Why Visit Jizan, Saudi Arabia?


jizan-1One of the joys of keeping my blog and writing daily posts, it also motivates and inspires me to do continual research about Saudi Arabia. I’m a natural adventurer to begin with but in wanting to keep you as a reader informed on various aspects of the Kingdom, I’ve also learned of new and interesting places that have been added to my own personal list of places I must see within Saudi Arabia.

One such place is Jizan.  I first heard about Jizan two years ago while watching Saudi television.  There was a program which was airing a cultural festival about Jizan and I was immediately captivated.

To begin with Jizan was originally known in ancient times as Almikhlaf Alsulimani.  The area is quite diverse with fertile plains, forests and mountains.  It is also one of the most important agriculture regions in the Kingdom as well.  Jizan produces coffee beans, barley, millet, wheat and a large variety of differing fruits to include apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas, grapes, lemons and plums plus a few more!


And an added attraction for me is the fact that Jizan is a sea port city.  In fact it is the third most important seaport on the Red Sea.  Of further interest is the fact that 100 islands are attached to Jizan, including the important island of Farasan.  The Jizan region runs along the Red Sea coast for 200 miles!

Not surprisingly for this is Saudi Arabia, the weather is hot in the summer although reputed to be mild during the winter months.

Jizan is known for home to a plethoria of archeological sites.  Other attractions to Jizan include the Jizan Harbor, Faifa Mountains and Farasan Island.  Visiting the harbor one will likely get to see the old traditional wooden fishing boats called dhows.  This is also where one can catch the ferry to Farasan Island.  The Farasan Island reserve is well-known for its rich seabird life.  The Reserve also protects the Farasan Island gazelle which is also the largest gazelle population in Saudi Arabia.  On the main island there are more than 500 gazelles which roam freely.  Can you imagine the photo opportunities?!  The Faifa mountains also merit a trip for some unique rock formations and the opportunity to see lush green meadows in Saudi Arabia.

Jizan is home to the Sahari Palace hotel at 966.7.317.0772


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  1. Looks like an amazing place with beautiful beaches and wonderful cuisine. I would love to visit the middle east but I’m an American and would possibly fear for my life over there.

  2. Wine Blog – I am an American living my life in the Kingdom. I do not feel fearful or that each time I go out I put myself in possible harm’s way. At the same time, Saudi Arabia, like many other countries, has had incidents targeted at Americans and other westerners. Therefore while not becoming paranoid and thereby locking one inside a bubble, it is prudent to have a sense of situational awareness when going out and about. Basically when traveling anywhere in the world these days, to include Anytown, USA, one should avoid areas with poor or questionable reputations and use good common sense and logic. Saudi Arabia is beginning to open up more to international tourism and I believe it has a lot to offer its visitors.

  3. Why do you have a picture of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada?

  4. I think what Abid is trying to say is that, the third Picture in this article is not Jizyan, but that of Vancouver.

  5. What third picture? I only see two pictures!! Anyways, I am really amazed by this article! Being the naive person that I am, I have always associated Jazan with poverty, poor infrastructure, and the lack of public services. And I have always imagined it to look that way. But just by looking at the white sandy beach and turquoise water, I think I am planning a visit in the near future. I bet most Saudis don’t know that it’s that good of a place! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Naif,

    Yes, I had a third picture which according to google images was labeled Jizan and then I was advised by several readers it was actually a photo from Canada. Very embarrassing and I made sure to remove it!

    In my personal view I believe Saudi Arabia offers many unique places for visiting from the largest cities to the smallest villages and as I maintain my blog I will try to share information about a new location each month.

    Now of course if you get to Jizan before me, you must give your impressions so they can be added!

  7. let me know about Jizan.. i am coming here to work as an english lecturer in Jizan university. i shall be grateful by having some information as I am coming very soon..

    Thnaks & Regards,


  8. Sweety,

    Welcome! I hope that this post has helped expand your knowledge of Jizan. Congratulations on your position there.


  9. Dear Carol,

    I plan to visit Jizan and specially go to Farasan island to dive ( 2 nights stay). Could you please let me know how i can reach this island from Jizan airport and if there are accomodation on Farasan island? I am trying to organize a trip very soon.

    Thank you for your response, Marie

  10. Dear Marie – you are indeed in for a treat!

    Getting to Farasan Island is easy and enjoyable. The nearest airport is located in the far south-west port city of Jizan servicing flights from all key cities in the Kingdom . From Jizan, modern ferry services routinely go between the Jizan Harbor and Farasan Island. The Jizan Harbor is a picturesque site complete with the old traditional wooden fishing boats called dhows and which remain in use today.

    The Farasan Hotel (966.7.316.1166) is a centrally located hotel on the main island of Farasan where many Saudi and international visitors choose to stay. This modern full-service hotel equipped with all amenities is a seven minute drive from the main port. The hotel’s Almurjan restaurant is known for serving guests with freshly caught delicious sea food meals.

    For further information about Farasan Island we recommend the web site http://www.farasan.org (Arabic language).

  11. Thank you very much for your quick response. I will contact this hotel for further information. I knew about the farasan.org website unfortunately I do not read arabic…………. I will try to ask one of my friend as I am sure there are lot of information or good deals about diving ….One last question, would you recommand me a book that gives more information about the places to visit, the different accomodations etc….such as lonely planet?

    Kind regards, Marie

  12. Hi Maria,

    Regrettably there are really not any good guide books as such for
    Saudi Arabia yet. ): There are some waaaay outdated ones that one
    can still find in Jarir bookstore though. I’m sorry that as I type
    this I cannot recall the name of the book but if you go to their local
    interest section you should find them.


  13. Hello All,

    Good to find an article on Jizan, Thanks American Beedu.

    I am getting an academic position at Jizan University …

    The final interview is schedule in 2 days .. any tips will be welcome ..

    Never been to the middle east before … been to Europe several times ..

  14. Hi there ……..its nice to have information regarding the city in the article .i have got an acadmic position in the jazan university and soon coming to join .Can anyone give me information regarding the rental accomodation ,food habbits of the place and local transportation.

  15. @Meenakshi – Congratulations on your position as well as welcome to the blog. I’ve not yet been to Jizan myself so I can’t respond in detail to your queries. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer.

  16. good article – thanks for the info – will also be heading Jizan way for y year or so (in a few weeks) and it is hard to find much information available Regards Mark

  17. @Mark,

    Welcome to the blog. You are very welcome for the info and please do not hesitate to post any queries on the blog as there are many here who are knowledgeable and I am sure would be happy to answer.

    Best Regards, Carol

  18. hello, i liked the city very mich can u tell me that how far is it from makkah muazma.

  19. @Dr. Farzeen – I am not sure of the exact distance.

  20. thanks for the information will be there in a few weeks to join as a lecturer along with my family hope to find the weather suitable for us and also the people like to know more about it.

  21. let me know about Jizan.campus. inshallah i am coming overthere to work as an accounting lecturer in Jizan university. i shall be grateful by having some information as I am coming very soon..

    Thnaks & Regards,

  22. i need quick response about it &also i want to know about any play school near by jizan university as i coming along with my daughter so plz let me know soon
    waiting for ur quick response

  23. Welcome to the blog Ruhi,

    I hope that someone more familiar with Jizan will respond. How old is your daughter? Perhaps if you will be at a compound there will be play groups for your daughter. Thus far, play groups are not as predominant in Saudi as in Western countries.

  24. thanx for replying.plz can u giveany references of any person or any email id so that i can get more information of tha jazan campus.my daughter z 1-1/2year old .if i go to job i can left her in play school .ok kindly plz give reply
    regards ruhi

  25. Ruhi,

    I don’t know anyone at the moment working in Jizan. However viewers of this blog are usually pretty friendly and I’m sure anyone who has some additional knowledge of Jizan would respond.

  26. Dear Ruhi,

    could you please let me know that what information have you gathered so far regarding jazan, as i have also got a position at community medical college at jazan.

  27. Dear Ruhi & Dr Mukesh,

    I’ve been working/living in Jizan for 5 years now (American). I am an employee of Jazan University as an English teacher. Maybe I could help with any of your inquiries.

  28. @Saif,

    Welcome to the blog and Thank You! I am so happy there is someone from Jizan like you who can answer on personal experience!

  29. hey guys! help! my sister in law who has landed a job in jizan university was unable to go there with her husband due to some reasons but he will join soon in a month or two. meanwhile the hotel where the university put her up says she has to see a room for herself outside after 5 days which means tomorrow. Will someone please send me contact number of their own to contact if they can arrange a good accommodation for her?

  30. @massoud,

    sorry for delay in response but it seems to me the university as her sponsor should assist in either prolonging her stay or finding alternate accomodations for her.

  31. Hi Saif,

    i am interested in visiting farazan island this coming eid hollidays…..is it easy to reach the harbor from gizan airport and catch a local ferry to go to farazan island? Do you an idea of the prices of the ferry? How can I know the ferry time tables? I will fly with nasair…. Last question is the water these days? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Soph’

  32. Dear Sophia,

    It is very easy to reach the port/harbor from the airport. It’s about a 5-10 minute drive and the cost, since you’re coming from the airport may range anywhere between 10-20 riyals…us locals pay 5 ;)…The ferry ride is FREE!!!! and the ride is nice, about 2 hours….if you sit near the window you can see a view of the various undeveloped islands on the way there….I am not sure about the time tables…I may not be able to check any time soon, but you have to register your ID (iqamah) in order to board the ferry….lastly the weather/water this time of the year is good for Jizan…between 28-30C….Be sure to take advantage of the secluded areas of Farasan where you can swim ‘freely’…. 🙂

  33. Hi saif thanks for ur quick feedbacks. One more point…on this farazan island is it easy to find a cheap hotel/camp for 2 or 3 days? Should I rent a car to visit the island …forteress? To do snorkeling any good plan to suggest..where to go, not to expensif..thanks for ur help saif. soph’.

  34. Guys are you aware of the conflict in Jizan?

  35. Hi Jeffrey and Welcome,

    Yes; there is indeed a conflict which continues to escalate in Jizan. As a result, this is not the ideal time to think of going there for a visit.

  36. actually, i am already here in saudi arabia as an expatriate. currently in riyadh, we’ll be moving to jazan to set up a steel plant in the Jezan Economic City. now, am having second thoughts taking my family with me there.

  37. I don’t blame you Jeffrey. What is your employer telling and advising? How far and secure is the housing area from where the unrest is occurring?

  38. and also, if you have not yet done so, please be sure to register yourself and your family with your local embassy.

    On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Carol Fleming wrote:

    > I don’t blame you Jeffrey. What is your employer telling and advising? > How far and secure is the housing area from where the unrest is occurring? > >

  39. so far, we are sticking to our project schedule. no formal announcement or advisory from my employer yet.

    if i will move alone, i will be staying within the camp which is around 80km from the city. if my family comes with me, we will be staying in the city itself, for my kid’s schooling, which is quite near the border.

    i was advised by my colleague (local) that from the site camp itself, he can still hear the explosions.

    am properly registered and documented in our embassy. thanks for reminder.

  40. my suggestion is to find out as much as you can. It is a volatile situation. If your gut tells you to keep your family in Riyadh or elsewhere, follow it.

    All the best to you.

