Saudi Arabia: Is It Worth the Risk?

          saudi police

Many unrelated men and women who are generally expats will take a calculated risk and travel around together in the Kingdom.  They figure because they are expats, foreigners, it is less likely they would be stopped and challenged as to the genesis of their relationship.  In most cases that is probably absolutely true.  However if one chooses to take that route, be sure the route does not take you into any kind of a checkpoint where you would be questioned and challenged.  Case in point:  A young western man lived in the Diplomatic Quarter.  He decided to take a young western woman back to his home one evening.  Of course anyone going in to the Diplomatic Quarter is stopped and challenged.  Perhaps the young man thought because he lived there he would be exempt.

  Their vehicle was stopped and the security official looked into the car.  He asked the young man where they were going.  The man responded “to his residence.”  Not surprisingly, the security official then asked what was the relationship between the two of them.  The young man chose to state they were married.  Naturally the security official then requested to see their identification and proof of the relationship.  The couple could not substantiate the claim that they were married and they were arrested.  I do not know what happened after that but one can only wonder.  Would it have been better to have said they were going to an embassy function or some kind of a function within the DQ?  Would that have meant less questioning?

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