Saudi Arabia: It’s Time to Buy Mink Blankets

This is the time of year for many residents of Saudi Arabia who live in Nej’d Province and including Riyadh, will find that the weather has started to get cooler.  During the day the temperature will likely continue to be quite comfortable but once the sun has set it gets chilly, if not downright cold, very fast.  Not all homes in Nej’d or even the capital city of Riyadh will have central heating or even a furnace.  When the weather is cold many families will use individual space heaters to warm up a home.  Additionally, most Saudis and long term expatriates families have also found that the mink blankets which are sold locally provide significant warmth and comfort.

These mink blankets come in all sizes – twin, full, queen and king.  The blankets are four times heavier and thicker than an average blanket.  One mink blanket on the coldest night in Saudi can make a huge difference between feeling quite snug or shivering like a bug.  (okay…I just had to make that rhyme…)

The most popular places in Riyadh to buy a quality and reasonably priced mink blanket are either at Al Butha souk or Kuwaiti souk.  My recommendation is to buy one NOW rather than waiting until January or February when the colder weather sets in as the prices of the blankets would increase during prime season.


17 Responses

  1. silly question,but these aren’t made from real mink fur are they?

  2. I need one of those right now!! Lol

  3. I don’t believe they are made from real mink but they are referred to (and feel like) mink!

  4. Oh my gosh these blankets are amazing!!! I try to bring at least one when i go overseas (UAE). The colors and patterns are so hard to choose from……they’re so beautiful. I do try to bring the higher kilo blankets….they are sooooo warm!!!

  5. On seeing mine and helping me get it all folded up, my son said he had never seen nor felt such a heavy blanket before!

  6. They sound fantastic, but I don’t think I can live with the design, brrrrrrrr!

  7. Hello,
    madame I hope you’re healthier now.
    As for the cold weather it’s been cold for some time now in Najed Brrr !!!
    the best blankets are Spanish made ones then Korean ones 🙂

  8. Carol,

    Many big cities in US sell them, mostly in ethnic stores (Arab general merchendise, Korean Town, even many Hispanic general merchandise)… If your son would like to purchase one for himself and his family 🙂

  9. @Aafke – the blankets come in many designs….even ones with Arabian horses!

    @Mohammed – thank you for the info. I guess I never saw the Spanish ones.

    @Coolred – I’m still trying to find a good Arab store here in Charlotte! Good to know that the blankets can be found here in the States. It will be interesting to do a price comparison!

  10. isn’t this something similar to waht we call “razai” in n.india.. atleats that’s what they look to me, ooohh those are warm,soft and cuddly
    Im going to go hunt online – thank god it’s quiet at work ..

  11. My husband and I recieved one of these as a wedding present from our dear neighbor, and I love it so much! He’ll be going back in one week Carol, please email me if you would like us to bring you some back…or anything else for that matter.

  12. My son-in-law gave me one of these beautiful blankets as a gift from Saudi Arabia. This is my 4th winter in Egypt and it does get very cold with no furnace or heaters.

    It is so soft, absolutely beautiful and so comfortable. Very heavy and bulky folded up, but opened up on bed it is perfect.

    Only complaint…? It’s so warm and comfortable, I don’t want to get out of bed!

    I Google searched mink blankets. While they feel soft as a real mink fur coat, the blankets are man-made material.

  13. I don’t remember seeing any quite as heavy when I was in India or Pakistan for that matter. I first experienced the mink blanket when I was in Iraq in 2003. It got pretty COLD in Mosul! Then I found them again in Saudi Arabia.

    @Mandi: I would love either some of the desert sand or zamzam water from Saudi!!!

  14. Asalam alaikum,

    My husband recently bought one for our bed that easily accommodates two adults and three young children…it’s huge and keeps us so warm.

    I have to agree with my mom though…it’s hard to get out of bed when so snuggly warm!

  15. My MIL bought us a dark green one which was lying on my bed when I first arrived in Bahrain, as a gift. In the beginning it seemed absolutely impossible to move under and be comfortable with the enormous weight on me…after awhile, specially in the chilly winters, it was wonderful to lay underneath it and the very thought of having to dig yourself out from it and get up was always met with sadness and regret.

    I actually have a red one on my bed right now….has big roses on it. My mother brought it for me but I have no idea where she got it. Love it.

  16. I hope these comments and endorsements are encouraging folks to go out and get their mink blanket!!

  17. where can you buy them in the states online or else where found thier official site but no where to purchese them. I have found some in ethnic store but they are not the same just cheap imitations the one I have just isent enough, I think everyone should have one and would like to get my whole family one

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