  41. Dear Carol,

    I strongly advise you to visit Farasan Islands, al’arda mountain and alkheshl valley. These places are just the tip of the iceberg. If you took a boat and just cruse around in the sea u can find a huge number of virgin islands never been sat a foot on by anyone but the local fishermen. You see i was born and raised there it’s my home town and i’ll be glad to be ur tour guide.

    best regards,
    Abdulrahaman. Y. Hakami

  42. Best Regards, Abdulrahman and welcome to the blog.

    As you are one from the Jizan area, please do let me know if I can interview you on what it has been like growing up in such a scenic and historical area. If you agree, please email me directly at admin@americanbedu.com

  43. Dear Saif,

    Thank you very much for your reply,
    Could you please give me more information about Jazan university and its affiliated medical colleg.

    thanks and best regards,

  44. Hai I am cherian, now i am in Jizan. i want any job in jizan area so please inform me.

  45. Hi! i am a filipino nurse and will be working soon at king fahad central hospital (jizan).. my friend is telling me that there’s a war at jizan against yemen.. is it true? But i did a reasearch about jizan and the place is beautiful..

  46. @Maritess,

    I believe your friend was confused between Jizan and Najran. There is conflict near Najran which is on the border with Yemen. Congrats on your upcoming position.

  47. hi guys! anyone of you happens to have any idea regarding schools in jizan? i’ve got a high schooler and my pre-schoolers to take with me there.


  48. […] on February 9, 2010 by American Bedu I had previously written about the history and background of Jizan.  I’ve not yet had the opportunity to personally see Jizan.  In learning this, one of my […]

  49. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to move Jizan University soon from India as a lecturer.

    Tell me about the weather, house , climate of Jizan .Is there modern houses available in order to keep my family there.Is this city is safe from terrorist attack…etc

    plese send few pictures also please.

    will u suggest me your point of view regarding this job location ?

    waiting for your responser…reply soon..please

    kindly replay me on my email id…

  50. hi i am a pediatric surgeon from pakistan selected by MOH Saudia for jizan.could u please tell me about the ongoing conflict in jizan& its current status and please inform me about english medium schools pakistani or any others,my son is in 8th class. thanks & best regards.

  51. Welcome to American Bedu, Dr. Javed. I do not have the answers to your questions but I am sure other readers will help here.

  52. Dr Javed, all is peaceful now in Jizan. I was there last week of January and the troops were already pulling out. Some outposts are still there but overall, calm.

    The best school is located between Abu Arish and Jizan City itself. RIght beside the biggest hospital in the Jazan Region. Another one is located in New Zabya which is around 35-40km from the city.

    Both schools are mostly Indian students in population. Curriculum is basically Indian (CBSE or CSBE).but they accept all nationalities, including Filipinos (in my case)

    Hope to be of help.

  53. Hi,

    Thanks for your updates. I would like to know if there are any schools imparting knowledge in English in Al Jizan Area. I am planning to move to Al Jizan and would like to know if there are any good kindergarten/primary schools over there for my children.


  54. Sayeed,

    The abovementioned schools are pure English-standard communication. Out-of-class conversations will definitely utilize ethnic languages. I can provide contact details for both schools if you want and if it does not violate blog rules.

  55. @Jeffrey,

    Please do!!!

    Regards, Bedu

    Mrs.Pritima Tyagi (Principal) Mobile: 00966-531698976.
    Mr.Majeed (Administrative Officer) Mobile: 00966-531693347.

    Tel#: 07-325-3732


  57. hi
    i recently got a job in jazan. i am indian and hindu. how safe is the place. are women(hindu) suppose to wear burqa in jazan.

  58. @Hits,

    Welcome to American Bedu. First, Congratulations on your position in Jizan!

    Saudi Arabia takes it duty seriously of protecting both its citizens and the expat workers in the Kingdom. Working in any foreign country, an expat should read and learn as much as possible prior to arrival and register with his/her embassy.

    Rather than a burka, an expat woman should wear an abaya when out in public. I also suggest that she have a long scarf available to cover her head in the event an area seems conservative or the adhan is heard.

  59. Hello Amit
    I’ve also got a academic job at jazan university.
    Pls share the information regarding jazan at i.d. diamondbhatt@rediffmail.com.

  60. hi,

    i recently got a job in jazan university community college. i want to know the distance between jazan university and jazan university community college. the community college is inside the university or not. where is it located exactly? I think it is very good place.

  61. I have recently been selected for King Fahad Central Hospital Jizan as a specialist. I want to move with my family. My children are in classes 12 and 7 . I am worried about their schooling. Secondly can any one tell if the hospital provides family accomodation to its employees. I shall be thankful.

  62. the article about Jizan is quite informative, Thankyou, can anyone from Jizan provide me more information, I am about to travel to Jizan with my family, to work at Jizan University I need to know if there are any Indian schools in Jizan, and what is the status of IT industry in Jizan, As there is very little or no informaiton available on the net about Jizan, anyone residing or working in Jizan please help

  63. Well, I’m not going to Jizan, but I AM going to work this coming September in the new Jazan Economic City, about 60 km away. I searched all over google looking for some expat blog comments on the place but I suppose I didn’t find any because the “city” is largely still being built–a kind of artificial industrial-residential complex. If anyone can provide me with on-the-ground information about that place (restaurants/malls/supermarkets (if any) and also how difficult it will be to rent or lease a car while there, I will be grateful. Yes there’s a hundred government websites about Jazan Economic City but I want human on-the-ground intel from people who are there now or familiar with others who are. My company will provide work transport, but I like the freedom of being mobile. Must I have a Saudi driver’s license? My current driver’s license is Taiwanese as I’ve lived and worked in Taiwan where’ I’ve taught English for almost 6 years and I’m going to miss not being able to drink a beer or have a girlfriend. Of course no one is forcing me to go there, so this is self-inflected. I previously worked in Kuwait so I’m familiar with living in a place where the religion IS the state. In Kuwait, though, it was easy to rent a car and there were lots of western-chain restaurants. Jazan Economic City will apprently NOT be a “compound” where westerners are walled up within their protective physical and cultural coccoon. That may be good or bad. I welcome any comments about anything related to KSA and specifically that area. I may not be able to find this particular blog again as I stumbled onto it by accident. Feel free to e-mail me at “davetw.david@gmail.com” for any info. Sorry for the long post. Thanks Dave in Taiwan

  64. I misspelled “inflicted,” after stating I taught English. D’ oh!!!

  65. Funny, our company is the only one building a plant in that area so far. The rest of the place is just plain desert. Anyway, to answer your questions:

    1. restaurants/malls/supermarkets – small, mostly either local, hindi, yemeni or african cuisines and items. i am pertaining to establishments available in Baish itself (the nearest town to JEC, 25-30km). Jizan City itself has better, still few, better known brand shops.
    2. car rental – you must have a “locally acceptable” ID like an Iqama. otherwise, your sponsor can rent one for you in their name and issue an authorization letter you can carry with you as you drive around. Not sure if the Taiwanese Driving License is honored, though.

    Overall, you should be either a nature-tripper or an introvert to really appreciate JEC. Mountain climbing, swimming and diving, surfing, hunting, of course driving are the well-known past-times of expats in the area. BE WARNED though. some areas are really conservative and it is a common sight to see men clad with their guns and bolos!

  66. To be on the safe side, I would recommend getting an international driver’s license. I do not think a Thai license would be recognized.

  67. Thanks for those comments, guys. Go to youtube and type in JEC Saudi Arabia and you’ll see this wonderful metropolis next to the seaside, complete with luxurious expat flats next to stunning views of the Dead Sea and huge shopping malls and hundreds of restaurants. Then, if you look closely at the video you’ll realize that all the images are computer-generated. So I’m not sure how much of it, if any of it, is reality yet. Still, the company (based in Vancouver) swears that at least some of JEC exists and that there’s a cadre of teachers there now. I have a contract to start September 1st. Oh well.

  68. Yes, many of the new development projects are like that! It will all come but you are quite right to be watchful.

  69. Life in Jizan is like a story book with any story! This message was sent from my side based on signal at 1018AM. Neil Armstrong could chat with his family clearly from the moon and asked what present she wants him to bring and I’m struggling for signal here in Jizan even to tell people that I’m alive here!

    ***** Text message sent by my contractor and friend in his first visit to our site in JEC.

  70. @Jeffrey,

    As you get the opportunity, I’d love to hear more of your impressions about life in Jizan!

    Best Regards, Bedu

  71. My husband will work in Jizan airport starting tomorrow (June 2, 2010) He’s in Jeddah right now and will leave for Jizan by bus. i wish their company offered them a flight instead! How safe it is to cross the desert with mostly Arabs aboard. About the conflict, pls tell me more about it (jewelarah@yahoo.com). Are phone signals ok? To Jeffrey or to any other Filipino in Jizan, pls advise which one has better connections for international roaming…Smart or Globe? Are there internet cafes? More info will be appreciated. Thanks.

  72. How far, in km, is Jeddah away from Jizan? In hours by bus? I understand the company is trying to cut costs or something but I still wish my husband had to be on a plane going there. Just looking at the map, I think it will take him a day to travel.

  73. Hi
    Thanks for this website which gives valuable info abt jizan..I am a Pakistani doctor and my husband has recently joined a job in jizan. I shall be moving there soon with my one and a half year old daughter. Could someone guide me how to apply for a job at King Fahad Central Hospital Jizan? I could not get any info from their website as it is in Arabic. Are there any local recruitment agencies in jizan where i can send my cv for a job in this or any other good hospital in the city. Secondly, is there any daycare facility in jizan for preschool children..if not how do working mothers manage ? can one get reliable baby sitters?

  74. @Sara,

    Welcome! Congratulations on the upcoming move to Jizan.

    You may wish to check out the Helen Zeigler and Associates web site since she specializes on recruiting individuals in the medical sector for work in KSA. By going through an outside recruiter you may also be able to negotiate a better expat employment package.

    That being said, is there someone nearby who could assist you in navigating the King Fahad website in Arabic? Are you sure there is not a link for English?

    Daycare opportunities continue to be limited throughout the Kingdom. I cannot comment specifically for Jizan since I have not been there. Most working mothers usually engage a housemaid/nanny. Alternatively, if you will be on a compound, there may be stay-at-home mom’s who would babysit.

    Good luck to you.

  75. Recently i have got the job of assistant Professor in community college jazan university in dental faculty. I want to know that what will be the actual salary for there as the letter is in arabic so i am unable to understand. i also wanted to know that what is the 80% medical allowence mentioned in the appointment letter.
    Please any body clear that.

  76. my email is

  77. hello,we are leaving for jazan shortly on university job,we have a doubt is jazan and jizan botha are same or different cities?the cost of living in the city and rents of houses and indian schools for kids please provide me the whole information.

  78. please send me the cost of living and housing rentals in jazan, and flights available from hyderabad,india

  79. Hey Everyone,
    I am so glad that I found this forum… I had really struggling to find some information about Jizan and its town. My husband is a doctor, and recently got posted in a town called Ad Darb or Darb, in Jizan province. Could anyone provide me information about the town? I heard that Jizan city itself has significantly improved and has lots of shops, any idea on Darb? I would really appreciate any info, I am expecting to move there by Sept.
    P.s. btw, any updates on the type of weather would also be appreciated.

  80. Quick facts,

    Jizan city population is about 100,000. So it is pretty small city .

    Distance between major cities

    Jizan-Jeddah (710 KM)
    Jizan -Mecca (685 KM)
    Jizan -Medina (1043 KM)
    Jizan-Riyadh (1272 KM)
    Jizan – Abha (200 KM)

    Average temperature in January around 23 degrees Celsius and in August, about 33 degrees Celsius (note this is the average as t can go up to 38 and rarely above that), and the rate of relative humidity in January 74% and 66% In August.

