Saudi Arabia: A Black Market Trade for Saudi Women

One thing rarely talked about but does happen sometimes within the Kingdom is when a young Saudi woman loses her virginity.  This is a tragedy for the woman and her family.  Her chances of an acceptable marriage are virtually gone if it were ever suspected she was no longer a virgin.  If a loss of virginity became known, not only would the young woman be disgraced but so would her family.  The family would be perceived as having no control over her daughter or having taught her right from wrong.  Yet in spite of these teachings and cultural repercussions some young women have given in to desire and lost their virginity.

In some cases a young woman may have lost her virginity to the man with whom she is engaged.  Perhaps her family was more open and liberal in allowing her to have time alone and unaccompanied with him.  He may have persistently encouraged her that soon they would be married so why wait.  Weren’t they already viewed as husband and wife?  This is probably one of the oldest lines a young woman with romantic visions of love in her head will fall for.  However what does not occur to her is that after having given in to the bodily desires of the man, it is as if she has crossed a red line and he can not look at her the same.  Now the betrothed has become a “loose woman” whom he can no longer trust.  If she gave her most precious gift to him prior to marriage how can he they possibly trust her after they are married.  He tells his family he can no longer marry her.  He’ll likely keep quiet as to the true reason why but then it leaves the woman frightened and having to face many questions from her family members.

Regardless of how a woman may have lost her virginity prior to marriage it is a disaster.  Unless a man has married a divorcee or a widow, blood is expected on the sheets the day after the wedding night.  In some traditional families the sheets are collected and displayed as part of the celebration that the marriage has been consummated, uniting the families and illustrating the pureness of the woman.

Loss of virginity prior to marriage in turn created a “black” industry within (and outside) of Saudi Arabia.  Because it is illegal, a black market comprised of either foreign doctors or foreign nurses exist who “restore” the hymen, ensuring that for all intents and purposes, a woman’s virginity has been restored and her blood will flow on the sheets during her wedding night.

They” “hymen restorers” are aware of the risks that they take in performing such services.  They know they can be jailed, lashed and banned forever from the Kingdom.  Yet their greed and some may say their compassion for the women persuade them to overlook the risks.  These hymen restorers will operate by word-of-mouth and they will be highly suspicious of anyone who may randomly call their mobile phone seeking help.  They will rely on pre-paid phones and leave no trace to their true identity. Most will not have an office and there is no guarantee that their services would be performed in a sterile environment.  They will not reveal their true name.


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  1. I’ve heard about this! I also heard there’s a ring you can place inside you that has tiny spikes in it so when the guy enter is scraps the inside of the walls and causes blood also (eee that just sounds sooooo painful!) It’s a sad thing to deal with I think. I feel for the girls that have to stress out about that. Makes you count your blessings.

  2. how much for the new hymen procedure…

  3. It’s well established medically that not all virgin women bleed after sex. If there is so much social pressure to bleed on the wedding night, do virgin brides also have to take steps to “guarantee” that there is blood? What happens to the woman if there is no blood? Also, are girls restricted from physical activity because of the fear of losing their hymen during exercise?

  4. I asked my Arab friend if this is still a widely held practice…to show blood the first time as proof…she said mostly only the ignorant uneducated families still do that…the average Saudi families don’t hold on to that tradition anymore as rigidly.

    Then again…it all depends on where you come from in Saudi I would guess.

  5. There are a number of schools within Saudi which still do not have phys ed programs for girls.

    If there were no blood after the wedding night I think it would really depend on the individual family what kind of reaction (or not) there would be.

    @Gia – although the article I linked did mention a price, I’d rather not even go there since the procedure is illegal in Saudi and dangerous.

  6. So much for a groom taking time to allow he and his new wife to know and feel comfortable with each other if he’s expected to draw blood on their wedding night.

  7. I am speculating here but it does make me wonder how many Saudi girls are terrified of the wedding night instead of looking forward to it with eager anticipation?

  8. I also saw once in a documentary that they also sell some sort of pill or capsule that the woman is supposed to put inside her right before her 1st contact with the husband and this capsule will cause a fake bleeding, leaving everyone to believe that she is in fact a virgin

  9. This is barbaric and unIslamic……

    Most girls are terrified of the wedding night, not because they have to show blood but because it sounds painful and intimidating as well as te social pressure.
    Most yuong Muslim girls are in fact virgins on their wedding nights.

  10. As a Saudi, I have never attended a wedding that had to show blood as proof of a lady’s virginity. I do see it though in old Arabic movies though.

    Regarding limiting physical activity in girls schools has nothing to do with “fear of losing their hymen” because there needs to be penetration in order to loose the hymen.

    As mentioned above not all virgin women bleed after intercourse. Based on that fact, married Saudi females I know do not worry about having blood or not. The only fear on that night is having sexual intercourse for the first time in their lives. Which is normal for any female having sex for the first time.

  11. I heard gynecologists in the west get a lot of requests fro hymen reconstruction by Muslim girls, and as their life might depend on it they do it.

    Of course there are women who don’t even have a hymen, and quite a large percentage who never bleed anyway. And as far as I know it also depends on the ”technique” of the guy. A bloke who is careful, eg, a good lover, would have more chance of not drawing blood.

    A friend once told me of a girl who had a really bad freak accident, (in the street, so witnesses) and had to have three operations to get back to health, but the fiancee broke off the engagement because he and his family believed she did it on purpose, (including three operations) to mask that she had lost her virginity.

    As you really cannot tell a virgin from a non-virgin, and as there is a good chance you might not bleed I would advise every Muslim bride to use the ”artificial hymen” whether to ”re-virginate” or to protect yourself from utter barbaric stupidity if you are still a virgin.
    Not painful, no spikes, just a really weird looking plastic thing which contains ”blood”, and is invisible unless somebody gives you an exam right before.
    Just google ”artificial hymen”.

    Against such idiotic moronic barbarism and ignorance there is only one defense: safe yourself and make sure you drop a lot of red stuff to appease the retarded Neanderthals.

    And with today’s technology and internet that’s easy.

  12. Of course men could just be educated and women should stop resorting to ridiculous measures to prove their virginity.. since the hymen doesn’t exist in all women and we can’t tell if our husbands are virgins.

    All this .. don’t let women play sports because it might break their hymen? Uhh so? It’s not the blood which makes you a virgin, it’s the fact that you’ve never had sex before.

    Instead of education, they’ve chosen to ban girls from sports .. pure craziness. This is why I often wonder why everyone is so in love with King Abdullah… I know that you can’t make drastic changes so fast but couldn’t he have made some kinda programme for any of the huge number of problems in Saudi?

    But wait, that would be too simple.

  13. Are there any repurcussions for a Saudi man if he has “taken advantage” of his fiancee? I grew up in a culture that values chastity and while it is skewed to disadvantage women, if a guy goes too far with his girlfriend, there is usually pressure on him from both sides of the family to “do the right thing.” My friend and her boyfriend started living together while in college in the US and the boyfriend’s mother found out when she visited him. His mother came down on him like a ton of bricks and threatened to tell his father if he did not marry my friend. They were married the following year which is what my friend wanted in any case. I wonder, is there similar pressure from Saudi mothers on their sons to be “honorable”?

    I believe hymen reconstruction is legal in many countries like France but is quite expensive.

  14. In my experience there are few repercussions to the Saudi man. The culture is focused around the woman who is expected to cover and not “create temptations” for the man.

    Can any Saudi readers comment upon California’s query???

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