Saudi Arabia: Recap of American Bedu 2010

First of all for those who follow the Gregorian Calendar Year, Happy 2011!

If you are like me, you may be wondering where did the time go?  How did one year go by so quickly?  Time simply goes by too fast.

Since a New Year has started, I thought it would be enjoyable to go back through 2010 and review which American Bedu posts of 2010 were most popular and widely read.

In January 2010, “Is Covering the Face Really Preposterous” was a short and simple post yet resulted in 213 comments showcasing that the subject of covering remains an emotional topic for discussion.

February 2010 was an emotionally month for me with the loss of my beloved husband.  To this day, “My Prince No Longer Has Pain” remains one of the most widely read posts on American Bedu even though it is not the post with the most number of individual comments.  Most of February’s posts were very personal in nature with reminiscing of my life and special memories of My Prince, Abdullah.  God rest his soul.

March 2010 had a controversial post, “Saudi Arabia, Expats and the Next Generation of Jihadis” which resulted in 211 comments.  This post took on the challenging and delicate subject of how and why some new Jihadis are “born” in Saudi Arabia.

April 2010 was an active month on American Bedu with many posts receiving an excess of 100 comments per post.  However the most widely read and commented upon overall was “Saudi Arabia and Tolerance of Jokes” with 480 comments.  This post discusses why jokes about religion should be avoided.

May 2010 had multiple posts on cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia and life in the Kingdom which had lively discussions.  However the most popular post of the month was “Is Islam a Manmade Religion?” with 537 comments.

June 2010 American Bedu spoke about the stigma’s surrounding the body.  She wrote “Taking the Body to the Extreme”  which generated 459 responses.

July 2010 featured an interview with a Saudi woman who spoke frankly on issues of high controversy and against the traditions of the life and culture in Saudi Arabai with “Iman Shares Her Experiences.” This post received 417 comments.

August 2010 American Bedu tackled the issue of building an Islamic Center and Mosque near Ground Zero with “From the Frying Pan to the Fire.” This post received 277 comments.  August is usually the slowest month for bloggers from or about Saudi Arabia as it is not only universally vacation season all around the world but it is also the time when there is a mass exodus from the Kingdom to beat the intense heat.

September 2010 “Fear in the Rise of Islam” was most widely read with 214 comments. 

October 2010 American Bedu decided to write about perceptions of Saudi Arabia with “Are WE Too Harsh About Saudi Arabia?” This post resulted in a dialogue consisting of 265 comments.

November 2010 wins as the highest commented upon post with 813 comments is “Why is the WEST Viewed as So Immoral?”

December 2010 closing out the year, the most debated post was “Café Muslimah – For Women Only” with 291 comments.


I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for following American Bedu and for sharing your own views and perspectives.  For 2011 I look forward to receipt of suggestions from YOU on additional subjects and issues you’d like to see me cover in upcoming posts.  I also would like anyone who is willing to be interviewed in regards to why they follow American Bedu and their interest or connection to Saudi Arabia to contact me directly at  Interviews have always been a popular read on American Bedu and I can only continue them as long as individuals are willing!  Additionally if any of you have photos from Saudi Arabia you’d like to share with American Bedu readers please submit them to me as I like to feature actual photos (with accompanying story) on the blog each month.

I plan to continue this blog as long as the interest and readership remains because this blog is meant for YOU…to help promote further understanding and dialoguing between East and West on Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is a land of great contrasts, contradictions, shifting sands and many treasures.


25 Responses

  1. Thank you Carol for providing this invaluable platform.

    My most enjoyable part of this dialogue is to engage people from my motherland (whether citizens or residents) in heartfelt (sometimes wrenching) discussions.

    I learned and benefited more than any of you might think from every posting I read and participated in.

    Happy, healthy and contemplative 2011 to you and your loved ones. Ali

  2. Thank you, Ali.

    Wishing you a joyous 2011!

  3. May this year bring you health, happiness and strong faith. I so enjoy your blog and rarely have time to reply, the controversy is exciting.

  4. happy new year to you and your family.
    I wish a happy healthy 2011 for you and your family 🙂
    and thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

  5. Dearest Carol, good wishes for the new year and hope good health, strong faith and happiness comes your way!

    Happy New Year to all readers too.

  6. Happy 11 and congrats on the coming 2.0. Many thousands of lives have been touched by you – because of your measured words and careful selection of topics. May 2011 be good for you, Carol.

    And happy 2011 to you, too, Sarah!

    Went down to beach yesterday in Salvador, for the Ano Novo. It was wild. I have never seen so many crazy people in one place. Must have been a million people there.

