Saudi Arabia: The One Place Where Men May Wear as much Perfume as Women


I’m sure we have all been in the situation where one has had an encounter where a woman may enter a room and the whole room is engulfed and permeated by the scent of her strong perfume?  Can you imagine that in Saudi Arabia it is more likely for the man to be found wearing the stronger scent than the woman?  One of my conclusions as to why this is so is perhaps the man does not believe in deodorant and instead believes a strong scent is a more pleasant aroma?  I have also observed that particularly with the men (and sometimes the women) who wear the strong scents that they may have long exited a room but the scent remains behind them for hours.  Now I’m not adverse to scent at all and am known to wear (light) scent myself at times.  Among my favorite is a natural lavender scent made by our own blogger Aafke.  But I do think that in some places signs should be posted that strong scent is not permissible, such as in hospitals and especially on floors where patients may be in weakened conditions with low immune systems.


pepeI should also mention that it is so expected that men and women alike will use and enjoy strong scents that in many homes there will be a collection of scents for guests to use either attractively arranged in a washroom or sometimes even on a small table in an entrance foyer.


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  1. This could be a reason… Growing up and to this day, my father does not let me up and leave the house with a strong scent or perfume because it is forbidden in Islam to the fact that the scent can attract unrelated males. So I guess that could be one reason it seems men load on the cologne more! It’s an adverse situation though too, men can’t just pile it on to smell good for the ladies!

    I had friends whose house/clothing/everything smelled strongly of “bukhoor”… Do you know what it’s made of? It seriously lasts forever and ever…!

  2. I have a compromised immune system, and while I’ve gotten many warnings from my doctor about what I should and should not do, I’ve never heard that avoiding someone who smells is an issue. Do you know the reasoning behind this?

  3. Great post! I have never heard of compromised immunity and perfume being an issue although allergies and strong scents are (may be interconnected?). Some places do have signs for this reason, eg. my Drs office as her secretary is allergic, and the perfumed inserts in fashion magazines have fallen out of favour for the same reason. Even non-allergic patients often have enough problems without being bombarded with overwhelming scents–although perfumed ones do mask the odour of less pleasant hospital smells. My father shared a hospital room with a man with fecal incontinence, and since there was no other room available, the nurses sprayed a mask with perfume and gave it to my father so he could tolerate the stench.

    I agree perfumes are no compensation for hygiene, but I usually only have a problem with certain, particularly sweet smelling perfumes. One of the ones popular a few years ago gave me such a nauseated feeling that I had planned to ask any regular psychotherapy patient who wore it to not wear it to sessions. Fortunately that never happened.

    Over Christmas my 9 year old nephew came home from playing at a friend’s house smelling strongly of a ladies’ perfume. The friend’s ADD sister had sprayed her Christmas gift all over her brother’s bedroom, so all the boys became “infected”. You could smell my nephew from afar and any room he was in retained the scent which was pleasant, if strong.

    The scents for guests sounds like a lovely Saudi custom and a beautiful extension of Arab hospitality.

    Thanks for a fun and interesting post!

  4. For men to use perfume is one of the Prophet’s peace be upon him, Sunnahs. It was loved by him, hence the main reason why men use it in the Islamic tradition 🙂

  5. Salaams Carol:

    I love natural scents. But I hate artificial ones that contain toxic materials. One time I was at a meeting with a room full of Muslim men. Their oils were so overpowering that I thought I was going to get sick 😦

  6. I confess! I love the strong perfumes of Saudi men!

    Of course, limits should be imposed for the reasons
    already mentioned, that’s for sure.

    The women’s perfumes are also wonderful. In the late 80s, Saudi women were wearing Scherrer No. 2. You could smell it everywhere, even in public. I adored that perfume. To this day, I love it, and use it regularly.

  7. The perfumes in Saudi and the Middle East region are much stronger than the ones typically used in the West. And I know personally a handful of individuals who are extremely sensitive to these strong scents where they feel their lungs are being invaded and closing in on them making it difficult to breath. In another case I know of an individual who was undergoing chemotherapy. A hospital employee entered his room wearing strong scent and within minutes the individual was having projectile vomiting due to the reaction to the scent. And sadly, the scent lingered in the room for almost an hour.

