Have you Heard of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia?


When one thinks of Saudi Arabia, rarely does one immediately think of Yanbu. Why? Yanbu is known as an industrial and port city located in Medinah province about 350 kilometers north of Jeddah. Yanbu is the western terminus of parallel pipelines that carry liquefied natural gas and oil across nearly 1300 km (nearly 800 mi) of desert and mountains. The town is a growing industrial center with three large oil refineries, a petrochemical complex, and a large desalination plant. Industries using gas and oil as raw materials make a variety of consumer products, including plastics. Yanbu is connected with the rest of the country by a modern highway system. It also has an airport, a large commercial port, and a naval base. As a result, it is not surprising to hear that there are a large percentage of expats who live and work in and around Yanbu.

Of further significance is that in 1975 the Saudi government chose Yanbu and Al Jubayl, a small town on the Persian Gulf coast, to be developed as modern industrial cities. Both play a central role in diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economic base so that the country is not dependent solely on crude oil exports.


The new Industrial City of Yanbu was planned as the spearhead for the modernization of the whole of Saudi Arabia’s rural northwestern coastal region. It would also provide a new strategic outlet on Red Sea shipping lanes, to handle most of the Kingdom’s sea-borne trade. Planners envisaged a city with housing and lifestyle facilities second to none, and an urban population, which would exceed 100,000 by the year 2020. The Royal Commission planned 14 neighborhoods, or residential districts in the new city, which was to be known as “Yanbu Industrial City” (Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah).

After an initial injection of government money, the strategy was to provide incentives for increasing private investment. The Royal Commission sought to achieve this by the establishment of functioning primary and support industries, and by building an attractive residential environment for both management and workforce. The Commission’s first priority was therefore to establish a physical infrastructure, capable of supplying the needs of this growing urban community.

The city of Yanbu epitomizes practicality, efficiency and respect for tradition, and represents one of Saudi Arabia’s supreme achievements.

Yanbu is not only about its industries. Recreation plays an important role in communities like Yanbu consisting mostly of young people. To satisfy residents’ leisure and recreation needs, the Royal Commission has developed a wide variety of recreation facilities, conveniently located throughout the city.


Residential areas, for example, are inter-spersed with playgrounds, parks and football fields. More specialized facilities, such as tennis and squash courts, gymnasiums and swimming pools are located in large sports centers. These facilities serve the entire community and are sometimes used for inter-city and national events.

To help people develop their minds and pursue cultural interests, the Royal Commission has provided a broad spectrum of facilities, including museum, libraries, auditoriums, and assembly halls. The latter are used for such events as lectures, conferences, folkloric and theatrical shows and exhibitions.

With beautiful waterfronts nearby, it is not surprising that sailing, fishing and other water sports are popular at Yanbu. The city operates a marina and has developed stretches of beachfront for swimming and picnicking.

A favorite pasttime of many Yanbu residents, expats and Saudis alike is “Yanbu diving” off of the Red Sea. The main scuba diving location is an empty beach located north of Yanbu’s creek.

The reef consists of a steeply sloping wall in most places that goes down to around 100 feet or more before reaching a less steeply sloped sandy bottom. Occasionally there are sandy shelves at between 70 and 30 feet. There are many cavern-like structures in the shallow areas at the top of the wall, but don’t go very far back.

The site known as Barracuda Beach and Coral Gardens have always been the favorite. Barracuda Beach is a deep area where barracuda are known to congregate, as well as tuna, sharks and other larger fish. Coral Gardens is a shallow area of sloping sand where corals bloom beautifully and the current can be extremely swift. At the reef edge, it’s about 15 feet deep, great for ending the dive.


The Royal Commission Diving Center in Yanbu is one of the community’s oldest civic-minded recreational organizations. Its members are dedicated to preserving the natural wonder and ecology of the Red Sea reefs, in keeping with their motto “Take only pictures – leave no footprints”.

The Diving Center started out in 1980 as a club formed by a small group of expatriate divers, who had come to Yanbu as engineers and construction workers. They knew that the nearby Red Sea reefs were among the best diving sites in the world. Fortunately, some of those early members were qualified instructors, who began to pass their knowledge on the other club members.

