Saudi Arabia: Saudis and Their Cars

Just like guys all over the world, the Saudi guy also takes his car seriously.  During the evenings in Riyadh after the last evening prayer many young men will take to the streets in their car.  Although the night is dark the men in the car may choose to wear dark glasses as they drive with the windows down and music playing loudly cruising popular Tahlia or Olaya Street.  One will observe many makes and models of vehicles from Ferraris to Hummers and many other kinds of vehicles in between.  If these guys are not cruising they will instead likely be parked along Tahlia Street or one of the popular shopping center parking lots where they can see and be seen.

Is there a preferred model of vehicle for the Saudi guy?  I’m not going to try and answer that one.  Saudi readers will have to share their views and perspectives on that question.  However there is a video circulating which was created by a Saudi and illustrates how much he loves his Audi!



42 Responses

  1. Hysterical! 🙂


  3. I just played this for my relatives the other night and they were all cracking up laughing. Halloween was special this year because my friend (who is Saudi now) was in her husband’s Audi and came and picked me up. I dressed up as ‘Laurence of Arabia’ so we were singing the song to and from the dinner party. She wanted me to drive the car as well to make it more ‘real’ but I was too chicken. ha ha

  4. Brilliant! I was laughing so hard all the way through.

  5. First , the guy in the clip is not SAUDI! ( clearly you did a good research here !! ) He is an American comedian who makes funny clips ( mostly about Arabs! ) , a lot of stereotypes ( like your posts ! )

    Second for your question., I would like to drive a Range Rover ! but I can’t offered to buy a Corolla ! and if my dad would like to help me , the most I will get is a used car that doesn’t cost more SR 30,000 ( $ 10,000). People like you make me sick! asking dumb questions like all Saudis can afford Ferraris and Fancy cars ! and which one they prefer

  6. why you didn’t publish my comment ?

  7. That was funny. When I saw them sitting on the ground wearing white, I was wondering about the laundry. So I was glad to see them taking care of that… :-)))

  8. so you only publish comments that say how good is your post! but you don’t publish any different views!!

  9. Too Funny!

  10. hahahaha!
    My Saudi drives a white Audi 😀

  11. it’s not created by a saudi

  12. First , the guy in the clip is not SAUDI! He is an American comedian who makes funny clips ( mostly about Arabs! ) , a lot of stereotypes!
    Second for your question., I would like to drive a Range Rover ! but I can’t afford to buy a Corolla ! and if my dad can help me , the most I will get is a used car that doesn’t cost more SR 30,000 because he is not rich ( $ 10,000). !!!!!!!!!

  13. That was too funny!!! Saudi drivers are scary enough in the daytime never mind the night drivers. And those cars …… !!!!!

  14. HEY Salem! You forgot the camel, oil well and harem part of the Saudi stereotype.

    Would you rather have the American stereotype? All americans are rich, drive fancy cars and ON TOP OF THAT we are all supposed to be sexually promiscuous!

    Oh,oh . . .sorry Bedu we are getting off topic here.

    I live in a mountain resort where many wealthy tourists visit. Some like to drive hummers. As many of our roads are narrow and sinuous. Hummers are NOT the ideal vehicle. If you want to make the locals laugh, drive a hummer in Aspen, Colorado, USA.

  15. The only time I wish we could have guns in Canada is when I see people driving hummers. LOL!!!

  16. I like ”mr Merito” a lot better.
    And those blokes were real Saudis, and very funny.

  17. Methinks Salem doth protests too much, indignantly decrying stereotypes on the one hand while posting plaintively that he cannot drive a Range Rover (as is, he states, his dream)! ;^D

    I don’t even think this is a Saudi thing, it’s a ~guy~ thing …. LOL!

  18. Mahla, I think you are right; it’s a guy thing.

  19. Definitely a guy thing….

  20. It’s very much a guy thing, from 7 to 77. I was the only born girl of my family for a long time, and would try to take part in all menly car obsessions 😀

  21. i don’t see a reason for this . i mean a car was invented so you can reach places faster .so for me i think cars are all the same either expensive or cheap , new or used.
    FYI NOT ALL ARABS ARE RICH and those cars you see are rented or the payment is بالتقسيط
    and i agree with Salem I HATE THIS KIND OF COMEDY IT’S LIKE YOU ARE MOCKING US and besides i never make fun of someone . i don’t want to be mean or anything but before you CRACK UP at something try to guese what the other person feel and how YOU will feel in their position .
    susie this post kinda made me snap i’m sorry if you didn’t like what i said

  22. lol!!! Remy does it again! He’s actually Arab American (half Lebanese/ half Iraqi) and he lives in the DC Metro Area. He’s mostly famous because of his song called “Arlington- The Rap” which is hilarious.

    Go Remy!

  23. Boys and their toys, LOL.

  24. @Saudi Girl and Salem
    A little over-reaction perhaps? LOL!!! I’ve been there honey and experienced the atrocious and fast driving. Get over yourself. Everybody around the world get’s mocked and Saudis should not be exempt.

