Whole Lot of Choppin’ Going On In Saudi Kitchens

chipping veggies   The other night I was doing some advance preparation for a function which my husband and I were hosting.  As I was preparing some dishes in advance, it occurred to me…when entertaining Saudi style, be prepared to do a lot of chopping!   One can easily spend an hour or more just chopping in preparation of the meal.  Most Saudi dishes will require chopped onions, chopped tomatos, chopped cucumbers.  In addition the emphasis here when preparing meals is to use the fresh herbs instead of dried herbs.  Therefore one spends a significant amount of time chopping parsley, dill, mint, and more.



I enjoy cooking but find the chopping to be tedious.  This to me is one aspect where a housemaid is very beneficial.  When coming home from work, some nights I will find myself avoiding certain dishes just because I do not have the motivation to undertake all the chopping.  Back in the States one could easily purchase veggies which were already chopped up!



I remember when I was quite young, maybe 4 or 5 years old and coming in to the kitchen where my mother was chopping onions.  I asked her why was she crying and she remarked “They were tears of love because she enjoyed preparing the meal for her family.”  I’ll never forget that statement but give me pre-chopped or a housemaid any day!

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