    There actually is a specific medical condition which applies to individuals who are scent sensitive with the reactions to the lungs and chest but the name presently escapes me.

    And I find it interesting that muslim men are encouraged to wear scent yet women must be careful so as not to be viewed as trying to attract men? Did I understand that correctly from the comments?

    @Jammy – if you look up my earlier post about Oud that will give you the background and history on what it is, etc.

  8. hello,

    long time no comment here.

    I am a person who likes to put a light scent, one spray of anything is more than enough for me. I just dont like to smell artificial. I remember my american friend in oregon asking me once.”why can i always smell a saudi man from across the hall”, they asked. ” its disgusting, consuming of natural resources, a waste of money, and its also an invasion of our personal space”. they added. I think they also look at it as trying to cover up another nasty smell behind it. nothing is worst than smelling something funky mixed with perfume.

    I personally make fun of my brother, who is Very much more traditional than I am. He puts on too much “smell” from ood to flower oils. He goes out of his way to find unique blends and underground sellers. he deals with alot of older folks and very traditional people, so maybe its his way of “hustling” while doing business. I try to always remind him that when dealing with westerners, you should wear much less “smell”.

    as for women, i think its pretty obvious. a woman shouldn’t attract men, wear signs of beauty, according to tradition. I have also observed that women do wear softer smells. for example, my cousin always wears a vanilla smell, which makes her smell like a cake always. but its not over whelming. thats my observation, and i am pretty sure that there are women who dunk themselves in strong perfume.

  9. American Bedu–Are you thinking of anaphylaxis, a specific type of allergic reaction that can be rapidly life threatening due to airway constriction?
    Most likely the chemotherapy patient was nauseated from chemo (an almost universal side effect) and the scent triggered the vomiting. Allergic reactions and immunosuppression would be less likely explanations (allergies are in a way overreactive immune reactions).
    So far in my own experience the scented Arab men I have known are both hygienic and relatively moderate in their use of scent (strong but not overwhelming). My understanding of the Islamic gender difference is the same as that mentionned–Sunnah for men, discouraged for women (not always practised obviously :-))
    Once again, fun and interesting. Thanks.

  10. It’s not lavendar! It’s a tiny drop of lavendar, with a larger base of YlangYlang (guaranteed to attract men :mrgreen: ) and Neroli (very, very, very expensive) a small hint of rose geranium, and a little bit of lemongrass to give it a bit of zest!

    (you never want to overdo the lavendar, it attracts most men, but many westernmen will also be remembered of their grandmas)

    I was passed by three eastern-looking boys last week in a shop, and was swamped in scent. Saved me from haveing to use any myself 😉
    I never leave the house without a small dash of a pleasant non-obtrusive scent as I was taught it to be part of being a well groomed woman.

    I have been sent a lovely warm subtile perfume from Mecca, it’s a creme, and apparently made of deer-stomach.

  11. Yikes!! even some of my 4 year old students are bathed in the traditional oils before they come to school!
    I find the traditional smells here to be pleasing (unless someone bathes in them). A little goes a long way, and they make great gifts for my American family:)

    ps…i always have to convince my own saudi husband that one squirt of the burberry will do…i don’t need to smell him from across the street!

  12. Well I can understand where the prohibition may come from for women using perfume- in the middle east they are strong and the homemade varieties can be overwehlming and lasting…but in other parts of the world scents have been developed so that they are soft and almost non-existant- the lavendar one I use is so soft you’d have to get pretty close to smell- and since I don’t snuggle up to people they don’t even notice…

    Not to mention that I spend a good part of the early morning in the operating theaters and adjacent areas- the last thing a patient needs on an empty stomach is the scent of “Poison” to send them off!

    But nothing can replace the scent of a freshly washed person with a non-scented deodorant!

    Or a baby just bathed and powered with those soft baby scents- you just want to snuggle with them!

