERSITY STATING THAT IM A STUDENT (BONAFIED STUDENT CERTIFICATE) .. SO i want to confirm now that the letter which university issues me needs further attestation from the saudi embassy or not …. i mean if the letter is original then should it be attested from the saudi embassy in kl or not .or i can directly provide this original letter in order to renew the iqama….. thanks very much reply me soon…

  108. @ HA SAN,
    you will find the answers of your questions in saudi Embassy website in Malaysia. or by visting then in person.

  109. @Hasan,

    I suggest that you contact the Saudi embassy in KL and address your query. I’d hate to give you the wrong advice!

  110. Can any one tell me that is it possible to come immediately after fianl exit without NOC for paksitanis. I have heard that there is change in the rule that one can come without NOC ..

  111. @Shakil – I have heard both so the best thing is to have whoever would be your sponsor investigate.

  112. @ American Bedu _ my new sponsor is saying that it will not be a problem , but still i want to confirm from some one who have done this procedure. Thanks Mr American Bedu…..!

  113. @Shakil – you’re welcome.

    Ms. American Bedu (smile)

  114. I wish to give hope to those who are trying to find their Saudi fathers:

  115. I have an issue with my Iqama ,Iam a muslim but I am issued an Iqama with religion as non muslim . SO please suggest a way how to rectify this . because of this Iam not able to go to Makkah , no t able to take my family. really use full if you can suggest any ways to rectify it . appreciate your help on this

  116. Salam Alaikum Omer,

    The first thing I suggest you do is check with your sponsor and see if they are able to assist. If you work for a large organization is it possible. If not, seek guidance on what may be required in regards to documentation and go to the Jawazat office asking for your iqama to be corrected.

    Good luck!

  117. Assalamalaikum,
    I m working in Riyadh in a company.I have one year Contract.My Contract is finish.My Iqama also expired.I told to my company for renew my Iqama they told company zawazat computer close.I already paid Iqama fees with penality.How can I go back to India with my passport.lz help me.

  118. Salam Alaikum,


    If your employer cannot help facilitate this issue for you, I believe you need to return to Jawazat with all of your documents and particularly the one where you paid any fees. Remember Jawazat has a location in Aziza Mall (off King Fahad Road) which is open at night.

  119. AsSalamalikum – Minsitry of Health has finished my contract and promise me a release, now I am working in Univeristy as secretary in Medical College, Any body could gudie me the proceure to change by sposnsorship to Ministry of Higher Education. as they are refusing to me a new visa?


    Syed Salauddin Awaiz

  120. Salam Alaikum – I believe in this case the University should be facilitating the paper work. Talk to your supervisor and the office of personnel/human resources.

  121. hello r8 now i m hearing about family insurance in saudi arabia i.e every children and both mother and father should have to do health insurance is it right??

  122. @Abdullah – I know that changes in the laws pertaining to insurance all going into effect but I do not know the specific details.

  123. ok but if u know so plz let me inform my email id is

  124. Can anyone tell me that after Final Exit from Saudia what they do with the IQAMA , why they not give it back. and how it can be cancelled …plz help . My final Exit is in process

  125. can anyone tell me , i have the NOC from my employer now from where i have to get it stamped …..Plz tell me …does the stamp of Chamber of Commerece wil be ok ….!

  126. Im currently working here in KSA and my iqama wll expire on Sept.1, I already submitted it to HR for renewal last AUG. 8 only. My question is can I get my passport for travel bec I need to go with my sponsors next week ( work related)?

  127. My iqama will xpire on Sept 1 but I already submitted it to HR dept last aug 8 only for renewal. My employer will go this Thursday to onther country and they are willing to take me. My quesion can I use my passport ?

  128. @Maria – I need someone with more expertise than me to address your question because when it comes to iqama issues, I’d hate to give the wrong advice.

    All I will say is of course you need your passport to travel out of Saudi and if your employer is willing to take you, then hopefully your employer will also be willing to make the appropriate arrangements too.

  129. Hello American Bedu,
    I am US citizen, working as dependant and local hire. I would like to change my job for a better offer. Do I need NOC? Do I need to resign and go back to USA?
    What’s be the best way of changing employer?

  130. @Alexander,

    The NOC depends on who you are working for now and who you wish to be working for. It is not unusual for individuals to return to their home country in order to return to KSA in a different and better job, which would likely mean that the new employer would be your sponsor too. You need to evaluate the benefits you would gain and make your decision accordingly.

  131. hallo friend,
    I want to share my story regarding my iqama. Last month (july 2009) sombody stolen my iqama while entering in bank after pryer. Next morning the guy who stolen my wallet, call me & was asking 1500/- SR to give back my iqama. He told to meet the person in Baa-Makka area. I meet that person & took his mobile no that is 0542417174. I told whole story to police also, but police also not co-operat to catch the thif & their network. And i never wish to give money to thif. Now i made new iqama from jawajaat with the help of my sponcer. Its take 1500/-SR. & its take 7working days.

  132. @Nilesh – what a terrible experience. You should send this to Arab News or Saudi Gazette. I’m sure it’s something they would be interested in knowing.

  133. Hi,

    I am Ram. My wife got a job recently in Riyadh as a Doctor. We have moved into riyadh a month ago. I am on a dependent visa right now and our Iqama’s are under process. I am likely to get a job in Riyadh. I would like to know what documents would be needed by my employer for my Iqama to be transferred. Do they need to be attested.


  134. Hi Ram,

    If your iqama is to get transferred from your wife to your future employer, you will need copies of educational certificates, diplomas, marriage license, medical report.

    Good luck Carol

  135. Salaam…
    guys i came 2 ksa around 2 mnths b4 n still i didnt get my iqama…my sponser is telling me from last 2 weeks that my iqama is ready and he will give me after 2 days….he is also telling me to check my iqama status on internet…but i donno any web site…i have gone thru but der i cant find any info dat ma iqama is ready or not….so plz do reply asap…m so worried…

  136. @mobin – what kind of job do you have in Saudi? I know that one must have the iqama within three months of arrival so maybe to simply have you longest before paying the iqama fee, your employer is waiting closer to the 3 month mark?

    I don’t understand though why he would tell you to check the status on the internet if he is also the one sponsoring and getting the iqama for you….

  137. @ Mobin, go to the nearest immigration office. They will check it out for you. but get a clarification papers from your sponsor state that you have applied for Iqama and it is under the process before you go to the immigration office. Ask your sponsor about the number of the application if it is electronic based or ask for a photocopy of the application if it paper based. I think that your sponsor should do this job. but if you go to the immigration office, be careful. They may depart you if they get confused about your ID. So, Take with yourself your (valid visa) passport; not expired one. (remember that there are (huge numbers) of illegal immigrants there. so, it is very possible that they get confused about you especially if your Arabic is not understandable and you do not hold (valid passport, valid visa).

  138. Please tell me what is the renewal fee for Iqama first time and how much you need to pay for insurance.

  139. @Ishtiaq,

    I’m not sure of the renewal fees as that was taken care of for me.

    What kind of insurance are you referring to?

  140. I am interested in minimal insurance required to renew the iqama.

  141. That is the first I have heard of insurance for renewal of the iqama. Can someone else comment and give more information here?

  142. I believe Ishtiaq is referring to the mandatory health insurance in place now. Sponsors are required to have health insurance for their employees.

    There are some people who are under one sponsor, but either freelance, or work for other companies. They end up making arrangements with their sponsors that they will bare the costs of Iqama renewal and associated expenditures such as getting the health insurance package from an insurance company.

    This, by law, ofcourse is illegal. However, it tends to happen often. Therefore, based on my assumptions, Ishtiaq is looking to renew his Iqama and wants to get the mandatory health insurance that will be required at the time of the renewal. And since his sponsor isn’t paying, he needs to pay it out of his own pocket – hence looking for the cheapest deal.

  143. Hi , im jordanian ,i live in saudi with my family and my mother is saudi ,
    and im suppose to be traveling for a vacation out of the kingdom next week , but i lost my iqama last night , and i dont know what is it im suppose to do exactly …
    also i want to know if i could still travel without my iqama , because it says that im a saudi citizen in my passport .. and i have already booked my flight and everything .. any information would help .. thank u in advance..

  144. @Lilly,

    You really need to go to the nearest Jawazat office. Your data should be in their system and you could get a new iqama. Why take any chances or risks?

  145. i want to know about about the if some one will not come on thursday with a approved letter so how can company decaute friday sailary

  146. Can anyone enlighten me? I just have some questions in mind that requires an answer from you guys.. I’m new here in Saudi and I’m working as engineer under the sponsorship of a company. Now I’m planning to bring my girlfriend here in Saudi by buying a visa for her from an sponsor (still looking for someone to sponsor her). What trade should be indicated from the visa if I’m going to buy for her so that there will be no problem of transferring iqama soon when she gets a job? Can you give me a list of trades that will make easy transfer of iqama? Please advice, all response are appreciated.. Thanks.

  147. I will bring my girlfriend here and we will get married from our embassy. What other local requirements we need to comply before we can get in marriage?

  148. i have a UAE iqama and will be going to saudi arabia on a work visa as my company is expanding into saudi market.
    is it possible to have a saudi iqama also
    thanks for your advice

  149. @traveller – it will depend on whether you will be expected to remain for extended periods in the Kingdom. Many individuals come and go on a business visa which gets renewed as needed.

  150. hi american bedu
    thanks for the reply
    i will be working on saudi and so i will need the iqama
    is there any law that doesnt allow getting an iqama in saudi if a person has another iqama in GCC.
    i know many individuals who have saudi and UAE or kuwaiti iqamas ( although got their other GCC iqamas after obtaining the saudi iqama)

  151. @Traveller,

    Americans may receive a five year multi-entry visa now to Saudi and stay up to 3 months per stay before having to exit and return. I state this as I do not know your nationality.

    However you can hold an iqama from another country, come to KSA on a work visa and obtain a Saudi iqama. You can NOT hold 2 iqamas from Saudi Arabia from different sponsors though.

  152. Dear American,

    I was born in Saudi Arabia and I had my Iquam since i was born in Saudi Arabia.

