Saudi Arabia/United States: President for a Day

I wrote an earlier article this month about what individuals would do if they were King for a day in Saudi Arabia.  There were some interesting and thoughtful comments made.  Therefore I think it is only fair and fitting that readers have a similar opportunity to share their views and perspectives if they were President for a Day.

Political campaigns and undercurrents are already in full force in the United States in anticipation of the next U.S. Presidential elections which will take place on Tuesday, 06 November, 2012.  The United States is already embroiled in opposing views and perspectives on what America needs to bring the country out of its recession and turn it around economically.

If I were President for a day I would certainly withdraw American troops to a degree from Afghanistan and Iraq.  I say to a degree as an instant withdrawal would be detrimental to all the concerned countries.  Additional programs and reforms need to be instituted within America’s boundaries which will benefit the citizens of America towards providing more job opportunities.  I’d like to see America bring more of its jobs back to America instead of creating offshore call centers and manufacturing facilities.  Naturally there are more issues of importance too but these are what I will start with as a dialogue.

Now it is YOUR turn.  What would you do if you were the American President for a day and why?

26 Responses

  1. I think education in schools is another big issue, have you seen the movie Waiting for Superman?
    Childhood obesity is another thing that affects the future generation.
    Nice post 🙂

  2. both are good points…there are so many domestic issues which need greater attention in America.

  3. I would start dismantling our worldwide military bases. We simply don’t need them to defend the US. Without US bases we would never have gone to war in Iraq (something I think anyone who visits this site would agree on). Where we have a military presence we seem to be powerless. North Korea hasn’t been stopped or even slowed down. If we aren’t doing anything there what is the point of all this?

    As far as the US economy goes, I would propose a nationwide broadband scheme. (I live in a rural area where broadband is not always available and where available it isn’t cheap.)

  4. I would switch the DADT policy towards religion rather than sexual orientation. Whatever your relgion..keep it to yourself…and that would be for every aspect of society..not just the military.

    Definitely ban religion from govt policy making. Period. Anything that has even a hint of god or religious connotations in it…veto that sucker out of there.

    I would cut back financial aide to all the countries that receive it in one hand while bitching about us with the other.

    I would bring our troops home yesterday and not get involved with another countries civil strife, or border wars etc…sink or swim. That would be my Foreign Policy motto.

    I would deny visas, diplomatic immunity, free trade (any trade) with any country and or its citizens that has a proven track record of terrorism, oppression, human rights abuse, etc (they can do the same with us far as Im concerned)

    BUT before all of that I would abolish the damn electoral college voting system that makes our votes pointless and allows men into the white house that have no right to be there.

    After that I would make law that every single president…after completing his (or her) term of office…MUST stand trial to determine whether or not they performed as president of these united states with the BEST interest of the country exhibited..not personal interest…not corporate interest, not “I will have a library dedicated to me some day” interest…punishment for guilt (as judged by America…not fellow crooked politicians) is life in chance for parole.

    In other words…dont run for president if you dont want to worry about picking up the soap in the shower some day.

    One more…I will make it law that either the pres or the vice pres MUST be female…get both genders in the white house then neither side has room to bitch about the other.

    Lots more but that will do for now.

  5. Nice list, Coolred!

  6. I nominate Coolred38 for president.

    I would like to add that none freely elected foreign officials must be banned from entering the White House, the Halls of Congress and the States Houses. They must be met in rented trailers in secluded areas away from major cities and monuments.

  7. Mmmmm let me see, I would sign the deportation paper of Mr. Ali Alyami…:) 🙂

    I will take Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh off the air.

    I will ban the tea party.

    And I will finally sign an executive order easing visa restriction for Saudis 🙂

  8. I was going to write a list but Coolred wrote it all.

    And I really like Ali Alyami’s addition! :mrgreen:

  9. I would stop all kinds of support for the state of Israel, and let the International Law governs the ongoing conflict.

