Saudi Men versus American Men


What makes a woman attracted to one man over another? Is it his personality? Is it his looks? Is it his values? Is it his money? Is it is nationality? Is it his color? I may not have those answers but I can cite some of the traits that seem distinctive in Saudi Men versus American Men. And I have no doubt that readers will add more such traits as well.

So here goes:

Most American men will wear a wedding band when married whereas many Saudi men will not. Maybe this does not matter to some women but it is nice seeing that visual sign of commitment. When asking Saudi men why they choose not to wear a wedding ring the responses vary from to not liking jewelry of any kind (except a wristwatch), having reactions if wearing jewelry (allergic to marriage?), to the most candid response of “I have more than one wife” (so where one on each hand or finger then).

Most American men are more likely to help their wife with domestic tasks such as american-guyscooking, cleaning or laundry than a Saudi man. However I don’t think one can be too harsh on the Saudi man on this trait given that the custom in Saudi Arabia is to have domestic help.

American men are generally more proactive in the care of a child starting at birth to being in the delivery room and seeing the child born. Again, the customs of Saudi Arabia seem to discourage a Saudi man from having the same interactions with a child. Many public hospitals will not allow a man to be in the delivery room with his wife. And in a lot of cases, even the Saudi woman will not change a baby’s diaper so it should not be expected that the man would do so. Again, this is based on the custom that many in Saudi will have domestic help who tend to such tasks.

So with tongue in cheek, here are some more distinctions on American Men versus Saudi Men…

AMERICAN MEN –   Don’t treat you very nice until you marry them. Then the AmericanWoman forces them to be nice!!!

SAUDI MEN –  Are cassanovas until the honeymoon is over….and after that, CAVEMEN.

AMERICAN MEN –  Will give you diamonds and jewelry that you keep forever so that you can pass them down to your children and grandchildren.

SAUDI MEN –  Ask for the jewelry back right after the honeymoon…to give to his next wife.

AMERICAN MEN –  Will buy you a house that is half yours even if you leave him next month.

SAUDI MEN –  Will buy you a house in his name in case he decides to leave you.

AMERICAN MEN – Expect to have to take out the trash everyday as part of the ‘man’s job’ in the house.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire an expat ‘domestic’  to take out the trash for him.

AMERICAN MEN – Will cook you dinner sometimes….and help you with the dishes.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire a cook to make dinner and a maid to clear the dishes away.

AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the ballgames with him and introduce you to his crazy friends and their wives that you can laugh and hang out with as you all grow old together.

SAUDI MEN – Will leave you at home with the maid and hide you from his friends, whenever they come over, because they might want to marry you if they see you.

AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the movies with him on the weekend and buy you popcorn and a hotdog while you watch the show.

0000258412-007SAUDI MEN – Cannot take you to the movies, (no movies in Saudi), but will send the driver to buy you a movie and have the cook make you popcorn and a schwarma.

AMERICAN MEN – Will go outside and cut the grass while you plant flowers in the garden.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire a gardener to plant the flowers after the driver returns with them from the store.

AMERICAN MEN – Will run away most of the time at even the thought of marriage.

SAUDI MEN – Try to see whom of their friends can get married the most times in a single year….

(all the while their identity cards say they are still SINGLE.)

AMERICAN MEN – Have their wife and children on all of their official papers.

SAUDI MEN – Have their 10 children with the first foreign wife listed on their identity card with the  Saudi wife.   (foreign wife is not allowed to be added on the  ‘Saudi’  ID card without having Saudi nationality.)

AMERICAN MEN –  If the AMERICAN MAN dies, the property and money go to his wife.

SAUDI MEN – If the SAUDI MAN dies, the property will be shared by his first wife, his ‘hidden’ wives, and all 500 children that he forgot to mention to her while he was alive, along with his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

AMERICAN MEN – If he becomes single at age 80 due to his wife’s death, he might marry a 50 year old.

SAUDI MEN – At age 80, he might marry four 15 year olds.

AMERICAN MEN – Will buy his business partner a dinner.

SAUDI MEN – Will buy his business parner’s daughter.

AMERICAN MEN – Will open up all the curtains in the house to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

SAUDI MEN – Will not put any windows in his house.  (ha ha….just kidding!)

AMERICAN MEN – Will turn off all of the electricity and lock up the house when he goes on vacation.

SAUDI MEN – Will lock up his wife and maid in the house while he goes on vacation.  (kidding!)

AMERICAN MEN – takes his wife out for a stroll and they walk hand in hand.

SAUDI MEN – takes his 4 wives out for a stroll but pretends to be single.

AMERICAN MEN – meets his girlfriends openly in public.

SAUDI MEN – pretends not to have girlfriends.

AMERICAN MEN – will flirt with other women when his wife isn’t looking

SAUDI MEN – will send his kids or his friends to do the flirting for him

AMERICAN MEN – will ask a pretty woman for her phone number

SAUDI MEN – will walk 10 miles waiting for a bluetooth message from ANY female aged 8 – 98 !

AMERICAN MEN – will walk his dog in his neighborhood for exercise

SAUDI MEN – is not allowed to walk his dog because a woman might speak to him

AMERICAN MEN – will be proud to admit that he has been married for 30 years.

SAUDI MEN – will be embarrassed for anyone to know that his wife is over 30!

AMERICAN MEN – will play tennis or golf with his wife

SAUDI MEN – will not play with his wife in public …. especially with balls!

AMERICAN MEN – Keeps all his money in the bank so everyone thinks he’s poor

SAUDI MEN – Keeps all his money in his pocket so everyone thinks he’s rich

AMERICAN MEN – Will honk the horn and yell for his girlfriend while he waits on the driveway

SAUDI MEN – Will introduce himself to the girl’s father while his driver waits on the driveway.

AMERICAN MEN – Loves to go for walks in the sun

SAUDI MEN – Loves to go for walks in the rain

AMERICAN MEN – Picks a WILD flower for his new girlfriend

SAUDI MEN – Buys a bouquet to give his WILD girlfriend

AMERICAN MEN – Gives his girlfriend a ride to school

SAUDI MEN – Buys his girlfriend a car for school

AMERICAN MEN – Buys a painting from the artist for his girlfriend

SAUDI MEN – Buys the artist for the painting of his girlfriend

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have oil wells in their backyards

SAUDI MEN – Wishes all Saudis had oil wells in their backyards

AMERICAN MEN – Goes to the bank to take money out

SAUDI MEN – Owns the bank where he puts money in

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have harems in Saudi

SAUDI MEN – Wishes he could pull off having a harem in Saudi

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks that Saudis ride on camels

SAUDI MEN – Has never ever ridden a camel

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks that all Saudis are Sheiks

SAUDI MEN – Wishes that all Saudis were Sheiks

American Bedu footnote:  Many special thanks to “MA” for helping to come up with this comprehensive list!

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  1. “Wishes he could pull off a harem in Saudi”

    LOL… doesn’t EVERY man do that?

  2. Really cute!
    American men love their children but are definitely advocates of birth control after two!

  3. American Bedu, I hope that’s not all true for you, or why would you ever marry a Saudi?! Although, do you think your relationship was easier in some way that you married after the time when you had children, so there is not that question of how to raise them and who’s responsibility it is?

  4. Oh, so much fun 🙂 , and I have to run 😦 .

    Briefly, all men should be tattoo’d with their marital and divorce status eg, M2 D1 or M0 or M1 or M4 😀 😀 😀

    Anon! 🙂

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  6. AA Carol,

    Oh no you didnt!!! LOL!LOL!LOL! ; ) Boy are you on a roll!!! I’m not sure which is funnier, the pic of the animals or what you wrote!!!

  7. Ok I was seriously looking for Aafkes name on the top or bottom as guest writer…has she affected you so Carol?

    Now while I agree with some…your going to be roasted for a few of those…ouch!!!

    btw the pic was slowly loading so I was just seeing bits of it coming on the screen…once I realized what it was I was in deep thought wondering what possible connection Carol had for us concerning Saudi and carnally adept stuffed animals…hmmmm?

  8. American Bedu :
    Goodmorning….well its a good morning when u laugh sooo much in the morning .. 😀

  9. I always knew I made the right choice to marry an American man and this list (albeit, while not entirely scholarly) just confirmed it for me.

    It seems like alot of men (and women) in Saudi simply hire people to live their lives for them.

    If I were to live a typical Saudi lifestyle (based on some of the things I’ve read on this blog) I am quite certain that I would die of boredom within 10 seconds.

    And its ounds like Saudi is full of men with very, very soft hands. I personally think every man needs to have some grit to them. Like c’mon, at least learn how to do your own oil change or something. Also, there is nothing attractive about a man with no attachment to his kids. Ugghh. Disgusting.

    LOL@ Chiara’s last suggestion…..nah, they should be tagged on the ear like wildlife so you can scan them from a distance with a radar gun….by the time you get close enough to read their tattoos, it’s already too late!

  10. Cute Sirius…but you have to give us the Saudi men line to! (big bad grin)

  11. Sabiwabi…lol lol lol…radar gun…too funny.

    Your mentioning of soft hands makes me chuckle…Ive lost count of the number of times Ive seen “stranded” Bahraini men on the highways either unable to or unwilling to change their own flat tires…(well I can imagine it would be a hard decision to make…getting that prestine white thobe all messy…ouch)

    2 weeks ago I got a flat on my jeep while parked at one of the local parks here in Hidd. Im quite capable of changing a tire, just finding it harder to get around these days (youth and dexterity have long fled…sigh) and so was giving my 17 year old directions on what to do (he had no clue). Anyhow…by the time we had finished we had accumulated quite a crowd of men and boys…there must have been a rumor that we were attempting to reinvent fire or something…otherwise I have no idea what they found so interesting 😉

  12. Hi Tanya,

    As I said early in the post “tongue in cheek” as much is for having fun here! But in some ways it probably was a lot easier marrying as we are older which makes child raising a non-issue, approvals much easier and eyes more wide open.

  13. Salam Alaikum Tina,

    Glad you enjoyed…and gotta admit, finding humorous pics to match the post was a lot of fun.

  14. coolred – let’s just say it is likely Aafke will be affecting me more in the very near future…

    but spending a lot of time waiting at the hospital does allow the mind to think and contemplate fun posts!

    and as soon as I saw the text on the image regarding law of attraction, then I knew that image needed to be included with the post! But then again, you don’t know whether I might have been connecting American guys with carnally adept stuffed animals either…

  15. ss007 – that is wonderful to hear! I’ve had several relatively serious posts so I figured it was time to have fun!

  16. Sabiwabi – It is true that the culture and customs of Saudi Arabia is indeed prone to hiring people for a lot of different tasks and aspects.

    hmmmm….interesting remark….now all of us in Saudi will be looking more closely at the hands….yes, I do think most of the men have soft hands based on what I have seen of culture and lifestyle.

