Saudi Arabia: Launch of a New Visual Satellite Channel


Satellite Television in Saudi Arabia is very much like satellite tv anywhere else around the world.  There are the usual smattering of movies, news, music and comic relief.  As a friend of mine said about watching television in Riyadh, “we all have televisions whose blank screens wink at us if not on or fills our days with nonsense noise.”  However, now with the launch of there is an opportunity for beautiful and calming art to be a regular part of an individual’s life in the Kingdom!

ikonoMenasa is an HD virtual journey covering a broad range of art, from Iranian web-comics, 14th century Persian miniatures to innovations in architecture. Working closely with artists and curators, we preview international museum exhibitions, private collections, and produce special features:

Artist of the Month:  “Artist of the month” presents internationally acclaimed artists showing some of their selected works. We are extremely proud to launch ikonoMenasa with ‘Canon’ an exclusive video by Robin Rhode.



Carte Blanche

Renowned curators will design special projects offering us their art perspectives. Paolo Colombo (Art advisor to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art), Berta Sichel (Director of the Department of Audiovisuals & Video Curator at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia), Jérôme Sans (Director of UCCA, Beijing) and Jack Persekian (independant curator and Director of Sharjah Art Foundation) are already on board for the coming season.

Friday Focus:  Our first Friday Focus is dedicated to a unique 24 hour sound/vision experience by Soundwalk, guiding the audience through a modern Ulyssean Odyssee. This photographic journey with images taken 40 miles off the coast by Stephan Crasneanscki, captures the sense of discovery Ulysses might have experienced on his epic journey.


Receiving IkonoMenasa in HD:  Please point your satellite dish to ArabSat BADR-5 Satellite. In order to tune in, you need an HD Satellite Receiver.

Technical specs: Satellite: BADR-5
Frequency: 11785 MHz, Polarisation: V, SR: 27500 KS/s, FEC: 3/4

ikonoMenasa is available 24/7 starting December 2010 in the Middle East, North Africa and part of South Asia via Arabsat. is available on the Internet, on mobile devices and through our online shop.

The ikonoMenasa website is up and running! It’s rich purples reflect just one of the many new branding colours. The elegant layout provides all the information regarding artists and museums, along with a list of our content partners and sponsors. You can now look up what is currently playing and what came before and after. From there you can go to where you will find further information and an exciting and up to date blog reporting interesting news and happenings from around the art scene.



2 Responses

  1. Sounds brilliant! I wish we had a channel like that over here, I might not have thrown my tv out 😉

  2. you may be able to view it via the internet

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