By the mid 1980s, the club had achieved recognition by the Saudi Government and had received several commendations for community services. Rescue divers and instructors were being called upon to search for victims of flash flood and drowning. During holiday periods, rescue divers worked with the Frontier Forces, patrolling certain swimming and boating areas. As a result of these activities, the organization places great emphasis on training in emergency rescue procedures, underwater extrication and resuscitation both at sea and on the land.


The Yanbu Diving Center has a long and distinguished record of community service, of which its members are justifiably proud.

If your appetite has been whet to learn even more information about Yanbu, its history and what to see and do, I encourage you to visit this link.


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  1. thanks for giving insight of an unknown city (unheard of me) – thanks for giving link too

  2. It sounds as if the city was not only planned but very well planned. Somehow Coral Gardens are more appealing than Barracuda Beach! Oh the beautiful beach and scuba photos. They are almost cruel on this “dark and stormy night” here! LOL

    What a great example of expats’ social contribution to Saudi through the dive club.

  3. Hi, Afriend of mine was recently hired to work in Yanbu which is a happy coincidence for me as I will be in Thuwal. I read that Yanbu al Bahr meant “spring by the sea” I get the Yan and the Bahr but can someone explain the bu part of yan?
    Interesting post. Thanks

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  5. Hmm, I think ”Spring by the sea” sounds much more appealing as ”Yanbu industrial city” Which soounds like a scary gray sixties communist Russian industrial complex.

    So is all this beach, water and diving fun accessible for women? Or is it like the photo’s I saw of Jeddah, men having fun in shorts and swimming trunks, and women sitting nearby watching them, being slowly cooked in their black abayas.

  6. Yes, Spring by the Sea is indeed more appealing than industrial city and I further agree that when one hears industrial city the Russian communist era of buildings comes to mind!

    Just like Jeddah and other places in Saudi Arabia, most beaches are restricted for men but then there are other places (private and/or clubs) where men and women or women only can go.

    In fact a friend of mine recently had a great diving sojourn off Yanbu and this friend is a female!

  7. I was interested to read that Yanbu is actually comprised of three villages/towns, Yanbu al Bahr (Spring by the sea), Yanbu al Balad (Yanbu town) and Madinat Yanbu al Sinaiyah (Industrial city of Yanbu). The latter does seem user friendly rather than an industrial gulag, and I appreciate the effort to maintain contemporary Arab architecture.

    Glad to hear I will be able to snorkel/scuba dive if I ever get there! 🙂

  8. well my uni does have several trips to yanbu every year, but never had that much info on yanbo
    interesting article.
    (ps: the waters not as good as Maldives)lol

  9. Really interesting,,,I had heard of Yanbu industrial city,,,but never knew it had beaches or diving….

    That sounds quite appealling…I had been to Jeddah, but only did some snorkelling along the reef and found it really beautiful…It was like from the film Nemo 🙂
    The waters were initially shallow and then there was a wall: the reef and then the sea–deep blue. The reef was so colourful and there were all sorts of interesting fish….

    Really it is interesting to do topics like this about the different places that one can visit in KSA. They say also that the Farasan islands are very nice, but we have never been there………There are quite a few organised tours that take you there.

  10. I agree Gigi and as I do research I find so many places I do hope I can visit in KSA.

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  12. […] American Bedu, who lives in Saudi Arabia, takes us on a tour of Yanbu, an industrial and port city located in Medinah province about 350 kilometers north of Jeddah. Posted by Amira Al Hussaini  Print version Share This […]

  13. […] American Bedu, who lives in Saudi Arabia, takes us on a tour of Yanbu, an industrial and port city located in Medinah province about 350 kilometers north of Jeddah. […]

  14. I live and work in Yanbu and are concerned about the recent adds for nursing positions due to the lies the royal commission is spinning. The facts: Yanbu is highly conservative (more than Jeddah). There is no western expat community to speak of (unless you count me and the short term Europeans who hide in their compound). There is no beach that women can swim at without wearing a full abaya (barracuda beach is more than 1 hour 4×4 drive away and the coast guard will harass you anyway). Coral garden: never heard of it. Yes the diving is great if you are willing to fork out $100 each day not including the training costs (and be lucky enough to find an instructor that doesn’t try to feel you up). There are no ‘ancient markets’. Downtown Yanbu is a filthy place and not suited to women unless you want to be jeered and ogled at. Day trip to the ancient tombs of Maidan Saleh: if you could drive. There are no organized tours. The accommodation is run down, old furniture, only 3 English tv channels. The only real organized outings is a 5hr bus ride to Jeddah for shopping once ever couple of months or so. No parties, no alcohol (at least in Riyadh there are the embassy parties). Moreover, the hospital; the most disorganized, untrustworthy and deceitful management ever. I know the only 2 white (south African) nurses and if you could hear their stories… Non payment of salaries, lazy co-workers, And there is no overtime for anyone so your fixed salary is all you get. I strongly recommend if you want to nurse in KSA, go to Jeddah or Riyadh where you can make up to 23,000sr (with 4-5 overtimes/month). At the RC hospital, the most you will make is 16,000sr. At least you wont have anything to spend it on.