    I left Saudi when I was 18 YRS, to come to the States to go to school.
    My Iquma was expired and never bother to renew it since there is no need for it.

    Currently i am seeking an advice since i was born in Saudi Arabia and I would like to renew it. What are the possibilities of fees per year if any, also is renwarabe.


  153. Dear Samar,

    I am sorry that I do not know the answer to the question you posed pertaining to your circumstances. My advice is for you to contact the Saudi embassy or nearest Consulate and ask to speak with someone knowledgeable of consular affairs.

    Best Regards, Carol

  154. Hello there, I am currently in Saudi Arabia having valid work visa. I got the job offer from Dubai and I am willing to take it. I resigned from KSA employer but they are willing to send me on exit-reentry instead of exit visa. My concern is that is there any problem if I have work visas from Saudi Arabia (Iqama) as well as work visa for UAE (Dubai)??

    Looking forward to your reply.

  155. @Khobar,

    My understanding is that should present no conflict to you.

  156. Can you kindly let me know what is the importance of Labor Card in Saudi Arabia? What happens if it gets expired before the Iqama in Saudi Arabia??

    Awaiting your reply.

  157. @Khobar – I do not know about the regs pertaining to a Labor Card. Can someone else share some light on this subject?

  158. i was working one company since 5 years.after they terminate me . trought i work outside company moren 6 months .atfer that i went my company request add my child. they told me where are you.we copmplain as like you escaped from compnay wht shall .i ou replydo .they are ready give any papers for me .as get sponseship let me y

  159. @sha,

    I am not exactly understanding your situation.

    You worked for a company for five years and it terminated you?

    And now you work for another company but that company is not your sponsor?

    You want to get your child added?

  160. Mr. American

    i was working five with my company. after that they terminated me .reason of no jobs ok.the give way for release also. i hunt job then .went back to them.get release letter. they inform me . my company has been complain about me passport office .i am escaped .actully i am keep updated my things with them.

    Now they has no problem to realease me and get complain back.wht is local steps remove huroob (escape).cloud pleas explain about it .

    exactly what i haveto follow up

  161. @sha:

    It sounds like you and your (former?) employer should go to the Jawazat office together or if that is not possible, maybe if you go with a signed, stamped and dated letter from the employer.

    Good luck, Bedu

    I need ur on my fathers iqama father has already release me from his iqama or sponsership..and now im transferring it on my own iqama..i want to ask how much time it will take?

  163. @Mohammed – I am guessing here that you now have your own sponsor and therefore getting transferred as such. The timing can depend on whether your sponsor will take the lead or is having you oversee much of the details yourself. As long as you have all the appropriate documents and paperwork it should not take long at the Jawazat office…although you will need patience of course while waiting in the lines there.

  164. can you explain clear Mr bedu.

    i wait for your reply. to approach with .

    wht procers to take back complain .

  165. @Sha – I am not an expert on these kind of matters and it sounds like something you need to discuss with your sponsor.

  166. Dear Mr. Bedu,

    I just want to have an idea for possible trades wherein Iqama is transferrable. I bought a visa for my brother in order for him to work in the Kingdom but he found problems in applying for a job because they are telling that his iqama isnot transferrable. It was indicated in his iqama that he is a family driver. Are there any ways that his iqama be converted to other trades so that it will become transferrable? Please advise, thanks…

  167. Dear american bedu

    i m new in saudia
    i have pakistani employeer( having their own shirka) food service provider in makkah where as father is having 50% shares , two sons having each 25 % ownership rights as per sagia
    i got the visa of Saiq khas( family driver)
    i found a job in a company
    still the guy( having 25%) share in company is in Pakistan and his father( having 50%) share and one other brother 925% share) is in kingdom and telling me when he will came he will arrange ur vsia( visa was at his own name and he is suppose to fly for KSA in first week of November)

    i have following questions to be asked. pls advice

    1. i m in eastern province, can he send me a letter from Makkah and i can get my medical from here…?

    2. Can he arrange my iqama with out my physical presence in Makkah

    3. as per our understandings, i m suppose to get a release letter from him( after iqama is issued and demand letter is presented to him) is it possible that my iqama could be transfered from his sponsor ship to another sponsor( current is not Saudi and having their own food service company in Makkah)

    please tell me about these questions…i m waiting for your kind response as usual u post here

    thanks and Jazak Allah

  168. Dear Bogs,

    The purpose of the iqama is to serve as a legal residence permit while one is in the Kingdom. The iqama also identifies who is the individuals sponsor. It is not meant or intended as a transferable document although in some cases it can be transferred – for a fee.

    There are some Saudis who purposely sponsor an individual such as a driver. The individual (driver) will arrive in the Kingdom and may become part of an existing set up of drivers who have pooled together and created their own transport service. It is typical for these individuals to pay a stipend each month to their ‘sponsor.’ Is this perhaps what kind of situation your brother has found himself in?

    He may be able to identify a sponsor who would like to hire him but in order to do so, your brother may have to leave Saudi and then return with a new visa under the new sponsor that he would work for.

    Regards, Bedu

  169. Dear Raza,

    Salam Alaikum.

    I am not an official source of iqamas by any means and given the various components with your situation do not feel comfortable in responding for fear of giving wrong or inaccurate advice.

    Wishing you the best, Bedu

  170. can any one else please guide in this regard….?
    any one………..?

  171. Thanks for the yeoman service being rendered on this blog, keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,

  172. my iqama is expring this friday. I have given my iqama for transfer to new employer and renewal over a month and a half ago. It turns out the process began but the actual transfer has not been done yet. As friday is a holiday. What is going to happen. Yes I know my bank acct will be frozen but as a western expat will my old employer be fined? what if all is completed on Saturday?
    (this is for self , wife n daughter)

  173. dear american bedou,

    my iqama is expring this friday. I have given my iqama for transfer to new employer and renewal over a month and a half ago. It turns out the process began but the actual transfer has not been done yet. As friday is a holiday. What is going to happen. Yes I know my bank acct will be frozen but as a american expat will my old employer be fined? what if all is completed on Saturday?
    (this is for self , wife n daughter)

  174. @An expat,

    It seems that if anyone your new employer may have to pay a penalty for not following up prior to its expiration date.

    Best Regards, Carol

  175. Hi American Bedu,

    I just want to know, who is really responsible for paying the visa and iqama? is it the employer or the employee?

    I was working in saudi arabia form more than 6 yrs, I am leaving for final exit hopefully next year but I found out (from our finance dept) that there is still remaining amount I have to pay to my employer for iqama expenses. They told me it is for yearly renewal.

    I am working in a private hospital by the way.

  176. @Buboy,

    Who pays for the iqama and visa is totally dependent on the arrangement/contract between employee and employer. And yes, as you mentioned, the iqama does require renewal. If you have not paid the renewal fee before it sounds perhaps that your employer is having you pay the fee since you are leaving on final exit…that is just a specuation.


  177. @Bedu

    Thank you for ur quick reply. I guess me and my employer need lots of time to talk about this iqama issue.

    Thank you again.

  178. @Buboy, It is my pleasure!

  179. dear baduwie…

    i have two years contract with company . 11 month already finished .but they they want give notice period
    for termination .they give relase letter and .other process is going on my old sponser.
    what is solution .i will accept termination notice or .i will ask my settelment for whole two years .

  180. Hi Sha,

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by asking whether you should ask for settlement for entire two years when it sounds like one year is all completed with due notice given.

  181. dear badu.

    i am working almost 11 month new compnay .they plan to terminate me . .2 year contract..till i have 13 months .shall i ask my settelment beofre .i receive my termination letter.

    please Explain me .how they give me sttelmet

  182. Hi Sha,

    I believe it would be necessary to review your contract to know termination clauses and whether the contract says anything about settlement. It perhaps could also depend on the reason for termination too.

    Maybe you would want whoever handles citizen services for your local embassy in Saudi to look it over and explain it to you.

  183. how can i check my iqama status thru online

  184. hi
    my wife has accidentally disposed her iqama. what should i do?

  185. @brit1,

    You will need to go to Jawazat and request a replacement iqama. Be sure to have all documentation and if you are her sponsor or she is under your employer’s sponsorship, to have those documents included too.

    Regards, Bedu

  186. Salam..
    I would like to get your valuable information that i somebody said my sponser make complaint on My Iqama how can i am check this there any website that i can check my iqama status with full details..

  187. aslam sponser give me reliese to one company in dammam before 1 year, still my company cant transfer it and my iqama will expire on december…now i need to india for my to take exit re.entry visa..i dont want to to my old sponser becoz its too late..pls give me a suggection…i am in a big problem.

  188. My name is Akhtar Ahmed Shaikh. My Cell no is 0543261397. I lost my iqama and SR 3000 in Makka on 29-12-2009. If someone found this, please call me me on this no 0543261397. I will give him good prize.

  189. as salamo alikum,
    MY name is Mohammed. Wahed – Indian citizen – riyadh
    i have some questions regarding ZAWAZAT procedures
    1) my younger daughter born in here in Saudi, after 1.5 yrs i have her passport already, what is the procedures to enter her name in my IQAMA ?
    and shall be thanks full
    2) can some one can tell me is there any FINE on such cases?

    Thanks Brother

  190. as salamo alikum,
    MY name is Mohammed. Wahed – Indian citizen – riyadh
    i have some questions regarding ZAWAZAT procedures
    1) my younger daughter born in here in Saudi, after 1.5 yrs i have her passport already, what is the procedures to enter her name in my IQAMA ?
    and shall be thanks full
    2) can some one can tell me is there any FINE on such cases?

    Thanks Brother …………………………………………………

  191. @Mohammed – I believe you need to go to the Jawazat office with her passport, birth certificate and your iqama. Your sponsor should also be able to advise you too.

    Good luck.

  192. I lost my iqama about 2 weeks ago?how much would it take me to replace it..i am about to go for vavtion end of february but I’m having a hard time with my GRO..For almost 2 weeks I am everday in his office and I think he’s not doing anything about my problem. I am really so helpless. And I have a little baby, I need to add him in my iqama also. Do you have any idea how long it will take to replace a lost card? Thanks so much for any info..

