Saudi Arabia: YOU Can Help Make History in Jeddah – Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Those who have been following my blog know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008 while living in Riyadh.  I had a mastectomy and subsequent treatment performed at National Guard Health Affairs.  I had hoped my battle with cancer was over then but that was not to be the case.  I relapsed in October 2009 while in the United States and found that my cancer had spread into my lymph nodes requiring aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Again, after completing the treatment I hoped that my cancer was behind me.  I am not meant to be cancer free.  In August 2010 I learned that in spite of the treatment regimes my cancer continued to spread to my bones, lungs and abdomen.  I now have Stage 4 terminal (incurable) cancer.  However, I have never given up hope although I do live my life differently now.  I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff and not to take anything for granted.  I’ve learned how important it is to live each day with meaning and joy.  I further learned how very important it is to reach out and support those who have been diagnosed with any kind of cancer and to reach out to both the patient and those near to the patient.  Let them all know they are not alone, they are loved and they have support.  In this capacity, I personally appeal to anyone who is able to do so, be in Jeddah on Thursday and show your support towards making a difference and raising much needed awareness for breast cancer support in the Kingdom!

My Dear Friend,
I am glad to be part of this amazing team effort in encouraging  all females 12 yrs and older to join  us this Thursday in making History.   Please forward this email to the members of your respective organizations.

The count down has begun! We are less then a week away from the formation of the largest human chain in the form of the pink ribbon.  This is a friendly reminder that October is cancer awareness month and that for the first time in Saudi Arabia’s history women are taking a bold stand to raise awareness.

A Woman’s Stand campaign is calling on all females within the Kingdom to support breast cancer awareness month by participating in the attempt to break the record for the largest human chain in the form of an awareness ribbon as stated by the Guinness Book of World Records. Our hope is to have 7,000 women participate in this event.  So that means every woman and girl (12 years old and up) counts.

We are asking participants to please register their names prior to attending as this will help speed up your entry into the event venue.  In terms of clothing, we are asking everyone to wear comfortable clothes and shoesFree pink ponchos will be handed out to all participants so that when the ribbon is formed there is unification in color.

The event will start with the Avon Walk for Life which will lead women into the field to take their place in the ribbon formation.

This event began with the initiative of HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud’s initiative for Al Bidayah Center and the Zahra Breast Cancer Association and in partnership with Avon. Her hope, like all those who are working with her, is to let women and families effected by this disease know they are not alone and that a great support system is standing behind them.  So please, let us unite on this cause and make history.

Registration Process:
E-mail Manal Quota your full name, mobile number and e-mail address at

Event Details:
Date: Thursday October 28
Time:  5:00p.m.  to 9:00p.m.
Location: Ministry of Education Sports Stadium in Al Rawdah  – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (check attached map)

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Or Call  Yasser AL-Hebsi at  056-006-1480

Best Regards,
Zulikha Hussain
Increase awareness + Increase tolerance + enrich ourselves and others. = Peaceful world.


9 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot for informing us, I will be there Allah willing. I am so impressed by your strength and faith to fight it back through years. Even sharing your story here is a vital contribution to spread awareness of breast cancer. May the almighty bless you with a good health, and bestow you a long life. Ameen..

  2. sallamalaykum,your story made me realize that life is very precious,each second,each minute of the day…as i was in a very difficult situation right now,i was about to loose hope and not look forward to my future and my family…allhamdalulah i read your it made me realize a lot of things,specially,while we are still alive and breathing there is hope..inshallah may ALLAH give you more strength to face averything that comes to you.and may you continue to inspire people like me to have more faith in Allah and make each day a meaningful one.i wish i could be in jeddah right now to support the cancer awareness,but as ive said its difficult for us,since the saudi governmnent till now,for 10years,doesnt want to give my husband permission to bring us there coz we got married in manila w/o the permission…inshallah someday we can be there.

  3. I heard of this on KSA2 a week or so ago and wasn’t sure what was happening. Sadly, I cant make it to Jeddah but I wish I could be there just to see all the women in pink! How lovely.

  4. you are a great source of strength to many carol, i’m so very glad that you choose to reach out to those who need your help, thanks much.

  5. In regards to spreading education and awareness of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia, I want to tease everyone by telling you to stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! While I will be in Jeddah in spirit and prayer, I have a special post planned which I hope will continue to foster awareness and support.

    Women within Saudi Arabia do face special challenges when identifying and coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer. The more support and understanding they can receive, the better for future generations of women.

    Thank you all for your comments of my own fight with cancer. I no longer have fear and adamantly want to help anyone (patient or a care giver) who may be having challenges and fears in coping and understanding.

    Hindsight is always great…now that I think about it, it’s too bad we could not have tried to form some kind of virtual pink ribbon chain.

  6. I’m pleased to see the attention that breast cancer is getting in KSA. I’d like to also raise awareness for the fact that breast cancer isn’t exclusively a women’s disease.

    Earlier this month, a Susan G Komen race for the cure was held in Cairo and my dear friend, Allen Wilson was there to speak about his experience with breast cancer. He is a 2 time survivor and has been active with the Susan G Komen foundation for many years. When I visited with him last year, I told him that Arab men would never admit to having a women’s disease. This inspired him to embark on a campaign to raise awareness in this region. Cairo was his first stop.

    I hope that some day, I will see him in KSA.

  7. Thank you for sharing Sally. Although not as common, you are so correct that breast cancer is not exclusive to women.

  8. […] of breast cancer in the Kingdom, HRH Princess Reema and Zahra Breast Cancer Association launched ‘A Woman’s Stand’ in October 2010 which called on all females within the Kingdom to support breast cancer awareness […]

  9. […] of breast cancer in the Kingdom, HRH Princess Reema and Zahra Breast Cancer Association launched ‘A Woman’s Stand’ in October 2010 which called on all females within the Kingdom to support breast cancer awareness […]

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