    I did read in some Saudi forum that to rent a new and clean apartment can not be less than S.A 20,000 per year, while prices range for old houses in the old town between 12K-18K.

    There is a newly opened shopping center in the Corniche Street, called Marina Mall (it is considered the largest mall across the province), the center includes 63 shops with international brands, three banks and central market for the sale of household items, food and daily needs of the consumer, a mosque for men and another for women and car park. The complex is built on a land area of 60 thousand square meters.

    This website can be of particular help (http://www.jazanexplorer.com/portal/)

  81. Thanks Ali for providing further info about Jizan!

  82. thank you for providing information

  83. Hi, I’m planning to take a job in Jazan Economic City and would be bringing my wife. Does anyone know how strict Jazan is? Would she be able to leave the house, go shopping, etc. without me? At this time, she will not yet have a job. Does anyone perhaps know of any positions open to females in Jazan (we are American teachers if that helps)?

    Thank You,

  84. @Ethan,

    Welcome to American Bedu! I have not been to Jazan personally but what I do know of the area is that it is a good area for families. Your wife will be able to leave the house, go shopping and many other activities without the need for your accompaniment in Jazan and throughout most places in the Kingdom. If you do not have your own private driver there are likely private services available through where you will be living (such as a compound). Naturally your wife would be expected to wear an abaya when out in public places.

    Teaching opportunities abound for native English speakers/teachers in Saudi Arabia. Your wife may wish to check out http://www.teachsaudi.com which facilitates teaching opportunities in the Kingdom.

  85. hi,
    i want to know about iqama, can a dependent iqama be converted into work iqama,how many days it will be taken?pls anybody clarify my doubt

  86. A dependent iqama can be transferred if you are offered employment and that employer hires you as an expat rather than a “locum.” (local hire) You may need to exit Saudi Arabia in order for the transfer to be done; some companies insist on this. I can not give a specific time frame for each case is individual.

  87. hi im trying to find Hassan Mubarak he was over in the united kingdom in 85 and departed soon before october 1986! been trying to find him for 23 years,
    and had no luck as dont really no where to start! if any one could help me or tell me a way to find relitives in other countries please let me no i would be so so grateful many thanks sarah coy! email me xxx many thanks xx

  88. hi im trying to find my dad Hassan Mubarak he was in the United kingdom in 1985! have been trying to find him over 2 years now! would be very grateful for any help or feed back as in to how i can find him! last place he worked in Jizan airport.
    Please if any one knows of any thing or any way i can find a relitive in this country please leave me a message x

  89. to jeffrey

    Sir. may i please to ask some help from you..first of all thanks to american bedu on this blog.
    my papers is on process for a contract.. to work there in JIRAN as a civil engineer… the employer was a certain AL ABRAGAIN CONTRACTING CO….do you have any idea about this company? i been searching web sites of this company but unfortunately i didn’t find one….PLS SEND MAIL TO odbongo@yahoo.com THANKS IN ADVANCE


  90. Hi everyone. Greetings. I found this forum to be helpful, so I wanted to ask a few questions regarding Jazan. I have obtained a job at Jazan University. I would like to know about accommodation near the university and about other important things.

    What kind of accommoation is available there? 2 bedroom/3 bedroom? Villa, apartments, town houses, compounds etc.?

    Do we need an agent to look for accommodation? In that case, how much do we need to pay the agent?

    How does one commute from the house to the university if one is not driving (which may happen till one gets a car)?

    How safe is the place?

    Is it okay to bring a 5-month-old baby there? Will there be domestic help and nannies available?

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

  91. @Dr. Archie,

    Congratulations on your new position in Jizan.

    I am not familiar with Jizan myself so I will have to defer for others to respond who know more and can respond better to your specific queries.

    Regards, Carol

  92. Is Jizan University located in the newly built Jizan Economic city or is it in the usual Jizan city??

  93. Jizan University is in Jizan City itself. The Jazan Economic City (JEC) is around 100KM from the city itself inside a town called Baysh. I am working for a company building a steel plant in JEC and we have our accommodation in Baysh itself. Would be glad to provide some info for inquiries.

  94. Jeffrey,

    Thank you for the info and I’d welcome any additional info you’d like to provide for others querying about Jizan.

    Best Regards, Bedu

  95. Thanks for the reply Jeffrey.
    I had a look at Googlemap of Jizan but, at the moment, it doesn’t pinpoint any prominent landmarks other than the International Airport! Is it the same airport as the ‘regional’ airport?
    I am an internist and planning to visit Jizan soon.
    Regards, Dr Ishraf

  96. @Ishraf – The airport is only regional. It is still not intended for International Flights. There is a proposed project to build the Jazan Interenational Airport with the Jazan Economic City itself where we are building our steel plant. Only thing remaining is the approval from the govt aviation authority. Saudi Aramco is also going to build a refinery in the same area. Will be quite busy in the next 8yrs at least.

    Google data is quite old. There are 2 new malls that recently opened. Al-Rasheed Mall with the first ever Panda Supermarket in the region and Kadi Mall housing Farms Supermarket, Centrepoint and some boutiques.

    Fastfood stores are Subway, Pizza Hut, Kudu and Herfy.

    You’re just planning to visit (?) not an actual deployment.

    Regards, Jeffrey

  97. Hi Jeffrey… actually I am ‘deployed’ in your neighbouring city. I’m working at a govt hospital in Abha… which is 200km from Jizan

  98. Hello.
    I have been employed at jazan univ into the english faculty, and am planning to reach Jazan this October with family.(my husband and two kids). Can anyone tell me if I can find family accomodation near the University. How far is the AlMaraefa school from the university. Are taxis easily available near Jazan university?

  99. assalam-o-alaikum

    i wanted toknow mre abt jazan or jizan………inshallah i may hve to cme to jizan……….i wud appreciate if any one let me know as if tre is any indian shool,accomodation arond 15k a yr….and some info regarding shopping malls, airport……specialy international airports……..if no.thn also mention the alternate airport………so many quesions,…….but no answer……….vry helpless………..may allah guide us all in right path………ameen….

  100. Hello Ashraf
    There is plenty of useful info in the previous 99 comments (yours seems to be the 100th entry). Please scroll through them and you can find many answers

    Dr Ishraf

  101. I am going to Jizan tomorrow. Perhaps I can give some feedback

  102. i got a job in altakiri hospital jizan as a resident medicine. can anybody tell me about this hospital. thanks

  103. I accepted a job teaching in Jazan and thought it was funny that this is one of the most informative sites about it. All from a simple short post about a place you’d like to visit! Thanks for starting this and thanks for answering so many questions even though you haven’t been there yourself.

  104. Hi All,

    I came from a short work visit to Jizan. I brought some photos with me, I hope you like it. The city is booming with many new projects.


  105. Great site, thanks!

    If they are looking for female ESL teachers in Jizan, I have a friend that needs a job.

  106. Assalamualaikum,

    Recently I attend the interview for a steel plant South Steel Co. Jazan Econimic City.

    Pls let me know abt the following information:-

    Company give the HRA for rental own house & self conveyance & self food arrangement.

    What are the monthly expenses for a individual person & with family ( With wife & One Kid)

    What are the conveyance arrangement in jazan city who not have the car?

    Is jazan environment are very hot & their are some type of fever VTF and some type of eye flue & some skin deices arise there for resident.
    The water is very salty & not good for long time for people .

    This area is not safe like border issue between KSA & YEMAN.

    one my saudi return friend told me who are worked in jubel industrial area that in jizan there mostly shia resident & they not like sunni muslims and also they agiants saudi goverment they continue fight like al kaida , milisiya like afganishthan as above it is true?

    Pls help me ……………

    pls let me know what is the best

    pls help me to tack me the correct decision

    thanks & regards


  107. PLEASE any indian working as teaching faculty at Jizan university get back to me.I’ll we highly obliged.

  108. Hi American Bedu. You have a great blog. Same Old story as narrated by others.
    I have been offered a job in KFGH is Jizan City. I still do not have details about the hospital. Neither I have any contacts for schools. AlMuarfa school website link does not work now. So from where can I get more info abouth schooling in Jizan? Also a map of Jizan city (location of school vs Jizan Hospitals) will be helpful.


  109. Hi Shadab!

    First off, I am from South Steel Company. I have been staying in the site since July 2010. I guess I can give you a clear picture of what to expect from here.

    Based on your input, you were offered family status contract. We do have colleagues who have brought their families with them already. Most of them are Indians. (Where are you from?) But they are staying in a place where it is around 60KM from the worksite. From the main road, it is around 30-33KM. Now it is longer by 10KM since we have to go around the sea area since the main access road is being asphalted. Yes, the site is less than a kilometer from the sea.

    We are far from Jizan City itself. The site is around 100KM to Jizan City. The economic city is within a small town called Baysh.

    I had my family with me before we moved to Jizan. When we moved, I took them back to the Philippines. There is no international school in Jizan except for two Indian schools. One in Sabya, where the family’d engineers are staying, and the other one is in Abu Areesh which is also around 100KM from the site.

    No car with a family! No way! You must have a car! There is no established public transport system in Baysh nor Sabya. In Jizan City, yes, there are some taxis.

    Yemen conflict? Yemen is more than 330KM from the site. Very far! No need to worry.

    Locals are generally peaceful. Can’t say anything bad about them. Just stay away from the younger crowd. Honestly, you will feel more secured here compared to Riyadh or Jeddah!

    No dependable health service. I remember 3 of our local colleagues had to send their sick family members to Abha (2hr-drive from Baysh) and even Riyadh (1,500KM) to get decent medical attention.

    The company is ok. Honestly it is a lot better than most companies I know of. There are some issues. I think no company is without it.

    South Steel Company is new. But with a VERY STABLE BASE. Mother company is top 64 in the top 100 companies in the Kingdom plus it is the first joint business venture between Saudi Arabia and Qatar (Qatar Steel).

    The place will definitely prosper given 5-7 yrs from now. Aramco is building their refinery, btw. So modern facilities, communities amenities will be sprouting everywhere. But, honestly, be ready not to be with your family for at least 2 years.

    All the best.


  110. Dear Jeffrey
    Indeed you seem to be encyclopedia of Jizan. Can you please update me with info – location of Jizan city, with reference to King Fahd General Hospital, Jizan, and International schools available in the area. I assume that I shall get accomodation either near the hospital (workplace) OR school (for boys/girls) so that only one person has to travel every day. Thanks in advance

  111. @Jeffrey,

    I greatly appreciate your detailed description which is so helpful to those who anticipate coming to Jizan. I encourage you to provide more details as you can such as activities for singles and families and more of your own experiences!

    Best Regards, Bedu

  112. @Ahmad,

    KFGH is situated between Abu Arish and Jizan City itself. And the best school in this area is a few hundred meters away only from the hospital; Al-Ma’areefa International School. The nearest town is Abu Arish itself at 4-5KM only from the hospital. Jizan City proper is around 18-20KM. No traffic issues. Wide roads. Pizza Hut and the only McDonald’s branch in the region is located in Abu Arish also.

    For accommodation, Abu Arish is quite near where most of the hospital employees are staying.

    Fyi, you can see the hospital pictures from Google Earth.

  113. @Bedu,

    Glad to be of help.

  114. Thanks Jeffrey. So much info. I wonder if I can get some info about hospital dept, how developed this hospital is. May be they have some good website.

    I intend to visit the area myself before commiting for longer stay. Just to observe and then decide.