  193. Lorraine,

    My suggestion is that you go to the nearest Jawazat office if you are not having satisfaction from your employer. As an expat, (and especially female as your name seems to imply) you should not be out and about without a copy of an iqama or copy of your passport in your possession. And your iqama has to have been reported as lost too since these are valuable commodities.

    In addition to the main Jawazat near Nasiriyah there is a smaller office at Al Aziza mall off of King Fahad Road.

  194. Thanks for the prompt reply..Do you have any idea how much would i pay as fine? My husband is here with me and I asked him to go to jawasat here in abha. Next day since I noticed I lost the card I asked him to go to jawasat but the one in jawasat did not entertain him too..The just told him “lasim mandub ije”. I need to expedite the replacement since I’m going for vacation next month. I am working in a government hospital under MOH. Can I go for vacation without my iqama? And my little boy too,he needs to be added in my iqama in order for him to have exit re entry visa, am I right? Thanks so much again..

  195. @Lorraine,

    Your employer should assist you with replacement. There is a high likelihood if you do not get this issue resolved you may have to postpone your vacation. I know several who had expired iqamas and had to postpone travel.

    Just as a reminder to all, if an iqama is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to employer/sponsor plus jawazat. Employers and MOI do not look lightly on expats who delay or postpone reporting and replacing since this is one’s identity card and subject to abuse if falls to the wrong hands.

    Given your iqama was lost/stolen plus needing to add your child, I do not wish to guestimate what costs could be.

    Yes; your son needs to be added to your iqama.

    I am sorry my response is not as positive as you probably wished. I hope this can be expidited for you on a timely manner.

    Regards, Carol

  196. Thanks again Carol. If only my GRO have a thinking like you, I wouldn’t worry much..I hope I can still have my planned vacation as this is the first time my kids would see their relatives in my country. Godbless you more.

  197. @Lorraine,

    I can understand and hoping it will work out. Sometimes as an expat it can seem daunting cutting through the bureaucracy. Do you have a Saudi friend who may be able to help?

  198. Hi Carol, Good day to you. Thanks God my problem is solved. I asked my Saudi friend to be my translator for my GRO(cause he can’t talk and understand English that much). I told him everything and at last he understood my side. We went to Jawasat today and tomorrow I can have my new card. Good thing my friend offered to help. Now I have peace of mind. Thanks to my friend Mohd and of course to you. Again, Godbless you more Carol..

  199. Masha’allah! I am so happy to hear that all is resolved for your Lorraine! Have a great holiday!

  200. hi sir.

    I just want to know if there would be a problem applying again to work in saudi arabia if i dont have an NOC but my previous employer issued me final exit visa, I asked my employer if i can have an NOC and he told that its no need for me to have an NOC base on the new law, by the way my contract is 2 years but my i resigned from my work due to problems in accommodation where in fact our house in saudi was burned and its not anymore a safe place to live in but the employer still doesnt transfer us in a new house thats why i decided to resigned, but he did not give me any certificate or NOC, thats why i want to know if there would be a problem applying again to work in sauid arabia the fact that my visa is final exit visa and i resigned from my job which my boss accepts my resignation? THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  201. @PAO – welcome to the blog and thanks for your query. I wish that there was a standard response to your query. I am told that a NOC is no longer required yet at the same time many perspective employers will not hire an employee without a NOC. So in sum, I think much would depend on the employer and their stance of NOC or no-NOC.

  202. Thank you madam, i think you are right that much would be depended on my prospective employer, thanks again,, if i may ask one more question if let us say i will be back in saudi arabia and got a job there in different place and different employer with different industry in short there will be no conflict of interest regarding my position that i applied for, do you think if my previous employer finds out that i get back would he file a case against me? i mean even if he already accepts my resignation and have issued me a final exit visa and not exit/re-entry visa. Is having a final exit visa mean you have no problem of entering again in saudi arabia, ofcourse i have not committed anything against the law of saudi arabia its just that i just resigned from my job and did not finished my contract because of my valid reason where in fact they are afraid also to be reported because they let me signed a paper where in i will not file a case against them since they allowed me to go back in philippines….thank you madam you are a big help for the entire expats in saudi arabia…God bless you and your family..asalamalaykum and shukran jazilan!

  203. Salam Alaikum PAO,

    I wish their were straightforward answers to these kinds of questions. Again, much will depend on the mindset of employers, past and present. However do not be discouraged and certainly try to get hired by another employer if that is your wish.

  204. Hello ,
    I have given my iqama for renewal. but still the moaqab is saying that it is not renewed. Is there any way to check the iqama status
    my ID# 2087457384

  205. Welcome Irfan! Actually if you review the comments from this post, you will find that another follower kindly provided the link to the web site which does allow you to check the status of iqama.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  206. Hi Bedu,
    I will be going to saudi arabia as a teacher before ramadhan but my employer is only providing visa for myself. since I cannot leave my wife and kid alone here in u.k i have decided to take my family (wife , kid and parents) to saudi on a umra visa. then, after 3 weeks i should have my iqamah and send them back and get there visa after 2 weeks. is that practical do you think??

    Just thought of this plan myself so Ime honestly really confused if it will work!

    Thanks for the help

  207. @bririshmuslim,

    My advise is to be careful and speak with your employer or perhaps the Saudi embassy on options. I am not up-to-date on the new iqama rules and regulations on whether YOU can be the sponsor of your family or not. Umrah visas are checked carefully and prohibit one to arrival/departure from Jeddah and rest of time is to be in Makkah. As a new expat you do not want to jeopardize your position either. Is there any specific reason your employer gave you why they would not sponsor your family?

    Most employers who do allow dependents will not process iqamas/visas for the dependents until the employee has made it past the 3 month probation period.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  208. Thanks Bedu for that valuble advice.
    Hopefully I work things out with my employer or I will just have to look for another employer who will provide visa for my family!! 🙂

    Once again, Thanks you for everything

    British Muslim

  209. British Muslim,

    Please let me know how it works out for you!

  210. Dear brothers,

    can anyone plz advise on one thing regarding holding two iqama of different GCC countries, like i hv a iqama of Saudi through independent kafeel, can i hold another iqama in UAE as i may get job there?

  211. i am Mohamed working in riyadh electrical company as a draftsman but my iqama labour i wants to change my iqama proffosion to comaputer Technician (i have certficate) for i howmuch i need to expend and what is the procugers.


  212. My understanding Mohamed is that your sponsor would need to agree and assist in changing your profession on your iqama.

  213. Hi all!

    Ime a qualified English teacher and just wanted to know if anybody knows of any employers who are lookking for British teachers.

    I;ve been teaching here in U.K for 4 years and am now looking to move to Saudi.

    I’me not really bothered (too much!) about pay amount and extras but employer MUST be willing to provide a visit visa for my wife. I have had a few offers but unfortunatly only provide visa for me which is not going good with the other half!! 😉

    If anybody knows of any saudi employers or where to direct me please help!

    American bedu…humbly looking at you for help!


  214. @Tired Teacher:

    You want to check out the web site

    Good luck!

    Best Regards, Bedu

  215. here is a great page to check the validity of a Evisa (new paper based VISA)


  216. Hi,

    I’m from the US but have been working in the kingdom for over ten years. My previous iqama was issued for 2yrs but now my company said it needs renewing every year plus medical. Have the laws changed in the past couple of years?


  217. Hi John,

    My comment is speculation but if you have been in the Kingdom working for ten years, are you perhaps nearing a more senior age and therefore require an annual renewal vice a two year renewal? (plus medical)

    Has your company changed its contract or policy? I believe the employer usually has the option of renewing an iqama for one or two years.

    Regards, Bedu

  218. hi i want iqma visa in ksa after my age 60 years can i have new iqma visa i want to stay here after 60 years plz give me information how can i get it .

  219. Asslam,

    I’m working in Kingdom since 2007 as a Computer Technician but my IQAMA is a Carpenter. I want to change profession on IQAMA same as Computer Technician, I have been tried so long time & I have submitted the Documents/Certificate according to that post. Yesterday I asked our company personnel dept. they told your Certificate is correct & you should submit IQAMA for change on IQAMA. But my friend asked about Computer Technician Trade which I have been change, my friend told me that post reserved only for Saudi. Is it True? If it’s true then plz tell me bcoze I still not submit IQMA for change.

  220. Welcome Rahimuddin,

    I am not an expert in this field but perhaps the company you work for has the position of Computer Technician reserved to be filled by a Saudi, hence the difficulty?

  221. greetings! I just would like to know where to pay iqama residents permit? can I pay it in any bank like national commercial bank or saudi hollandi? or I can pay it already in any bank?


  222. Hi Bedu,

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my new Iqama. My employer’s Admin folks seem to have not been on top of the latest rules and regulations regarding renewal of Iqama for western expatriates. Iqamas can be issued for one or two years. Our company decided to issue one year Iqamas because of the cost, reason being, if the employee didn’t perform well in the first year then they could be sent home, saving the extra cost associated with a two year Iqama.

    I didn’t have to do the medical afterall, since this only applies to 10 countries known to have a high rate of hiv infection. No one in my company seems to know which countries, so they assumed it was across the board. But, Americans I know are not required to take the medical each time their Iqamas are renewed.

    Also, the new Iqamas are not at all like the old little book ones. They are like laminate driving license/with picture.

    I hope this information helps.



  223. Thank you for the update John. These are kind of static regulations which do seem to change depending on employer so it is great to have the updates.

  224. Then Saudi Arabian officials are really unaware of the world situations. US has a significantly high rate of HIV positive cases and they should ask Americans to go through the test.

  225. Daisy,

    I have no idea what they base their criteria on, perhaps it has to do with the precentage of workers coming from least developed countries with a known high rate of infection. The US expat population is rather small even compared to the UK expats working in Saudi. I know in our company that we had to send a few Indian nationals back because their medical certificates were forged or fake, which is probably not that uncommon. So, yeah, I can see why they would require additional testing especially from third country nationals that make up the largest percentage of the labor pool.

