Time for YOUR Comments & Dialogues about Saudi Arabia!

This post is my way of saying I’ll be away from the blog for a few days.  I’m sure I will return with plenty of new post material as I will be going to places I’ve not yet been.  However in the meantime during my absence, I want to encourage all viewers to comment plenty.  It would not be fun to come back to an inactive blog! 


I’d welcome for you to comment on what has been some of your favorite posts and why?  What has been your least favorite post and why?  This will help me when I return to gauge on what is the demand and key interests.  What subjects have I not been covering?  What needs more information?



And lastly…how do you think such blogs like mine which are specialized on a topic (in this case various aspects of Saudi) are making an impact (or not)?  With the infusion of blogs, is this impacting on news agencies and how journalists are reporting and delivering the news?


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