    I heard that in KSA visa is city specific. A visa issued for Umrah/Hajj (muslim pilgirmage) is for Makkah only, and not for visit to other cities (like going to Jizan). Is that true?

  115. Ahmad,

    It’s not so much as the visas are city specific. For example, your visa will indicate whether or not you are Muslim since Makkah and Medinah are limited to Muslims only.

    It is the iqama or residence permit which provides the greatest flexibility for an expat resident of the Kingdom to travel.

    I do know of many (Muslim) visitors who came to the Kingdom on an umrah visa to perform pilgrimage and also went to other cities such as to visit family.

    However with the Saudi visas being for a specific purpose, if one is traveling outside parameters of the visa there needs to be a good reason in the event if stopped and questioned by authorities.

  116. American Bedu,
    My husband is English and get offered a teaching job in Jizan. I will definately move there if he decides to go but we are wondering about the politic situation there now. Is it ok to move over there?

  117. @ Mercury,

    One of the safest places on Earth. Modest, quiet and simple lifestyle.

  118. The city of Jizan is safe. Except for the shooting in December 2010 between police and al-Qaeda which resulted in some deaths. And the shelling the city received in January 2010 from Yemen. But besides those, it’s safe.

    Those didn’t stop me from moving there. Saudi in general is safe.

    If you’re a women coming with your husband it will be very boring for you if he’ll be working at JEC-PT. If he’ll be working at Jizan University it will be better since that is co-ed (meaning you’ll have more than one other woman to talk to).

  119. Thank you for your answer Jeffrey and Not Jeffrey.

    If i am non-native speaker but I am teaching English back home. Will I be able to get a job at a woman school there?

  120. @Jeffrey


    Nice to read the blog.It seems you are like an encyclopedia of jazan.I am also planning to move there in southe steel plant.Can u please guide about the work ststus there.And how the life is there-weather,living style,safe or unsafe,food,malls etc.I am indian.Can it ok for family status and what about schools.

    Please guide.

  121. @Jeffrey

    and also about the transportation.How is the plant location,is it in JEC or far away?What about evening foofding if we are not in factory premises?

  122. Hi everyone,
    Someone who are familiar with jizzan please help me because my boyfriend he is currently working in saudi in a restaurant has been transferred to restaurant in a mall in jizzan and he is little worried about the place and safety can some one please tell whether it is safe there

  123. @Hemant,

    Sorry for the late reply. Loaded with tasks at work. I do think I have posted quite a lot regarding the lifestyle and living conditions here. If for safety, you were referring to the “unrest” in the gulf area, then you need not worry. Saudi knows how to take care of its constituents.

    Transportation. You will need your own car to move around. Public transport is a rarity. Inconvenient whenever available and mostly within the main city only. I use my own car to move around.

    From the main road to our site is around 17KM.

    Dinner has to be arranged by the employee. Only lunch is provided by the company.

    For the rest of the questions, I have invited to participate one of my good Indian friends to provide a more accurate reply to family life in Jizan, particularly for Indians.

  124. @Priya,

    Which restaurant is he working in. Maybe we can keep him company. My group usually takes dinner in Jizan City itself during weekends.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s a big boy and he can take care of himself.


  125. Your boyfriend will be safe. It’s a safe and boring country. I’d love it if an Indian restaurant opened up. Good thing I like Arabian food but something different would be wonderful. I’m a lousy cook.

    You don’t need a car in Jizan City although it’d be great to travel. Taxis are everywhere and many cars honk when I’m walking to see if I want a ride. Sometimes they’re looking for something else but a “No, go away” works.

  126. @Jeffrey,

    Thanks a lot for the reply.What is the work status of the plant.Has the production started or in adavance stage of commissioning.


  127. As I continue to read all the outreach in regards to questions of Jizan I know that Jizan would top my list of places to visit if I get the opportunity to return to the Kingdom!

  128. Nice blog and nice interaction among the bloggers. Can some one help me in getting info about KFCH? Someone working within hospital may please provide details of Hospital depts.

  129. Hi guys,

    Thanks for being so informative, comprehensive, and up-to-date. I don’t know how I missed this blog for such a long time. I read the article by american bedu, but probably have never scrolled down. Today I went through all the posts and somewhere down I felt Jazan would possibly be an extension of the very structurality of this post: simple, austere and with a feeling of being in a community. I don’t know, if I have been able to explain this well enough… Anyways, what’s even more important, I got some information from a person, who is now teaching at the Jazan University, which, I am sure will be helpful, for those of you going to jazan, especially from India.

    “Regarding Jazan, this is a quite town on the south west coast of saudia
    arabia bordering Yemen, it is not a large city like Riyadh or Jeddah but its
    ok, netiher its too samll nor too big, its somewhere between rural and
    urban, the cost of living is ok, except house rent, its take a while to find
    a good one with decent house rent and location, few months ago there was a
    lot of problem in finding a good house and the rent for a decent 2 bedroom
    flat was around 1200 SR – 1800 SR , but now the situation has improved a
    bit, after searching for a while you may find a good one with less rent. But
    still everybody is complaining about house rent as the rent in Jazan is
    higher compared to anywhere in saudia arabia.
    Regarding the particulars about the charges you have asked, Mobie charge per minute is 0.50 Halala (i.e Half Saudi riyal) both for international and local calls, but we have VOIP calls through internet for calling india that costs 65 Riyals for 500 minutes in additon to the internet charges, Internet cost – the basic connection starts with 100 riyals for a 1GB download per months, whereas unlimited internet would cost you 250 riyals per month. Cable connection would cost you 150 riyals per month for receiving indian channels the packet would include some important channels from Zee and Start and some other extra channels”.

    I will be joining the Jazan University in the next couple of months, as a lecturer in the English department. My name is Rohan Banerjee and my emaid id is: rohan.presi@gmail.com

    Sorry , if the post is too long.

    Thanks again american bedu for creating such a wonderful blog and all others who have contributed.

  130. Thanks a lot Rohan and others. This information is golden.

    Anyone knows more details, anything, keep the info flowing.

    I was told that westerners/ English teachers get 40-45k USD a year.

    Thanks again for all the great posts, more please!

  131. hi all,

    let me express my sincere thanks to american bedu and all other wonderful people who generously contributed information to the world via this blog!!!

    my wife works in jizan as nurse and i would like to visit jizan and try to find a job there. I have 4 years experience in teaching English, Maths, Science and Environmental Studies in India. Will I be permitted to run a play school or cresche for children in case I cannot placed in a school as teacher?! After reading these posts, i think many of the Indian expatriates there need such a service!!! 🙂

    jeffrey or others have anything to suggest?!!

    thank u all…

  132. How long does it take to know about the job offer after having an interview ? what will be the next step once you accept the job offer?

  133. Hi, everyone,

    Thanks to Americanbedu. It is very resourceful.
    Me and my wife have been selected as English teacher at Jazan Uni. We are planning to go in September 2011.

    Can anyone tell me how I can rent a flat? Is there any agent who can help us in finding acommodation.

    Thanks to Am. Bedu again

  134. ive been selected as an english teacher at jazan with a family visa.Anybody working here plz tell me about your overall experience.

  135. Hi every body on site Americanbedu. I will soon be coming in Jizan as I have got a cotract job. Can any body guide me for the job of my spouse.She is MBBS with five years experience and also sonologist with one year experience.

  136. anyone in jizan can tell me about
    1) western-chain stores and restaurants near Jazan University
    2) life for single females in jazan
    3) attractions in jazan?

  137. Good and bad about teaching at Jizan University and JEC. Sometimes they both let people go after a few months.

    For Western style restaurants there’s Herfy Burgers which is close to Happy Jacks/Burger King. There’s a McDonalds about 50k away. I hope you like Middle Eastern food. There’s a single Indian restaurant (Indians aren’t paid well).

    Life isn’t allowed for anyone but as a single female you’ll have your choice among male teachers.

    Free ferry to Farasan Island where there’s good snorkeling and diving.

  138. The previous poster, was pretty much dead-on accurate about Jizan. I work here at JEC/PT. You must be going to be working either at at Jizan Univ or maybe one of the hospitals as there are no female teachers hired for JEC/PT. There are no western fast-food chains/restaurants here. It’s a relative back-water, if you are expecting something like Riyadh or Jeddah. Poor infrastructure…in fact, relative to the rest of the Kingdom, it looks downright ghetto. There ARE two small shopping malls in the town; most shops in the mall aren’t occupied yet as the malls are relatively new, and the malls were built in anticipation of the nearby future Jazan Economic City;however the JEC depicted in the video is years and years away. It’s just a messy construction site, still. One day, though this area will be thriving. But for now and next several years, it’s very small. As for being a female here. Well, just make sure your laptop is in working order because the internet will be your sanity-maintainer. Yes, there is Farrasan Island nearby, and Abha (a scenic mountain town) is about 2 hours away by car. But once you’ve seen the few local attractions, settle in for a life of solitude, and inactivity. Stock up on your abayas ahead of time. The salary is good. That’s why I’m here. If I were female, the salary would have to be extremely good, for me to take such an assignment. Sorry, just thinking out loud. If you are of Arab descent things will be considerably easier. There are only a handful of foreigners here. I assume there are a few foreign instructors at Jizan Univ, but I have yet to meet a single one. The only foreigners I’ve encountered here are my fellow co-workers. None of my friends have ever seen non-JEC/PT westerners about town, either but obviously there must be a few. Even if you befriend other foreigners, unless they are female, you won’t be able to talk to them in public or do anything together, anyway. Relationships here are confined to hotmail/yahoo and text messaging..haha. Hence, the importance of the internet. I don’t mean to be negative, but I’ve been here 8 months, so I know. It’s a great place to save your money, though. You couldn’t save in Jeddah or Riyadh the way you can save here. There are literally no expenses, except what you choose to purchase. You’ll be able to wire 95% of your pay to your bank. If you can put your life on hold for a while, you can make some good money. I guess life is full of trade-offs and one can’t have everything. cheers–dave–

  139. anyone in the English Language Department in Jazan University? I am a Canadian single female being offered a position as an ESL teacher at Jazan University.

    Is jazan very underdeveloped?

    What are the accomodations like? They said its a compound for females, and it has private rooms but there is a shared common space. Is it nice or is it dingy? Also are there any gym/swimming facilities for females? Is the compound heaviliy guarded?

    In terms of shopping, what clothing brand stores do they have there? Do they have Pizza Hut? Burger King? Wendys? Subway?

    Also, if we are to have our contract terminated early, do they pay for our return flight?

  140. Apparently you didn’t read my long post above. I won’t repeat it except to say that if you must share an accommodation with someone, then that’s a serious down-grade to an already seriously down-graded lifestyle, by accepting employment here. I can’t tell you about female accommodations, as I’m male and at the polytechnic college where I work it’s strictly male-only English instructors. If you wanted to contact me at my e-mail, I can provide you more detailed information that might be too much information for people reading this blog. davetw.david@gmail.com
    As for fast food restaurants: Burger King, McD’s, ha!!!!! We wish!!! There is a fast food burger chain here called Herfies (it sounds dis-concertingly like “herpies”). The name alone dissuades most foreigners. It’s somewhat close to Burger King, although not as good, of course. Good luck.

  141. Is this some kind of a english /languages univ.. i hardly see anyone going there for sciences/math /engg etc., or even arts …why the need for so many english teachers.. they provide one-on-one english lang education?