  17. @American Bedu–I thought it would be presumptuous of me to speak for Saudi men but dh had 80 year olds requesting viagra and one of our dear old Saudi friends had 25 children and was hoping for more! Take care–hospital time takes its toll. Perhaps a spa break?
    In the Emirates the local men seemed to be very attentive to their children. I often saw men playing with their children in the park or shopping with them.
    It’s true the men would be out with the guys all night but their wives were out with the girls and the children home with the maid.
    My sons used to do that with their stuffed animals but what was more mortifying was when my mother made them a stuffed nativity scene and they put the sheeps and camels in similar positions–thank heavens my mother has a great sense of humor. (also the cat ran off with baby Jesus and chewed a leg of the donkey–sigh)

  18. Hi, American Bedu. I love your blog, its part of my daily breakfast lol. I’m an avid reader from Bahrain and this post cracks me up lol, I can’t say enough for now regarding Bahraini Men / Women regarding the same subject but SasinSaudi wrote stuff about bahrain, but her blog now is private. I hope other GCC bloggers can come up with the same thing like Emerati Men VS American Men / British Men lol this is just funny.

    Insightful aswell.


  19. Yes, it is true that the average Saudi man will typically want many more children than the American man! And sometimes the woman will want more children too as she sees this as a sign of security and keep her husband too ‘poor’ from being able to afford to take on another wife.

    How funny sharing the tale of your son!

  20. Hi Simon and welcome! Thanks for choosing to comment. I’m glad you enjoy this post and it would not surprise me if it does indeed spur additional comparisons!

  21. I enjoyed many of your post even about things I think are well as the arabs would say “haram” in saudi. Its very informative. I wish i can do the same as with regards to whats happening here in Bahrain lol. So far the Formula 1 just happened lol

    by any chance have your written anything regarding persians:?

  22. Hi Bedu,

    Wow, what a shocking poster!!! ROFLMAO I never dreamed that you could be so naughty!!!

    And as to the writer who helped you post the differences between Saudi and American men…..
    I think that he/she should be a comedy writer! : )

  23. Miriam – I think my lovely helper could write a hilarious screenplay!!! Glad you enjoyed the poster! And I’m sure you will likely come up with some more distinctions to add to this list…

  24. @Simon,

    Thank you! No; I’ve never written anything about Persia except for sharing my favorite recipe for Fesenjan!

  25. true…american men are carnally adept at many more things then one cares to admit…in polit company anyhow :mrgreen:

  26. American men will generally not hesitate to introduce their wives or girlfriends to you

    Saudi/Arab men will either not admit they are married…or not acknowledge his wife is with him (she will stand silently off to the side somewhere while he greets someone)…and will mostl ikely never mention her name to you other than as UMsomething or another.

  27. Mmmm this sure doesn’t make Saudi men look very attractive – as husbands, fathers, caregivers, providers or even human beings! Granted it’s tongue-in-cheek, but you know what they say about comedy – it’s only funny when it’s true enough to make us uncomfortable!

    Great list and I tend to agree with every distinction!

  28. I laughed until tears spilled over because these were some of the things my Yemeni husband had to learn about American men…BTW he loves kids and most kids gravitate towards him.
    But he has worn his band since the day we married- the mark is more than visible when he takes it off to wash his hands-there hasn’t been one Yemeni he encounters that asks him why. His answer “It cost a pretty penny to get a white platnium band- have it to show that I care!!”
    But I concur the life style of KSA would drive me bananas in a minute- Yemen would drive me up the walls if I couldn’t when in the city leave my house for a breath of fresh air!
    Now here in NY we are barely home; we always have something to do…and the latest discussion is to buy to pure bred Great Danes…my husband loves dogs and back home there are plenty around the perimeter of the house,and one within the grounds that thinks he his my marhem because he is always two steps in front of me…maybe that is where the Danes idea is coming from…Though I flatly said he would have to stay up after Fajr to take them for a walk if we get them! I need my beauty sleep!

  29. Hi

    Everyone else LOLs it 😀
    Still, I don’t know why my heart sinks
    I love my hubby to memorize Surah An-Nisa 🙂

  30. I don’t think many Saudis have soft hands. While they will hire expats to do most menial work, they wouldn’t trust an expat for example to go buy livestock for the Eid sacrifice for example so they’ll have to buy and then shove that unwilling animal into their car, some even sacrifice the animal themselves. I don’t know any Saudi kid who hasn’t gotten into tough fights with other kids to prove their toughness (my little brother has a chipped front tooth after he was punched by a guy with brass knuckles).

    That and type in “Saudi drifting” “Saudi street skating” and general things like that in youtube to see some the crazy shit Saudi guys aren’t even afraid of doing.

  31. The reason most saudis don’t wear wedding rings is because it’s simply not a tradition here as it was in the west. Not because they hate jewelery or anything.

  32. Hmmm, I’m thinking…but still drawing a blank, at the moment , because I can’t stop laughing….

  33. Also…cause wearing gold is considered a no no for Muslim men…according to hadith…so many dont wear wedding rings for that reason as well.

  34. While I’m giggling about most of this it would be exhausting to write all the disclaimers and exceptions that go with the list. You can’t expect Saudi men to follow western traditions any more than you would expect some St. Louis Joe to go out and slaughter an animal to commemorate the birth of your daughter, (two sheep for a son). Saudi men grow up with the expectation to get married and have children. American men tend to think it’s optional and some even have life-long relationships with women and bring about children without marriage. Hey, I don’t wear a ring either, never really did.

  35. The Saudis that my friends and I know are mostly wonderful husbands, lovers, and excellent fathers, and (usually very religious men) or most of us (Americans) wouldn’t stay married to them. They were raised differently than American men, so some of the differences are really quite funny.

    The sad part is that many American women here try to be the perfect ‘Saudi’ wife….losing themselves and their rights in the process.

  36. Great list. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  37. Very funny, my first smile today

  38. hello,
    this had been a really funny post, I enjoyed it 😉

    Me and my friend did the same last year, but we did saudi men / spanish men… I whish I could find the paper where we wrote it !!
    But, actually was not much different as yours 🙂

    I remember that after doing it we had shown it to my saudi friends… and they started to laugh a lot !!
    They had a better sence of humor than Spanish ones.

  39. Hilarious

  40. Heee!!!!!
    Don’t blame me for Bedu’s fitnah-ness!!!!!!
    This was all her doing!
    And I fell right into it and was laughing my head off just now!!!!!!!


  41. Or you can shoot them with a radargun…..

  42. I can change tires, but never have to: there are always men popping up dying to do it for me!!!! 😀

  43. Very funny!! It looks like neither Saudi or American men seem diserable. I think I am going to pursue other nationalities. JUST KIDDING:)

  44. salam, surely most of the saudi men are not like this. how about portraying our beloved prophet Muhammad’s way and character in showing his endless love to his wife be it khadijah and aisya. there are more that we can learn from him. he is the most loving and romantic husband ever. btw, when i went for umrah, i saw many saudi couple holding hands and looking so romantic, conversing with their children happily.

  45. very nice and entertaining post 🙂

  46. Woehahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    That picture!!!!!! PURE FITNAH
    The comparisons!!!!!!!! Woehahahaaa!

    I’d love that: one wedding band for every wife! LOL!!!! (silver ones are halal)
    Or Chiara’s tattoos, oh, no, tattoos are haram… we have to think of somethinge lse… branding… chipping…..
    or those plastic earplugs you see on cattle and sheep and things… Plastic is cheap so halal, and we’ll do it bright yellow. :mrgreen: hè, hè, hè……. :mrgreen:

  47. And it’s got nothing to do with me! Bedu is Fitnah all on her own account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t blame it on me!

  48. About leaving their kids with maids… I think that’s mostly the new generation and you’ve got to hear the talk that goes on within the community about these mothers, especially by older women. Of course, it’s clear to everyone that the post is not to be taken seriously, right?:S Because if it is, then ooh boy have i got a lot to say.

  49. oooh, i’ve got one!
    American men- are most likely to help you if you looked like a bimbo.
    Saudi men-will stop to help you.<that is a period.

  50. 😦 did the poster have to have bunnies? They are already having a hard time defending their innocence after hugh hefner decided to use their image. funny, but disturbing. 😛

  51. I need to qualify the tattooing suggestion.

    Five minutes after hitting submit I was walking when I suddenly realized how haram the suggestion was, so instead of tattoo’ing with needles how about writing with indelible ink? and semi permanent for engaged (I find engaged North Americans panic and try to chat up a new one, or just want to prove to themselves they still have options, or want a last fling) eg.
    M2 E1 D1 or M4 E0 D2

    Or bright yellow plastic (artfully imitating a gold stud) with radar, stun gun reception, and GPS finding capacities would be good! LOL 😀

  52. a typical stereotyping on the make of the style good and bad, ugly and beautiful, kind and mean, nice and rude. the type of diarrea of litrarture from self proclaimed philosophers and writers who live outside a society and write about its internal structures. the 2nd half of the article explaines the 1st half, americans including you think that every saudi owns a bank and an oilwell and is a shiekh who is married to 4 women and have 500 kids. you know nothing about anything. the saudis and arabs are doing great job building thier countries after being and still is sucked by blood suckers like your gentle kind americobritainicoaustralocofrenchoGodknowswho men and women and funny article writers. If american men are so wonderfull why is the extramarital afairs in usa more than %60 and divorse rate %40 and non marital cohibitant %55 and the married crime (murder and mutilation) %7 and the poor single mothers %70 of the poor and %35 of am. men have mistresses and single bars could count average of a sex partner a week for some. Why loving parents in uk allow the teen preg to be %15 and the school leavers %20. Why could you write this article in bahrain but no one could write the opposite in usa because this is hatery. If you are married to a Saudi simply tell him to fire the maid, the driver and the flirt boy and live without them, if you are not so what is eating you. You have not seen the drivers and maids and young wives and mistresses of the wealthy americans because you are busy with saudis. by the way there is a guy waiting for you to compare emaraties to brits so you could satisfy his low ego.

  53. I took it as a comment that I was compared to you my dear! (smile)

  54. That is a good one mimi! Any more?

  55. Oh how true! I’ve been with my husband many times when he may run into someone he knows and the majority of the times simply stand aside while they chat never being acknowledged! Even though his friend will know I am his wife, if the friend is traditional, he follows the traditional custom.

  56. Thanks Yasmin and you’re right…a disclaimer would have been quite lengthy so hopefully all reading will realize the gest and simply have fun with it.

  57. Miriam – so very true…. and I’m sure you’ll agree that in a lot of cases the American woman who tried to become the ‘perfect’ Saudi wife not only lost herself but probably lost her husband to. Not that they are no longer married but their are likely other wives in the equation.

  58. drop….chill out please! There is no need to take everything so literal!

  59. Obviously, some will not see the humor in your post, Bedu.

    But, you did say that it was only for a laugh… and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then what???

    Sometimes, writers can clear up the misconceptions about people by jokes and humor…..and it’s easier to take on both sides.

