Saudi Arabia: How to Write to a Royal

As King Abdullah continues to recover from his recent surgery I have received multiple queries via email on how one can write to a Royal.  Where can a letter or a card be mailed?  I’m pleased to say that it is really very simple to write to a Royal whether it is to King Abdullah or someone else within the Royal family.  Correspondence to any Royal can be addressed and sent in care of the local Saudi Embassy or Consulate in which country one resides.  The Embassy or Consulate has a duty to ensure that the correspondence is delivered.  Now that being said, of course any correspondence would go through security screening and likely be opened first by a secretary who would then determine on whether the correspondence is passed onward to the Royal.  This is very typical of correspondence received among all dignitaries, prominent media figures and executives around the globe.

Letters should be addressed using proper titles and full names.  If writing an Ambassador the letter should be addressed to “His Excellency” followed by full name.  If writing to King Abdullah the letter should be address “His Majesty” followed by full name.  If writing to another Royal the letter should be addressed either His/Her Highness or His/Her Royal Highness followed by full name.

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  2. i want help from saudi family,can any body help me to appeal to royal famiy for grant to build a orphanage farm in bangladesh.

  3. Dear Sir,

    i am Kamran a Pakistani national but born in Saudi Arabia. i was born in 1984 in Al Khober in Eastern Province and now i am 25 years old. i did my Secondary and Higher Secondary schooling from Saudi Arabia and for 4 years Bachelors went to Pakistan and completed my Engineering in 2008. now i am running my own business with one saudi partner as it is a construction business and Alhumdulillah we are now working with the top 10 construction companies.

    me and my parents and siblings are all here married and are employed here. Though i am a pakistani bearing a pakistani passport and identity but first time in my life i went to Pakistan only in 2004 – 2008. i love Saudi arabia because it is my country i lived my childhood and my occupation is here all i love is the teachings of actual and real islam which i learned from Saudi Arabia and Alhumdulillah i am lucky and all my family.

    the purpose to write all this is, actually i have had a wish to marry a saudi lady and as i am fluent in arabic language and has same accent of language therefore, i searched one lady and approached her family for marriage however, her family refused to marry as i do not have ” Saudi Citizenship” therefore, they said that they accept i am honest and loyal and a God fearing person but to get married i shall have to get the citizenship as they are afraid that usually expatriates marry saudi ladies just to acquire ” Citizenship” and then divorce them. therefore, they are afraid and put this demand.

    as i am really in a very deep relation with the girl as we both honestly love each other and we are praying to Allah and even i am trying to utilize my contacts to approach King Abdullah as i have heard that there could be some chances.

    all i would like to request is that i would like to write a letter to king Abdullah reagrding my marriage matter and would like to explain the situation that i really do not need citizenship as being a muslim i know if ” Rizq” is written here then even i do not have citizenship i will stay as long as my ” Rizq” is here therefore, i am requesting for a citizenship as where i am willing to marry the family of the girl are asking for this thing. as we both cannot live without each other and cant marry anyone else. therefore, i would like to write to King Abdullah that Islam doesnt requires “citizenships” to marry as our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said ” There is no difference between Arabi and Ajami except TAQWA” and to get married in Islam just requires to be Muslim and Sunni.

    therefore, i request that kindly guide me the best way. and i do believe Allah and i am praying to Allah that i am honest and True and Inshahllah Allah will help us as our intentions are clean.

    thanks with regards.

    kamran Khurshid

  4. Ciao mi chiamo davide laiolo,ti scrivo dall’italia,purtroppo conosco poco l’inglese e non riesco a tradurre quello che hai scritto,vi chiedo per favore come fare per scrivere una lettera hai reali sauditi? E molto importante grazie.

  5. We havre lived (and server the King) in Saudi Arabia for 13 years.
    Now that my Wife has been diagnosed with Cancer, we are having great diffficulty getting admission to a hospital with an oncology unit.
    the Medical Insurabce is NOT helpful – NCCI Attawuniya.
    Why is our hour of need does one have to go from pillar to post?
    To where does one deliver a letter to the king of Saudi Arabia?
    I H from South Africa

  6. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu.
    Respected king,
    I have an obligation.i’m very much worried about the people who starve everyday especially SOMALIANS.They don’t have a minimum amount of food to live especially the children starved and died.Masha Allah,Allah made ur country rich.u can spend more money to those people.In this great month Ramazhan,u’ll get more rewards from THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
    please please please do favours on them.Allah will bless u and ur family.Don’t ignore my this for ALLAH.

  7. Asalam Walikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakthu,
    Respected King,
    My name is Syed Basit Hussain and i live in Karachi Pakistan. By profession i am Computer Engineer and Masters in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, by grace of Almighty Allah i am earnings enough to spend my bread and butter,i do not have any sponsors in KSA therefore i request you to appoint me for any IT base position in your kingdom.As Makkah and Medina are the soul of every Muslim and when ever i watch it on TV i wish to be there as soon as possible. Sir, i want you to sponsor me and to live in KSA to access my holy land easily.
    Looking forward for your reply,
    Allah Hafiz

  8. I do hope Barack Obama will highlight human rights violations by the Saudi Government. In particular the Canadian jailed for 10 and given a thousand lashes 50 a week in a public square for supposed blasphemy

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