Saudi Arabia: What is Allah Yester?

saudi accident

Among the common phrases one will hear spoken in Saudi Arabia includes Allah Yester.  What does this phrase mean and when is it appropriate to use it?

Allah Yester is two words, the first, Allah, means God and Yester can have multiple implications.  Allah Yester is used with something that is unknown or will happen with the future that is of concern.  The most common interpretation of Allah Yester is to imply “God save them” such as seeing an accident and one does not know if the people are okay or not.  If someone tells you something and you do not know the consequences, Allah yester can be said.  For example if one is told a war is going to take place that statement would usually end with the words allah yester.  Allah yester is spoken as a pray to God as well as to soften disturbing events or bad news.  Another example is one may say on hearing someone is not feeling well, “allah yester, inshall’allah, we will hear good news about his health.”

In sum, allah yester is commonly associated and used with conveyance or receipt of distressing and/or bad news.


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  1. I always give my wife a hard time when she uses this one. I say “Allah Easter? We dont celebrate Easter!”

  2. lol @ Abu Sinan

  3. But not as “Allah Yester the Saudi King” as in God Save the King!

  4. Never heard this term before….

  5. very good,
    how ever it is more like Allah Uyoo-ss-tour, you have it written it in an eastern or Najdi accent, the word is a derivative from the word s’atr which is to cover,or to veil to shade.

  6. It can be also used in a sarcastic manner.. for Example: Allah Yester Aleek.

    The same phrase can be used to wish somebody safety and protection.. and also if for example somebody is clumsy, says or does something asinine, saying Allah yester Aleek would imply that you need protection from yourself.

    Also when people gossip and somebody would like to stop the other people in the conversation from talking badly about the person/persons related to the gossip.. He would notion something like:

    Leave them alone, Allah Yester Aleehum…

    This relates to a prayer where people say Ya Allah Al Ster.. to protect from gossip/scandals….etc.

  7. DW – thank you for providing additional ways in which it is used.

    Rose CG: I bet if you ask your husband he’ll smile as he’s probably familiar with it.

  8. Ahh
    one of the most common responses to “How was ur exam?” Now its totally clear to me 😀

  9. Yes, Mastoor…most of my “Saudi Arabic” is Nejdi!

  10. This video may also help understanding the phrase ‘allah yester’.

    enjoy !

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