    Better to laugh and tell someone they are silly to think that all Saudis have oil wells (for example) than to tell them that they’re stupid (for thinking that way) to their face.

    Being funny may be a way to actually increase a person’s knowledge on a subject, in a way that they’ll understand and accept, while the 2nd way may only increase the hatred and ignorance they already have.

    With all the serious posts, it’s nice to have a laugh for a change.

  60. @drop the crab

    Where do you get the figure for American men with mistresses (35%) or murder and mutilation (%7)? These numbers don’t seem even remotely accurate.

    A real mistress is expensive. Few men in my tax bracket could afford one.

    As far a murder you are probably confusing the number of murder victims who are married to the murderer with the number of married people who are murdered.
    “In 2000, 1,247 women and 440 men were killed by an intimate partner. In recent years, an intimate partner killed approximately 33% of female murder victims and 4% of male murder victims. “

  61. It is funny, but what makes it so funny is that it IS loosely based on the truth.

    What I find ironic about the whole thing is that Saudis love to claim to be the home of Islam, but almost everything you talked about is the exact OPPOSITE of the Sunnah and how the Prophet lived his life, from doing housework to absolute honesty, these cultural issues you describe couldnt be farther from the example set.

    It is really sad.

  62. oooohhhh Drop the Crabby–
    I wonder how American and Saudi Men would differ if they were in a football/soccer stadium cheering for their teams and ogling the cheerleaders? Face paint? Shirtless? The Wave? The Beer!

  63. Player Queen:
    Sleep rock thy brain,
    And never come mischance between us twain!
    Madam, how like you this play?
    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
    😀 😀 😀 :mrgreen:

  64. I hope you find it and share! 🙂

  65. Agreed–how siriusly cute of your sons, and wise of grandma–now the cat, on the other hand, was testing one of its 9 lives! LOL 😀

  66. Hmmmmmmm!!!! It seems neither culture has the redeeming qualities that I am looking for in mate. Hmmmm, ah, lets see here. I think I am going to pursue the gentlement out in Easter Island. I heard they are a really got catch. (Just kidding)

  67. @ drop the crap:

    You take things to seriously. Ofcourse we do not see things the “black and white”. We, meaning the bloggers on this site. Please take the time and read the other topics. There are informative and well thought out.

  68. I agree with you completely Miriam…that sometimes through humor one
    can dispell the fallacies and false images one has of either Saudi or
    American men and the respective countries.

    And I do hope that many on reading the post will add their own
    comparisons all in the realm of good fun.

  69. now that is something that would be fun to record and play and then
    have folks evaluate! Although in Saudi Arabia there are no
    cheerleaders to ogle at a soccer game! Do they use facepaint – yes.
    Do they ‘make the wave’ – yes but no beer or cheerleaders at soccer
    games in KSA.

  70. He was trolling..I dare say he wont be back.

  71. I hear they are the tall strong silent type–or were you referring to the Rapanui, or the Chileans? LOL 😀 😀

    A Xian warrior perhaps? 🙂

  72. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! I can’t stop laughing! And the picture is great too…so much so that it reminded me of a video I was sent via facebook. I found it on youtube:

    be forewarned though its hilarious but sooo wrong…

  73. FireBrand!!!!! You have just managed to singlehandidly up the Fintah-ish context of this extremely arousing blog!!!!!

    I wonder…. where do you get these videos…. what sort of searchterms do you use on Google or You-tube……………

    They were very cute though…..

  74. I don’t have anymore :P. Is it true though that being able to smell someone’s perfume from far away annoys most expats?

  75. drop the crab, woehahahaaa! you are funny! At least in ”the west” most people still get very angry when men take off with several different women at the smae time while lying about it!

    And while domestic violence, abuse and wifebeating will occur in every male dominated society, at least in ”the west” wife-beating is considered a crime, while by some muslims it is considered a duty and endorsed by clerics! Who not only call on men to beat their wives but even specify how best to do it!

  76. Aafke–the Hamlet quote above was for you! in response to your fitnah inducing impact on others :mrgreen:

    Lara–I hope you find your Saudi/Spanish men comparison and share.

    Firebrand–:D 😀 😀

    Mimi Ameer–yes, the perfume dose on Middle Easterners especially men is very high compared to what Westerners are accustomed to, and the scents perhaps “sweeter” smelling.

  77. That was really funny! I had a big houseclean today (no maid) so I laughed my way through the work!!

  78. ohh a ‘little’ controversial

  79. As I grew up with 4 American brothers….and now have a Saudi husband, It helped to give me some added insight for a few more lines to add to your post…more in favor of the Saudi Men

    Saudi Men – Point and click with their mouse
    American Men – Scream and yell in the house

    Saudi Men – Smell like musk or cologne
    American Men – Smell like soap all alone

    Saudi Men – Have showers twice a day
    American Men – Say, yeah right!…. NO way!

    Saudi Men – Wear Armani suits that please
    American Men – Wear Walmart jeans and tees

    Saudi Men – Get paid by the moon
    American Men – Hope they get paid real soon

    Saudi Men – Want their tea, meat, and rice
    American Men – Say leftovers are nice

    Saudi Men – Like to go fishing on shore
    American Men – Like to go on bus tours

    Saudi Men – Like to kiss all their friends
    American Men Say ,,,,,and THAT is the end!

  80. American Bedu,

    The illustration above with those pairs of stuffed animals – umm, how to say this: American Bedu, I think you and I have VASTLY different ideas of what constitutes tasteful… I can’t believe I’m the only one on the list who feels that way. I like Miriam Mac’s list better. No illustrations, seems more true to life and even rhymes 🙂

  81. @mimi ameer – thank you! You made me think of one:

    Saudi Men like to wear too much cologne as they think it smells good to women.

    American Men like to wear too little deodorant as they think women
    like the natural scent.

  82. @wendy – glad this post helped make housework more bearable! (smile)

  83. @Miriam:

    Oh these are priceless too and so true!

    There is indeed more truth than many may realize about being paid by
    the moon particularly during Ramadan when so much factors on the
    sighting of the moon!

    And Saudi men wanting their meat and rice and tea…oh yeah! You can
    take the Saudi out of the Kingdom but don’t try to take away his rice!
    (big smile) I am still trying to figure out though why the majority
    of Saudi men I know will not eat left overs? There are so many ways
    to makeover a meal but if my husband knows that I used something from
    the night before, he’ll refuse to eat it!

    I bet if I know you Miriam, you will also come up with some more winners!

  84. caraboska – today’s post was not aimed at either tasteful or serious
    but just a little fun!

  85. Chiara, That quote was @ me? Why? I have nooooooo idea why that has anything to do with moi????

    Miriam Macv! beautiful peotic response, and very clever in taking away the sting from Bedu’s wicked, naughty, inflammatory comparisons…

    For which I would have loooved to make the illustrations…… :mrgreen:
    don’t hesitate to ask next time Bedu :mrgreen:

  86. Carabosca, watch The Firebrands video: that is soooo much worse!
    So far more shocking!
    You will love it!

  87. Aafke–Toi? mais si! (nb this is not franco-spanish but the correct oui to a negative–just in case a linguist is blurking LOL 😀 ) Just read the rest of your comment(s)! Good thing no one here is a minor! :mrgreen:

  88. Totally hilarious!
    Thanks for my first laugh of the day 😉

  89. You are good at this, Miriam ^_^. We should get all the girls around teh world to write a summary about the stereotypical man of their country. It’d make our search for Mr. right much easier.

  90. Thanks Aafke I try my best to up the ante on the Fitnah level. I guess it doesn’t help that I have an ever-so-slightly depraved sense of humor…

    To be fair, I didn’t discover it–it was sent to me via facebook. I laughed my a$$ off when I saw it!

    I meant to write this under the post about burying the dead in Saudi–though its kinda off topic: I lived in this building off Massachusetts Ave and there was a horrible stench coming from the apartment upstairs that was just beyond terrible. Come to find out the resident had died and was just laying—rotting in the bathtub–and after a series of complaints the building maintenance people went in to investigate and found him. Don’t know what happened after that…

    I love DC?…

  91. @Riyadh Mom – glad you enjoyed!! (hugs)

  92. @mimi (and Miriam too) – I do like the idea that the women (and the
    men too) make a profile stereotyping the opposite sex from their
    country as well as their profile of the ideal life partner! How about

  93. Well I did enjoy reading your post as usual. Of course it was funny, but lots of stereotyping;-) However, I think you were too kind on American men. You did mention a lot of good qualities that American guys might have & might be associated with. Too bad I have not met many that actually do posses them. It is funny but I have found most of the good qualities I like in a Saudi man.
    Sorry I am a bit sensitive today:-)

  94. Glad you enjoyed Gloria and please…tell us a few of your own observations on distinctions and/or similarities!

  95. I think one thing that we usually tend to forget is that a good number of American men do actually pursue extramarital relationships. So a good number of them might not remain faithful to their wives throughout the 30 plus years that they’re together (“Proud of being together for 30 yrs”). True, there is no polygamy but an American man might have one night stands running on the side. At the same time we tend to see Saudi men as sex hungry who just like to add to their list of wives. Don’t take me wrong…I see the humor. Yet I have been in this relationship for more than a year, and my prejudices get shattered all the time. I have traveled extensively, have also lived in Europe and the Middle East & I can tell you that men have a lot in common regardless of nationality. It is the individual that counts. True, there are certain traits in every culture but it would be wise to judge a person as an individual and not reduce him to a nationality.
    I know my guy is a decent person & even though we do disagree on certain issues, we also agree in other areas. Honestly I have never met a man like him- not because he is Saudi- but I like him as a human being.

    I do not find the maid, driver & co…annoying. It is up to the individual to decide how they want to live. If we can share more time together because I do not have to cook…well that is nice. BTW…I cant cook. 😉

    I have seen many American guys being nasty to their gfs. It is a tricky world out there.

    But of course you are totally correct about the house being in his name, the sharing of wealth after his death, the crazy idea of a Mahram,…etc…

    I just had to do a presentation on “Enhanced interrogation techniques” so I am a little worked up.loool

    Loved the picture;-)

  96. What makes a woman attracted to one man over another? For me it was the personality, character, & values. Not his looks, not his nationality. Of course I was “prejudice” because of him being a Saudi but I liked talking to him so we became friends. 😉

  97. There was a good article on stereotyping in the NYTimes yesterday. I think Bedu did a good job because the US is such a large and varied and immigrant country but television programs use lots of stereotyping to comic effect. ( I would say Seattle men are different than Texas men) But on not finding a good man??? So many good men–so little time! 🙂
    One of my favorite comedians says “you can’t change a man” because they are already in their “simplest form”–it would be like bending a rock!
    @Chiara–yes the nativity scene was a “cat–astrophe”

  98. Gloria I think you need to remeber that a portion of Saudi men do the same: pursue a second or more marriage, misyaar marriage, which is halal prostitution, or actually go to protstitutes. I always hear that actually saudi men have the weirdest requests when visiting prostitutes.