  226. I can say that having worked in the medical sector in KSA that Americans, Canadians, Brits and other Westerners all did have to go through extensive medicals both prior and upon arrival.

    It seems that there are still not standard regulations in place and again depending on sector, employer, nationality, etc….

  227. when applies for family visa, i am very surprised to know that my profession has been changed in Iqama at the time of renewal of iqama without notice which has caused me problem to apply for my family residential visa. where as i have already obtained family visa before 4 years at the same my Iqama (i could not continue due to personal problem). please advice me how my profession is to be corrected in my Iqama? thank you very much

  228. Mohammad,

    This sounds like an issue that needs to be addressed with your employer. Do you know if the initial title held until recently on your iqama came under Saudiazation?

  229. Hi,

    I have just recently transfered my Iqama to a company and its less than 2 months, but got good job with another company. Is there any restrictions that we cant transfer the Iqama to the new one.

    Thanks & Regards

  230. Muhammad,

    In regards to transferrence of the iqama, much depends on the company, the sponsors and type of work. As a result there is not a straight answer to your question.

  231. Dear American Bedu,

    I am in Saudi Arabia since 1 year and six months. I came on a gypsum tile fixer labour visa, My uncle he purchased the visa from a Saudi working with him in the same company he paid all the money he asked for, He gave the Visa to my uncle and my uncle have send me the Visa, As it was free Visa i came to Saudi Arabia and I was eagerly waiting for my iqama so that i can find a job, But unfortunately the guy who gave my uncle the Visa at first he told him that he is the sponsor and after i arrived to Saudi arabi he told that he is just a mediator and he isnt the sponsor, So every single day he lied about giving iqama we waited for 3 months and then he gave me my iqama i joined a company after i got my iqama and started working in the company in between i asked the mediator to give me my transfer paper so that i can get transfered in the company he asked me money for that i gave him three times, He kept on making me wait all the time always one or another lie, That he is going to give it tommorow or day after tommorow but he never came so the situation is my iqama expired in the month of october and as i work hard enough my company is not taking any action against me all that they want is my transfer earliest, In the mean time i tried to find out the real sponsor but i wasnt able to reach him the mediator gave me the phone number it was wrong i went to labour office took out his details but still those details are also too old and the local landline isnt working too. Now its been almost 5 months my iqama is expired i am really tensed regarding this situation this mediator is always lying to me. All i wanna do is i wanna go back to my country so that i can purchase a new visa from a good sponsor and come back, Can you tell me any possible way for that so that i can leave legally from KSA. So that there wont be any problem when i come back with a new Visa.

  232. Dear Syed,

    I suggest you go to your embassy and ask them for assistance. Sadly it sounds like you have been taken advantage of by an individual who probably had no intention of sponsoring you for an iqama.

    Most reputable employers sponsor their employees rather than having the employee pay to receive a visa and iqama.

    Good luck, Bedu

  233. Dear, this is Tanveer.

    I was searching for a website to find medical details for Iqama and got to this blog – nice sharing and effort by the owner.

    I have a job from Saudi Arabia and want to accept it. however, I have hereditary sphereocytosis (a hereditary disease) that shows higher levels of bilirubin in blood. As a treatment for this condition I have gone through surgery 5 years ago to remove my spleen and gall bladder and living without issues since then.

    This is not infectious and not contagious. I have no hepatitis, no HIV, no TB, no issues other than this.

    Is it ok for me to move to Saudi Arabia as I fear if they fail me in medical, I will end up loosing jobs in my home country as well as in KSA.

    looking forward for a guidance in this regard.

  234. @Tanveer,

    Many of the individuals I know who come to Saudi Arabia due to work are required prior to depature to undergo a pre-employment physical. The sponsor or representative is advised of these results. I know that there are always exceptions or distinctions in processes, but it would seem to me that if you are medically cleared prior to arrival you should have no fears. Yes, it is highly likely that you will have to have another physical after arrival but it is pretty routine.

    Best wishes to you.

  235. @American Bedu:

    Thanks for the response.

    My pre-visa medical is supposed to happen in next week but when I speak to the labs that are authorized for the medical about my condition, they say that the test has to be marked “Abnormal” no matter what the reason.

    I find this logic strange because they are going to write in the report that my liver tests are not normal although it is not the liver that makes the biliruibin levels high.

    I thought may be if I come on a visit visa to KSA and get my medical directly there, it might work. I have heard that medical facilities are better in KSA and may be the doctor supervising my medical there understands what does “hereditary sphereocytosis” means.

    it is simply a hereditary medical condition (got by birth) and one has to take nothing in his life for it ! and has no effect at all on any activities I perform.

  236. @Tanveer,

    I don’t know. Can you contact your sponsor directly? I understand your concern. Is the doctor willing to add an attachment to the medical explaining your condition?

    I’m not sure if traveling to KSA on a visitor visa to get a medical there would work or be feasible.

    Good luck, Bedu

  237. I hava work permit visa which expires next month, so can i extend my visa for another 3 months or i need to go for iqama. My parent company says that its difficult to extend the work permit visa like the business visa which can be extended easily.

  238. That is true that it is not easy to extend a work permit visa as such.

  239. hi sir,

    i am in saudi arabia since 2 and half years and my visa profession is building labor. i had renewed my iqama before once. later my sponsor told me, he will not allow me to continue as his worker and he want me to change sponsorship as soonest otherwise he will exit my visa. so i tried to change my sponsorship to another sponsor but not suceeded.i had paid the govt. fee for the transfer (2000/- riyal) through the alrajhi bank ATM(my friend’s account). now its 5 months finished and iqama has been expired before 3 i desperately met my sponsor and ask him to renew my iqama and do exit. now its under process.
    sir, i want to know that, can i refund the 2000/- riyal through ATM..? i had tried once, but could not refund.if it is possible to refund, what should i do..? please advise me..awaiting your valuable replys.

  240. @Abdul Haseeb,

    I wish I knew the answer to your question but I’m not sure. My suggestion is if you have the receipt/proof of payment and purpose of the payment, then you may wish to ask at Jawazat with your documentation.

  241. Greetings,i arrived in the kingdom on february1993 on a legal visa and then on 2001 my sponsors filed a wrong escape report which was later removed through a royal decree as i had filed a case against mysponsors at the imara so the vice governor intervened and i paid 2000sr to remove it after which my sponsors still refused to give me release and when asked about my passport they said they had surrendered to the passport department i filed a affidavid of loss as the passport was not tracebale and it was expired already so i was issued a new passport.the royal decree stated tht my visa be transferrred to my wife iqama and her sponsors initially agreed officially requesting the governor but later refused to transfer my iqama since 2001 to 2010 iam moving around the kingdom on documents from the ministry of interior as the document was issued by the interior ministry with my picture stamped dulyand in which is clearly stated that the letter is valid until my matter is iam willing to pay the penalty for all thsi year and i aslo payed it through riyad bank using my wife account but later the passport department told me i cant transfer to my wife iqama we have been married for 16 years her ein kingdom and my wife is a muslim and from a different nationality living here with my 16 yrs old daughter.i dont know what to do i have tried in all the humane power to resolve this matter but still the problem persist just wanna inquire wha i should do and how long will this letter valid which was given to me by the interior minister.kindly your advice and also advice me how i can be transferred to my wife name and what are the fees for that as my visa is expired for the past 11 yrs keeping in my mind my wife is a foreign national and what are the procedures that is hould follow to transfer to her name so as we dont separate as i have been residing in the kingdom for the past 17 yrs without going on an exit re entry visa.regards

  242. @Nasa,

    Your situation sounds very complex. I would suggest seeing if your embassy could provide some guidance or alternatively you may wish to consult with an attorney.

  243. ok could you advise me if me and my wife is entitled to approach the royal office or governate in riyadh as i will be travelling to riyadh with my family or atleast a suitable attorney name whom i could approach probaly in jeddah or riyadh inorder to just transfer my sponsorship to my wife iqama so as to legalize my status first. i really dont know who are my friends and who ar enot iam in a situation where i myt loose my family as they are foreign national i was married in the kingdom kindly advise me what shariah law prescribes if the we are married here in saudi arabia and had been living here for past 17 yrs. what does the shariah law says wil they separate me from my family even my family is a foreign national.what is your guidance on this issue.

  244. @Nasar,

    Your embassy may be able to provide a list of attorney’s for you. I know that the Governor’s of each region will have opportunities when residents can go and seek advice or ask for an appeal.

    I am not in a position where I can advise you on Shari’ah law.

  245. my wallet is lost iqama vacation is nxt month i need to file lose iqama what is my first step.can u help me plsss

  246. @piwi,

    1. Inform your sponsor. 2. Go to Jawazat if your sponsor does not assist you. 3. Do not waste time.

    I hope you have a photocopy of your iqama which can help you too.

  247. I Transfer my self in multi national company 5 years back when i came in saudiarabia with free visa.
    Last year in january i went to vacation and comeback.
    now i decided i am not doing any more work with this company.
    and company refuse to give me the release.
    what should i do now?

  248. Salam,
    My friend wants to work in Saudia but some people told him that just because he got married to a dicvorced single mother, he wont be able to take his family there.
    What is your opinion on this matter? Is it true that my friend cannot take his wife and daughter to saudia on family visa ? I will be waiting for you reply, it means a lot to me. Jazak’Allah,

  249. Salam Alaikum Syed,

    What will determine on whether your friend can take his wife and family is whether his contract is single or family.

  250. please check my iqama they will be renewel or not # 2269648768

  251. Salam, my husband get iqama with mechanic as his profession, do you think he can bring me to KSA with permanent visa? (not visit visa). Thank you.

  252. Salam Alaikum Hana and Welcome to American Bedu blog.

    Whether you can join your husband on a permanent visa is contingent on whether his contract is for a married person or a single status contract.

  253. assalamu alikkum, i need to know ,how many days jawazat ‘ll take for iqama renewa.also my iqama have validity untill august 15 2010,is it possible to renew it now
    please give detailed reply

  254. @Afzal,


    I can say that when my iqama was renewed it was all done the same day. However it was my spouse who renewed it for me and I am married to a Saudi. I really can’t answer your question specifically because it also depends on your sponsor and your contract.