  13. Abdullah Hamed – welcome back! You have a lot of posts to catch up on. I especially want your comments on my earlier post about Saudi dating guide!

    Chiara – I believe that is the name of the condition.

    I’d like to point out though that the traditional scents here can be very cloying and invasive if used to excess. They are bottled up exquisitely but use sparingly!!

    Aafke – thanks so much for telling me more about the ingredients. Your homemade scent is incredible. Even my spouse who is sensitive to scent just loves it when I apply a tiny bit of the one from you. So I guess there you have confirmation – it is a man attention grabber!

    I learned the hard way to have scents for men in the “men’s bath” of our home (adjacent to a lounge used for male visitors). I had kept a variety of scents in my guest room and of course these were perfumes from the West. To my surprise a male houseguest applied Chanel liberally!! He was not aware they were scents for females and decided to experiment. I had to have my husband explain before he left the house smelling too feminine as there was no way I was going to try and touch that subject and fear of offending him or embarrassing both of us!

  14. That’s not so strange, women’s scents are designed to also appeal to men, and vice versa.
    I used to love MissBalmain a lot, which is a fairly heavy scent, and is leaning towards more male scents.

    There is one scent which makes me throw up as soon as I smell it; it’s só artificial, actually: ”industrial” is the first thing which came into my mind the first time I had the misfortune to smell it!

    I suppose you could be really black-stocking-islamic and wear that: guaranteed to send all men with the capacity to smell running in the other direction! :mrgreen:

  15. Yes! Wasn’t Abdullah Hamed the original instigator of your most subversive post up-to-date? A post with repercussions and ramifications all over Blogsphere?
    It’s all his fault!
    He will be punished by having to read all comments ànd trackbacks!!!! And report on it here to prove he did so!

  16. I’m one of those fans who prefer feminine scents since they’re so light.

    The best torture is on Fridays at the many masjids I visit for Friday prayers. There has to be that one person to turn me green because of the very thick scent of attar some men wear before going for prayers.

    Putting on scent before God is more than welcome but for consideration, use a light one instead of the seriously thick concentration. It certainly distracts us from listening the khutbah of the Imam. There’s more than one occasion where I’ve smelt perfumes that’s worse than a cheap bukoor and its not BO.

  17. well…Aafke, I guess he is not anonymous anymore but yes, he also encouraged that the post on dating be written….I don’t think he knows yet how infamous it has become all over the blogosphere! (LOL)

    Firdaus – I so agree with you that light fresh scents are the nicest. I prefer natural and ones that have a light flower or fruit scent. Due to the dry season time here in KSA I forego scent since the aloe vera cream I use takes its place.

  18. Re: gender and perfume
    A foreign student friend of mine from North Africa uses samples of perfumes including women’s. I don’t have the heart to tell him, especially since he doesn’t smell particularly feminine, and probably has budget restrictions. He probably chooses more masculine smelling ones. Maybe I’ll buy him a cologne for Mawlid–oh no better not, male-female cross-cultural interfaith misinterpretations might abound! 🙂

    re: perfume and medicine (a new subspecialty? :-))
    Anaphylaxis can lead to anaphylactic shock, another term you may be looking for. Agreed with Inal, npo, pre-op, and perfume would probably be retched (in all senses of the term) for patients. Scents can enhance one’s mood and social life or not; and too much is probably never a good thing.

    re: perfume and other odours
    Duran, an Asian fruit, has a mild pleasant smell from afar and an overwhelming cloying one from aclose–leading my friends in Hong Kong to laugh when I said I liked the smell, and to subtly warn me with stories of acquaintances who ate too much duran and discomfitted their table mates.

  19. I personally like to put some perfume on before going to work, part of my job is to look, sound and smell presentable. I used to buy the same perfume but I am getting really sick of my brothers picking up into their travel bags and ‘forgetting’ them there. And to tell you the truth, recently we found some really nice perfumes that went well on men as they did on women.. I have a habit not to pay attention to details so I’ll note their names down later on.

    I personally also like to use “ladystick” deodorant.the pink one also, how gender confusing is that!! It smells really nice and it applies and works well for me.

