Saudi Arabia: YES! You Can See Comedy Performed Live in Riyadh

Smile Productions is the leading provider of live comedy entertainment in Saudi Arabia. With an emphasis on the genre of stand up comedy, Smile Productions produce events featuring professional international comedians while providing an opportunity for KSA based talent to perform before live audiences.

Smile Productions strive to provide comedic entertainment which respects Religion, Society & Culture, while still allowing people to laugh at themselves

With live performances in twelve countries in one month, Smile Productions will be making history once again with a tour featuring comedians from the highly acclaimed documentary movie, Just Like Us, directed by Ahmed Ahmed.

Riyadh will be a major stop on this ground breaking tour since it is where Smile Productions was born and we will be performing at the same venue where it all began back in May 2008.

Tickets on sale now from:

Good Ship Lolipop Store, Tahlia St (opposite Centria Mall) Tel: 01 462 4064
Open 9am-noon and 4pm – 9.30pm

VIP Tickets: SR400
Regular Tickets : SR275
Minimum Age 18
Can’t make it to Riyadh?

We shall also be performing in: Jeddah, Al Khobar, Bahrain, Doha, Muscat, Dubai, Beirut, Kuwait, Cairo, Alexandria, Damascus, Aleppo, Amman, Aqaba, Kabul and Sana’a

If you are not sure what Smile Productions is all about, here’s a teaser from last November’s performance in Riyadh.  It’s an enjoyable time for Saudis and Expats alike!


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