    You also should remember that saudi men are one sort of men outside of KSA, and abou 98% of them are completely different when inside KSA. So if you do considering marrying your Saudi I suggest you keep him out of KSA, and never, never , never move there.

    One Saudi man has told me he considers a saudi man who takes a westernwoman to live in KSA to be a sadist
    Strong words but coming from a Saudi I suppose you should take heed.

    I have never heard of any Saudi man who cared enough to really make sure his wife was safe in that misogynist country save Radha’s husband. Yet without such safety precautions he leaves his wife and children in hell when he has an accident or gets ill and dies.
    With the ridiculous driving in KSa death is always a real threat anyway.
    Reas Susie’s real story of what happened to an English lady who doidn’t listen to her husband to get out while he lay dying and she still would have had the chance to escape.
    After he died she couldn’t get out becasue when the mahram dies the next male member of the family gets power over you and can and will prevent you from travelling, getting medical assistance, or, in this case, getting your children educated.
    Not exluding throwing you out of your house so they can sell it and forcing you to live in some rathole, forbidding you to seek employment, telling you to which low-grade school your children should go (the boys, girls shouldn’t be educated) etc.

  99. Sirius: brilliant quote! :mrgreen:

  100. Aafke , are you talking from experience? God, I hope you are not! Now, stop scaring people like that.
    Sure, every marraige has its risks. marraige to a saudi guy in the kingdom might be of higher risk. But everyone could have a bad husband I don’t care what freakin liberated country your beloved comes from. Out of all the saudi men I know whom were married to non-
    Saudis, I can’t think of one that has done anything like that. BTW I can count all of them on one hand and tell you the worse things they’ve done on the other…it’s a small town, the word gets around quickly and it doesn’t hurt to have open ears.

  101. Sometimes people need to be scared…opens thier eyes and lets them see clearly…

    Seeing with the eyes helps prevent mistakes that were made while seeing with the heart…or something like that.

  102. Men are men are men…..enough said.

  103. @mimi
    Yes, every marriage has risks–however in other countries women have rights and are protected by laws. If my husband dies–I am totally in charge of my life, money, children etc.
    If he beats me, he gets arrested. If he divorces me I get half of everything and because we have been married a long time I get half his retirement benefits for my lifetime. My father, brothers, in-laws have no legal power to determine my life and the list goes on and on and on. If a man gives his wife a venereal disease received from a prostitute she gets to divorce him and possibly charge him with assault. Here I go again–it’s called women’s rights!
    You have the right to choose your own husband good or bad. And the right to lead a full and fulfilled life without a husband economically and professionally without some male relative ever controlling you.

  104. @Aafke–Yes, that widow’s story is terrifying. The woman comedian goes on to say that men are “simple and delusional” and (to be fair) that women are “crazy and complicated”!
    @coolred- so true but words lost on the young and hormonal!

  105. “always!!” it means you heard it numerous times 🙂 may I know who the people you talk with!! Who are those Saudi experts that share such details with you? Do you know those prostitutes who engage with them by any chance? 🙂

    I’m a Saudi guy, I studied in Saudi schools, and I taught Saudi students for some years. I also lived abroad for more than 3 years, and I got to know many Saudis abroad, not a single Saudi guy of all those numerous Saudis I dealt with for all these years mentioned to me anything about prostitutes. Of course all men in the world cannot be trusted as you say, and many men no matter what their nationality is go to prostitutes.

    Yet I’m very curious; how on earth, do you know the requests of Saudis!! I’m baffled now, and I’d be interested to know your sources of such unattainable info. I’d like to learn from your oceans of Saudi knowledge. What I know is so little to what your majesty, the Queen of Saudi knowledge, knows. Your highness, I’d like to be a student of yours, May I? 🙂

    “I have never heard of any Saudi man who cared enough to really make sure his wife was safe”
    It’s a well known fact since my dear Saudi expert Aafke said it :). To every living soul in this universe, please be aware from Saudi men, and always remember what her majesty, the Queen of Saudi knowledge, says 🙂 .

    Gloria, please be aware, his personality, character & values can NEVER be trusted. You have to dump this guy in the garbage right away since our queen has already advised you :).

    For those who are already married to Saudis, please run away now because you’ve been fooled all along during all these years.

    As for me, as a Saudi guy, I’ll lock myself in my room and never get married because I don’t want to increase the number of the women who are fooled 🙂

    So with tongue in cheek, this was my comment 😛

    P.S. At the end we,(women & men), have the right to mary whomever we want. I LOVE my One and I’m not going to lock myself 🙂 I want to be with my One forever :).

  106. @Khalid–not to worry–American men are taking it in the shorts (so to speak) in this column as well. And I have never known or heard of in my large group of happily married women to wonderful guys as well as family (brothers, fathers, uncles, sons) men going to prostitutes, having mistresses, or beating their wives. Yes, there are statistics but people are more than the sum of statistics–and ideas people get from television and movies. People–Jerry Springer is NOT life in the USA!

  107. Khalid, I’m very sorry but almost every personal story of a foreign woman married to a saudi seems to have a very bad ending. And while I am sure there must be exceptions, they seems rare. And even rarer because I know a number of women who are, or were, married to saudies and who did seem to have a good marriage, and then over the years one by one their happy marriage turns out to be a nightmare.
    Gloria has met what seems like a great guy, but she doesn’t have enough information. You can’t go by trusting a Saudi man’s ”American” persona. It is not enough, without knowing, and experiencing his Saudi personality, family conditions, and proof, real proof he is really single, and prrof his family is ok with the marriage too, I don’t think a western woman should accept a Saudi man.

    As for prostitutes, I don’t know any personally, but as you know I do live in a very permissive society, prostitution is fairly public here and although I don’t look out for them, you do get exposed to tv-programs and interviews every now and then with owners of brothels and prostitutes and they so often claim that Arabs have really weird and outlandish requests, it starts getting once notice.

    Anyway, I think you are lovely and sweet and really an ok-guy. And because you are so you think everybody is as nice as you.
    But you cannot deny that for women KSA is a very bad place if they are not really well protected by a mahram who really has their best interest in mind.
    And you also know that a woman can’t run away as you suggested. A mother’s love for her children is a great force which I think few men can understand, and as the men and their families blackmail mothers with taking away their children they will tow the line and stay. For the children.
    And you also know that if the mahram doesn’t give permission there is no way a woman can run anywhere.

  108. @Aafke–check out Omar over at Susie’s–there’s the guy for you! 🙂

  109. Aafke,

    We have a very large group of American women married to Saudis here in the Kingdom that are very, very happily married. Some are celebrating their 5th, and some their 25th…and still others, their 40th+ anniversaries.

    Without the statistics on divorce, none of us really know what the percentage of success or failure has been for this group.

    Women, worldwide, need to prepare for their very uncertain futures whether they wed or not.

    Now with that said, I have to go …. My SAUDI husband just bought me some chocolates and some chocolate chip cookies at the store. Yummy!!! He’s such a sweetheart! See Aafke….not all of them are bad!!!

  110. You made my morning. Thanks carol. and that firebrand video was ooooh so bad.:-)

    Hey thanks Aafke – i read your comment out to my husband, you have apparently earned a lifetime of free neuro consults 🙂 and chocolates and his intellectual company when he visits next !!! poor you 🙂

    I know there are plenty of happy /sad marriages in saudi as in most parts of the world jerks exist everywhere. What makes saudi unique is the fact that in case of problems the choices for women are limited especially when children are in the mix.
    Everyone needs to be prepared for a rainy day, more so when you’re in saudi at the very least make sure you and your kids can get out with your sanity intact.

  111. nice collection of puppies shagging lol , you always make me worry about you…

  112. @Aafke: I am sorry that you think like that. I think you are generalizing too much- & you do that on the basis of nationality. Being a decent man has little to do with where one is from. I am not saying that horror stories do not happen. They certainly do & I am not going to argue against that. But if you want your point to have strenght & validity, you can not only highlight the bad & leave the good out. I am sure Radha’s husband is not the only good Saudi man out there. I think men are men regardless of their nationality. It is unwise to reduce a person to only that. It would smell like Bush’s racial profiling…If as you say “a portion of Saudi men do the same:…..actually go to protstitutes,” I must say that makes them men just like any other on this planet.:-)

    The mahram & all the events that take place after the death of the husband, are not the man’s doing. If he is a good man, he would take all the necessary steps to make sure his wife & children will be taken care of. I also think that loving a Saudi means that you are open for new things & expect a very different culture. Of course it would be unwise to enter such a relationship with closed eyes. I would take my time….and now I am in the second year & we are taking it very slowly. You are also making assumptions about my guy. Honestly you can’t. He is not a college kid who is here in the US to get his BA. He is way past that stage.

    One T-shirt does not fit all. Please do not take me wrong. You also make good points & raise important concerns but I think your outlook is somewhat limited & too emotional. I understand it comes from observing the horrid stories that you have heard of. I can see that. But still I do not think that should condemn all the other Saudi men out there. 🙂

    @Khalid: lol….well, Aafke, has certain concerns & I can see where they come from. But I like to take my time & get to know a person over the years….tryng to build up a solid friendship before anything else.;-)

  113. It is very funny
    You are really great, strong, intelligent, loving and everything is good
    you are the best
    I hope that read the a comparison between American girls read a American and Saudi girls
    All due respect to those who change a baby’s diaper
    shahad >>primrose

  114. Just to clarify AAfke:

    Arab=/= Saudi

    Though I do agree, many Saudi youth become a disgrace when they leave the country.

  115. @gloria,

    Thanks for sharing your views. While the post is meant in jest it
    does also make one think about various relationships and traits – as
    it is meant to do.

    wow…tell us more about your presentation and why did you have to
    give such a presentation?!

  116. @sirius – indeed…can you imagine comparing a New York man with a
    Texas cowboy now?

  117. Take this post laugh at it and drop it at the nearest bin basket that IF we want to avoid “putting the poison inside the honey”.

  118. @primrose – thank you and glad you enjoyed it in all good fun. Stay
    tuned…I’ve got some more surprises coming up I am sure you will

  119. Sirius–
    Are you siriusly suggesting that Jerry Springer’s reality is not all reality? Next you’ll be saying that Maury Povich’s world is not all of the US, that perhaps there are some American women and men who know who their children are, or a least some women who don’t have list of 8 possible candidates as the father of their child, or who haven’t slept with their brother (s), or brother(s)-in-law. Surely you wouldn’t go so far as to quibble with the news, Fox, CNN, etc., where it is obvious and a FACT that no American man can handle marriage and fatherhood, and must kill wife and children, then sometimes (but not always) himself. Say you are not making such outlandish claims, and please don’t ask how I think I know so much about American television. I’m a researcher, remember, and we always go for the best, most reliable, scientific and scholarly sources. 😛 😛 😀 😀

  120. Khalid–your One is a Lucky One

    Gloria– “I just had to do a presentation on “Enhanced interrogation techniques” so I am a little worked up.loool”–I agree with American Bedu–details! please!