  15. concerned expat – sorry that your experience in yanbu is less than positive.

  16. Yanbu is very nice city and people of Yanbu respect western people. i know one of my friend (an american), he has been living in Yanbu for 20 years and he does not want to leave it

  17. Fahad,

    Thanks for your comment. I believe that every area has its pros and cons and there will always be individuals who are very positive to a specific area as well as those who are negative.

  18. hi iam yanbu man if any body need help or info in yanbu please call me at 009665050363181

  19. contact dr sk mishra email mskumar_36@rediffmail.com

  20. pl ease contact Dr. SK mishra . cell no-9412085566

  21. Have you heard of this housing compound The Cove that has inside it a lagoon and 2 km of private beaches? Is it better than Arabian Homes?

  22. Welcome Brian. It does look like a lovely compound. I am not familiar with it.

  23. I live in Arabian Homes in Yanbu and have visited The Cove Compound in the Yanbu Royal Commission. It wasn’t fully completed when I went about a month ago and won’t open until January 2010. The 3 bedroom villa that we looked at was very nice. Large living room and large master bedroom with marble floors throughout the villa. The living room and master look out onto the man-made lagoon. The kitchen is smaller than my kitchen in Arabian Homes. The two other bedrooms are a nice size with large built-ins.

    Overall the 3 bedroom villas looked very nice but the 2 bedroom villas and 2 bedroom apartments looked very small. This was especially true for the kitchen. I don’t think 2 people could stand in the kitchen at the same time.

    The compound itself is a little different than Arabian Homes. It is located inside of the Royal Commission near the harbor within sight of the Petrochemical Plants unlike Arabian Homes which is kindof on the outer edge of Yanbu (which feels a little more away from town but takes longer to get to work if you are in the industrial complex or Royal Commission.) The Cove is more wide open with all 300+ houses in a circle surrounding the cove where Arabian homes is set up in about 15 blocks of 10-12 houses surrounding a pool.

    I took a few pictures of the Cove and can take pictures of Arabian homes if you are interested

  24. Jason,

    Thank you very much for the detailed write up. It is so important to receive snapshots like this which aid others who may be going to Yanbu but do not know what to expect. I certainly encourage more and more helpful posts like this!

  25. No problem…I just moved to Yanbu in September from the US so your blog helped me out a lot.

    I can send you some photos of the 2 compounds if you want to post them or I can post it on my blog and copy the link here (I just got a new underwater camera so there are lots of Yanbu dive photos there also) Let me know which way you prefer.

    Oh, and pertaining to the article, the diving in Yanbu is amazing! I have done 1 boat trip from the Royal Commission (called Yanbu Industrial City in the article) but normally dive right off of the beach ~45 km north of Yanbu on the Red Sea just past an inlet that they call “The Sharm”. There are 3 named dive sites: Barricuda Beach, Coral Garden, and Green Head, but I’m not sure where each one starts and the next one ends. The beaches are usually empty except for 1 or 2 cars and the occasional Saudi Coast Guard Jeep. The beach is less than 1 meter deep for about 70 meters and then a wall of colorful coral down to about 40 meters. I’ve seen sea turtles, eels, huge barricuda, grouper, octopus, spotted stingrays, and huge purple and blue clams.

  26. Sounds incredible Jason! I suggest that you post the links to your blog. They may go into moderation but don’t worry, I’ll approve them!

  27. I created a separate Arabian Homes Versus The Cove blog here at:


    Since our company is thinking of moving us to the Cove when it opens, the guys that I work with have been having a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of both.

