Saudi Arabia: YOU Can Help to Save the Lynx!!!

Many pet shops in Saudi Arabia like to acquire some type of exotic animal and use it as a draw to bring customers into the shop.  Sadly though, as evidenced in the story below, these creatures of God are abused and ill-treated in the confines of local pet shops.  Owners have no interest in selling the creature because of its uniqueness but they lack the compassion towards caring for the creature and seeing to its well-being. I encourage all of American Bedu readers at a minimum to sign the online petition towards getting one of God’s beautiful creatures to a better habitat.

An endangered Arabian Caracal/Lynx has been imprisoned in a Riyadh pet shop in a small glass box with a hard, concrete floor for over 4 years.

He is in poor health thanks to a meat-free diet of plain rice, lack of space to exercise and the daily trauma of visitors banging on the glass and blinding him with their camera flashes. He desperately needs rehabilitation and proper nutrition by experienced professionals, and Riyadh Zoo have offered to provide this IF the Saudi Wildlife Commission will intervene.

We need to push for the Wildlife Commission to step in and make this happen

What you can do:

1) Sign the online petition:

2) Join our Facebook group:
Here you can also find contact details to write to the Wildlife Commission by post, fax or email. We’ve even included some letter templates in Arabic and English!

3) Fill in a complaint form at the `Born Free’ web site:

4) We have full colour A4 campaign poster containing pictures and all the email links.
You can access the document here:

You can copy and paste this link into Facebook etc so people can access the poster directly.

Please save a copy and SHARE IT with everyone in your email address book, put it on your compound notice board and share it with colleagues at work.

Please DO NOT approach the shop owner or staff directly. This has been tried already. If we harass them they may kill or hide the Lynx elsewhere, then we will be unable to help him.

You don’t need to live in Riyadh to show your support.

Thank you.

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:
The Prophet said, “A woman entered the (Hell) Fire because of a Cat which she had tied, neither giving it food nor setting it free to eat from the vermin of the earth.” (Book #54, Hadith #535)


11 Responses

  1. it’s done.

    by the way, i would to tell you that I follow your blog since a year, I like it so much but i can’t comment because my english isn’t so correcte. I can read and understand but not write correctly.

    I live in saudi arabia, i am french/morrocan.

    thank you


  2. I signed the petition. The expression on that cat’s face shows the distress it is under and the “people” who allow this to continue have no humanity in them. This animal deserves to be freed and to find a place to roam and see the sky, the grass beneath it’s feet. GOD. I have two cats and it distresses me to see an animal treated in such a disgusting manner and you can clearly see the sadness on its beautiful face. I actually cried.

  3. […] American Bedu for taking the time to bring to light this problem. Hopefully it will be freed […]

  4. Dear Nasserine,

    Thank you! Please do not hesitate to comment. I read and understand what you wrote easily.

  5. I can relate to your words, Janet. That cat is a creature of God and does not deserve to be caged up as it is.

  6. Carol I went to Joon petshop two days ago and the Lynx has been transferred to the Zoo, thanks God!
    My husband and I have tried for years to complain to the petshop about keeping it there, we were even refused entry at one point.

    However they still had exotic. even endagered species in there plus the cats and dogs are kept in appalling conditions. I took some pictures and will post soon about petshops in Riyadh.

  7. That is GREAT news!!!

    Having pets receive appropriate treatment and care while in pet shops has been a long time issue in Saudi Arabia. If you do a search on my blog using key word pet shop, you’ll find I’ve also written multiple articles on the topic. Spreading awareness and educating Saudis on proper pet care will go a long way to eradicating the incorrect stigmas and biases against pets of all kinds.

  8. Dear Reader,
    I am a member of the SAVE THE LYNX campaign group. I have just read the above comment by Laylah – this is news to us!! Unfortunately many of the group are currently away from Riyadh for Eid, but we are doing our best to verify this story with the pet shop and the zoo. It would be marvellous if it were true, but our greatest fear is that the pet shop owner has simply hidden the lynx because he has heard about the campaign, as he has strongly resisted all previous attempts to rehome the creature. I am doubtful that he has handed the lynx over to the zoo on his own initiative. I will provide confirmation as soon as we know! Meanwhile, please continue to sign the petition.
    Many thanks for your support,

  9. […] 16 November American Bedu received a request to help spread the word of a beautiful Lynx being held captive at a Riyadh pet store.  The Lynx was not being properly […]

  10. I’m sorry to say, but this is a regular thing here in Saudi Arabia. Wild cats such as the one pictured, as well as dogs, wolves, foxes, and many others are put in crapped enclosures and feed a diet of rice and bread. Sometimes I really believe that the people here have lots there awareness of god. Islam teaches us to be kind to animals and any ill treatment of them will be avenged by god himself. The wrong animals are in the cages. I hope that someone will seriously do something about this. 😦

  11. Muhammad,
    I was pleased to read your post and to hear that you care about the animals in Saudi Arabia. You say that you hope that “someone” will do something about this – well, it must start with you! The only people who can bring about change in Saudi Arabia are its own people!! The many voices of the expats in the country are simply ignored. EVERYONE can do something – you can start by educating your friends and speaking to pet shop owners to persuade them to improve conditions. If everyone did one small thing, it would make a big difference. You learn more about the volunteer groups working to help animals on Facebook – check out OPEN PAWS (Riyadh) and P.I.N (Pets in Need, Jeddah) and the internet (Saudi Paws).
    Thankyou and best of luck.

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