  25. @saudi girl,
    My saudi nephew posted this, he thought it was funny! I think it’s funny how the shmog is all totally wrong, now that I know the proper way to wear it 🙂

  26. Saudi girl, do you watch tash ma tash? If so, do you get upset while watching?

  27. @ Wendy

    I get jokes about my race and country alright but not to the extent that an educated woman ( the blogger ) make it sound like most Saudis are rich and can afford these kind of cars. Would you think it is funny if I try to make jokes about how all White Americans are ignorant and racist?

    @ Kristine

    I believe Tash ma Tash is created and done by Saudis , So yeah I accept jokes from Saudis about their country but not from a person who clearly do it out of disrespecting a culture and its people

  28. But what about the Burger King commercials that was a play on the ignorance of americans that have stereotypes about saudsi? Were they funny to you? I thought they were hilarious!

  29. I wouldn’t care because I’m not American. 🙂 Apart from that there are always jokes about Canadians. Who cares? I saw lots of very expensive cars in Saudi and lots of really old ones as well. I must say that the big expensive cars outnumbered the smaller older ones but again, who cares? The young guys do drive around at night with their sunglasses on in their hot cars and most people speed and ignore the road rules. My Saudi friends and family agree with it.

  30. @ Kristine
    I thought they were hilarious 2 ! I like comedy and music , but when it comes to Saudi , people ( non-Saudis I mean ) always like to show negative things about Saudi Arabia and don’t try to share and spared the beauty of culture !

    stuff like this

    and see See Saudi Arabia not only Riyadh!

  31. @Wendy,
    I agree! What I thought was so ridiculous was the importance placed on the “special” license plates, like 777 or something like that. It’s almost as if there is a yearning for self-expresssion, and it comes out with these extreme dangerous driving, souped up cars and the like. That’s my take on it.

  32. k

  33. @salem,
    Please don’t take offense. One of the reasons I laugh about it, is because of the ridiculousness of it all! My husband is much like you. He grew up in a small village. He asked his dad for a car, his dad bought him an old broken down one and said, “It’s yours if you fix it”. He got it going! He worked odd jobs, and even in the States, worked “low status” jobs, just to get by. But all of that hard work made him the man he is today, and he never asks his employees something he wouldn’t do himself. See, he exemplifies the traits I admire about the Bedu, the resourcefullness, honor in hard work, integrity in dealings and relationships…all those things I found lacking in many of the modern day saudis. Not all thoughl! I do have hope for this new generation. So thats why I laugh at the stereotypes, and the people who think they are so “great” because of what they “have”. Not who they have become.

  34. Saudi Arabia has some very beautiful things to see! I have about 1000 pictures – maybe more – to prove it. Saudis are also very generous with their hospitality! The drivers though ….. 🙂

  35. sometimes i get upset from watching the tash ma tash BUT tht show’s goal is to open their eyes to the mistakes and errors people do in saudi that is the reason i watch it and i don’t like you know this thing because someone was mocking while i was in the airport they spoke in english and i understood them and they said bad things about me and my hajahb so i’m sorry if i overreacted but this how most of were raised don’t laugh at some if it hurts others cuz someday you might be in their shoes again i’m sorry but after the airport thing i don’t handle this kind of jockes i just don’t want to remember

  36. Saudi girl,
    I can see why you would be sensitive. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  37. @Saudi Girl,

    I understand what you are saying about the remarks and lack of compassion. It is too sad. We (my Saudi husband and I) experienced some of the remarks and gestures when we were in WDC because he had a diplomatic plated vehicle.

    Tash ma Tash is my all time favorite Saudi show and helped facilitate my Arabic!

  38. Humor makes the world go round, I found this clip hilarious like the shows of Tash Ma Tash which make fun of some of the things that are common about the Saudis.. I think that people need to see Saudis in a different light..and lose their fear of them…..even if some of the humorous shows are made by non-Saudis. For those expats that have Saudi children and have actually lived in KSA, we see the humor in this take on the funnier side of the Saudi and their cars.

  39. Putting the stereotypical remarks aside, one have to admit the video is hilarious, and Saudi do prefer German cars BMWs and Mercedes, you see them just about everywhere. Just out of curiosity is it OOOdi or Awdi… 

  40. 🙂 🙂

  41. saudi people prefer european cars?
    most of the cars i see are japaneese or american most people can’t buy these things and if you wamt to see one in the street do to kuwait you’ll see them on every streat

  42. Remy is hilarious, and Saudis? Relaaaax. I mean, with shows you watch during Ramadan like Tash ma tash which routinely make fun of your culture you can’t possibly go up in arms over a silly video. You have to learn to laugh at yourselves; I’m sure you make fun of Westerners allll the time 🙂 Additionally this makes me laugh because I personally know many Saudi male students here in my country who behave exactly like Remy’s creations, nutty driving, cologne, and all. Chill out, friends. 🙂

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