    Also, my personal blog with photos of life and diving in Yanbu is available at


    for anyone who is interested

  28. I am arabian women live in yanbu. Yanbu it’s very nice city and very quiet place and very small city . it has nice beach. i know not allow the women to swim but there is privet places for men and women could swim togather. here the people respect the forigan people. and here the most of the company offeres very good salary and live ensureance and midical ensureance ..
    the most of forgin people are so happy here. but still jeddah it’s has more freedom than yanbu ans jeddah it’s very big city it’s very sutible for forgin people tp live

    and help you can contact me ….

  29. Welcome Nona!

    Thanks so much for providing some additional input about Yanbu.

  30. thanks for the great information about my city 😀
    i live in Yanbu Industrial, Royal commission

  31. Welcome Whisper! Please feel free to provide us with more information about Yanbu from an insider’s perspective!

  32. hi american bedu,

    your website is very helpful! thanks a lot!

    i’m an expat staying in jeddah.

    i’m going to yanbu with my family and friends this weekend. do you know where can we take the ladies for snorkeling? am a bit concerned that just like jeddah, you’ll hv to find a private beach to snorkel.

  33. Welcome Ira,

    I’m glad you find this blog helpful. I’ve not been to Yanbu yet myself so I hope that another reader more familiar with the snorkeling sites will respond.


  34. Ira, there are no private beaches that cater specifically to expats in Yanbu that I’m aware of. My wife and I normally go diving and snorkeling at a place called Barracuda Beach just north of the Sharm. It’s usually pretty empty except for a few expats diving (maybe myself included), a few people fishing, and the coast guard patroling the beach to check papers. My wife has never had any issues, but I think that she had a wetsuit on every time the coast guard stopped us since we were walking in from diving.

    Finding it is a little tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. You will take the road towards Umluj (towards Jordan) past a checkpoint that they don’t make you stop. The 3rd or 4th radio tower on a hill on the right is gray and a different shape than the previous. Once you cross that one, look out for a graded dirt road on the left in the next few hundred meters (http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=24.2460157&lon=37.8851938&z=17&l=0&m=b for the satellite shot of the turnoff). Follow the dirt road until you get to the blacktop road and take a right. You will dead end at the beach near the easiest spots for entry (it’s about 5 km from highway to beach and about 30-40 minute total drive from Yanbu). (http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=24.1554273&lon=37.8870392&z=16&l=0&m=b is where you will end at the beach)
    Make sure to bring water shoes because it’s a }50m walk out to the reef edge in sharp shallow water. Anywhere along the beach the reef is good but the walk out may be longer depending on where you stop.

    There are 2 other places that would be options also: 1)Near the Cement Plant about 30 min. further north along the road to Jordan. Exit and go left towards the cement plant, take a right at the end of the road and check in at the coast guard station (they told us we couldn’t dive so I’ve never been in the water here, but I’ve heard that it is one of the best places) 2) Al-Hasi, another 30min. past the cement plant take the exit to the coast guard station (there is a street sign for this one) and check in. The walk out at this one is similar to Barracuda beach, so bring your shoes.

  35. Thank you for building up this assortment of views on Yanbu. I have an offer to work there ( i am a surgeon) and was trying to read anything i can get my hands on. Seems kind of hot, should one bring winter clothes? I also like to swim and use the gym, how are they there? thanks a lot.

  36. @Dr. Nassef,

    Congratulations on your job offer! I do hope that others who live in Yanbu will answer you.

    My recommendation is to bring some winter clothes as the winters in Saudi Arabia do get cool. I’m not sure about Yanbu per se but if you were to travel to Riyadh during the winter season, you’d want warmer clothes.

  37. Hi.

    I am a Malaysian living in Jeddah. My husband is an avid diver and i had followed him to the public beaches a few times.

    I didnt have any problem when i swam in my burkini at the public beaches. My husband’s cousin’s wife swam in a short sleeved t-shirt and long pants (without any head cover) and didnt get any problem either. Sometimes, i was the only woman on the beach when my husband was diving and other men (saudis and foreigners alike) on the beach didnt disturb me at all. i do see women in abaya swimming happily in the sea. Some even came up to me and we had nice conversations – in my broken, limited arabic language.. lol!! 🙂

    I know of another fellow Malaysian lady who works as a lecurer in Yanbu. She is also a certified diving instructor and if i am not mistaken, she’s the only female diving instructor in Yanbu.