  255. Dear Bedu,

    My Iqama is expired 2 days before and my visa is also transferring to new sponsor. So my new sponsor is transferring my Iqama as well as renewing it also.

    I don’t know how much time will it take to transfer and renew. what is the time limit of stay without iqama renew in Kingdom and How & when should one leave Kingdom before any big problem ?
    Kindly inform.

  256. My Company has been closed and All official Zawazat for re-newing Iqama is also closed. now my iqama is expire and company has gave me letter to transfer in another company but still zawazat is not ready to accept. Please advise me what to do?

  257. Dear Sir,
    I am having book type iqama, now all the pages finished and next month I have to renew my Iqama. For new type (card type ) iqama processing two different sizes of photos required. Could you please tell me the correct sizes (also quantity) of these photos? Your prompt reply in this regard would be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards,

  258. @Vinod,

    I had a passport size photo taken for my iqama.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  259. My Iqama is expired and Transfer is also in process from one company to another. After transfer they can renew it.

    I want to go to my homeland in emergency. what is the procedure in that case.

    Pls inform.

  260. @Khaleel,

    If there is an emergency situation you would notify your employer and your local embassy.

  261. Al- Salaam U Alikum; i have an urgent query and it would be nice if you can reply soon. i am currently working with an IT company for the last five years as Software engineer, my profession on Iqama is Harris (Watch Man) and living here with my family in Riyadh. i am planning to resign from my company as my contract is expired and join another company. i would like to know if i need NOC from my employer to go on final exit to pakistan, and return with a new visa (Software programer)? and if my current employer doesn’t agree to provide me with NOC, then how long i need to wait to enter with new visa to Saudi. thanks

  262. @Qureshi,

    You asked a million dollar question! Although the NOC is no longer required, many companies will still insist on having one.

    So you need to find out if your future employer will insist on a NOC. The timing of getting your new visa will also depend a lot on your future employer and how long it takes to process documents.

    Good luck.

  263. Thanks Alot….

    Q1: do i need to wait for certain time period in Pakistan if i get the final exit without NOC, before being able to come or apply for saudi Visa?

    Q2: Also is there any restriction from other Gulf Countries to work thier or get new visa if you exit saudi or if you go on exit / re-entry and never come back until your visa exires?


  264. @Qureshi,

    I am sorry but I am not in a position to answer these kind of questions. All I can say is to the best of my knowledge, I do not believe there is a restriction pertaining to other Gulf countries.

  265. Dear Sir,

    I came to my country ( India ) on vacation with exit re-entry visa, but unfortunately could not return back with in the time limit of Visa.Now i wanted to go again in the Kingdom in another company. So what is the provision for like this type of cases in Saudia.

  266. Sayeed,

    Each case can depend on different variables such as company, type of contract, whether you formally resigned or completed your contract and on what terms.

    Regards, Bedu

  267. Dear Sir,

    I resigned from my current sponsor, a good paying Government Office, in Jeddah due to the sweet and juicy offer from the new sponsor.

    Two months ago, the demand letter from the new sponsor was received and respectively replied by my current sponsor in answer to the demand letter.

    Until now, processing of employment is not done yet. With this scenario it is unfavorable and risky to wait for another month without income or earning. My saving is almost exhausted and I am not receiving the agreed salary package offer for two months now.

    What would I do? Keep silent, start packing up my belongings and go to Philippines? Do you have any suggestion? Please keep in touch.

  268. @Alan,

    I can only provide speculation and general comments to you as I am not a Saudi nor in any kind of position to facilitate sponsorship in any way.

    Although a NOC is no longer legally required, if you were working for a government organization and wish to now work for a new employer, the new employer may defer on hiring and sponsoring you without a NOC from your former employer.

    I suggest you speak with the new company that expressed interest in hiring you and determine whether you still have a valid offer. If so, you’ll need specifics on what is the delay and when you will have a contract. At the same time, you do not want to find yourself in the Kingdom without a valid and current iqama.

    Good luck.

  269. Thank you Sir.

    In connection with my previous letter, my current sponsor has provided me with an NOC (Letter of Release) to facilitate easy transfer to the new employer who expressed interest in hiring me.

    My passport and letters in answer to the Demand Letters from the new company is already prepared and waiting to be picked up by a representive of the new company for employment processing.

    For two months, nothing has been done about it and I am now jobless for about two months since the time I tender my resignation from a good paying government office.

    The only thing that is not good here is- companies in saudi keep sending Demands Letter without intention of really hiring. For this reason, I am forced to leave Jeddah untimely. (Better Luck next time)

    Thanks a lot.

  270. Hello American Bedu,
    my name is ahmed and from from Nairobi Kenya, but am currently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
    i find interesting and brilliant to read this blog, its amazing.
    what i would like to comment is that, you set up a Facebook page of this blog so that alot of people will follow and join this brilliant blog.

  271. Thank you Ahmed.

    I never considered a Facebook page for American Bedu.

    Best Regards, Carol

  272. Hi Carol,

    I work in a Bank in India and come across a lot of Non resident Indians who carry their original Iqama with them when they return to India ( Mostly in cases of Doctors, Business men etc) . Just wanted to have a clarification whether expats are allowed to carry the original Iqama outside Saudi. ( For Non residents from Saudi who wish to open Non Resident External Bank accounts in India, one of the mandatory requirements is the Iqama or copy of the iqama). However I have also come across people who have stated that they are required to submit the Iqama there before leaving Saudi. Confused as to what the Saudi law specifies … Is it mandatory for everyone to submit the Iqama before leaving the country or is it done on a case to case basis. Would really appreciate any links to a Saudi government website which can throw more light on this. Thanks in advance…

  273. Hi Dan,

    You raise a very good question and point. There is not a set law in regards to having possession of the iqama outside of the Kingdom. It is case-by-case depending on the employer.

    For example, King Faisal Hospital or National Guard Health Affairs hold employees passports while they are in the Kingdom. The employee will have his/her iqama. Then when traveling outside the Kingdom, the employee has to hand over the iqama in order to be given the passport.

    As a wife of a Saudi, I had my passport and iqama with me at all times and was never required to “turn it in” to anyone.

    I hope this answers your query.

    Best Regards, Carol

  274. Howdy American Bedu!
    How are you?
    I’m also new in KSA, as a PT… I would to ask on what are the new requirements for applying an Iqama aside from the Sponsor, passport, and an OK medical…? our manager is always asking for my documents(diploma,tor,coe,etc..which i start to process again my courier lost it) for processing my Iqama.. i just wondered why my fellow PT had an Iqama( he’s7 months now) with his documents just arrived two months ago…
    Do you have any idea about this? its ok if you dont have any idea… im just worried my visa will expire in 15days…huhuhu…what will happen to me?

    Thank you very much!

  275. @Xtiano,

    I’m not aware of new requirements. It is difficult to answer your question since processing and obtaining an iqama can be very different for each individual. If you are in Saudi and your visa is near expiring, your sponsor can assist you with a request for an extension. Good luck.

  276. My Iqama is expired because of company to company visa transfer. I want to leave job and go back to homeland.
    what is the procedure, (Immigration/New Company/Old Company) who will do Final Exit.

    Pls inform…

  277. My Iqama is expired because of company to company Visa transfer. I want to leave company and go back on final exit.
    What is the procedure? (Immigration /New Company / Old Company) who will take care all matters.

    Pls inform.

  278. @Shareef,

    I suggest you go to the Jawazat office, explain your situation and that you wish for an exit visa. Because your iqama is expired you will likely have to pay a fee regardless of the company to company transfer. The companies would likely point fingers at the other as to who is responsible while you would be the one remaining even longer with an expired iqama. Don’t try to fight it but take care of yourself.

  279. My dear American Bedu,

    What would you do if you have resigned and you’ve been released by the sponsor due to the demand letter from the new employer to be; and the new employer to be did not hire you (after three months of waiting).

    Will the new employer be penalized for just joking and pretending to expressed insterest in hiring a certain worker? Is this punishable by saudi law?

  280. Dear Alan,

    Did you receive a contract from the new employer to be? What reasons are you being given for delays or is it that the new employer is no longer hiring? I’m not sure what recourse you have. You may wish to at least ask a lawyer what rights and/or options are available to you.

    Regards, Bedu

  281. My Dear American Bedu,

    I left “land A” going to “land B”. The boat stop running in the middle of the sea due to technical problem. I now don’t belong to both land A and B.

    These are the details: 1) I was interviewed by the engineer manager. 2) I passed the interview 3) I was offered a salary 3000 SR on top of my previous salary. 4) My sponson received the demand letter from the new employer. 5) I was released by my sponsor and I resigned. 6) I have been following-up regularly for three months asking the new employer to collect the passport and the three letters in response to the demand letter from the new company.

    For Item 6) nothing transpired. I have all the documents for evidence, like; copy of the demand letter, salary offer and communication thru internet.

    What is needed is formality like contract of agreement, transfer of iqama, Company ID and etc.

    This company is giving false hope to an ordinary worker. They don’t communicate and they dont even want to intertain as if nothing happen. In fact I have already written a letter almost begging so I can start working.

    I think I deserve something for being jobless which is not my fault. What is needed here is a brilliant government saudi lawyer who can pin point a finger to this particular company.

    That is why I asking you if “giving false hope” to somebody is punishable by Saudi Law.


  282. Dear Alan,

    I’m really sorry for the situation you are in. I have heard of similar incidents and not only in Saudi Arabia. Although situations are more complex in Saudi due to sponsorship issues which can cause additional complications. Has the new company given any reason why they have not followed up with their offer to you? Did the company lose a contract or has a project which has not started?

    I wish I knew what to advise you. I’m not a lawyer nor a Saudi citizen and I do not wish to give wrong guidance.

    Perhaps someone else can comment with experience in such issues?

  283. My dear American Bedu,

    Thank you for the much-awaited reply. I need to accept what really happened now. Anyone can be a victim and
    there is always a loser and a winner in every game.