    This would relieve America from a burden it’s been bearing for 62 years.

  10. Coolred for President!!!!!!!!!

    I would focus on solving human rights abuses around the world. I think offering help, especially in tribal middle east prevents the creation of terror groups. Personally, I find it not very effective hunting down ‘crazy’ groups but rather treat the solution of the problem not the symptom. Right now, it seems to be a ‘merry-go-round’ ride. Get rid of one malicious group one day and new one is born the the next. Again, I would try, and I do not how though, is to go in and make positive iniatives in in ‘problem and high risk’ countries to work on jobs, womens rights, get rid of ‘wasta’ crap, freedom of expression, freedon of assembly e.t.c.–perhaps things around the world would be better—sorry to sound so ‘um-by-ya-

  11. I like the list started by Coolred too.

    While foreign affairs and interests should not be erased, it’s time for a renewed priority and focus on domestic affairs to bring America and its people back to the standard of life one expects with liberties, freedoms and democracy.

    Probably contradictory to many I would also have less openness in the media in order to protect National Security. There is a point at which one reaches “too much openness” in the name of freedom.

  12. Coolred38 ’12!!

    Jacey Coolred would not be able to do these things you want her to do since her platform is:

    ‘I would bring our troops home yesterday and not get involved with another countries civil strife, or border wars etc…sink or swim. That would be my Foreign Policy motto.’

    And that is why I would vote for her.

  13. Carol I agree with you about the openness..

  14. LOL Should I start campaigning from now? 🙂

    i agree with AB about the media…too much already…its gotten to the point where they basically feed Americans opinions without giving us an opportunity to think for ourselves (generally speaking).

  15. Hey Coolred, I wonder if that change has anything to do with the media’s new owner?

    ‘WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) is urging a full inquiry into a report that a Saudi billionaire caused the Fox News Channel (FNC) to dramatically alter its coverage of the Muslim riots in France after he called the network to complain. The Saudi billionaire, Al-waleed bin Talal, is a friend of News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and controls an influential number of voting shares in the company.’

  16. First this i would do is divide Palestine/Israel equally between the 2 and create 2 equal legitimate countries. in terms of land, wealth and area.
    2nd, make Jerusalem be run and governed by the UN to maintain stability and safety.
    3rd, start eliminating all the Arab dictatorship one by one and turn them into democracy, either peacefully or like Iraq was turned.
    4th, take down all the corruption in Latin America and Asia.

  17. Rami..if you managed to do all that…you wouldnt be a’d be a miracle worker.

  18. Rami…

    wouldn’t that be fantastic? It would solve so many issues~

  19. Interesting thought experiment. My first answer is that I would roller skate around the white house because any policy I try to enact will be undone by congress! But I take it his is more of a Santa Clause type experiment, so while trying to stay somewhat realistic, I would focus my energy on infrastructure and the power of the American people to take care of themselves. I would raise taxes on the wealthiest to pay for it. I would fix the roads and all, but I would put money into schools and new technologies and subsidize the infrastructure needed for people to access the technologies and create new industries to employ people. I would create a job sector in repairing all the stuff we throw away and in sending out to peoples homes and business teachers/technicians/ engineers to help people learn how to live in a non-disposible way. I would create a new kind of court that all citizens have access to and can receive arbitration on any issue they have with another person. I would create and strictly enforce noise ordinances. I would create child centers everywhere so children can be an active and visible part of society; especially whenever congress is in session ( I think I would take down all the pictures of the presidents and other images of state and put up pictures of children in all state buildings). I would expand Teach for America to supply workers for the centers by including early childhood development students in the program. I would give Phil Donahue and Diane Rheme national talk shows that are broadcast daily instead of Fox News and CNN. I would create a national bank and increase the strength of the social safety net so people would have access to capital and be able to try new business ventures without such a great fear of failure. I would create national insurance pools for health, auto and home. I would use the SW for solar energy and make it illegal to mass develop areas without sufficient natural resources to support the population. I would start an institute for the study of religion and ethics to house the best scholars of ethics and religion and give them a broadcasted forum to debate, discuss and educate people. I would create more international exchange programs so people n all walks of life can learn from each other. That’s the morning agenda.