    I havent been to Yanbu but i hope i’ll get to visit it one day. 🙂

  38. What a wonderful share, Nikkita! I wish I could have made it to Yanbu.

  39. I’ve been living in Yanbu for the past 19 years and just love the place. The one thing which us expats miss here the most these days is a play school for preschoolers. There are some for the locals but nothing for the foreigners. I would request any Americans or Europeans reading this to please consider starting one asap!

  40. I was wondering if those who live in Yanbu can comment on the air pollution there. Does the petrol industry have a negative effect.? I am supposed to be living in Yanbu elbahr part. By the way: the exact meaning of Yanbu elbahr is spring OF the sea rather than by the sea 🙂

  41. hello.. im a nurse from the philippines, i got hired from the royal commission hospital. any idea about the hospital? is it good?

  42. My husband has been offered a job in Yanbu. I would love to go, but concerned as to the life I would live as a woman not working. What is expected of the ex-pat woman?

  43. Greeting.

    I am local from Yanbu and if you need any help in Yanbu please let me know.

  44. BeBe- The life of a non-working person is what you make it. I know there is a women’s group her (I can not participate since I work). The ladies at Arabian homes get together and do things too.

    I work at the international school and we always are looking for substitute teachers or volunteers (I know a great american teacher who would love to have help in her classroom-lol)! Jeddah is 3 hr. away by car, but some ladies choose to fly down in the early am and fly back that evening.

    @ Everyone- I have lived in Yanbu for 2 years now (spend 2 years in Jubail as well). We love the snorkeling opportunities that are available, our daughter (4 year old) can walk into the water and see fish. We were at the Sharm a few weeks ago and saw dolphins. There is more things opening all the time. do not wear a burkini or a cover, just my regular swimsuit on these beaches.
    The Cove is now open (http://www.thecoveyanbu.com/) but I have heard that the resturant and shop are not open yet. There is an American School (YIS) and various Indian and Pakistani curriculum schools in town. The Dana Mall has decent shopping and an indoor play area (Happyland).

  45. @Expat Teacher,

    Thank YOU so very much for this informative and so helpful overview!!!

  46. @ expat: wish i get the opportunity to visit Sharm, you make it sound so lovely. I really would advice to fly to Jedda instead of using the car unless you will use your own car there and remain for a few days.

  47. hi, got a job offer in Yanbu National Hospital, can soambody give me an idea about this hospital. How many bed capacity, is it within the city and etc. thanks.

  48. Yes this hospital is within the industrial part of the city, which is quite modern with wide streets, gardens and recreational areas. It is about 60 beds capacity and caters almost entirely to the ARAMCO petroleum company.
    The wages are paid before the end of the month and they have a good arrangement regarding patient circulation.
    On the downside, Yanbu is two parts, one is called Yanbu elbahr (sea spring) where i work, the other is called Yanbu elsena’eya (industrial), the latter due to the industry has a problem with air pollution and not really advisable for those who suffer from asthma. You will find no traffic jams and will feel it is a calm place. It also depends what is the job you have been offered. Let me know if i can be of further help. my email is ahnassef@yahoo.com

  49. thank you for sharing your ideas Dr. Nassef. I am hired as a Nurse and got a 3 year contract and I hope that the working environment is good and that I will be compensated well. again, thanks and more power. :”)

  50. Hi there,
    My husband got a job in one of the top hotels in Yanbu and we’re planning to move there very soon.
    Could anyone help me and give me information about schools if there is any french school there for my kids, good kids doctors and what about the lifestyle there, any kids activities?

  51. Hi YZ,
    To get information about the international school go to the website (www.isgyis.org). This is an American school, the children of school age must have some english before they are admitted, it will vary on the age of the child. There are no french schools that I am aware of here. I do know that the American school has about 20 different countries represented.

    As for children activities that somewhat depends on where you live (I am assuming at the hotel) and how old your children are. I know that there are a lot of children in the community that are not in school and YIS offers a variety of after school activities for children from grades 1-12.

    I have heard that there are some real good doctors at RC Hospital and we take our daughter to the one associated with our insurance (we have only had to take her in for asthma attacks so we have only been to the emergency room) but have always received the same treatment as we would if we were in the US (meds and everything).