    We cannot really put Saudi men under one umbrella.. you will find those who like ultra-sweet-smelling-expensive Sandalwood extract incense.. which they have to hustle for. And we can find cheap knockoffs that smell worse than body odor!

    You will notice it differs from Saudi to Saudi with their background. It’s important to note that perfumes are engraved into the culture.. burning expensive incense to guests is a very important to hospital families.

    I also like reaching my room tired from work and finding the Bukhoor smell there to welcome me..

  20. DW, you’re using the ladystick deodorant too? OMG I love that! I can skip the perfume and still smelling nice, more than 2 hours later.

    Even after a night’s sleep, the deodorant’s smell is still there. Not that I have fetish for underarm sniffing but the smell just happened to be stronger than my own bedsheets.

  21. I know…sometimes there is an aroma, scent or smell from something and we think…oh that would make a heavenly perfume!

    I like the oud but I cannot apply it heavily as many do as then it will make my eyes water and I sneeze too much.

    You’re right DW.. the perfume is indeed ingrained in the culture for both men and women. All my female inlaws carry at least one bottle or more of perfume in their handbag always.

  22. When I first arrived here over 20 years ago…I couldnt understand why everyone used such copious amounts of perfume….if you got in a room with several women you were overpowered most of the time. Getting into an elevator with one or more men just about had you searching for clean air or holding your breath…it was just too heavy and overpowering….

    I quickly realized that under all that perfumed smell was the smell of body odor. It is the middle east with temps in the 100’s most days…so Im wondering if the habit of bathing in perfume is to try and hide the always present odor of sweat…

    I would also like to question the validity of women not being allowed to smell of perfume but men being allowed to bathe in it…once again…women are erased while men can strut like peacocks…women can be attracted to a nice smelling man just as much as a man attracted to a sweet smelling woman…so where is the sense in that? Again…no sense…and yet its considered Islam.

  23. Coolred, I think interpretation plays a huge role in this.. Women can wear the most alluring perfume for their men.. But I think some people mix between women dressing to allure men outside their houses with women who dress to appease their spouse.

  24. The High School boarding school I went to had a lot of Egyptian students in attendance. They were great people but the thing that bothered us American kids the most was the insane amounts of cologne the Egyptian boys always wore. The Egyptian girls said it was because of 2 reasons. One, the boys didn’t really know how to do laundry and two because except for Fridays, they weren’t keen on showering. Now, I don’t really know if the girls were just being mean or what, but it was tough to sit near any of those boys without choking.

  25. The medical condition described is usually called chemical sensitivity disorder. As far as I know it’s not common to find this condition alone but usually in conjunction with other conditions. Fibromyalgia is one I personally know of as it is a common problem amongst us Fibromites.

    I can’t spend more than ten minutes in a Bath and Body Works (they sell different lotions etc that are often quite nice but torturous to me when combined in a closed area) store. If I am in the company of people who wear strong scents it can trigger a flair that may last days. A friend of mine has similar problems where strong scents trigger her migraines. Another friend has severe asthma and her airways shut down if she is subject to intense smells be it perfume or cleaner. This can be deadly if she is ever without her inhaler.

    Among immune compromised patients CSD may trigger the immune system, already weakened by other problems, to try and fight the “invader”. In some auto-immune sufferers CSD can trigger their immune system to fight also but the nature of their condition leads to attack the body instead of the pathogen.

    In the US perfumes are often banned if you work in a hospital and since the American Disabilities Act was enacted many government and private companies have become more aware of the problems faced by people with CSD and will include a rule to curb the use of strong scents. Use of perfumes in staff members of finer dining establishments are also banned as the perfumes interfere with smell of the food presented and can hinder the enjoyment of a dish.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Saudi Arabia but it sounds like I might have problems because of my condition. I love the scent of lavender and jasmine (real jasmine not the fake since it’s too chemical smelling to me) and if used sparingly will not affect my condition. Aafke the scent you gave Carol sounds lovely. So does the creme from Mecca. Sadly, many people are not aware or do not care that other people may have difficulties in dealing with their clouds of perfumes.

