Market Opportunity: Daycare in Saudi Arabia






With women joining the workforce on the rise in the Kingdom this has created a new market opportunity for the enterprising individual – Daycare!  The customs and culture of the Kingdom are not yet as accommodating to the working woman.   Tradition still expects the working mother to either have a nanny or housemaid caring for children in the home or having a child looked after by relatives while at work.  The few day care centers which do exist in the Kingdom are more like play groups with condensed hours such as from 0800 – 1200 hours and usually do not accept children under two years of age, if even accepting them that young.


In speaking with working Saudi mothers I have learned that many of them had wished to join the workforce earlier than what they had but some were constrained by having to wait until their children entered school due to the lack of daycare.  These same women advised that they would welcome the opportunity to take their child to a facility which would be open during the traditional Saturday – Wednesday work week from 0700 – 1800 hours since most business hours are 0800 – 1700 hours.  They were also eager for their child to have an opportunity to interact with groups of children towards teaching them independence, discipline, sharing and playing well with others.  They believed that daycare offered additional opportunities for a child’s growth and development than a solitary housemaid or family member could provide.


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