  52. I want to sincerely thank EVERYONE who has been kind enough to share information about Yanbu.

  53. Thank you for your reply American Bedu. I’m doing a lot of research on the web about Yanbu and just have one last question for you.
    Is the life in Yanbu for a family amazing or some how, we can go out after work to have a rest somewhere, make an activity , shopping etc…
    Once again thank you for your assistance.

  54. Again it depends on where you live in Yanbi, living on a compound there are pools and playgrounds for the kids with the added benefit that you do not need to wear an abaya on the compound
    There is a mall for some shopping and Yanbu Al-Bahr has a lot of variety of things (if you can stand the congestion, which I HATE). In the mall is HappyLand which is a play area for kids. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Kudu all have play areas for the kids as well. There are other restaurants in town as well.
    Yanbu has an abundance of parks with lots of playgrounds, we occasionally get up early on the weekends and go find a park to play in until it gets too warm. The beaches (were you do not have to wear an abaya) are between 30 and 70 minutes away.
    Saudi Arabia is a very family oriented country so almost anywhere you go your children will be welcomed. My daughter has brown hair and some friends have blonde kids and they always draw the attention of others because of it. I feel very comfortable in the community.

  55. I’m happy to hear that. We used to live in Al Khobar (which is a nice city by the way) and now we’re allocated in Yanbu.
    My only concern is the french school cz i used to teach my daughter french and now she’s 4 years old speaking french fluently.
    Anyhow, again thank you for the information, and will contact you for additional assistance if needed.

  56. Hi Carol,

    I read your blog about diving at Yanbu. I’ve just started work at Yanbu and I’m really keen to meet other divers in Yanbu. However, I was told that as a single lady, it would be difficult to dive here. I would really appreciate it if you could introduce me to any divers in Yanbu so that I can get more information about the activity here. I really love the sea and used to dive frequently back home. I just want to continue diving here. Just need to know how to go about diving as a single female. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you for the blog. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

    Take care.


  57. Hi..
    I’m from Yanbu ,21 years old female.
    I wish to know some friendly family to prove my language. I ll visit them .i know its hard . but u can tolk to me in my email to know who i’m

  58. We are just looking at a job in Yanbu and grew up there in the early 80’s so familiar with the area. Heard it has gotten more conservative but wanted to know if expats are required to wear a burqa? I have read women now have to wear an abaya. What happened to the kids swim team at the international school? Can women ride bicycles?

  59. Hi Jane,
    Yes women do need to wear an abaya, but are not really required to cover their heads. I work at the international school and there is not a swim team at this time because the pool is broken and needs to be fixed and it is an expensive and extensive process (I believe) plus at this point the school is almost full and they are looking at a new school (either finding a new building or build a school). There are two compounds in town now. Since the beginning of the school year we went from around 300 to over 400 students and more are still coming in. I have not seen women riding bikes (I live on a compound though).

  60. Thank you so much for the information. Is the large influx of students westerners? Is the new school planned for the 2012-2013 school year?

  61. Hi to everyone. Does someone knows any information about the working place, the management, bed capacity and environment at royal commission hospital in Yanbu? Hope to here some answers, thanks=>

  62. *Hope to hear some answers, thanks=>

  63. Hi Expat Teacher,

    My husband and I are looking at relocating to Yanbu in February 2011. I have these worries plaguing me at the moment.. Two of my children are school goers here in Malaysia, the eldest was born on Oct 11, 2003 and the second one was born on Sept 2, 2007. They have very minimal exposure to English even though they can understand simple instructions. Would that be a problem for them to be admitted to YIS and what would be the grade for each of them at YIS? Could you please help me on the procedures to get them admitted to YIS since my husband’s employer will be paying for their fees. Thank you.

  64. Hi everyone..just got an offer to work in Royal Commission Hospital in Yanbu..hope i will have a nice stay there..just want know how many bed capacity this hospital have? Hope to hear some replys..thank you..

  65. @ Expat Teacher, or anyone else who would know
    We want to go to Yanbu and enjoy the beach with the kids, where I do not have ot wear an abaya. and we want to stay there for one night. Are there good hotels with private beaches?
    where is AL Sharm? waht is it? thank you!

