What Your Driver Does Not Want YOU to Know in Saudi Arabia

For the man and woman in the Kingdom with a small family and a private driver, beware!  I have recently learned about some experiences individuals have had in the Kingdom relating to the entrepreneurial spirits of their drivers.  In all cases the husband and wife did not have children and both worked outside of the home.  The husband had his own car and would drive himself to/from work.  The wife relied on her private driver for whom she also provided a vehicle.  The wife began to notice that the backseat of the vehicle would have cigarette ashes or burn marks in the back seat even though she did not smoke.  She also would notice an occasionally tissue on the floor or candy wrapper or empty can of soda.  When she would question the driver on what was this item doing there or what happened, he would feign innocence.  Finally in connecting the dots and weighing all the evidence, she learned that her driver was “moonlighting” and running his own private transport service IN HER CAR and WITH HER GAS during the hours she was at work.




There are few ways which one can really monitor or enforce this from not happening.  However today’s posting is more to sensitize others that this is something that can and does happen.  One may want to have a mileage log kept in the car where the driver must record all trips by date, time, starting and ending mileage.  This would at least further illustrate and emphasize that one is aware of “antics” some drivers may attempt to pull.

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