McBedu in Saudi Arabia

Well, this past weekend I was christened with a new nickname.  Some dear friends decided I am more of a “McBedu” (a la McDonalds) than an American Bedu.  Waaahhh!  Why, you may ask?  Well, my friends learned about one of my mild phobias and advised no true bedu would ever feel the way I did.  We were going to a desert camp and the only way you could get to the camp was either by a very long camel trek or via a somewhat harrowing desert safari in an SUV.  I was kind of outvoted and we went the SUV route.  What can I say, I turned kind of green as the SUV’s engine is raced and the throttle gunned to the floor in order to climb a sand dune that looks like it is going to go on forever…and then of course I worry about what is atop the peak?  Will we be able to stop or feel instead like we are crashing out-of-control down the other side?  And as our SUV struggled to make its way to the top of the peak to my horror we started to slide back down backwards.  I became even greener and grabbed on hard to my friend’s hand.  My husband and her husband were in the front seat eyes intent on the dunes and shifting sands.  Fortunately we ultimately arrived safely at our destination with all limbs and stomach intact.  I will admit my knees were kind of shaky when exiting the vehicle.  And from that point on, I was told my new nickname was “McBedu.”


I hope everyone will support me though when I say I have no intention of changing the name of my blog!

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