  66. Hi ,,, yara how are you ,,, i am imran from abha can i have your email address so that i can talk to you

  67. My Email address is baalu_4u@hotmail.com & my facebook id is imran sheikh add me if you want to know something from Abha because i am living in Abha & working in Ford & Lincon Company ,,, Hope all of you are fine & waiting for your reply regards imran to all the for Yanbu peoples

  68. sorry yara my email address is baali_4u@hotmail.com waiting for reply from yara & all others who want to know about abha saudia arabia

  69. i’m just wandering why nobody cared to answer whenever somebody ask question about how is it working in the Royal Commission Hospital, whether the accomodation is good, the salary is attractive, how many bed capacity, etc. can somebody please enlighten us?tnx and kudos to the maker of this blog…

  70. Dear Grace
    I have worked in Yanbu for sometime but not at the Royal Commission. It has a very good reputation as regards accommodation. It is a very large hospital and though i dont know the number of beds i would estimate it to be well over 300 beds. it is considered to embrace state of the art equipment, and is one of the places were you get very good compensations by Saudi standards even. It is very well planned and if i remember correctly is about four floors high and very spacious. The staff of course is of diverse background. Please feel free to ask whatever you wish.
    Best of Luck!

  71. P.S . Someone had told me that the number of beds in the hospital was almost 100 beds so let me check again.

  72. Can a woman work on yanbu as a teacher?

  73. hello,i’m thinking of applying in a hspital at yanbu..but i’m totally unfamiliar of the place..may i ask if cost of living is ok?how much is the basic salary for nurses?thanks!

  74. What are the working possibilities for women in yanbu , especially for electronics engineers. and is abaya compulsory.

  75. Hi, I’m a Filipino Kindergarten teacher who just moved here in Yanbu from Riyadh and searching for a teaching post. We were forced to move here due to my hubby’s job transfer. I consider myself hardworking and fully devoted to my work. It would be a waste to just sit at home. I hope there would be somebody out there who could help me…tysm 🙂

  76. Please help me… it’s possible to expatriate (single woman)..working at yanbu at contruction site as a administration officer…

  77. Hi…. I’m a Malaysian and my hubby just got a
    Job offer in Yanbu and we are planning to accept the offer.
    Hope someone can help us out with some things we need to know. My kids will be going to YIS.
    I’m planning to apply for a job in YIS if possible or any other jobs anywhere there. Is that possible? Are women allowed to work and drive in Yanbu?

  78. Hi… My wife is a Doctor and has been offered a Job in either Badr or Yanbu. I have no idea what the city has to offer. Hows the life in Badr and Yanbu. I have 2 kids who might b in school next year. I am confused as she will be there with my parents while I am in US. I am told the place is cut off with minimal access to everything.

    How much is the cost of living for a person on an average.
    How much would a 2 BHK cost to rent or a 3BHK for that matter.

    Kindly let me know asap as she needs to make a decision in 2 days.

    Appreciate your support.

  79. Badr is a small village close to Yanbu. I would opt for Yanbu which has more and better schools. As a doctor I had cases relayed to me from Badr for consultation to Yanbu where I worked. Yanbu el-Bahr is a cosy small city that is growing rapidly. It is about 15 min away by car to industrial Yanbu which is quite modern and has the good schools. The place she would work for should be offering accommodation. Best of luck.

  80. Also Yanbu has an airport

  81. Thanks for giving input, Dr. Nassef!

  82. Hello everybody

    Can someone please tell me how to get to the beaches (Baraccuda Beach and Coral Garden) mentioned above? I assume they are open beaches, if so is swiming allowed in such a place? Me and my buddies snorkel in Jeddah. We dont dive but we love to snorkel at place with rich coral reefs. We have heared Yanbu is a nice place to do that. it would be very helpful if some one can tell me how far it is from main Yanbu city, km or miles whatever you prefer 🙂
    if some can tell me similar places in jeddah also that would be much appriciated.

    Thank you all.

  83. i am from local yanbu working in SABIC , feel free to contact me if you need any help or inquiry .
    thank you Mr. American Bedu for helping people who is visiting yanbu .

  84. hai any one tell me the cost of living at Royal Commission-Yanbu Al Sinaiyah?

  85. I am living in Yanbu and never felt so miserable in my entire life. The smell from the refineries is unbearable. Wouldn’t recommend moving to Yanbu if you are concerned about your health.

  86. Hi Guys. I am planning to move to Yanbu in couple of months. will be working with Parsons. Can anybody share pics of accomodations and nearby area of Madinat Yanbu Al Sinaiyah? my email id in kunalss2@gmail.com

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