  142. Most of those types of positions (engineering, humanities, etc etc) are filled by local instructors. Mostly, what the Uni’s/colleges want are English instructors, in terms of western foreigners, so most of the posts in this blog are either people coming as English instructors or hospital staff. There seems to be a critical need for qualified medical personnel, also, from reading this and other local blogs.

  143. i assume they (jazan uni) like to hire their science faculty from countries like india and pakistan whereas for English Language teaching they want teachers from native English-speaking countries like US & Canada

  144. saudis generally have poor english and they need to know english before they can pursue their studies in any subject (science, eng, etc.)

  145. Remember, the uni makes foreign English teachers redundant. I’m assuming that since you’re female that your job will stay. They also hire Indian English teachers who speak the Indian 1920s British Upper Class dialect. You’ll notice that many Saudi aren’t there to learn. They’re paid to go to school.

  146. hey Y,

    r u in jazan right now? do you mind posting sum pics of the university- female wing?

  147. also,
    i’m reading on this blog that healthcare in jazan is not at very good standard. how true is this?

  148. I am an American and have been living in Jizan for the past 6 years. Yes, that’s right! Dave is absolutely correct concerning the infrastructure, but he definitely speaks from a newbie standpoint. I can only assume he doesn’t have a car or hasn’t befriended a local yet. As for the western restaurants are concerned, Dave should try to travel a little further than a city block by taxi or the shuttle bus he takes to and from work and the occasional “excursions” to Kadi and Rashid Malls. There is a Subway restaurant on Prince Sultan Street. There is also a Pizza Hut here as well. Little Caesar’s Pizza looks to be coming soon as well (not that’s a deal breaker). If you can say ‘Abu Areesh’ to a taxi driver, then you’ll be able to find a McDonald’s there (about a 20 min drive. It’s actually 25k NOT 50k). As for other westerners are concerned, well here I am! Jazan University has quite a few westerners (male and female) working for them and we’ve been here for quite some time. I know some of the guys Dave works with at the Polytechnic College. I actually work across the way at the College of Medicine, which is next to the sea (My classroom has a view of the sea!). You can befriend a local here very easily. You’ll be surprised how many people speak some English here. It’s not like Jeddah, but even the opinion amongst other Saudis, Jazany people are some of the most social, friendliest people in the kingdom. I saw a previous post concerning Jazan University. I’ll be heading back to the US in less than a month for vacation. Anyone who has a question concerning JU can contact me at saifimah@gmail.com.

  149. Hello All,

    I’m considering a position as an ESL instructor at Jizan Polytechnic and want to know as much as possible before I accept. I am planning on going solo and want to know about the housing, is it single or shared? In addition, does anyone have any information concerning work? Any details that anyone can provide concerning student numbers per calss, level of students, expectations of admin., and anything else you can think of I would appreciate it.

  150. I am planning to join JU in a few months. I am concerned about the international schools for our kid. Do you have any informationa about any good international school (British or American) in or nera Jizan city.

    Thank you very much


  151. Hi,
    Are there any good international elementary / middle schools (British / American) in jizan? Please provide any available information. I am considering to join Jizan Uni in a few months.

    Thank you very much

  152. Hi
    In Sabya near jizan about 40 km ahead there a international school ,

  153. Thank you very much for the information about international school near Jizan. Is it British or American?


  154. Is jazan safe if you are American? I am worried about going there.

  155. Can anyone advise contact details for hotels in Jizan please? Can’t find anything on the web with phone numbers that work. Thanks.

  156. Can anyone please provide me with details of apartments, compounds etc. in Jizan. I’m flying in tomorrow and will be there for 2 days to have a look around so any help will be much appreciated. naz_1001@hotmail.com

  157. hey kopite/ does that mean we have a scouser coming to Jizan? Regarding apartments, it would be better if you were here for a little longer to make enquiries. There is good quality accomodation available here but it helps to know who to ask and to find the best prices.

  158. Jazan is the costliest city in the saudi arabia and here finding an accomodation like flat at reasonable price is too difficult. Also here availability of accommodation is less as compared to other city in the kingdom. Jazan also has more prices of daily need things.

  159. From the point of safety of expats, Jazan is alike other cities in kingdom and it is absolutely safe. People are good nature and friendly here.

  160. Hotel al safa in Jazan
    tel no. 0096673242222

  161. anyone who want information about Jazan can email me at sabirdr97@gmail.com
    I am living here from past a year.

  162. Is it true that a Jazan University teacher was tortured?

  163. Guys, particularly SAM, I sure hope you were able to check some of your colleagues first prior to formally bringing your kids along. Basically, the best school for expatriates here is the Al-Mareefa near King Fahad General Hospital. Unfortunately, being BEST there means I can only compare it with what is available for comparison,right? If the kids are pre-school, then maybe yes. At least something you can deal with for a year or two. Keep the child busy. Primary onwards, better you check it out yourself. I do not know your standards but, personally speaking, it can be better.

    My Arab colleagues (non-saudi) have settled their families in Abha and goes there at least on weekends. And my Saudi colleagues are sorry for moving here. The locals themselves cannot accept the standard. My Indian colleagues have settled in Sabya and have enrolled their kids in the Indian International School there but they are soooo disappointed that they are all considering either moving also to Abha or sending their families back home. I have opted for the latter.

    We are working in the Jizan Economic City in Baysh, It is around 100KM from Jizan City proper. We are the first company in the area and we have already introduced so much progress in the town. We are expecting to have around 800 employees when we start production either late this year or early next year.

    Accommodation is still a big pain. There are a lot of new buildings/accommodation being constructed but most of them are not willing to rent to individuals. They prefer to sign up only with companies who can afford the jacked up prices.

    Basic commodities are immediately available. Jizan City has better facilities, of course, compared to our place. We have to visit the city at least twice a week.

    YOU MUST HAVE A CAR. This is the first and very important rule of thumb. Highways are really nice. Traffic is still very low but most part of the highways are spread with humps due to road works. Probably gearing up for the industrialization.

    Jizan is not at all bad. I have been in Riyadh. I like it here better. I just with a better international school pops up soon so that I can bring my family here and enjoy nature. Did I mention that seafood here is great!!!! 😀

  164. @david andrew storey, Yes indeed a scouser will be in Jazan within the next few weeks.

    I spent 3 days in Jazan and liked the experience. People are welcoming and warm.Made a few local friends who took us around. Al Rashid Mall was good and enjoyed some local cuisine with my new friends.

    Jazan Royal Suites and Al Safa were the 2 possibilities in terms of accommodation. However any more suggestions will be most welcome before I sign on the dotted line.

    My colleagues and I spent 3 days in Tabuk, where they will be based for 6 mnths and I’m glad I am not in Tabuk!!

  165. It is nice to have such a blog. Thanks bedu.
    I am being considered for a faculty position at the Jizan University. Could some one provide information about the following:
    (1) availability of an international (english) school in the vicinity of the Al Jazan University
    (2) availability of 2-3 bed room decent independent house to rent in the close proximity of either the Al Jazan University or the Inernational School, if there is any
    (3) the convenience and availability of public transport or taxi as I do not drive.

    Thank you for your help.

  166. Dear FYK,
    I came to jazan one month back and have found the place and locals to be good.The ONLY SERIOUS PROBLEM IS WITH ACCOMODATION.Its very hard to find a house here and the rent is very high.But transport is not a problem.Taxis are avlb all the time.

  167. Hi American Bedu,
    Stumbled upon your blog while looking up jazan –
    Great work you are doing here, providing so much information about Jizan, that too when you had never been to the place personally. Jeffrey, Dave, Saif and so many others familiar with the place pitched in making this blog a wealthy mine of information on Jizan for anxious expats, Thank you, lovely people.
    I will be visiting Jizan shortly, as my husband joined faculty of Medicine @ jizan University.
    Looking forward to visiting the place. By the way, howz weather there, at this time of year(oct-nov)?
    Bye folks for now, catch you once I am in jizan, with a note on my experiences there.

  168. Thank you Farah Shakeel.
    I wonder if some one would know the rent of an independent house (2-3 bed rooms with a living and kitchen).
    Thank you.

  169. The rent
    would not be less than SR 2000.It can be more also.

  170. Thank you for your input.

    I tried to find the website of any agency that would do property rental service in Al Jazan but could not succeed. Can any one help please?

  171. Its nice 2 go through the blog which provides lots of information to the people who r very new 2 the place. I got a job in the university of jazan as lecturer in english. i am single female n mostly coming there within 10 days. could any one help me in searching an accomodation for me in sharing.

    Thank u,

  172. Askum,
    Jazan is a good place .Ive been here for a month.I have a very serious advice for u……..never travel alone in a taxi when u are here.Make sure that university transport picks u from the airport.

  173. I start work in Jizan on 19 Nov and am trying to find a 2 bedroom apartment to rent. Please can someone provide me with an agency to contact or telephone numbers of landlords I can contact.

  174. Dear All,


    I’ve been working in Jizan at JEC PT since early September & incredibly, I’ve only just stumbled across this site. Can anyone recommend a good school in the area for expat kids as I’m hoping to bring my wife and daughter aged 9 over to join me later, insha Allah.

    Thanks to AB for a great blog and source of info,

    wassalamu ‘alaikum ,


  175. hi guys,,I’m rose from philippines.. I have read a lot from this blog..but im still confused about the place,maybe soon ill be working at jazan university,,where is it located?is it a city?is it a boring place?
    do I have to cover my hair everytime we will go out?? what about the internet connection??pls help..do I need to pursue working at this place?some piece of advice will do..thanks..

  176. It’s a small town. There’s two malls here. Yes you need to wear an Abaya, but I see pinay walking around with no scarf sometimes, maybe a baseball cap and their hair tucked in. Perhaps some employees at Jizan U, can give you info about the internet connection. I work here in Jizan, too but a different college, and we have free internet at our compound. As an American foreigner I find it very boring, but some of my friends are into snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea, and they have a great time. If I were you I would just come here if the salary is good. Beyond that, make sure your laptop works, because that will be your lifeline to sanity here… If there’s any other specific info I can provide, you can scroll up to a previous post and my e-mail is posted somewhere in a previous post. I’ve been here 15 months now and counting. Good luck.

  177. hi sir..thank you for your updates…

  178. hi, rose. i am also a Filipino and i have been here now in the area for over a year. jizan university itself is in the main town itself.

    boring? if you’re the outgoing type who likes “real” parties then this area is really a bore. if you are a sea (nature) lover and prefer the serenity of a real province then this is for you. weekends you can visit the sea with friends, go trekking to nearby mountains or just spend the evenings with friends in the malls. btw, the malls here may not have the same posh and class as the ones in Riyadh, Jeddah or Dammam but they are not crowded. The number of brands are also growing; Mango, Feel Free, Centrepoint, CityMax, Ghazzali, Figaro, Panda, Farms, Swatch, Garawi etc…

    About the internet, unless your sponsor provides a business class DSL connection then it is not recommended. It is best to have a 3G HSDPA USB modem stick. There are still issues with the communications infrastructure.

    Lastly, once online, i recommend joining the Pinoys in Jizan Group in Facebook. There you can communicate with most of our Kababayans in the region.

    And as Dave said, “at the end of the day, if the pay is good, then go for it.”

  179. hi kabayan,,thank you..think im having second thought again…nyaiii..
    naku nmn,,hehe..

  180. AI naku! hehe….well, at least you know what you’d be getting into. Maybe a larger more cosmopolitan city such as Jeddah, mgiht be more suitable and more tolerant and relaxed. Jeddah and Riyadh are like Las Vegas and Dubai compared to Jizan. But if the money is good, and you have no better opportunities now, go for it and come make your money for a while. With a laptop and positive attitude, you can handle it! Let’s face it. Decisions, decisions!