    Mohamed S–agreed re: Saudi =/= Arab

    All spouses would be well advised to know about and prepare for their legal rights for all eventualities: change of country, loss of affection, divorce, death, incapacitation, etc. It helps keep the marriage together, or facilitate the best dissolution possible, for both of them and their children. (based on theory and practice with a number of nationalities and mixes).

  121. Hi Carol,
    A very interesting comparison of American men Vs. Saudi Men. Do you have any comparisons for Saudi Women vs. American Women?? Interesting to know how the two sexes fare??

  122. Chiara–well, as you know I’m from Seattle which is almost in Canada–definitely too blue for CNN and Fox–must be that bad Canadian influence. You mean there is not a Canadian version of Jerry Springer?
    Gladys–wow Saudi Women vs. American Women–just let any men try to stop American women from driving in America–and live to tell about it!

  123. Gladys,

    I think that the comparison would need to be done by a man that has dealt with both sexes and could explain the differences that he sees in a lighthearted way…. However, I think that the picture would be more like girls ‘getting make-up on’ instead of ‘gettin’ it on’ as in Bedu’s stuffed animal view. ROFL

  124. Hi Gladys,

    I am indeed working on such a post but in the meantime you may enjoy
    these earlier posts:

  125. @Miriam,

    I guess I surprised many with my choice of image for the post but you
    have to admit it does grab the attention…and as a dear friend said,
    beware of the Easter bunny the day after Easter! (LOL)

  126. @Gloria,

    I think the issue is not whether you can find a good Saudi man. There are plenty, I consider myself one. The issue is the country’s laws are totally against women. There is no recourse especially for a foreign wife, if disputes arise. There are also social pressures on those marriages which increases the probability of disputes. Combining the 2 makes Saudi and Western marriages in country have low probability of success. And when the marriages fail the outcome will be bad for the woman, where she is either trapped in a bad marriage for all the reasons Aafke gave or she has to get out with almost nothing and start a new life.

    I am not sure what can be a compelling reason for a woman to take such risks.

  127. Sirius–oh no! I didn’t realize/remember you were so close to toxic Canadian influences, in such a blue place (politicially and seasonal affective disorder from cloud cover LOL 🙂 ). If there is a Canadian Jerry Springer I am not aware, but we are the people who brought you those cultural exemplars: The McKenzie Brothers, John Candy, Martin Short, Jim Carrey, Ivan Reitman (“Animal House”–exactly what happens at all Canadian Universities LOL 😀 ). BTW Canada is so blue because of infiltration by American leftists.(including Vietnam era ones teaching our youth), and I am definitely a PBS, NPR type. 🙂

  128. Chiara, you have so right about the infiltration of American leftists and I live in an area with lots of draft dodgers and Canada’s biggest export crop!! Sirius and I are in the Cascadia Zone. Maybe we need to do a “Canadian vs American” men!

  129. @American Bedu & Chiara: I am finishing my MA in international relations & had to do a presentation on torture & later debate in a group against the practice. I did a lot of research & most of the material I found on the topic were less than appetizing. The CIA torture memos & what they were allowed to do was quite disturbing. As you know there will be more Abu Ghraib type pictures coming out in May. I can’t say I am eager to see them.:-(

    @Saudi in US: Well I never defended the laws in Saudi. When it comes to rights both men & women have few of them. In addition when marriages fail anywhere, it is usually the women who pay the higher price. I have been thinking where the flaw in your argument is since you have composed it pretty well. But I found it. Your paragraph has no regard for individuality & the sense of uniqueness of each person. Note..I am not saying you are wrong…but you can be & there are occasions that you are. I think each case/couple should be judged differently because they are different.

  130. What? Jerry Springer isn’t real????
    Oh! 😦

    Gloria, sorry but something tells me you are happy to trust your husband, (of whom you still only know his ”american persona”) to provide a safety net for you?

    Again, with all the happy mixed marriages the only Saudi man I ever heard of who really cared enough to put up a bullitproof protection for his wife is the ”Amazing mr Radha”. All other women are left, (as far as I know) to built up their own defences, and security and nesteggs.

    I can’t believe it; you even reject the well meant recommendations of a real Saudi man!
    Truly, I can’t believe how shortsighted and careless you are.
    Oh well, just one more future victim. At least you won’t be able to say you haven’t been warned in advance.

    Radha, Actually, I am still not quite convinced that model knight in shining armour of yours can be real…
    I’d love the chocolate (Green & Blacks organic, Milk, butterschotch and Mayan gold) not so sure about the neuro surgery, and would love to meet him intellectually. But don’t forget: I want to meet you too! 🙂

  131. @Gloria,

    Note: I was one of those Saudi’s that chose not to expose my wife to the system as I thought it was completely unfair and risky for her.

    I am well aware of individuality (it is like explaining the obvious). I was giving you my best thoughts on this issue, that I am very familiar with. I wish you the best of luck in what ever you choose. Just be very careful.

  132. ok, so so far we know of two Saudi men (out of 10 million) who cared enough for the ”loves of their lives” to protect them. And I mean really protect them.

    Miriam Mac, so how many men of those many happy mixed marriages you spoke of, offered the same level of protection towards their foreign wives?
    This might make me reconsider you know! 😉

  133. @Gloria – as a western woman married to a Saudi and in three short
    years in the Kingdom thus far I have seen so many shattered dreams and
    marriages and not because of a lack of love but the culture and
    extended families have torn couples apart. I would not recommend a
    young woman or woman with children to come and live in the Kingdom
    with a Saudi husband as the odds are so high and what may have been a
    good marriage get torn to shreds after a short time in the Kingdom.

    When mixing such diverse cultures it takes much more than pure love
    for the marriage in KSA in a bicultural couple to be a success. It
    will take an incredibly sensitive and understanding man who fully
    recognizes and will act upon the fact that his wife literally has
    (usually) given up her family, friends, country and all familiar to
    follow him to his land of shifting sands. He needs to realize that he
    becomes the center of her life even more so than when they were in a
    different country. He will need to be there and speak up and defend
    her when she may be shut out or treated as an outsider by others who
    may be resentful or not approving of a foreign wife whom they may view
    as an usurper.

    I hope Miriam and others who have spent considerable time in Saudi
    also chime in with their views and experiences. this issue is too
    important to underplay.

  134. Wendy and Sirius–
    Oh no! Are we at risk of losing you ladies into the Pacific Ocean? Are you practising for the big 2009 “Cascadia Peril exercise”? Go East Young Women! Or at least cling to the Eastern side of a Rocky Mountain, We enjoy your comments too much to lose you! 😀

    I was once at a faculty get together that involved a discrete “Which war were you dodging to come here?”–Korea, and Vietnam were present and accounted for. Everytime I try to find a colleague eligible for an American grant I’m afraid to go above a certain age, since some are “tetchy” despite amnesties, and citizenships. 🙂

    Canadian vs American men, now that’s a challenge in subtle differences, especially if you count the American-identifying Canadian men–might have to stick to French Canadians, and European-identifying Canadian men, vs Texans, or Californians, or New Yorkers or something. LOL 😀

  135. Gloria–thanks for the detail. I have read more about torture through the ages and cultures than I care to remember, whether for PTSD studies, or humanities ones. The principles and strategies are dismally similar no matter who is doing it where, when to whom.

    The part I find most reprehensible about the Bush-Cheney administration’s version was the more than usual perversion of psychological expertise to this nefarious task, and the more than usual governmental hypocracy from a country we normally have more respect for (despite Canadian inferiority-superiority complexes 🙂 ).

    I am sure you are aware of secondary traumatization, and are treating yourself preventively or post-exposure. I have to remember not to read too much of this at one go, especially waterboarding, which, given the amount of aquatic sports I have practiced, I find particularly disingenuous; and then I start developping identification with the aggressor, and loudly suggesting which members of the Bush administration should volunteer to be waterboarded, or have their pregnant daughter waterboarded (not mentioning any names)–very unseemly given my profession 🙂 .

  136. @Aafke: He is not my husband & we are far from that stage. As for trust, I do not trust easily. That is why I do not trust you either. It takes a lot for me to trust people. In general I distrust people who see things in either black or white. You are welcome to your opinion but I refuse to let you make my decisions. You are not me & you do not know me. Thanks anyway for all that writing.

    @Saudi in US: Thanks for the advice.

    @American Bedu: Yes, I agree with what you wrote & I realize the importance of all the factors you layed down. We are very far from me being in Saudi. Even if I ever decide to go there, it won’t be earlier than 5 years. In fact, it is not my intention to move there at all. Thank you.

    lol@Chiara: What worries me is that if there will be no punishment for torture, what will happen if Mitt Romney wins the next election? Another four years of Waterboarding!;-P

  137. PS Gloria–re: Saudi men–aside from my generic advice for all spouses as above, just remember the first law of medicine: C.Y.A. 😀

    PS Sirius–just reminded by Susie of Arabia’s blog that you are in now Saudi–get thee to the US embassy and register, AKA C.Y.A. 😀

  138. lol@Chiara: That was cool!!!ROFLMAO


  139. Gloria–another 4 years of waterboarding with free market “waterboard” manufacturing. 😉

  140. LOOOOL…Makes sense! How about hiring private contractors like Black water…Oops ..currently known as “Xe Worldwide”, to do the waterboarding? It creates jobs & makes happy people!;-)

  141. hello there

    do you know that most of your list is not true !! and even if it was made for fun, you should be honest when talking about others!!

    if you want my very long list about diff , let me know , but i am sure u r not goanna like it.
    speak the truth

  142. suliman — chill out!! You’re taking life too seriously.

  143. @Chiara,
    Eight years of Bush-Cheney-Rove was torture– mass torture on so many levels. I felt tortured just by the grammar.
    Yes–I’m in KSA.
    Another way Saudi and American men differ–young American men don’t harass women older than their mothers!

  144. So with tongue in cheek, here are some more distinctions on American Men versus Saudi Men…

    AMERICAN MEN – will be nice to you until he get to your pants and then leave you, If he couldn’t he will mary you.
    SAUDI MEN – he will be in debt becasue of marriage preparation.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will buy a tiny little fake dimond.
    SAUDI MEN – will dress you in gold.

    AMERICAN MEN – will lose the house becasue his previous wife are claiming the half.
    SAUDI MEN – Will take a loan to buy you a house then he will be sent to jail for that.

    AMERICAN MEN – Expect to have to take out the trash everyday so he can somke some weed.
    SAUDI MEN – will take the trash out becasue men always do that.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will cook a dinner sometimes so he can invite his neighbour’s wife while you away.
    SAUDI MEN – the maid will cook for him while his wife are gathering with other women.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the movies and will sleep will you watch the movie alone
    SAUDI MEN – on the wekend the woman will go to her parents and leave him alone.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will go outside and cut the grass to see the full moon of his neighbour’s wife
    SAUDI MEN – have no grass, he is living in a flat.