  20. Coolred, rethink this one please: I would deny visas, diplomatic immunity, free trade (any trade) with any country and or its citizens that has a proven track record of terrorism, oppression, human rights abuse, etc (they can do the same with us far as Im concerned).

    This would stop the majority of travel and trade in the world. Why should individuals be stuck in a country because there are criminals there? This policy wouldn’t give a visa to Nelson Mandela, MLK, The Dali Llama, Mother Teresa, Greg Mortinson and many others that are working for social justice worldwide.

  21. ‘This policy wouldn’t give a visa to Nelson Mandela, MLK, The Dali Llama, Mother Teresa, Greg Mortinson and many others that are working for social justice worldwide’

    But what reason would they even have for coming here if we are minding our own business? The great people need to STAY and get rid of the criminals there instead of running from their problems.

  22. Lynn,
    The Grand Canyon! What reason does anyone have to have for going anywhere (provided you are not harming anyone)? Why did American Bedu want to go to Saudi? Why do northerners go south and southerners go north? Why do people want to travel and see other people and other lands?
    I don’t think the problems in other countries are entirely the result of American intervention. The Chinese wanting Tibet has nothing to do with us, for example. So, while I agree that minding our own business would be very helpful I don’t think it would solve the reasonable desire or need for human migration. Second, I don’t think I could defeat types like the mafia or the mexican drug lords if they overran my country. Could you? I give the example of great people who are well known, but most people are just average human beings who want to live a normal life with their family. I don’t think people should be forced to live under tyranny just because of where they were born neither do I believe that people belong to nations by virtue of birth. To restrict migration because of birth and what others do is an act of tyranny against humanity. Why are all the people of Yemen responsible for the terrorism of a few? Also, people are great in many ways not just political leadership. If someone is a great scientist but the government of their country wants them to put their skill to work building weapons, shouldn’t we accept them in our country to help us solve our problems instead? Moreover, how many potentially great leaders have been killed by repressive regimes? How many have we already lost to the current regime in Iran, for example? Finally, I think we would have to think carefully about the implications of denying visas world wide. The Dali Llama couldn’t come to the US for a year and teach and our scholars couldn’t go there. We can’t help others nor can they help us. It would be a tremendous blow to peace loving people and a gift to those who love tyranny to be able to keep those who work for justice and humanity in separate cages, unable to work together.

  23. Ok, Aj, we won’t let Coolred choose you to be on her cabinet if you are going to go all ‘global Village’ on us when we are trying to cocoon ourselves!

  24. Aj…I put that more as tongue in cheek theory. I realize travel etc is important in this global economy…but it wouldnt hurt everyone to stay home for a year and make do in their own back yard…while Human Rights issues were addressed and reform implemented. This is a form of wishful thinking right?

    Theres always Skype anyhow. 🙂

  25. I need to learn how to make those emoticons! I confess I have a personal stake, being married to an immigrant. It’s an interesting experience to go through immigration and have government officials decide if your marriage and family life is the right sort, are your friendships and living arrangements suspicious in their eyes, do you have a good enough reason to come here, etc. etc. I have no idea if the government will let me have my husband and my son his father. While I understand the need for security, I can see how too much scrutiny can stop a people from taking the creative risks that keep a culture strong. As Public Enemy once said “F*** war, make love, peace will save us.”

  26. You’re right, Aj. I’ve not been an advocate of the Saudi government requirement for its approval of marriages in order for a husband and wife to live together within the Kingdom if one is a foreigner yet your statement highlights that in essence the same thing occurs in America too. If my spouse did not have a diplomatic passport, I do wonder how easily it would have been for us to have been together when we were in the United States…

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