    *OnigiriFB returns to lurking mode*

  26. Yes, Onigirl, I am aware of CSD. And surprisingly here in Saudi Arabia in the medical sector strong scent seems to be overlooked unless someone complains multiple times. I guess this is due to the culture and tradition of wearing strong scent.

    I haven’t figured out yet why many (men) may prefer strong scent rather than wearing deoderant.

  27. OnigirlFb youb are no a lurker: you write an impressive long comment 😉
    It is of course etiquette that one doesn’t wear scent when going to a dinner, or only the most tinsy winsy little bit.

    Bedu, if you wear the same scent day in day out, you stop smelling it unless you put on a stronger amount… etc… etc… etc…

  28. OnigirlFb–an interesting comment. It has been a long time since I encountered the diagnosis of CSD which as you probably know is highly debated in medical circles and coexists with multiple psychiatric disorders. The pathophysiology is at least partly related to that of allergic responses. A beloved high school teacher suffered from MCSD to the point of requiring an extended leave of absence. A family friend Clara Valverde is an RN , and a global advocate for sufferers of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (from which she suffers). She has helped change legislation and hospital care in Spain. You might want to google her name. All the best.

  29. American Bedu–perhaps the deodorant vs scent practice is one of modern vs traditional; and/or, scents with or without deodorant are an olfactory art form and personal expression like fashion, jewellery, hairstyle and makeup in the visual realm.

    always ready to come up with a theory

  30. Sometimes, when you get into an elevator…there is more perfume scent than air! : ) But, personally, I like most of it.

  31. I assure you that men throughout North Africa, all the way to the Atlantic, also use perfume! My husband always borrows mine, as he likes the spray bottles on women’s cologne. He uses it like aftershave,all over his face. Many men here do this.

    Expat 21, in North Africa
    “Expat Abroad”

  32. On this subject you ought to do a post on what is called ” ‘oud”. It is VERY strong, and VERY expensive but smells SO good. A quarter ounce of the best stuff can go for hundreds of dollars.

    I am sure you have run into it. If you havent talk to your hubby about it. It is very well known in the Gulf.

  33. Tsss, AbuSinan: The oud discussion has already passed here several times!
    And Bedu did a long post on it! Back then you even gave me the name of a perfume to smell which smells something the same in the comments!
    Ah, well, old age I suppose…..

  34. oh…………lol. Old age or getting off the flu……

  35. Thanks for the link! I never knew it was made from a type of tree! New fact for the day : )

  36. The perfume they have by the washrooms is to be used after dinner, so that you don’t go around smelling like food for the rest of the evening, especially your hands.

  37. I think that is a great practice Fat al-Bort particularly as some of the dishes here do have aromas which can cling to your hands and hair!

  38. To really clean cooking smells like onion, fish or strong spices of your hands you wash them with a squirt of white toothpaste: works perfectely!

  39. And don’t forget foods like Kabsa. As you know, Saudis eat with their hands, traditionally.

  40. I’ve often just squeezed fresh lemon on my hands to for a natural “uplift.”

  41. I generally don’t like strong smells. I keep sneezing when smelling a strong perfume . I have a funny story :). Last year I visited one of my profs at his office. I checked my email-inbox after I met with him, and I found an email from him requesting that I don’t wear perfumes when meeting with any of the profs or at classes because the campus is scent free.

    Since then, I’ve never put any perfume except on my pillow 🙂 I live in campus — poor me. The interesting thing 🙂 I went to the bookstore in campus after I’ve read the email. a lady working there asked me what the name of the perfume on me, and she said that I should always use it. I couldn’t help smiling at that time (someone is asking me not to wear perfumes, and someone else an hour later is asking me to always wear perfumes ) Now, I have all the perfumes I bought from KSA last year almost full, if anyone would like to use them , he is welcome 🙂

    I’ve just remembered another story (I mean no offence from it) I remember that once, as a kid, I took all my parents colognes/perfumes and I used all of them at once 🙂 (I created my own mix 🙂 ) Then I went to my grandma house. My uncle, the first thing said to me “Are you doing like the French, you don’t take showers , and just put lots of perfumes to cover your smell ) I thought to share since I had a flashback when reading this post ..