    AMERICAN MEN – will pretend that he loves his girlfriend to get to her pants.
    SAUDI MEN – will be already married.

    AMERICAN MEN – Have their wife and children on all of their official papers.
    SAUDI MEN – Have their 10 children with the first foreign wife listed on their identity card with the Saudi wife. (foreign wife is not allowed to be added on the ‘Saudi’ ID card without having Saudi nationality.)

    AMERICAN MEN – before the AMERICAN MAN dies, the property and money go to his wifes during the years.
    SAUDI MEN – If the SAUDI MAN dies, the creditors will go after his sons of his first only wife.

    AMERICAN MEN – If he becomes single at age 80 due to his wife’s death, he can’t marry a 50 year old without viagra.
    SAUDI MEN – He will die before his wife.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will buy his business partner a dinner, and split the bill.
    SAUDI MEN – will make a big meal for his business partner.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will open up all the curtains in the house to enjoy the beauty of next door teenage girl.
    SAUDI MEN – will close the curtains, so the house will get cool little bit.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will turn off all of the electricity and lock up the house when he goes on vacation.
    SAUDI MEN – have no money because he will pay for electrycity and water so it won’t be cut.

    AMERICAN MEN – will ask a many women for their phone number.
    SAUDI MEN – Don’t need to ask girl’s no. to marry her.

    AMERICAN MEN – pretend that he’ll walk his dog in his neighborhood to cheat on his wife
    SAUDI MEN – will stay every night on the house with his woman.

    AMERICAN MEN – cheat on his wife since they were married for 30 years.
    SAUDI MEN – married with another one that his wife knows.

    AMERICAN MEN – get pannic when his girlfriend buy something.
    SAUDI MEN – his wife will get pannic when he buy her something expensive.

    AMERICAN MEN – steal a streats decorating flower for his new girlfriend.
    SAUDI MEN – Buys a bouquet to give his WILD girlfriend

    AMERICAN MEN – Gives his girlfriend a ride to school to show off.
    SAUDI MEN – He ashamed of his car.

    AMERICAN MEN – Buys a painting from the artist for his girlfriend, and make her pay him back.
    SAUDI MEN – his “girlfriend” would through the painting that he bought.

    AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have oil wells in their backyards
    SAUDI MEN – Wishes all Saudis had oil wells in their backyards

    AMERICAN MEN – Goes to the bank to deposit more money.
    SAUDI MEN – Goes to the Bank and realise that the account is nul.

    AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have harems in Saudi
    SAUDI MEN – can’t handel one Saudi woman.

    AMERICAN MEN – will be ignorant that he can recognise between middle easterns in general, even if they talk.

    SAUDI MEN – can recognise between american and any one with blue eyes and blond hair.

  145. @Saudi Bedu – enjoyed your modifications and additions!!

  146. LOL@SaudiBedu: I liked your list a lot. WOW! This is fun..even I feel like contributing to it;-)

  147. @Gloria: Please do contribute!!

  148. LOOOOOL…I changed just a few. Hope you like it.;-)

    AMERICAN MEN – American men are very nice until they get in your pants. They will just ignore you after that..
    SAUDI MEN – The Saudi men are constantly in your pants.

    AMERICAN MEN – American men will give you lots of fake diamonds and jewelry that you keep forever.
    SAUDI MEN – Saudi men will give you real ones so you can show them off to your jealous girlfriends.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will buy you a house that they can’t afford which comes down to forclosure.
    SAUDI MEN – Will buy you a house next to his parents house so you have his mom in your face everyday.

    AMERICAN MEN – American men do not take out the trash everyday since it is ’woman’s job’ in the house.
    SAUDI MEN – Will hire an expat to take out the trash for you.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will cook you dinner & let you wash the dishes.
    SAUDI MEN – Will get the expat to do all that.;-p

    AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the ballgames & introduce you to his lame friends.
    SAUDI MEN – Will leave you at home with the maid and hide you from his friends & send his mother over to keep an eye on you.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the movies with him & make you watch what his buddies told him to.
    SAUDI MEN: Will bring a DVD home & make you watch it with him.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will run away at even the thought of marriage.
    SAUDI MEN – Saudi sees you & wants to marry you at once.

    AMERICAN MEN – Have their wife and children on all of their official papers because he has to.
    SAUDI MEN – Have their 10 children with the first foreign wife listed on their identity card with the Saudi wife. Thank Allah, the Misyars do not have to be mentioned. (I am guessing)

    AMERICAN MEN – If the AMERICAN MAN dies, his wife has to pay all his debts.
    SAUDI MEN – If the SAUDI MAN dies, the property will be shared by his first wife, his ‘hidden’ wives, and all 500 children that he forgot to mention to her while he was alive, along with his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

    AMERICAN MEN – Will go on vacation with the woman he is having an affair with, leaving the wife behind.
    SAUDI MEN – Will lock up his wife and maid in the house while he goes on vacation with his WILD girlfriend.

    AMERICAN MEN – takes his wife out for a stroll and they walk hand in hand while he checks out all the other “better” looking women.
    SAUDI MEN – takes his wife and his mother out for a stroll while checking out all the other women .

    AMERICAN MEN – meets his girlfriend after office hours for a quickie before going home o his wife..
    SAUDI MEN – goes home to his wives.

    AMERICAN MEN – will flirt with other women when his wife is not around
    SAUDI MEN – will do the same regardless of his wives’ whereabouts

    AMERICAN MEN – will ask a pretty woman for her phone number
    SAUDI MEN – will tell her he loves her on his first text message.

    AMERICAN MEN – will be proud to admit that his marriage has survived for 30 years considering all his affairs.
    SAUDI MEN – will be proud of his 30 marriages & misyars.

    AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have harems in Saudi
    SAUDI MEN – Wishes he could handle just this one wife.


  149. Gloria–who can argue these days with a make work program? 😛

    Sirius–yes, American English suffered greatly. Nay, you are but an “Abla”, respected older sister, I’m sure! 🙂

    Saudi Bedu–KUDOS!! 😀 😀 😀


  150. @Chiara: Nothing wrong with waterboarding. That is why we will waterboard Sean Hannity & watch if he lasts 3 seconds. The money goes to charity!;-P

  151. @Gloria – bravo! I got the biggest chuckles on reading your
    revisions…..again while all tongue in cheek, definitely a grain of

    My favorite which I think is quite apt is the one where:

    American Men keep all their money in the bank so people think he’s poor.

    Saudi Men keep all their money in their wallet so people think he’s rich.

    There is a lot of truth to that one too!

  152. Gloria–Charity is good! LOL 😀

  153. @American Bedu: lol…Thank you. 😉 I have also noticed that about Saudi men (at least the ones I have met) keeping their money in the wallet so you think they are rich. 😛
    My favorite though is what you wrote about the Saudi “walking 10 miles waiting for a bluetooth message from ANY female aged 8 – 98 !”…lol…It was certainly worth a good chuckle;-)

  154. @Chiara: Sean is a good hearted man & that is why he will get waterboarded. I hope he won’t chicken out;-)

  155. Aafke – If you look around at the couples still standing, here in KSA or in the states….mixed or not….after many years of marriage, you will see one common quality. The women in the marriages are mostly very articulate about what they want.

    There’s a new book out called, “Why Men Love Bitches” and it basically says that women are just too nice and get run over by their kids, their husbands, and their friends and never take into account what THEY want. And, it goes on to say that if women would take the time to be happy, they would make everyone else in their lives much happier as well.

    Your husband is not responsible for your happiness here in KSA or in the states. You are!!! So, you have to learn to go out with friends and do things without him sometimes. (If he is ok with that.) For example. In Jeddah, we’ve been going to the European Film Festival, concerts, and plays. No way my husband or my friend’s husband will go to things like that. Luckily, neither minded that we attended those events without them. You need to have a level of trust between you so that you can each have your own space to breathe.

    And as to Carol’s question about coming here after you are married in the states and you have kids there. ?? Well, (10 years ago) it almost broke up our 20 year marriage when we came BACK here after being out of the Kingdom for only 5 years. Things had changed so much.

    I warned Carol as soon as I ‘met’ her (online) that it would be very difficult for her to adjust. I think that she really didn’t think I knew what I was talking about…..which she found out to be the transformation of the Saudi. Well, she will tell you that it was quite an ordeal for her as well. See her post with that title.

    It’s a man’s world here and most of the Saudi guys I’ve ever met that were married to my friends have been very sweet. But, if you have any major trouble….well, you will find that ‘You’re NOT in KANSAS anymore’ as the saying here goes. : )

    Our favorite song at weddings now is “I Will Survive!!’
    I’m one of the lucky ones. …I’ve survived almost 34 years with my guy and my heart still skips a beat whenever I see him. Now how many couples are really THAT lucky? I thank God everyday and hope that it will last for many more years to come.

  156. @Gloria

    Oh yes….the bluetooth. And I’ve got a funny story in that
    regard…my MIL is a beautiful senior Saudi woman and she has had the
    odd guy throw a slip of paper in her direction with his phone number.
    It’s incredible that these guys (some young and some not so young)
    will try to circulate their phone numbers without any clue on who is
    behind that veil and abaya!

  157. Miriam Mac, you have something ery beautiful, no matter where you are on the planet! 🙂
    I am glad to hear of a happy ending, (or continuation) 🙂

    My parents also really loved each other to the very end, I agree, no matter the difficulties, once you find someone who is a real soulmate all obstacles are worth it!

  158. @Aafke, Mariam,

    Since we have shifted to special relationships, I have to say that my
    Grandparents were my example of the ideal couple. They had 68
    glorious years together and until the day my Grandfather passed
    (first) they treated each other with so much respect and love. They
    always held hands. My Grandfather always held all doors for her. My
    Grandmother never did learn to drive and he always took her wherever
    and whenever she needed to go out. She took great pleasure in
    preparing his favorite dishes. She never worked but stayed home
    taking care of him and their home. They instilled so many of their
    values into me and my sibs. We were very fortunate that we lived
    within walking distance so from the time I was born they were both
    major figures in my life. Not surprisingly after my Grandfather
    passed my Grandmother seemed to slowly fade away.

  159. @American Bedu: Bluetooth means survival in the ME! lol…It is not the person doing it but the hormones!l:-P …
    It is amazing how technology can overtake & cross boundaries. Even if that boundary is an Abaya! ROFLMAO…..
    My Grandparents had a wonderful relationship too. They were very commited to each other, always respected & loved each other. I loved to spend time over at their house. On the other hand, my parents had/have a very rocky relationship which has influenced my life to a great extend. It has always been very difficult for me to accept men…I have been always been very distrusful and never let them come too close to me. I have only been in love once.
    Anyway, I have heard that when two people love each other & are together over many years, when one of them passes away, the other one will follow suit. I have seen that with my Grandparents. I never understood that before but it is starting to make sense. 😉

    @Miriam Mac: I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  160. @Gloria – i wish i knew why bluetooth is so big in the GCC region but
    here in the States not a big deal at all…

    On relationships, I think it is important to have some rolemodel when
    it comes to relationships.

