Saudi Arabia’s Maida’n Salah at Sunset

Maida’n Salah at Sunset



After our group checked into our hotel at Maida’n Salah and had a quick lunch, our guide told us he had an outing in store for us he was sure we would all enjoy.  He was going to take us out into the desert for the sunset.  I, for one, am always game to go out into the desert and feel the sand squish up between my toes.  Something about such a simple act makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful!  However this was not just an ordinary foray into the desert near Maida’n Salah … no, not at all!  First of all, we all gathered good-naturedly in our “Offroad Bus” and eagerly looked forward to the journey.



The road we were on took us past setting after setting of spectacular scenery unlike any other I’ve ever seen.  After a short journey along the solitary road, our driver went off road and into the desert.  Here is where we got to see unusual unique rock formations.  I’m sure you will have to agree with me that these photos do bear resemblance to an elephant and a bowling pin!  You can also see so many other magnificent formations and their sheer height in the midst of the desert is a special creation unto itself.  It is easy to use ones imagination and see many visions while looking at all the differing formations.







As I walked in the sand in the fading light I noticed the various footsteps that had gone before me.  Did these people too see the same figures and characters in the rock formations as me?  I guess if one thinks about, one person might have seen a bowling pin and another person might have seen “Casper, the Friendly Ghost.”  Did those anonymous footsteps belong to someone else who like me found the desert a place to retreat, meditate and find total relaxation?






All too soon the sun began to set and this magnificent foray came to an end.  But what a wonderful way to start the beautiful and all-too-short weekend getaway at Maida’n Salah.







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