    So long and more power to you. May God bless you and hope HE is reading this letter and may the person responsible for what happened may realize that it is not just and fair. It may happen to his own son or daughter someday.

  284. All the best to you, Alan.

  285. Assalamalikum,

    My name’s Bangura, i’m currently deciding whether or not to work at Riyadh/Jeddah.

    What I want to know is for starting with a new job (with no prior work experience) what are the issues relating to acquiring the Iqama for the first time? Does the company give me the Iqama based on the work visa I have?

    And once I’ve signed a one or two year contract, close to its demise, if I get an offer for a job at a different country, does the company or sponsor decline my request to leave Saudi Arabia?

    I’ve already asked some people regarding this issue but I’m still open to more opinions and suggestions.

    Thanks for the help.

  286. Wa’aliakum Salam Bangura,

    In order to live and work in Riyadh you will be sponsored by a company which will engage you and in turn, process your documents for issuance of the iqama. The iqama is your residency permit.

    If you leave Saudi Arabia at the end of a completed contract and in good standing (ie, no unpaid bills or parking tickets) there should be no reason to detain you in any way.

  287. Dear American Bedu,

    Thank you very much for your reply, Azzak Allah Khair. That has at least helped lift my spirits and made me feel more confident concerning working there.

    It’s been years since I last visited the region, I’d have expected they’d be a bit lenient with the rules and regulations but from what I’ve been told and from what I read here – it’s always good to be careful especially with paper works.

    Once again thank you, it may not seem much but you’ve been a great help !

    Muhammad Bangura

  288. Dear Bangura,

    You are most welcome and all the best to you.

    Best Regards, American Bedu

  289. Dear American Bedu,

    My former employer gave me release but my new employer is having a hard time transferring my iqama. My iqama will expire very soon.

    My question is, will my new employer be able to process transfer of my iqama even if it is already expired while renewing it at the same time? Or, is it required that my former employer strictly has to renew it first before it can be transferred by my new employer?

    Please enlighten….many thanks.

  290. P.S.
    Do we need medical exams for iqama renewal?

    Thanks again.

  291. @Xergio,

    I wish I had the answer for you but I’m not sure. I don’t like to guess.

    Maybe someone else can advise?

  292. Oh! this blog site is live, I mean thank you American Bedu for a prompt reply.

    Here’s another question of mine: I am traveling back to Riyadh this week to have my iqama renewed by my former kaffala, do I need to surrender my passport along with iqama for renewal, or iqama only will do?

    Please enlighten.

    Shokran Katir

  293. Salam Alaikum Xergio,

    You should not have to surrender your passport to my knowledge. However I suggest you make copies of iqama and passport before travel for your records.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  294. Dear American Bedu,

    Thanks for your usual prompt reply. I will suggest your site to my friends so they will also gain important info for us, expats.

    Godspeed, Good health God bless U 🙂

  295. Thank you Xergio!

  296. Hi i want to inform that i have lost my iquma if any one found it please mail me i would be veryhtankful its almost a month now and i want to know incase i dont find it how much would i have to pay to get a new one. God bless all

  297. Dalida,

    I hope that you have notified your sponsor and authorities of the loss of your iqama. You should just go and get it replaced immediately. You don’t know whether someone has is now using your iqama which could in turn jeopardize you and your own status.

  298. I have lost my Iqama and driving licence by pick pocket.

    what should I do for getting new?
    How much it cost ?

  299. @Kurian,

    Inform your sponsor and then go to the nearest Jawazat office. I’m not sure of the costs though.

  300. Good Day..

    Two Armed robbers, attacked me at 8.00 am while crossing road to office(Ramadan Timing, Streets are deserted) and stolen all important documents like Iqama, Driving Licence, Aramco ID, ATM Cards, Mobile Sim etc.. and they injured me with knife.

    Advise me .

  301. Notify Aramco. Go to the Police. Notify your mobile provider and get your SIM cancelled. You will need to get a new drivers license. You will need to inform your bank and get new ATM card. Aramco should assist in getting your old iqama cancelled and a new one issued.

    You should also be treated at an ER and get a tetanus shot if you have not had one in the near-past.

  302. Hi Friend

    I wanted to know that my friend’s sponcer i.e kafeel submitted his passport in jawazath and told them that he has run away i.e Hurooof ,
    How can we know the category of huroof through any website?

    plz share any link

    Thank you
    Eagarly waiting for reply

  303. As-salaamu alaykum

    Dear American Bedu, I’m a student in the US looking to study in Saudia. The school I want to go to King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals says I need an iqama. I am an undergraduate, do I look for a sponsor? And should the sponsor be an individual or the school itself?

  304. @Jamie,

    As I understand, if you are not a Saudi national then you must already be a resident within Saudi Arabia with a valid iqama. The way I read the information for undergrad from the web site is that the school does not sponsor students for an iqama.

  305. Salaam,

    JazakAllah khair for your quick response, and I will mention this site to any other foreign nationals that need assistance. BarakAllahu feekum

    Wa salaam

  306. Afwan, Jamie!

  307. Salaam alaikum,

    I have another question. Could you shed some light on the process of individual sponsorship. I am familiar with company sponsorship, but not with individual. Do you just have to know a Saudi inshallah?

    Wa salaam

  308. No; there is always a specific reason for individual sponsorship such as marriage and/or family; housekeeper; driver.

  309. Hi, Just want an inquiry, my friend left saudi arabia with the loan in the bank, few months ago. He have difficulty coping on his job. But he regrets it , there is no job in our country. He wants to go back, but of course he will be black listed, there is another opportunities in europe, but he is scared off fying there due to his loan from saudi, He was scare that in the airport , he will be pick up. I know what he did is not right, but will he still be ok to go abroad, such as america, europe etc. with his background. please reply on this aspect. He was so devastated about what he’ve done.

  310. @Lily,

    He knows what he did is wrong and will have that worry until he repairs the wrong. What if he cannot cope somewhere else? Would he run again, shirking responsibilities?

  311. My employer is a company transferring its business from UAE to KSA. In the mean time they have invited me to come one work visa from another of their group companies already established in KSA for 55 years.

    The employer has informed me that they will transfer the iqama to their name after it is issued in the name of the company which invited me to KSA on their work visa.


  312. Most Respected: I have come back from KSA after one month at KSA on leave but i can not come back to KSA. now more then one year have past. now i want to go to KSA for new job, can i do this. Please replay………….

  313. Yaqub,

    As long as you left KSA in good standing with your employer/sponsor and have a new employer who will sponsor you, you should be fine.

  314. ASalaam alaikum
    I want to renual my (Famil)y iqama so what are the documents want to submit to my sponser

  315. i want to go to my county(india) as soon as possible..but only after my iqama renewal…can anybody tell me how mant days it will take me to renwe my iqama..

  316. @Ghani,

    Welcome to American Bedu. It depends on whether you are renewing your iqama directly or if this is a responsibility of your sponsor. In my case, my husband was my sponsor and he was able to renew mine in one day.

  317. Hi

    Can you please tell me i am G.P. just moved to a hospital in Riyadh. Can i get iqama while my GP License is in process ?

    or i shall be needing license first and then iqama can be made?

  318. @Iris,

    Welcome! I am not sure and suggest you query your sponsor.

  319. Dear Madam,
    Good day! Kindly sugest
    1. I am reaching KSA on 30th – Jeddah. The agency which intermediated has not givn the hot copy of the offer letter. it is only scanned image I have. should I get the hot copy of it for pre landing procedures in Jeddah

    2. My husband is accompanying me on dependent visa . he wants to return to India after ten days as he is an employee. May I get an IQUAMA for him. what are the procedures I should follow to facilitate his return

    Thank you

    Yours truly

  320. @Vijaayeswari,

    While an original document is always preferred, at least you do have a copy of the document.

    Is your contract to work a single or family status contract? It also depends on the sponsor for how family visas are processed (contingent on a family contract). In most cases, dependent iqamas are not even processed until an employee has completed a 90 day probation.

  321. Hi,
    Just want to ask I’m working as a nurse and was assigned to an HRH family I got to travel with them abroad last july my iqama expired and we are out of the country that time when we came back they hold my passport at the riyadh airport its been 2 months now, I can’t renew my iqama coz they need also the orinal passport. How long does it usually takes to release the passport.

  322. @Grace,

    You should speak with your employer as you should either have possession of a valid iqama or your passport. It does not make sense for your passport to be held at the Riyadh airport. Do you know if your visa remains valid?

  323. I am working in Saudi Arabia more than a year, my question is that it is possible to go and work in other GCC country on exit/re-entry visa i.e. without cancelling Saudi visa. Please let me know.

  324. Jaffar,

    I do not know the answer to that. Do you have an iqama or do you simply enter/exit KSA on a business visa?

  325. American Bedu,

    I do have an valid iqama and I am on Employment visa in Saudi.

  326. Thanks for the info, Jaffar. I was thinking that I know many expats who fly in and out of Saudi on visitor visas. They do work in Saudi and then work while they are outside of KSA as well.

  327. Hi! I lost my Iqama last night, i’m so worried that it might cost me much to replace it as i am only receiving a meager salary, I am working at KFUPM. Do u have any idea how much it will cost me and how long it will take to replace the old one? I’m also a newly converted muslim and i planned to change the former religion i have, what are the requirements?
    Thank you.

  328. @Khobar Guy,

    You need to report soonest to your employer that your iqama is missing. Costs to replace will also depend on your employer.

  329. Good day! I am very much confused about the annual vacation.I searched so may articles regarding entitlements of vacation, and it was stated there that after 1 year of service,a worker is entitled for annual vacation. I asked 1 expat guru and said to me that vacation is every after end of a contract, if you signed 1 year contract,you are entitled for a vacation after 1 year , but if you signed 2 yrs contract,you can avail your vacation after 2 yrs. Is that correct? What is the purpose of that vacation after 2 yrs if I am not interested to renew my contract?
    I signed 2 yrs contract ,and I am about to have vacation on January. Am i entitled for that vacation? Because my employer insisting that I signed 2 yrs contract,but before,when we first arrived here, he told us that this vacation is our right,that is in saudi labor and not a gift from him. Do I have the right to insist for that vacation? please clear up my mind about this thing. I terribly miss my family that’s why I’m very eager to know if this is my right or not.
    Thank you very much and more power.