  161. I agree. I do not use bluetooth at all. There is no need for it. In the ME it means “networking”, finding a gf/bf, …The days of virtual girlfriends will also arrive & can you imagine what that means for all the repressed feelings of animalism? I call it, virtual second wives & Misyars 😉

    I am in a weird mood;-)

  162. Bluetooth is so hot here because of the limited contact available between genders…if there is a way to make contact without raising eyebrows or set tongues to wagging…the Arabs have latched on to it.

    The Japanese really need to see the market available here and work with it…billions are just waiting to be made. “mrgreen:

  163. :mrgreen: thats better

  164. Carol, Aafke, Gloria
    Well, from watching my friend’s son when he was about 15, I saw bluetooth in action here in KSA. We were amazed at how many people he found and messaged.

    Although he didn’t tell us specifics of what was being said, we figured it was something on the lines of.. “Hi, I think you’re cute.” or perhaps, “I’m bored out of my mind here with my aunties! How about you?”

    I think that the reason it is so widely used here in the GCC is due to the restrictions between the sexes.

    In the states, a young man would just walk up to the gal and try to talk to her. If he sent her a blue-tooth message, she’d probably think he was a real nut case. ha ha ha

  165. Sadly grieving compromises the immune system as well as the will to care for oneself, and the desire to go on without the other person. For that reason a high percentage of the elderly (especially the men) die within 6 mos of their spouse. Others of course, do not, but it is common, as is a grief reaction becoming a depression with its mores severe consequences.

  166. My favorite one was Saudi Bedu’s about the Saudi men dying before the wife. It’s true! I always meet liittle old widows. The husbands are usually long gone. That is to be expected if he is at least 20 years older than the wife.

    I have one

    American men: Will offer to go half on an abortion if you get pregnant . If you decide to keep the baby, you’ll have to have the courts force him to have a paternity test so that you can get child support but he will likely never pay it or be activie in the child’s life.

    Saudi men: will consider it a blessing and honor if you get pregnant right away and if he is poor he will know that the rizq (provision) is from Allah and would never even contenplate an abortion. Once the baby arrives he will be the first to announce the birth with a huge feast and the child will be loved and supported by him.
    American Men: Love for their wives to dress sexy and show off their body. Maybe even slap em on the butt in public so everyone knows that’s his peice.

    Saudi Men: Have a protective lealously for all their female relatives and prefers that the lustful stares of strange men be avoided. He would never publically fondle his wife.

    American Men: Put their parents in old folks homes

    Saudi Men: Care for their parents in thier homes, remembering that they cared for them as children and would not dream of putting them away.

    American Men: If they marry you have usuallyu done so after already test driving you.

    Saudi Men: On your marriage night will pray with you before you consumate the marriage and before entering you each and every time thereafter wil always say a prayer for you and your potential off spring, asking that Allah protect you.

  167. @uumadam: Thank you! There sure is a lot of truth in the ones you shared!

  168. and a hell of a lot of wishful thinking…lol.

  169. lol@ ummadam, I think what you shared was not only interesting but also very true.

    Not to offend anyone, but I have always found the idea of “test driving” quite offensive & hurtful. It is my personal opinion & I never let a man test drive me. I can be both conservative & liberal at the same time.
    ;-P Some men just throw it around easily. They say, “When you buy a new car, don’t you test drive it?” I don’t know…it just wouldn’t work for me. 😉

  170. Umm Adam–Kudos 😀

    For some reason the test drive analogy reminds me of the brilliant, beautiful, star athlete in high school who got pregnant (how? the BCP was already widely available), and spent a lot of time doing extra high jumping for track practice (that I saw myself), while her boyfriend decided between buying a car and marrying her (rumour from those “in the know”). He married her, and they lived (reasonably) happy ever after with more children.

  171. Hahaha!

    I enjoyed this sarcastic way of comparing American and Saudi men! =D

  172. Bedu, if we tried to compare Spanish men to Saudis there would be an equal sign next to a lot of the things stated above- their “cousinship” goes that far! 🙂

  173. loool…Saudis are not that exceptional after all. The men specis show many signs that bind them to the like of their gender.

    lol@INAL: Maybe because Muslims left their mark in Spain.;-)))

  174. @Firdaus – and thank you for realizing that much of it is in jest
    although some on the other hand do have a grain of truth too!

  175. @Inal – I have heard that many times…and Italian men too (as
    compared to Saudis)

  176. @Gloria – yes and especially concerning who has control of the remote control!

  177. Control of the remote is genetically coded on the Y chromosome. Women who have a penchant for controlling the remote (particularly in the presence of their male superiors, ie all men above the age of 6) have internalized inappropriate gender behaviours. 😛 😛

  178. lol@American Bedu & Chiara: OMG….Indeed the remote control!! My parents are still fighting over the remote control. Fortunately, the internet might have eased that problem for some. I am not a big tv fan. In fact I never watch tv….I get all my info, news, …online. I am very glad that I won’t have that problem. 😛

  179. Gloria–while not a big tv watcher, my sister (no brothers) had me trained early to cede the remote on command (is there a military command for that ? 😀 ) 😀

  180. I would just stick to the Bush Doctrine & call it preemption & unilateralism. It worked for him & it will work for you. 😛

    And always remember that he is either with you or against you! ROFLMFAO

  181. @ Gloria LOL-Oh they left their Arab mark alright- clear to the Patagonia if you go asking some Argentinian women!

    Bedu I guess the Italians is by osmosis and proximity LOL

  182. How about : “Atten-tion!” “Present arms! [ie the remote]” “At ease![once relieved of said remote]”. It often feels about like that when the nephew “catches me” with the remote.

    Yes the Bush Doctrine would seem to apply–invade, and capture the remote before any channel changing can happen; and, when it comes to the remote “they’re either fer ya or agin ya”, and if they don’t want to be “bombed back to the stone age” they’ ll be fer ya.

    Of course, we must remember that fine English saying: “All’s fair in love, war, and control of the remote!” :mrgreen:

  183. loool@Chiara, Dubya knew what he was talking about. He didn’t like multilateralism but hey, who does?- particularly when it comes to the remote control. I also used preemption to win the remote for my mom. I would grab it before my father could get to it. He was clever & would act as if he did not care. But if I had to pay a visit to the ladies he would grab it & not let it go. So as a kid I used to keep watch over the remote & after I could successfully hand it over to my mom, I wouldn’t dare leave my sit. It was actually a big problem. Now you know why I like globalization….cause when Explorer came, I dumped the remote like a hot potato 😛

  184. Inal–Southern Italy was long a part of the Muslim world, and Sicilia still shows influences of the culture, from its days as the “Emirate of Sicily”. The “Arab mark” is on the faces and in the genes (recent population genetics prove it). Arab culture is evident in the Sicilian dialect, cuisine, customs, and family attitudes (Catholicized).
    LOL “to Patagonia” (beware of non Arab penguins)

    Gloria–Freud was right–it all goes back to the family psychic “economy” (emotional distribution of the remote) LOL 😀

  185. @Chiara, I agree. Southern European men share a good deal with Saudis. Never flirt with their women if you wanna live. ROFL

    I wonder what would Freud say if he could watch me making a Quantum Leap to grab the well shaped, performance ready remote. 😉 It is OK….I have a hunch on that one 😉

  186. Well to state the obvious, “penis envy” comes to mind, or the more contemporary (revisionist, feminist) formulation “phallus envy”, not to mention “castrating”. but then globe-trotting women taking jobs from men would be expected to “exhibit these tendancies”. LOL 😛

  187. WOW! For God’s Sake, I don’t envy it! I am grabbing it! 😛
    May Allah forgive me for my evil thoughts that might bring about ‘fitna”! ROFLMAO

  188. Okay, I’m not “touching” that “grabbing it” with a 10-foot psychoanalytic theory from whatever school past or present. 😛

  189. That sounds reasonable since any closer examination of my word play might lead us to “fitna”! 😉 Now I wonder if American Bedu would ever consider writing about fitna. 😛

  190. @Gloria…talk about timing….. (LOL)

  191. What a riot! I’ve been gone too long, gotta check this blog more often.

  192. @solomon: Glad you liked!

  193. bigots..

  194. @trancinguy – no sense of humor today?

  195. My Saudi guy thought it was funny ;-P

  196. ;-P

  197. Sorry can’t get anything right today. But we are at least closer to 200 comments…lol 😉

  198. @gloria — any chance your Saudi guy would add a few?

  199. loool…well actually the one I wrote had his touch! No wonder I was kind to Saudis;-) 😉 ;-P

  200. @Gloria — aha! (smile)

  201. So u r saying that all saudi men are stupid and get marry with 10 wife(s) and non of them is good

    u must be so stupid that u can’t even see the truth even if it’s on a million doller

    let me tell u something about the american men that u didn’t mention ..

    have u mentioned that most american men are GAY !
    they get devorce and leave their wives with 3 kids

    most kids don’t even know who their father is !

    if i want to talk about american men there’s so much i can’t even imagin

    but only twisted minds think with a bad way (like urs)

    never mentioning a good stuff about men
    all u think about is how aweful they are

    and BTW , 95 % of what u mentioned is NOT right
    and u don’t even understand the saudi life .. how would u talk about it ? and the ither 5% if u understand our religion u would know better
    but heh what do u know !
    i can’t believe how dump u r ,, and i feel sorry for u

  202. i only LOVE IT when some comment with the name “drop the crap” knew how to shut u big fat full of crap mouth up and u couldn’t say anything but :

    “chill out please! There is no need to take everything so literal!”

  203. Ouch…you all been PWND!!! 😉

  204. @Coolred: PWND?!

  205. hahaha its funny but no one should take these things series because i know what im talking about i live in saudiarabia.

  206. @guest – welcome! And glad you are taking the post in the context for which it was written!

  207. Which “context” did you use when you labbeld ten million poeple bigot?…

  208. I am soooooooooooooo CRAZY about American men:)

  209. The person who put the poster up could change it for something more socially acceptable here in KSA, no?

  210. u know what!!!
    u keep sayin that saudi people have a lot of children
    but that aint true
    only few of the saudi’s still marry more than one wife
    and the children r a blessin but still, saudi’s dont have 50 children or whatever

  211. yea and also saudi guys are not more likely to leave their families like american guys. almost any guy you meet in america has cheated at least once. Guys suck! they need to step their game up!

  212. @Amy,

    Sorry to tell you this, but cheating is common in Saudi as well, it just isnt talked about. Often it is with the maid or nanny who has little choice in the matter and certainly wont say anything because she’d be kicked out the country.