  181. haha..nice words coming from sir dave harrison,,more encouragement pls..hehe,,Thank you Sir Dave,,

  182. hi Dave and Jeffrey, my husband told me that he got an offer in jizan… have you guys heard of an oil and gas company over there? most the company that i see on these posts are universities and hospitals.

  183. Marie,
    Sorry I’m not familiar with that company or kind of work. Yes, you’re right that most of the psots have a tendency to be from medical people or teachers coming here. Sorry that I can’t add anything new. As far as Jizan itself, just scroll through the posts and get an idea for yourself about this place. I and others have posted descriptions of the town many times, so those should give you an idea of what to expect. Maybe your husband’s company could provide him specifics about his job, accommodation, etc.Good luck.

  184. Hi Marie, the only refinery/plant in Jizan City is Saudi Aramco. He should be in good hands. It is just on the outskirts of the city itself.

  185. hi again dave and jeffrey… thanks for the feedback. i really appreciate it =) … the first time my husband told me about jizan i was kind of skeptic thinking it could be some remote province in saudi arabia. i’m glad to know thats its beautiful and safe place to be. i hope once he is settled, my daughter and i can visit him and see the place for ourselves. =)

  186. Beside its unique location and different landscapes. Jizan city has many malls such as Alrashid Mall, Kadi Mall. Also, there is an amazing coffee shop called FIGARO in Alrashid Mall- First Floor. It deserves to be visited where great coffee, breakfast and wide range of pastries and desserts are served.

  187. I’ve been living in Jizan for almost 2 years now…and while I must say that it is relatively safe, and the local people are quite friendly, it is one of the more neglected regions of the kingdom and you can see this if you ever travel around area of town located nearest the port and Al-borg Hotel. Additionally, they are home to JEC-PT (CADRE College as it’s known by locals) which has been used by it’s upper management to exploit the local Jazani youth by constantly breaking promises of HRDF funding. Additionally, they promise on their webpage a 4000 SAR signing bonus for prospective students–which they never receive, in addition a technical program which is currently non-existent. If you are considering coming to Jazan, Saudi Arabia, don’t work for CADRE.

  188. hello every one,
    I will be moving to Jazan next autumn to work as assistant professor of Jazan Research Center I would like to have some information about the location of the center , housing price for 2bedroom apartment in new building with DSL and the urgent primary school international or english teaching English , maths and science
    and if possible its address and fees
    I have been working in Japan for 8 years I am afraid on my kids from a culture shock
    do you think it is possible to raise up and educate them at Jazan
    thanks for your helpful posts Jeffrey and Dave but I need more information if possible such as apartment booking site or something else
    do any one knows if there is a university staff guest house or dormitory or something similar?
    thanks for help

  189. hi every one
    dose any one know where is the Jazan( medical research center) located ? dose it in the same location with the medical school,or in other place?
    and what is the best location to have an apartment in Jazan
    any idea about the international school (al marifa) in abu arich
    how much it cost ? do we have any other choice for the kids other than this school if we well live in Jazan!!
    thank you

  190. HELLO SIR I AM working al maarefah school primary teacher its best school in aburish u can join them admission wil be open on end of march

  191. Ms/Mr Sangeetha,

    Honestly speaking, your English is not at all encouraging. But I agree, for now, Al-Maarefah is still the best school available. At least until the new school is ready. YES! There is a new school in the pipeline with American standard. In fact, if the licensing pushes through, the principal itself will be an American as endorsed by the US Educational System.

    I do not think I can disclose the details right now but it is there. The Good Prince of Jazan realized that he cannot bring in the specialists to his province unless he solves this issue about education.

    Give it a year and a half to two years.

  192. Hi All

    Wooow . This really is an awesome blog .

    I was born in the King Fahad Hospital , Gizan in the year 1984. I lived in Gizan till the age of 12 before my family moved to India (1996). My father an Orthopedic Surgeon used to work at the King Fahad hospital . I don’t remember living in the KF Hospital Campus (I was too young). My earliest memories are from when we lived in the Samta Hospital Campus. It was a new Hospital at that time. My Dad was the one who had set up the Orthopedic Department at the Samta hospital almost 23 years ago . He was the Head Of the Department of Orthopedics. Samta was just awesome . My parents always say that the time they spent in Samta was the golden period of their life . I made my first best friend there . Sheenu 🙂 .. I have no idea where she is . Her family had moved to the UK when I was 6-7 years old.

    The Indian International school that someone mentioned about was called the “Gizan Coaching Centre” at that time . It was my first school , where I made a lot of friends. 🙂 . I am still in touch with a few of them. I think there were just 50-60 students at that time. I used to hate going to school though .

    When I was about 8 years old we moved out of the Hospital Campus and rented an apartment in Abu Areesh . It was a huge 4 bed room apartment , No I don’t remember what the rent was 🙂 .. Lots of memories there .That’s the house where I grew up . I remember how the local Saudi kids used to hate me because I had an awesome BMX cycle. lols They used to throw stones at me when I used to go out riding my bike.But once I was friends with them they used to look out for me . They used to make sure that Saudi kids from other near by areas wouldn’t trouble me .True story guys :). As someone mentioned . It important to know the locals. It makes all the difference. Befriend a local , that’s when you’ll get to know what Arab Hospitality really is. My father being a doctor knew a lot of locals. Most of them where his patients who used to respect him a lot. It was always fun to go visit them. They would never let you come back empty handed. They would always give you a return gift. Boxes full of candies, chocolates.

    At that time the hottest hang-out was the Al-Hinnawi Super Market (i’d like to call it a Hyper Market- It was huge – Almost the size of a BJ or a Walmart). I don’t know if it still there . You guys out there right now please do let me know. There were no malls in Gizan at the time . Even though Hinnawi was a super market , this was the place families used to meet up on Thursday evenings, shop together have dinner (grab a Shawarma roll). I used to love running around with my other Indian friends, creating a lot of nuisance.

    Well , what else do I recall . Oh yes there was another Super Market called Al Gharawi. But I think it was closed down after a fire broke out .

    Man everything is really coming back to me now .Each and every detail . I remember going to Farasan on a ferry boat. I remember going to the Captain’s deck and spinning the ship’s steering wheel (Is that what you call it) with all my might .

    The Gizan airport . It was the smallest airport in the world 🙂 . There was a soccer stadium near the beach . I was crazy about soccer at that time. Abha was the closest Hill Station .

    Well I am sure the city must have changed completely by now. I don’t think that the Gizan University existed at that time .

    I so want to go to Gizan . May be just stay there for sometime. See how things have changed . My parents would want to go there too .

    A little bit about myself .I went to Engineering School in India and then moved to the US(New Jersey) , after working for a while in Bangalore.I am a Business Process Consultant and I specialize in PeopleSoft .I would really like to learn more about Gizan . Please do keep writing into this blog . Post photos if possible . or mail them to me at samirfaruqui@gmail.com .



  193. Hello,

    I am looking for information about working at JECPT. I read some really negative comments on another forum. There were many horror stories management, and the general working conditions.

    I currently work in Saudi Arabia. I have spent the last two years working for a recruitment company. One good thing about them is that they pay on time. However, they tend to mismanage their projects. They recently lost a very lucrative one with the military. And, they have not been very helpful about navigating the visa process in order to bring my family over.

    I was told that the job at JECPT is more stable, since, it is run by this group CADRE, which is supposedly an extension of SAGIA. Does anyone know if this is true?

    In general I’d like to know what the work conditions are there. It is a major move to take my children out of schools and relocate them. I don’t want to bring them into a situation that would be unpleasant. Or, where I would have to begin looking for another job within a few months. I have read that there is a turnover rate there.


  194. JECPT is run by CADRE which is an extension of SAGIA. It’s uncredited and they make money off the high turnover rate of staff. The government pays them one amount, they pay out a different amount. Plus they tend to not pay bonuses. A few of us think it’s a con that’s expected to last 5 years at tops.

    Only 15% of the employees last their contract. I wouldn’t think that’s stable. The ones who complete their contract tend to stay.

    The last HR guy quit after disputing his contract. He had asked for, and was promised, an extra apartment for his children. They decided to charge him 11,000 SAR/month for the extra. One of the principals (we went through 6 in the last 14 months although one was principal a few times), had an open 10,000 SAR bribe to get his wife a visa. That never happened. Two Western staff members arranged to get their wives in but that took over a year.

    There’s a non-Muslim family with a kid but they will leave before their daughter goes to school.

  195. Hi to all,

    I`v signed a contract recently with CADRE, to teach English at JECPT, after reading some of the comments here, I got so worried about working with this Institute….Can you tell me exactly what problems I might have with them and should be aware of ??!! Someone also mentioned problems about bringing the family, bonuses, salary, and management….??!!! Any feed back or advice…

  196. Bad Saudi management. No bonus the 1st year the school was open and a bonus chosen at random the 2nd year. Some teachers that had been there a couple months got an entire bonus, some department heads had no bonus at all. Salary is paid on-time for most with just a couple problems. Getting expenses paid can be a problem. You’ll be teaching English at a level that’s above what the students will be ready for.

    The Saudi IT man had a problem with a dog on one of the compounds. His solution was to give all dogs 24 hours to be removed. That included a mom with 7 puppies that were 2 weeks old. He said he’d take a shotgun to them. That was stopped but that was the last straw for the man who took care of that dog and the puppies. We wondered how the school would top that, because they seem to have a plan to keep it on a downward spiral.

    The last PYP Director wouldn’t sign off to let a teacher arrange his brother’s funeral. It’s Saudi so you need an exit visa to leave. I don’t know they’ll top that.

    You will also get a good look at fighter planes and Apache helicopters returning from Yemen. They’ve been using the civilian airport lately. That doesn’t make the news.

    Basically to survive, keep your head down and do not respond to any of the mass emails.

  197. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Does anyone know about an International schools(english medium) in Jizaan, as i av to admitted my daughter of 5 and a half year n son 4 and a half year?we r living in samtah.I have don masters in Chemistry.is there any job related to my field in schools or college as i av teaching experience of 5 years?
    waiting 4 anyone’s kind reply

  198. Hi all..
    How far is Jazan University from the Jazan city?.Can you give the brief topography?.How far is Al-Rawdah district from the Jazan University.What is the rent of a single bedroom furnished(with a.c, T.V, refrigirator, washing m/c) apartment in Rawdah?. Can I take a monthly bus pass(for 400SR as I remember) from Rawdah to Jazan University?, or if there is any other place closer to the Jazan University,please mention. Btw,if the University says they give me 2000 SR per month for accomodation, can I save the remaining by taking a single room?.Not to forget, I’m an Indian.How will Computer Engineering students receive me?.Do they understand english or should I learn Arabic to communicate?.What essential things should I carry when I land there?.
    Shall be really grateful on anyone’s kind reply.
    BarakAllahu Feekum – May Allah bless you.

  199. hi kalli,
    jizan is a developed city and university is also located in jizan.You can avail well furnished accomodation in jizan of every type within 2000SR, can also save some from it.Aboutpeople over here they are very conservative,selfish,problematic etc.But i herd educated people are good natured as we know good n bad r found everywhere.You r appointed in university at university level they are able to understand english.No1 knew arabic when come here.Here is a lot of indian.weather is hot throughout.