  330. Is there any mandatory medical certificate to be furnished for renewing Iqama of an Indian national. If so, what type of medical test report should be submitted?

  331. i am working in ksa my question ,my sponser take my iqama and he sed, he cancel my visa (exit) then he didint give salary to me now 9 months salary balence pls giv me a advice wht i do

  332. i am mubu my problem,now my iqama sponsers hands,1.5 year valied iqama,then sponser sed my visa he do cancel(exit) i am newly com to ksa(9 months) he did not give salary to me 9 months salary balence how can cancel my visa pls giv a valied answer

  333. i am currently employed in contract will expire on february 8, 2011 but my employer want me to extend. I dont want to extend because i really want to be with my family, my employer told me that i cannot go back home until my iqama expires, which will be on may of this year, ,that i should finish because that is their law. Is it really a policy?please enlighten me, i really want to go back home.tnx

  334. i have to go to india for surgery its urgent. my iqama is stuck from about 2 months. i work for a bank. i dont know the reason for the delay. where can i report. how can i get the iqama done faster. pls advice

  335. My family arrives here last july 2010 and we have miscommunication of my company that why only now my company are arranging my family iqama. How much cost is the penalty for late registration of family iqama? my iqama is still valid up to next year! thanx!

  336. hello my dear frends i need know how doite check my id card exper date please tel me now thanks

  337. please help me regarding this matter..almost one month i was harass by one saudi guy… he took my iqama then he got all information and he wrote all information in a paper my name, where i work with, and my iqama number.. but luckily ive got my iqama back to me… after that, he told me he will report me about this matter going with someone for pleasures.. and according to him he was a police… to tell u frankly im gay!!! my question is can this man can complain to authorities just only having a copy of my name and iqama number? im planning my exit next month is this can cause me a problem when i leave…pls answer me im worried!

  338. Dear sir,
    Just i want to know that what is the meaning of ” American Bedu ?

  339. Dear sir, my friend’s iqama is already expired longtimes ago & summited to his company.just he wants to check web side that his iqama is renewed by his company ? or still on prosessing ? how can i check webside for all of my friends ? Thanks alot to American Bedu.

  340. Hi All,
    If iqama is in renew process and person wants FINAL EXIT from Saudia. Is it Possible or he/she has to wait for Iqama Renewal.

  341. if the iqama is expired, I believe it does need to be renewed first and then the person can get the final exit.

  342. how can I check my iqama is already renewed or still on prosess in jawajat because I submited my Iqama for renewal to my company since long time.

  343. sir, its my first time to renew my miqama here in KSA. my mindis settled in englsh calendar. The expiry date of my iqama is on 21st of Month 2. Today is 25th, salary say.i didnt get it because i lately found out it was due to my expired iqama. I am a nurse under MOI. Now, im 4 days late for my renewal do i have to pay another 500 for the charge? is there a grace period of time given after iqama expiration so that there will be no fine to pay??Thank u very much

  344. @Wish,

    Whether or not YOU are responsible for renewal of your iqama depends upon your employer. Since your iqama is late for its renewal, it will also depend on the relationship/terms of contract with your employer, whether you will be charged. I say this as you have identified your employer as MOI. If you have not done so, discuss this issue soonest with your personnel department.

    Good luck,
    American Bedu

  345. Dear,
    i got release letter from my 2nd company on29th Jan2011. where i worked for since 26th May09.My new employer told that i must complete 2 years with this company then iqama will transfer.Please clear me exact procedure.

  346. Dear All,
    Most of the issues are related to Iqama Renew Delaying. What are the reason for the same that it takes more than 6 months and sponsors are also willing to do it.
    Kindly comment.

  347. Dear Kashif,

    Expatriates need to confirm once they have received their iqama who is responsible for its renewal – the employee or employer.

    If it is the employee, set a reminder so that this crucial task is not overlooked nor delayed. Ensure all documents are readily available.

  348. Hi, I left saudi four years ago without final exit, ie. on reentry. Now I got another oppertunity. Is there any problem to come back to saudi in new work visa?

  349. Dear,
    There should be no any issue as you have completed least 2years to avoid your ex-Kafeel objection.

  350. Hi American B

    I would like to know if I can get huroob removed if I have the sponsors letter with me with his signature. He has accidentally put huroob, according to him.
    Kindly let me know how I can get this huroob removed.
    Are there any agents who can help with this work.

  351. Dear All,
    Can my Sponsor Company call my family on Family Visa Or Visit Visa ?
    I cannot get family/Visit visa because of Labour profession on Iqama.

  352. @Kashif,

    Are you asking whether your sponsor can facilitate a visa for your family to visit you? That really will depend on your sponsor. If you do not have a family visa and are not Muslim (in order for family to come on an umra visa) then your options are more limited.

  353. Dear AB,
    i am in a very critical situation. I am 26 years old and currently under the sponsorship of my father. At the time of renewal of Iqama, they told us that i have to find a different sponsor in order to get our iqama renewed as per the new regulations that after 25 years i cannot stay under the sponsorship of my father. I am a qualified Architect, all my concerned documents are attested and ready to give transfer but i am unable to find a Kafeel. I am working in an Architectural firm and they are also not doing anything for me and asking to find an individual Kafeel. Now the situation is very bad because i am trying this since last 5 months and our Iqama is now expired since last 3 months. Now the Kafeel of my father took the Iqama and he is saying that he will only renew the Iqama of my father and my mother. It never happened like this before, as we are living in Saudi Arabia since 32 years and every time all the Iqamas (i.e my Father, Mother, Mine, My Brother and My sister) are renewed at the same time. Now i have two questions…

    1. Is it possible that only my father’s iqama get renewed by my Kafeel…? (As he is saying after the renewal of my father’s iqama, My father will to go to Jawazat by himself and then renew the Iqama of dependants, i.e My Brother and my Sister, both of them are young and under the age of 20)

    2. Is it possible for me to find a new Kafeel and give him transfer from student to a professional as my iqama is already expired since 3 months…?

    I will appreciate your help
    Kind Regards…

  354. Dear sir i am beautician i have problem my sponsor before sell her salon in dammam but my sponsor from jubail my iqama expire i tell her to reinew i go laboar office her dammam when she come she tell me to pay 30 thousand riyals bcause if iam not pay she put me in jail i so afried i dint do any viliotion only expire my iqama to much she take why allowed this labour her for ladys allowed do this me i dont know wher go ask help i hope you can help me thanks considaration

  355. Dear sir, my friend’s iqama is already expired longtimes ago .just he wants to check web side that his iqama is renewed by his kapeel ? or still on prosessing ? how can i check webside my iqama validity.please help me

  356. dear sir, my husband have been working at riyadh for 17 months and yet he is using a temporary papers, his iqama is not release to him.the employer did not give feedback on the matter.please advise.

  357. Dear Sir,
    Why the transfer of iqama for most companies not happening.When will it be ok?i had given for transfer of my iqama more than six month still not transferred due to saudization and other laws.What is the problem and what as a expatriate do regarding this matter.

  358. Hi Bedu,

    My Occupation is Labour on Iqama. Is it Possible that my sponsor can call my family on Resident Visa or Visit Visa ?

    Thank You…

  359. @kashif,

    I am not sure if I understand what you mean by “call” your family. If your occupation is listed as a laborer it is difficult for your family to come to KSA on either a resident or visit visa.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  360. Hi Bedu,
    If Iqama Expired, Can one go for Final Exit ??

  361. Hi Kashif,

    If your iqama expired you may only need an exit-only visa. But there could be the possibility of a fine because of an expired iqama.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  362. Balaji,

    As per latest news of ministry of saudi arabia splits three types of categories for companies such as green,yellow and red AND my company established showing red categery when i check with my iqama number. So kindly advice me can i renew my iqama or not?

  363. Hi Bedu,

    My husband went to Saudi (as Skilled professional – computer programmer) on May 3rd 2011, however he has not got his Iqama until now. He has already completed 66 days in the kingdom. Please let me know, will he be able to leave the kingdom without the Iqama? he enquired the sponsor and he says that to get an exit, Iqama is mandatory.

  364. Hi AB,

    My husband is in Saudi from May this year, and his Iqama issuance is been affected by the saudization rules. 2 days back he got his medical card. The sponsor assure to get the iqama in 2 days as he has got his medical card. Can we believe him? has the saudization affected medical card issuance (the sponsor says so) ?

  365. hy
    I am changing my sponsor,i hire an agent to do that.I gave him government fee (2000 riyal) to submit & next day he said that he submit that money in question is “how can i check that he
    submit money or not”?

  366. Hi Bedu,

    My Iqama is expired for last 1 year and System is closed for Sponsor in Immigration. I want to Exit or What can I do ?



  367. Hi There,
    I am Pakistani living in KSA since 30 years. Previously i was under sponsorship of my father and now i get it transferred to a company and got an engineer profession on my iqama. My father is a retired person and now i want to take him under my sponsorship. Is it possible? My brother and sister are also on the iqama of my father as students. Kindly Reply

  368. im fren,

    my company isssued me 2 years for my iquama, but i have 1 year to finish my contract and i like to cancell 1 year of my iquama becoz
    this was charge to me. is this possible? thank you!

  369. i m working in a company for last 13 years.After submitting resignation company give me realese letters. Two months has been passed i didnt transfer my iqama due to sales the old company again &again demanding passport to make a final exit.pls answer me ? shall they do a final exit?

  370. hi sir : i am mohammed abdul hafeez :indian : live in riyadh: my kafeel give me a papers for trancefer &passport but after 3 months he complaint to jawazat i am escape but i am not escape still not at trancefer what i do pls give me advice

  371. Salaam -o- Alaikam,
    My Passport has expired but my Iqama is still valid. I want to go my country back on final exit. Do I need to renew my Passport or final exit can be issued on my old expired passport.

  372. I am now in KSA for 20 months, I am my own and my family sponsor basically, I am the only signatory and representitive manager of a foreign company 100% foreign own branch in KSA.