  42. Khalid–I enjoyed your stories. Especially your childhood escapade. Reminds me of the French and English accusing each other of lasciviousness–such that a condom in English is “French letter” and in French is a “capote anglaise”. Hope this is not to racy a comment :-).

  43. Khalid, I am deeply schocked and dismayed!!!
    Not only do you make efforts to allure women with your subtile and attractive scent; after you manage to get their attention you engage in haraam banter and flirting!

    Please send any leftover perfumes to me! (fluttering eyelids in a haraam manner)

  44. LOL, I didn’t want to flatter anyone 🙂 the girl was flattering me 😛 I didn’t use as a result any perfume at the bookstore since then :).. You are welcome to have them all but they are males perfumes and not for females 🙂

  45. males = men 🙂 females = women 🙂 … sleepy sleepy .. Good Night

  46. Very much enjoyed these latest comments!

    So Khalid, now that you are visiting here in KSA, are you wearing scents?

  47. did it? create that much of an uproar on the blogosphere? wow, i need to get updated then. feel free to email me an update me on this matter.

    sorry just life getting really busy lately. i am also working on my game.. i don’t blog a lot, and i don’t view much blogs, but when i do, i come here.

  48. uh oh…seems I need your email address again…or better yet, I’ll provide the link in the next comment for you to see….

  49. Abdullah, I did a response on dating too:

    But the real whopper I did in response to he flak Bedu recieved from some people was this one:

    Hning, another visitor made her own post:

  50. And don´t forget UmmAdam´s offering, try to get through the comments as well.

    But I am far more interested in my own posts. I like myself much better. My posts are more fun too.
    Anyway, I don´t think you should date in KSA. I was very pissed about some the reactions. No one abuses my friends and gets away with it. }:(

  51. Awww….I Love ya’ll! (big hugs)

  52. This review of the great Saudi dating scandal–committed by a non-dating married Muslim 🙂 –reminds me of a question I had. Given the perennial who is a Muslim, who is a good enough Muslim debate, would it have been better or worse for a “Daughter of the Book” married to a Saudi to have made such a carefully worded and thought out post?

  53. I’ll sit back and see what responses that receives but may I suggest the query should probably be asked within the dating post or on the debate page? Thanks!!

  54. I copied my comment to the dating post, and look forward to any comments, including eventually yours. 🙂
    I guess it is part of a broader question of how the non-Muslim wives of Saudis might be viewed (or would such a marriage ever be governmentally approved?).

  55. Thanks Chiara. And a Saudi can indeed marry a non-Muslim as long as she follows one of the Abrahamic faiths. I know a number of non-muslim Saudi wives who are here in the Kingdom and of course with full approvals.

  56. i will be reading all those and follow what went on. I feel so proud causing so much thought provoking blog entries. It sucks that I couldnt take credit for all of it ha ha. maybe it is better to stay in the shadows about these issues. who knows.

    next time i am keeping my thoughts in my blog ha ha j/k

  57. i will soon write a blog post that might contribute.

  58. AH, the real ruling powers always stay in the shadows…..

  59. we will all eagerly look forward to your blog post Abdullah Hamed!

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  61. Abdullah Hamed, have you checked your Magic carpet project email? I sent you an email on the 25th of November, I hope you received it?

    Also I promised I’ll get the female oriented perfumes that seem to be a rave between young “kash5ah” men those days. CH (Carolina Herrera) and Dior Addict ( I am not sure if its female scent.. it’s bottle is sapphire bllue.

  62. oh wow DW i i missed that email somehow. i am almost asleep so i will read it tomorow and reply i promise

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  64. Welcome to the blog, Charles and thank you for all the helpful tips.

  65. i’ll be reading and waited for your new post

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  67. Who wrote this is incorrect. They wear deodorant. Arabs envented Deodarant. the main raw materials originate from that region. Please do your research better.

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