  200. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Nusrat sir.Thanks for your kind reply.I have heard Sabiya is closest to Jizan.Please clarify if there is any bus facility from this place or any other place to the Jizan University and if currently single bedroom accomodation is available in Sabiya.

  201. Waalaikumusalaam,
    Actually we r living in SAMTAH away from jizan so dnt know more about it.Here i m sending u a taxi driver no, belonge to india,living here from many years.He will guide u bcoz he is having every information.0554734711 here is tat no.His name is raju.
    Best of luk

  202. Nusrat, You may visit Jizan and nearby local schools, colleges & even Jizan University. Mostly, Indians are recruited as teachers/lecturers and they will definitely help you out. Once again you should have to spare time and visit these places.

  203. Shukran Jazeelan
    Nusrat sir, for your help and advice.

  204. John
    Ok lot of thnx.

  205. Kalli,
    Most welcom

  206. I also want to say a big THANK YOU for everyone who always helps out anytime there are questions about Jizan!

  207. Is there any Indian hotels in Jazan

  208. Not exactly a Indian Hotel but Darus Safa near Toyota,very famous…….. with an Indian Manager.

  209. Thanx for the info. I am planning to join Jazan University in Aug,2012

  210. Thanks a lot for the information.

  211. Helow frandz…..
    My name is sheru i m from Pakistan. Guys i have my own water company in jazan.If u people want any help plzzzz contact me. 0599651314

  212. In whole world we cant get peaceful place like jazan ksa. Guys i born here. Again

  213. Friends
    somebody please come forward and open one pure vegetarian Indian restaurant in Jazan. We are missing our Indian food very much. In Al Rashid Mall Tandoor is opening its Branch very soon. But we don’t get veg varieties in Tandoor also.

  214. Hi to all!
    Thank’s I found this website. As this is the first time we will be going to Baish Town planned on 23 April 2012, I want to ask if there is any hotel in Baish that we can rent for 3 to 4 days. I also want to know the rates. Any information will be much appreciated.

  215. Sounds like a market opportunity here!

  216. Armand, there are several hotels in baysh but the coziest ones are Royal Salam and Hyat Baysh Hotels. prices for single room ranges from 190-270 SR per night. Cheaper ones are available in the area inside the market place.

  217. Thank’s for your reply Jeffrey. I really appreciate. how about transportation going to baish. is there a bus or only taxi is available. I also want to know the rate. By the way we will go there to visit jec site for familiarization of the site. I am from a construction company in dammam. Our company intending to bid for future projects that will be started in jec. We have many assignments I dont know if we can accomplish in 4 days such as getting prices and sources of major materials and subcontractors. Can you still help me on this regard. Thank’s again Jeffrey.

  218. Hello Mr Armand
    We are from Baysh only. When we first came to Baysh we had stayed in Motel, Sea Road. Very Clean and good service. for a suit with kitchen we had paid 300 SR. single rooms you may get for less also. Lot of new hotels are there in Baysh.

  219. @ yash,
    thanks for the info. my mind is at ease now. because i cannot find any information and only when it happen to visit this website. big thank’s to the administrator and to all.

  220. I thank everyone that participates and responds to queries about Jizan!!!

  221. Actually I want to know the prices of gadgets like iphone4S ,samsung galaxy note, dell xps laptop in the market of jizan. And I also want to know about gadget which are cheap in this place . How will be the price compare to the indian rupees ?

  222. Please visit EXTRA in jazan.

  223. Public transport is a big problem here. It is better for your to rent a car directly from the airport. Besides, Baysh Town itself is around 20km away from JEC.

    BTW, I am South Steel Company. We are the only company, so far, in JEC. Look me up when you reach here.

  224. Thanks again Jeffrey. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Can I get your contact number. Kindly send to this email aflongalong@gmail.com. Regards,

  225. @ Armand

  226. hi
    i am hindu/Indian getting an offer in jazan uni as a computer sc. lacturer i would be coming alone with my 8 yr old daughter. can any body tell me abt safety cocern 4 single lady with a kid and i m pure veg. i also need a good indian school can anybody guide me

  227. hi
    i’ll be assigned as staff nurse under the ministry of health in jizan. do you know any filipino nurse or doctor whom i can contact with for inquiries about policies or other concerns for nurses and the like?

  228. Anu
    Saudi arabia is one of the safest countries in the world.
    You are telling that you are coming with your daughter. so please enquire with the university people or any single lady working in university about accommodation.

    Single lady doctors and nurses working in sadui arabia, ministry of health are not allowed to stay outside the hospital campus.They have to stay in the quarters provided by the hospital and allowed to go out for shopping only once in 15 days or in a month. ( it is like staying in hostel in india). But i don’t know the rules in university. I have heard that lot of indians are there in Jazan university.

    Here in jazan you don’t get pure veg hotels like india.There are two big malls in Jazan. you will get burger, finger chips etc. So its better to bring some snacks and cooker, ready to eat packs while coming. so that you can prepare rice. (we are also vegetarians. so we brought all these while coming from India)

    There are 2 private schools near Jazan with Indian CBSE syllubus.One is in Sabiya which is around 25 kms from Jazan and another one is in abu arish. School bus is there from jazan to Sabiya. School.

  229. Hi BS
    thanks for the reply. pls let me know the cost of living in jazan in comparison to delhi. and is there any safety issue for a single lady.
    or other problems.

  230. Hi Anu

    I don’t know the cost of living in Delhi. I will give you some information about exps in Jazan.
    Monthly household exps SR 1000/-
    School fee for one child SR 300/-
    School Bus SR 150/-
    House rent (approx) SR 1500/-
    Electricity bill SR 100/-
    Compare to India Saudi is safe for ladies.Here the culture is very different. Single ladies don’t go out alone.always they are accompanied by male guardians.
    We have to wear Burqa or abhaya while going out of the house.
    If you want any other information pls give me your email id.

  231. hi BS ,
    thanks for providing all these information. r u from india. actually no male member is coming with me to Jazan only me and my daughter would be coming is there any problem in that . if single lady don’t go out then what is the way to buy things or other work. pls note my id ashkumari2004@gmail.com and send me ur mail id also . i will keep in touch with u.


  232. Dear bs,im here in Jzan for the past eight months.it is good,what anu has mentioned is correct,the standard of school is not good but u can go out whenever u want,no problems.If u are alone,prefer a indian taxi driver.Rest is ok.hope ul like this place.Im here in English centre.Tk cr.

  233. Hi Farah Shakeel

    Anu is coming alone with her daughter. Now my question is whether she is allowed to stay outside the campus with her daughter. Even if she is staying inside the university campus, whether she is allowed go out whenever she wants.

    We are staying with our family, so we can go out in a taxi whenever we want.

    Please clarify this.

  234. hi farah,

    BS is absolutly right. Kindly clear me this point that whether i m allowed go out whenever i wants. Because no male member is coming with me.

  235. Hi! Anu university has no accomodation facility,they will gv u ur HRA and u will have to look for an accomodation.Travelling alone here is not a problem.I have collegues who are here alone but they manage to travel alone.Best is to always take an Indain driver.You will have plenty of them when u reach here.Inshallah.N e other queries?Jazan is one of the nicest place in Kingdom and locals are good.There will be plenty of Indians to help u when u come.

  236. Thanks Farah for the info. I am Dr. Riyaz Sheikh(IND) planning to join Jazan Univ. as an Associate Professor. Do you have some info about the univ.? Do you know any person working at Jazan Univ.
    Allah Hafiz

  237. Dr.Riyaz.Askum,
    Iam myself workink here as an English Instructor.You can post ur qs?I,ll try to help n the best posible way.

  238. Assalam…wrwb
    Ms. Farah thanks for the instant reply. I am coming to Jazan in Aug,2012. I am coming alone and planning to bring family in a month or so. So when I reach there, am I supposed to stay in Hotel? Don’t we have any Guest House of Univ.? and if not, is there any hotel nearby? What will be the tariff?

  239. Hi Farah

    Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts. give me your contact no. or mail id

  240. Askum,
    Yes Dr.Riyaz you will have to stay in a hotel for few days but university will pay for it.They will allow max 5 to 6 days in the hotel.Meantime u will have to look for a house and finding an accomodation is diificult here.It would be better if u come during Ramadan as most expats go.BUT i think university wil not pay u for those holidays.

  241. Assalam..wrwb

    Thanks Ms. Farah for the information.

  242. @Jeffrey

    Can you send me your mobile number and Mail id to mhdmehraj@gmail.com

  243. hello.drinking alcohol is permitted in jizan/available aroud jizan?

  244. ha ha ha ha…..you are funny!

  245. i will be joining university as an asst. professor most probably in september, can anyone guide me abt how to get there as there is no international airport in jazan city, is it well connected with jeddah airport.?

  246. Hi!
    I am Hindu(female)-Indian. I got selected as lecturer in Computer Science Department at Jazan University. I think i will arrive there at end of August. I am coming alone. can anybody share accomodation with me. Waiting for reply….

  247. Hi friends!
    I just want to know what is the procedure to get mobile connnection and internet connnection. Because as soon as I reach jazan, i don’t know how to inform to my family that I am safe. And I also want to know money transfer facility. I wish to send my salary every month to India. Please help me in these matter…

  248. Hello Sivamalar

    I am Dr. Riyaz Sheikh from Nagpur(India). I am also joining Jazan Univ in the month of Aug,2012. Could you pls share your details so that we will be in touch when we reach to Jazan…

  249. Hello sir!
    Thanks for you mail. I am Tamilnadu, India. I got selected as lect. in Comp. sci. dept. My certificate attestation process is going on through Tayseer consultant, New Delhi. What about you sir? Which consultancy is processing for you?

  250. Hello Ma’am

    Good to see ur prompt reply. I am going there as an Associate Professor (MIS). My documents are processed through HabSon Jobsup New Delhi

  251. Dear sir!

    Are you going alone or with your family? Do you know anybody there? i heard that finding accomodation is very difficult in jazan? Whats your plan? Did you arrange anything?

  252. Dear Ma’am

    Initially I am planning to go alone and to bring family after 2-3 months once I get settled over there.I have friends in KSA but unfortunately nobody is in Jazan.

  253. well! No problem. lets find some way to survive. sivamalar29@gmail.com this is my mail id. if you get information regarding ticket, accomodation, travel or any news from jazan univ plz update.I too share my details. keep in touch. Take care.

  254. Thanks for sharing the details. I’ll certainly keep you updating. Are you paying any fees to Tayseer for visa processing?

  255. No sir! after i received my offer letter, consultancy people said that they bare all the charges if i spare for any attestation. let me know your mail id.

  256. Dear,
    Let me know about the any Indian School For CBSC Pattern for above 8th grade.

  257. Dear,
    Let me know about the any Indian School For CBSC Pattern for above 8th grade.
    mail Id:— mohammad.rashed@rediffmail.com

  258. Dear Sir

    I think there is a school in Jazan with CBSE Board. But as far as my knowledge is concern, education is not so good in Jazan.
    Are you going to Jazan? If yes, could you share your info with us?

  259. Please, I would like to have information about how to get to Jazan University from Canada? Also, is there any African American teaching at JazanU?

  260. Hi..I will be working in jizan most probably at the end of July as assistant manager in a batching plant company…I’ll be coming here alone..I am a Filipino…I would like to get in touch to all pinoys working out there..I s there any way to contact all of you guys? This is the first time I’ll be working in middle east…


  261. Hi guys can anyone tel me about sabya??

  262. @Rene, HI Rene. I, too, am a Filipino here in Jizan. We have quite a presence here in this area. We have an online community as well in Facebook, OFW Jizan KSA. Check it out. Will be quite a culture shock for you since this is your first time in the Middle East. Best advice, keep your expectations low. All the best!