    There is a Saudi company interested in hiring me as their GM, I am wondering if I can do the Iqama transfer for me and my family without leaving KSA and what it entails.

    Would appreciate any comments to the respect



  373. hello..i hav a question my fathers iqama expires on 25th of december 2011…v are all have residence permit till then..i hav heard that even after the iqama expiry a person and his famiy is allowed to stay for 2 months of grace period…is it true??…i wanna know…wthat sum of freinds said that it is true i actually wnna know how true is it…and v hav booked tickets to indoa on 7th jan i was wondering that if there would be any legal obligations for that please help me its urgent..!!!!!

  374. Hellow my wife are in Saudi my wife want to go home on october his contract is off bay october but she couldn’t Go home because His Iqama is expired on Dec 10!

  375. If someone’s sponsor’s name is written as Name ( Not as establishment of the sponsor) , can it be transferred to company??

  376. please help me in this regard, My son was born two month ago , now applying for iqama , is there any fee for a dependent late iqama application thanks

  377. Would anybody happen to know the following:

    If a potential sponsor sends the paperwork over to the Saudi Embassy in the US, and everything goes through and a Visa is issued, is the approval for an iqamah then guaranteed, or can the person still be denied upon or after arrival?

    I know of Americans who have been banned from entry to other GCC countries, and in another case, allowed entry but denied residency, but those countries provide tourist visas on arrival.

    Does the fact that with Saudiah one cannot even travel until the visa has been stamped mean that one knows in advance if they have been approved before leaving, or does anyone know of any case in which somebody has obtained the visa and still been denied later?


  378. @Abayd – Of course issuance of an iqama depends on the employer. Some employers have a 90 day period before issuing an iqama to ensure that an employee has adapted to the Kingdom. Employees are usually required to undergo another physical/med exam once they have entered the Kingdom too. Issuance of a visa simply gives one legal access to the Kingdom with the expectation but not complete guarantee of an iqama.

  379. Thanks for your answer. I’m really asking more about from the government side than from the employer/kafeel side. Assuming there’s no problem from the kafeel, does the issuance of a visa mean that the person has been approved as far as the government goes?

    Because some Americans have been denied for “security reasons” in other GCC states even after being allowed to enter, but that’s where they have gotten stamped upon arrival, so I’m wondering if the fact that to go to KSA you go through the process before even travelling, that you know in advance that you’ve been approved as far as security and the Saudi computer system goes.

  380. The issuance of the visa does mean that the individual has met all the criteria in order to be issued a visa.

    If someone is denied a visa upon entry for security reasons then that would indicate the individual’s name is on some kind of a watch list.

  381. Hi American Bedu,

    I lost my iqama somehwere recently. Can you tell me do i need to report it to police ? moreover how much is the fee to get the new iqama ?

  382. @Steve – you need to report the loss of your iqama to your sponsor and to the police. I do not know what the costs are in getting a replacement iqama but be sure to ask your employer about this. Depending on where or who you work for, the employer may or may not facilitate the replacement iqama.

  383. They lost their iguana? Those lizards are fast! But I don’t see why the boss has to get another one… If you are into reptiles, keep a turtle instead – they are easy but not very good for teaching tricks, playing ball or watching the house. Had a turtle named ‘piada’ once but it died of old age at an undetermined age, or maybe it was the cold night.

  384. Hi Bedu,

    Thanks for your reply. So what options i have if my employer does not facilitate me ? Can i go directly to jawazat and get new iqama ?

  385. Yes, Steve. You can go and apply for a new one. I’m not sure of the fees though. Good luck.

  386. what is the procedure to transfer the sposnosrship and my iqama is expired also. the new sposnr took my iqama and sent to labour office.

  387. Hi Mr.Bedu,
    i’m planning to have my vacation this coming last week of march 2012, and my iqama will expire on the first week of april2012 my company has already informed me regarding the expiration but i refuse to give because i want to have first my vacation or they will process it while i’m on vacation in my country. now my great worry is could i process all my travel documents one week prior to the expiration of my iqama?

  388. Hi,,,i entered in kingdom on 26th jan , 2012 on azad visa,,i hv sent my passport copy,pictures & medical report to my sponsor on 1st of feb 2012..but so far i cant received my iqama ,,whenever i ask my sponsar he replied there is delay due to lot of applications being processed at passport office this is the cause dat is delaying ur iqama u wil get it soon,,it is very frustrating for me kindly guide me what was the matter,,thanks ur reply is highly appreciated…

  389. Hello!
    I lost my iqama 2 months ago and my employer told me just last week that they are going to process it this week. i was not allowed to roam around the city skirts because my employer said i dont have an iqama. i was prohibited to meest my husband but i have we have our marriage ccertificate. i only dont have my iqama. but i have a photocopy of my iqama. My employer always reasons out that i can`t go out and meet my husband because i dont have my iqama yet. Can i ask for the article # of the saudi labor law that states about lost iqama, renewal, or LEGAL DOCUMENTS that would serve as temporary iqama? tHAN YOU SO MUCH!

  390. Lyn, do you have your passport with a valid visa? If so, that should allow you to be out. Additionally, it is smart to keep your passport (and iqama) in a safe and secure place and have a photocopy on your person.

  391. is there any age limit for Renewing Student Iqama Officially declared ?

  392. i’m working in saudi bin ladin, ritadh and today i recvd my warga,, so can i perform umrah by warga(without iqama)

  393. Hello Bedu,
    I m from Bangladesh.Recently I have got the contract letter from King Khalid University and my posting is in Khamis Mushyat.I want to take my husband as my dependent but I am really worried whether he will get work permit or not.Could u please tell me will he get work permit about my dependent in Abha?I also want to know the job prospect of a dependent in Khamis or Abha.
    Thank u.

  394. @Mannujan – what you need to confirm is whether your contract is a single or married contract. If it is a married contract then after 3 months your employer should assist you in sponsoring your husband to arrive as your dependent. Most dependent’s do not receive a work permit but do receive opportunities to work as local hires.

  395. American Bedu:::Could u please let me know how much would be the cost of work visa, medical & iqama process which is beared by my employer and if i wish to go back to my country within 3 months as i dont find the project to be gud enough,, what will be the backcharge to me according to countries law???????

  396. My company is in yellow zone and i have completed 6 yrs. in this company. Now they have taken my iqama for renewal and they are saying they will renew it when my company will become green. My iqama is expired now as it is with them. And they are not letting me go as well. What should i do?

    PS: They have taken my passport as well, and i have no idea why

    Please Help!!!!!

  397. Apsa pisa:

    Go to your embassy to assist or if they are not there then contact a relative to contact your government’s appropriate agency or go to the US embassy to have them contact your country’s government.

  398. Your sponsor should not be holding both passport and iqama. I agree with bigstick – notify your local embassy.

  399. I blog frequently and I seriously appreciate your information.
    The article has truly peaked my interest. I will take a
    note of your website and keep checking for new information about once per week.
    I opted in for your Feed too.

  400. Dear Sir thanks for your wonderful efforts for expatriates. My parents are coming on visit visa as am sponsering visa for them. They are planning to stay up to March (as 90 days validity). But in between in january my Iqama renewal is there. Is there any problem for visit visa during sponser iqama renewal? or Iqama renewal not related with visit visa already issued?
    Plese sir please clarifiy me. Waiting for your reply

  401. dear nice i got many infromation but i need to khow if my emplayer is in red how to renew my iqama

  402. hi good day just how it works..

    my iqama is lost two weeks ago and in inform my sponsors…my problem is i am goin for exit ..on jan 2013. how many weeks be fore i get a new iqama or can i leave woth out that.

  403. hi good day sir,,my e kama expired last sept,now i want to go to vacation,,,but my company dont want to renew the ekama,,what is the best thing to do?

  404. in iqama shows that muslim, actually i am christian, i am applying for family visa, is there any problem ?

  405. Hi American Bedu,

    I am currently on work visa and my wife and kids are on dependent visa with me in KSA. However, now my wife got a Job in Hospital and they are taking her transfer to Job visa. Along with it, they are also ready to give family visa to her so that I and kids can come on her dependent visa.

    Now i plan to quit Job and move as dependent on my wife’s Iqama. My sponsorer (kafeel) is ready to give me release.

    Is it possible for me to transfer from work visa to dependent visa (on wife’s job) without going on Exit? Or do i have to go to my homecountry, then my wife needs to take out family visa and i have it stamped and come back.

    I need to know this asap plz!

  406. My last sponsors company got red tagged, it is now white tagged. when i check my iqama status online it says expired 3 months ago and ابئض category that stands for white….i am now working for another company, my new sponsor handed my documents including release letter from last sponsor to a “mandoub” for transfer and renewal i have paid all the required fee and am still awaiting the process its been over 2 weeks the mandoub keeps slipping away saying the process is going on but will tk aother day and then he slips away fora few days and contacts later to say just one more day then another delay….

    I want to knw if theres anyway to check if the rocess has sted legally, i can see tht thr is fee payment done at the MOI website but i need to knw wthr the process has started and how long it will take…

    I tried to goto the jawazat office to get a summary they declined my request.

  407. Hi,

    Does anyone know what year individual iqamahs for family members began ?

    I remember before it was a green booklet with a family picture.

  408. Hei

    I am was studying abroad and came back to renew my iqama. It has expired while ongoing procedure and it has been a month now. I gave up hope on getting a visa renewal and now want to exit the kingdom using an exit visa. But people are saying that I still need to wait for my iqama to get renewed to get an exit visa. Can’t I just get it without the iqama? shows that I do need it which is a bit frustrating as I am missing out on my study semester. Wish I never came here in the first place.

  409. I am a Jordanian student studying in a government Saudi university. My dad has just passed away. Can my iqama be transfered on my university? Thanks

  410. My Iqama is already expired last April 10. And I will be having my final exit this May 8. My sponsor said that there is no need for them to renew my iqama since theres a one month grace period if an iqama expired. So they didnt renew my iqama. Is this so? Pls fill me in. Thank you!

  411. what will happen if i runaway from my employer befor my iqama expires please help.

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