Do Saudi Women Like to Swim?

                             Islamic swimwear 2

Yes, Saudi women do like to swim!  If a family does not have their own private swimming pool, there are public pools or estrahas one can rent which include a swimming pool on the premise.  Most compounds have swimming pools and some of the apartment buildings may have a pool as well. 

 Now in the case when one does not have the use of a private pool and must go to a public pool, like most places in the Kingdom, there will be special timings for men only and special timings for women and young children.  It is also worth mentioning that some of the gyms or women’s spas will have private pools for women only (no children permitted). 

 If you are a family and wish to swim together then you must have a private pool or rent an estraha with a pool.

 And yes, there are special swimsuits available for the muslim women.  Even when it comes to swimwear, it is expected that a woman would wear clothing that is modest and covers the body.  Most “muslim swimsuits” are similar to wet suits which will cover one from neck to toe.

                             Islamic swimwear 1

  However I will add that while one may be covered, naturally the fabric, which I believe is mainly lycra, is fitted to the body.  But again, since the Saudi woman is typically viewed in her swimgear by closest family or women, it does not really matter whether the swimsuit is fitted or not.

 Above being said, just like anywhere in the world, while there are “muslim swimsuits” a Saudi woman will wear whatever type and style of swimsuit that appeals to her. If one is not aware though of what muslim swimwear may look like or where to find it, the following links are helpful:

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