  263. my name is Shalini and I am an Indian woman who got offer from Jizan as I hold Ph.D in English Literature.I was given Astt.prof. but I didnot accept the offer as I intend to join as Prof.How much can I expect in terms of salary package and kindly send an update if the salaries are realy fixed or do they change with the candidate’s profile.I have authored around ten books in Eng and also won the best teacher award in India.

  264. @jeff..Thanks for your response bro. I am already expecting this scenario to happen once i step in in Jizan. I saw some photos of the infrastructure and establishment it seems the place is amazing. It looks like Roxas Boulevard here in Manila way back 1980’s. I read some article from this website Jasan in future will be develop as economic city of saudi arabia and promote international tourism. Well, if this will going to happen it’s good for us. What is your perception for this bro? I saw videos here so many newly under construction establishment. Anyway, nice meeting you..Hope to see u there soon..


  265. Dear,
    May any one help me the details of Al Maareefah International School and new admission timing.They can admit in between the session or not.My family is on the way to Jizan.One more information about CBSC School for grade 7th to 10th are available in Jizan.
    I am totally upset about the schooling of my children.I get the information about SABIYA SCHOOL but the standard of education is more important.Whatever let me any one inform me as earliest to make right decisions.

  266. Mr.Riyaz,
    You did not clear just wrote there is a school in JIzan.Please find for me all details and quickly post here.Request to anyone who can help me for this.
    Mohammad Rashed Ahmad

  267. Askum,
    Mr. Ahmad I am sorry to say but the level of both the schools is not good here.Moreover the level of primary is much better than that of middle and senior school.

  268. AOA,
    Please help me for the name of school and contact details of school administartion.Also I have to know about the admission cariteria.Those are taking admission in between the session or not.Please give me idea through your concern and knowledge.

    Mohammad Rashed Ahmad

  269. Asw…wrwb….

    Thanks for sending the number of Dr. Jahagir.

    I think there was problem at the time of noting the number.

    Kindly resend the number.

    Following are the details of school at Jizan:

    Mrs.Pritima Tyagi (Principal) Mobile: 00966-531698976.
    Mr.Majeed (Administrative Officer) Mobile: 00966-531693347.

    Tel#: 07-325-3732

  270. Walekumassalam,
    Yes they do take admissions as expats keep coming throughout the year.Apart from schooling everything is good here.I love everything about Jazan.If with family people show special concern.Locals are also good.

  271. SHakeel sb,
    A lot of thanks for your kind support and help.Please give me the details of school name and Number to contact them.
    Allah Haafiz

  272. Walekumassalm,I am so sorry i dont no the details….. it is in Abu Areesh,may be 20 to 25 min drive from main Jazan name is Mustaqbil and the other school’s name is Al Marefa,u can get the details on google i guess.

  273. Any Indian doctor on the blog working at KFGH?

  274. im coming im coming jizan” im al ferrer fillifino” im will be workng in jizan. as a auto mechanic” this is my 1st time ….. to work in the middle east. please advised me…. god bless to all

  275. Good luck, Al! It’s a horrible place with some decent pay.

  276. can any one provide me the info for visiting Farsan Iland, visiting jizan for first time from Riyadh by Car with family.
    Thanks a lot


  277. Just arrived to work in Jizan. People seem very friendly and am looking forward to exploring the interesting landscape. Any tips on interesting sites to visit in the area, apart from the usual, gratefully appreciated.

  278. Hi, I and my husband are medical doctors, gynaecologist and medical specialist. We have got a job offers from MOH in Najran city. We are concerned about the schooling of our 2 sons, class 4 and class 2, ages 9 and 7 years. I would like to know about English medium schools for expartriates children in or near Najran. Dr. Maliha

  279. Dear maliha Jezan is improving a lot dont worry more schools are in line to open soon.

  280. can anyone give me some information about purchaising a car in jizan? what is the cost? which model is the best in low price? and from where we can can buy that car?

  281. Dear All,

    I feel I owe it to everyone who has read this blog to inform them that I am leaving Jizan soon.

    Please do not get me wrong. Jizan is improving a lot. And it is going to improve more. Most noteworthy to mention is the opening of the first American-standard International School. Next are the malls and fast food joints to open soon like KFC, Hardees and McDonald’s.

    I am leaving for personal reasons. But I would like to assure everyone that I did enjoy my stay. The place has a lot of heart amongst the locals and a very good potential for business.

    Would still be following this blog though. And would try to contribute as much as I can based on actual experience.

  282. Dear Jeffrey,

    There is no doubt you will be missed. I wish you all the best and glad you will stay in touch with American Bedu blog.

  283. Hi, I am swapnil and I am from India and I am Hindu.I have got a job here in Jizan and I m staying in Sabya currently in company accommodation from past 15. But I am planning to bring my family here after 3-4 mths. So I would like to know is it advisible to bring my family here in Sabya? and where I could find Indian locality in Sabya? Please Help as I am bit worried…….

  284. hi i m mrs. gupta from india i want to cm with my husband. my husband’s name is not included in the passport while we hav a valid marriage certificate. can we enter the kingdom with passport and marriage certificate for relationship proof. kindly reply soon.

  285. Dear Ms.Gupta,
    Get ur marriage certificate translated in Arabic and/or get ur husband’s
    name entered in ur passport.Ur husband’s name in ur passport is more important.

  286. is it compulsory to wear abaya in jizan,,,, or selwar kameez is allowed their.. please reply me.. i am a indian coming their with my husband for fist time

  287. Yes,it is compulsory.

  288. hello everyone..:) jazan is indeed an improving city, ive been here for almost 2 years now, all necessities are nearby (malls,market,banks(remittances),schools,park.food chain (herfy,little ceasar,pizza,mc donalds, coffe shops inside malls plus friendly locals, ill be leaving jizan early next year but will surely return w/ diff. employer.. hopefully jizan univ….. 🙂 ive been in farsand island too! such a great experience… 🙂

  289. can anybody suggest me the rent of 1 bhk house near Jazan Uni. or even can anybody help me in searching the same. i am moving Jazan this month ending.

  290. Anybody hav idea about Ad-Dair. tell me something abt it. I hav got a posting there.

  291. Hi, soon I might be working there for a while, just wondering if there would be Philippine School around Jizan?

  292. Asak my husband is selected as asst prof in college of medicine, jizan university.but i m not willing to go their because i worry about education of my children my daughter is in nursery i want to know about indian schools and their teaching standards

  293. Salam would u tell me how much cost to rent a house in Jazan

  294. have the women to close there face or only to wear Abayah with face open

  295. Asak. Plz anybody tell me about the indian schools and their standard as compared with schools in india.

  296. I am considering an offer from Jizan University. Please let me know about women hostels or rental accommodations suitable for Indian woman.

  297. Dear Farzan Assalam-O-Alaikum,

    I am working here as a Civil Engineer since last year and my family is with me.Previously i was in Riyadh,but my joblocation change to Jizan.
    There is a school but not a standard as compared with Schol in India.They have curriculam as per international,but all of the books are from Indian publications and tuter from India & Pakistan both.
    My kids are studying there(AL MAREAFA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) in 7th and 4th garade.



  298. plz anybody give me some information regarding house rent and availability in jizan for a family of 3.

  299. House rent ranges b/w 1500 to 2500 SAR in Jizan

  300. If you are single than Hostel is only option here. With family, the house rent ranges from SAR 1500, check with your salary package.
    House rent is usually 25% of basic salary

  301. is the road from riyad to jizan are now safe for travel?

  302. Hi,

    I am Hiba Khan, appointed as a lecturer in Jazan Uni.. will be joining in Aug InshaALLAH… have no idea about the place and living cost and fooding and lodging etc… would like to get info regarding this. Pls help hibainheaven@gmail.com

  303. Hello, My husband has recently got an employment in Jazan University and we will soon be moving from Pakistan. Could any one provide some information regarding the availability of bay sitters/nannies in Jazan.

  304. Thx everyone….very informative….

  305. if anyone has information on the proposed new American std school in jizan, could you pls post info about it, when it opens, contact info, address, email, website, etc Thank you kindly.

  306. Riyadh-Jizan International School
    Playschool– Grade 7
    Playschool SR3,000
    KG1-KG3 – SR6,000
    Grade 1-4 – SR 9,000
    Grade 5-7 – SR11,000-13,000
    Start September

  307. Al-Mustaqbal International school
    KG1-Grade 8
    SR 4000 – (small discount for multiple children)

    AL Marifa International School
    KG1 – Grade 8
    SR5,500 (first child) SR4,800 (second child)

    Sabya Riyadh International School
    KG1-Grade 8
    SR 4000 – (small discount for multiple children)

  308. Hi, I am Akhilesh Latoria and I am from India and I am Hindu.I have got selected as a Lecturer at Jizan University, where I could find Indian locality in Jazan? have no idea about the place and living cost and fooding and lodging etc…and how is the living conditions for hindu families and is it true even Hindu womens should wear a burca their would like to get info regarding this Please Help latoria.akhilesh@gmail.com as I am bit worried……

  309. Hi
    I am living in delhi…my husband has got a job offer from Al darb jizan..we don’t have any information about Al darb town…is there any chance he can bring family ? Please can anyone tell us about al darb.. is it very remote town….? How about indian schools, lifestly, recreation etc….we are in dilemma to accept the offer..please help us to know about it.

  310. Assalam o Alaikum. I’m Dr.Kalyan, shall be joining JizanU by Aug third week 2014 to join Computer Science dept.,inshaallah. Which is the area nearest to JizanU for renting a house.Looking for single room + kitchen accommodation in SR1000 p.m nearest to the university. Please e-mail me at chilukurikch@rediffmail.com. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  311. please help… help…. help… one of my brothers lost the border area of Yemen and jizan in Saudi Arab he is Bangladeshi name Ismail, if any one get any information please contact with sarwar kamal mobile no 01814078827, 01815064852.

  312. dear all, I will be joining of of the hotels in jizan and i want to know if 2250 SAR is enough to rent a 2 bed room flat.

    appreciate your kind help.



  313. Asssalaam Aaleekum,

    I shall be Joining JizanU in Aug 2014. I’m planning to look for single bedroom accomodation nearest to JizanU. My wife and kids accompany me later in few months, I plan to join my kids in Al-Mareefah Intl. school.
    I’m looking for accomodation in a place
    – That is near to Jizan University
    -That has some shops(with Indian stuff) near it and
    -That is reasonably near to Al-Mareefah school.
    Which location do you suggest?. Btw. is bus transportation is available to Jizan University?.
    Please do reply fast as time is short.
    Shokran Jazeelan in advance.

  314. Sorry I’m no longer living in KSA. I have since moved on to employment elsewhere. My post was several years ago. Good luck

  315. Hai Guys-I am planning to come Ad-darb-soon-Just before i come i am interested to know any Indian or international schools near by ad-darb for my daughter studying in 2 class -guys please help me to find out schools.Thanks for every one.

  316. Assalaamu alaikum

    Tomorrow evening insha Allah I will be leaving to Jazan with my wife and two kids.

    I have been selected as specialist ophthalmologist by MOH.

    Will there be somebody to receive us at airport. If not whom to contact?

    I don’t know even the name of hospital where I will be placed.

  317. Hi. Nice article. Can you help me? I want to know if there are strong winds for windsurfing and kitesurfing in jizan? Thanks

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