    Saudi guys do leave their wives and children, often not supporting either of them. I know because I married a Saudi and I support the Saudi father’s children with next to no support from them!

    Everything you find American men doing you’ll find Saudi men doing, just different.

  213. you can shove that lovely article up your ass. and do it over and over and over and over and over as much as you want. A saudi man is not like that…. i belive it is the Americans known for cheating and betraying…Not the Saudis. I suggest you get your facts right before you decide to write something so stupid and ignorant..shows how immature you are. ASSSHOLEEEEEEEEEE.

  214. Most of these are not true, you’re exaggerating. only couple of them are true, like the cooking thing.
    I also want to mention that American men might leave their families after many years of marriage and then tell them “i’m gay”.
    American men might get their girlfriends pregnant when they are really young, and then they’ll just run away leaving their girlfriends in hard situation.
    Saudi men provide their wives with all jewelry, cloths, food, etc; in return they’ll just have to raise the kids and do her chords as a wives. Saudi men try to make their wives live in a luxurious way, and if they don’t have enough money, they’ll still try to make them live the most comfortable way possible.

  215. too exagerated I must say!!
    not that i’m Saudi but you were so bias when making this list!!
    you portray saudis as filthy rich men that have no feelings at all !! It’s not like that, at least not all of them!!

  216. I met a women married to an American, so I had the chance to discuss with her some points about the American culture. the first question that I asked:
    “is that true that American men help their wives at home?”
    She said:” who said that?”
    me:”American Women”
    She:”?!”, “if any American women tells u that her husband helps her at home, SPIT in her face”
    “it’s a lie, they work by themselves they do most the work”
    what is your comment
    and yeah those lies you made are funny and NOT true at all.

  217. People are people. I know some Saudi men who help with the housework. Ditto Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Germans.

  218. fuck you man and your stupid report ….

  219. omg, I am CRAZY for American men^_^

  220. I’m a Saudi girl and i’ve never been attrached to Saudi Guys ,for me most of them are hypocrites,they’re pretending that they’re cool and nice but in reality they’re liars,cruels who like listen to women.
    lol 😛

  221. Once upon a time.. There was saudi who wants to clean his plate! ( which is me!) but he was Lazy ): like seriously lazy.. cos u know tis pain in the arse to do so. However, instead of cleaing it by myself!(Which am saudi xD) I called 911 for HELP!

    /Calls 911
    /Hello, sir how may I help u? (Female)
    /Hey how u doing man, feeling good?! xD I mean umm u sound hot, ops I meant girl btw! o;
    /Wtf?! (Female)
    /What? no foul langauge please. ): I mean u see I need help with cleaning my plate, would u mind coming over and have some dinner and u know clean the plates after you!.
    /Hold on please.. (Female)
    /good. xD ( good progress, Eh? xD )
    /the doors knocks out.. Ohhh hold Brb I will talk to you later Female officer. ):
    /Female. ( Go to hell!)
    /Meh. ): Whos there?
    /Tis FBI and CIA Open the DAMN door! you been suspect as a criminal!
    /Ohh umm.. sorry I speak no english..

    Btw i’m Saudi… and your report is really funny makes meh laugh loud but really not true. Lol. so many ppl hate us after all and so u know more than 50% of saudies dont owe their houses. Lol.

  222. I think you are very brave. Clearly he was well traveled, well educated and of a different stock than the average Arab male. There are good people everywhere.

    On that note, I would not marry an Arab or Muslim man unless he was born in the west. I’ve had two persian men interested in me in the past but the mere fact they were Muslim was non-negotiable, although I am sure they were good people and not conformed to the rigid rules of their culture. But many of these men change their demeanor as soon as they move back home and become a different person.
    Being older now, I may have reconsidered and paid more attention to other factors that would have separated them from the lot. There are some positive characteristics from Eastern culture that we could learn much from and that would benefit our own culture.

    But truth still is that 9/10 of these relationships don’t work and often have tragic consequences. You were fortunate but you also did your homework for many years before making your decision – which is the way to do. I think younger women are far more inexperienced and can easily fall into bad situations.

  223. Thank you, HMRCD. I agree with your perspective.

  224. as they say in America i say to you American bedu “Go back to your country”

  225. I’m an Irish-American woman with a daughter who is now in her 30’s. Her father was a Saudi student. Since she tried to contact him on facebook, his picture has come down. I sincerely hope that one day that cheap little man needs a kidney so my daughter can tell him no. There is all this buzz on the internet about American women trying to get some type of child support from the Saudi fathers. We will establish a good relationship with Martians before that happens. All I ever got from the Saudis is a nervous breakdown. Actually I was on the trial of the Zodiak killer and found him. So, I don’t know who is meaner. The Saudi Educational Mission, The Saudi Embassy, The TRAITOR OF AMERICAN BABIES called ELS or Dr. George Hill Hodel, Serial Killer. They were all very mean to me. And just like Hodel was a suspect in the Black Dahlia murder and LE didn’t keep an eye on him, no American in government has tried to help Saudi-American children. We are just supposed to be happy ours weren’t the ones kidnapped and taken back to Saudi Arabia. Thank you Jesus! I blame myself for being young and stupid. I had to accept responsiblity for my actions because I had a child to love and raise. I consider myself the lucky one because until you are a mother you probably will never know the depth of that much love. 32 years later, no matter what, it is like I am a Matriarch or Queen Bee. And my little Princess Bee is a Queen Bee now too. My present boyfriend loves and adores me. My son-in-law is the best son-in-law ever! And thank you Jesus, my grandsons and their children one day and on down the ages will be ALL MINE and not HIS. He is a loser and couldn’t even see it. They are such pitiful people. There are some things we know about God because we know He gives us the common sense to understand it. I know there’s this religion and that but God didn’t mean for anyone to abandon their own flesh and blood. That is just Human Being 101. You would think everybody knew it. The Saudis don’t. Ssh. Let them go on the way they have for years. They think they are happy that way.

  226. You are so rarcist. You think you are funny by writing lies about other nations

  227. Lol!

    80 years old can marry a 15 years old ???


  228. Hahaha loved it for a good laugh… some of it pretty true others….haha. my Saudi boyfriend loved it too…. now hes tryibg to hunt down them 500 kids .

  229. Looking at this post again really brings attention to how pseudo-stereotypical/borderline racist they are. I would be offended by the inaccuracy of these if I was married to a Saudi…but my husband happens to be from a different Arab nation so I will refrain from commenting on those. Still, I don’t really even think the American stereotypes are really that stereotypical (at least not as listed on here). I don’t think this really promotes understanding or acceptance between the two cultures. Some may see the list as funny; I see it as being intolerant of others.

    In an interesting cultural note: in Arab culture it is seen as the woman’s responsibility to take out the trash or “bins”.

    You can make a stereotype of who does what around the home, but when it comes down to it, that dynamic is as unique as the people in the relationship. Also, in my husband’s culture the age of the woman doesn’t matter; it only matters that she is a good woman. In fact, some would rather marry an older woman who understands how to care for a man.

  230. well, i live in saudi arabia and i say that 80% of what you wrote is not true

  231. let me add some more things to ur list that Ive personaly witnessed:
    American man: will wipe his ass with toilet paper and walk away like nothing’s wrong
    American man: have called his wife “my bitch” hundreds of times before they got married
    American man: will eat from the same plate with his dog (who just licked his own butthole) then kiss his wife
    American man: will hug his dog but will not hug his male child (thats why they needed the dog to begin with)
    American man: will walk naked in the locker room after working out then dry the sweat off of his armpits using the hands dryer
    American man: etc etc etc

    I believe that the saudi man ur talking about is ur husband. Do u think that a real man will mary a diplomat who missed up his country for many years? thats the kind of man u get.

    STOP THINKING THAT SAUDI PEOPLE LIKE U AMERICANS !! the only one who likes u is king abdullah and his people..

  232. Let me add “some” stuff to your list that I have “personally” witnessed:

    American men: wipe their behinds with paper towels and walk away like there’s nothing wrong.

    American men: shares the same plate with his dog “which is many times cleaner than his owner” then he will kiss his wife on the mouth.

    American men: walks naked around in the gym’s lockers and drys his armpits sweat using the hands dryer.

    American men: will hug his dogs but not hug his male child.

    American men: marries the woman that he have called “my bi***” many times in front of his friends

    American men: has no problems kicking out his or your parents/relatives out of the house. Not because he is independent, but because he has no manners.

    American men: will easily get rid of you and marry another women because she’s more “hot” than you.

    American men: will kick you out of the house if you didn’t have a job.

    American men: have spent most of their lives in a culture full of drug-use, alcohol use, child pregnancy, cheating, materialism at its best. and good luck with your children living up to that.

    I believe that your husband is the example that you have about useless, rich Saudi men. Otherwise, why in the world would you think that someone will marry a “diplomat” that works for the 1st country in the world that fights our beliefs?

    When many Americans leave their bubbles back home, they talk like if they know everything or as if they are recording their “observations” about other cultures like if they were insects.

    Believe me, half an hour in a convenient store will give you a better idea about your country.

  233. What the Eff was that ?! Obviously you have no idea !
    Saudi men will provide thir wives houses and house maides if the waif askes for one and even her own driver and car .. Coz saudi girls are THAT spoiled
    Alos in the marriage the wife dose not pay for anything because it is the husband job
    Work is optional for the wife
    In case of a second wife , it is allowed in case of the sickness of the first wife and not being able to give birth
    Most of the second marriages are done with the approval of the first wife!
    In case of a divorce the woman keeps the house and dose not give back the gold or other stuff
    + you do not have to worry about any cheating with a saudi husband
    They sometimes cook but tend to make a lot of mess so we tend to keep them out of the kitchen
    They do work around the house like fixing things
    *this is the typical saudi man in where i live , which is in Saudi arabia
    Please get your information right before attempting such comparison
    Stateing wrong information is not cool

  234. Hi there!

    I read the half of your artical. I couldn’t compleate it because it is completely NOT true :). “man take his wife’s jewelry” !!! Hahaha please don’t make me laugh. Saudi men didn’t take anything from there wife if they did then he asked his wife for this, at a horrible situation that he staels it from her then if she told her father or anyone else then she will got it back 😉 . Even if you wrote this for fun this doesn’t give you the right to lie 🙂 Oh and the American men are PERFECT hahaha 🙂

  235. Wow… Just wow! I’m a Saudi my self with a Saudi family, none of this is true. More than 1 wife? And all that crap? Srsly deleted this article or edit it. I rather say delete it. Racism is the right word to describe this article. My Saudi father and mother are kind, we sure do have 3 houses but that’s because different job location. We stay home(us women) really… It’s hard to explain but we do go to parties and malls and so on. I’m embarrassed and disgusted. I shoulded feel this way about my nationality and religion. Please stop this I’m only 11 and experiencing the real truth… That people are truly cruel to our kind

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