    Lets see what 11 brings for all of us.

  7. Wishing you the best for 2011 to you too, Jay!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. I feel like there is a virtual family on this blog and just like any family we have our squabbles and disagreements but we are also there for support!

    Love ya’ll!!!!

    Mama Hen Bedu

  9. Best Wishes for a wonderful 2011 Carol ! Yours is the only blog i read nowadays. Its wonderful to see such a wide variety of topics covered in one blog.

    Best Regards

    Zishan Ahmed

  10. Carol,
    No matter where in the world I am, physically or emotionally, I always look forward to your daily posts!!!!!
    I think your getting close to 2 million hits!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Good riddance 2010!! I hope everyone has a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!

  12. Happy and joyful New Year to you and your family Carol, may the new year brings you joy, health and hapiness. And happy new year to all of your readers, even those I had some disagreements with…:)

  13. Happy new year Carol and everyone else on the blog!!
    I hope 2011 will be a much better one for you, filled with love and hope and inshallah better health 🙂
    looking forward to reading more great posts and comments this year!

  14. @OccupiedBrain

    I’m am sorry I am currently sick (hospital er visit included) so am unable to respond to your comments on the other post.

    @Carol – it makes me sad to think of all you have been through. 😦 I hope you get better and life brings you what you want. If you know anyone with some spare lungs will you direct them my way? 😛

  15. @Onigiri,

    So sorry to hear that you are starting out 2011 not doing well. I pray that your lungs and all the rest of you are healed by now.


    I understand your sentiments. 2010 was a year of trials for both of us.


    Without meaning to sound too sappy….or maybe I really do mean to sound sappy….Hugs and happiest New Year wishes! May we all continue to learn from each other in this mysterious journey of life!

  16. Happy New Year to you Carol, and to the BIG family of American Bedu Blog!
    May it be a good year for everyone… May it be full of joy, love and success.

    @Jay kactuz: Will ya trade places? I don’t mind being one of those crazy million ppl in Salvador! Actually, in Salvadore, I can be anything! 😉

  17. Happy 2011! I enjoyed this recap post very much. I can’t believe how much time has past since some of those posts which I recall rather well.

    Thanks for all you share here. I’ve learned a lot from you and those who comment.

  18. Happy New Year Carol and all.

    OnigiriFB, sorry about your health issues. I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Best wishes to everyone on this blog. New year…fresh start. Let the battles begin anew….but with decorum and the proverbial biting of the tongue.

    So far this has been the best day of 2011 yet!! LOL 🙂

  20. Thank you Carol and MoQ

    I should be back to my ornery, stubborn, debating, (nasty only if you get nasty first) person you all know and …. hopefully at least like. 😛

    I hope everyone has a great new year and let’s leave the 2010 bad things behind and keep the good! I will always love this place as a place where I’ve expanded my mind, debated at times fiercely, and always always knew there are people behinds those words and computer screens. May you all be healthy, happy, and wise enough to know which one is worth more!

    All I ask for is health this year! Oh and to return to Thailand in July/October with my son who has never been to Thailand and met is crazy (CRAZY, LOUD AND LARGE) family back home. Wish us luck. I’ve got to get his Thai up to at least basic communication or he’s toast. 😛

  21. OniGiriFB, hope you are better soon. I didn’t realize you had a son. How fun for him to experience your family later this year. 😀

  22. Hi Carol,
    First of all Happy New Year! I want to send you this link about breast cancer.
    I must first issue this disclaimer that I do not think this is a cure all for everyone, nor do I think it is generalizable to everyone, which the article suggests is the case. There is actually a lot of conflicting evidence. However, clearly it worked for this one person and perhaps you would like to consider it. I come from a family full of breast cancer with no known genetic cause. But I know from all that has happened that not all cancers-even breast cancers are alike and some react to things that others do not. So see what you think.

    I hope this new year brings you health and happiness. I’m hoping for spontaneous remission for you, and know you will withstand what you must with good grace.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  23. @Sandy,

    Happy New Year and thank you very much for the link. I’m an “information junkie” and especially so when it comes to following news and developments pertaining to breast cancer.

    Best Regards, Carol

  24. Nader… I might take you up on that – we could switch places. Where are you? If you like music and dance, this is the place to be. Salvador is interesting, even if I prefer Rio.

    Oni, you take care. I say that as a person that has had major lung issues all of my life. Not fun! In 1984 a stupid doctor said I had 5 good years left before I degenerated into emphysema. For the first 7 months of 2010 I had a burning sensation in lungs with every breath. By the end of year I finally got it – a cronic infection of lining of lungs – under control. What I am saying is that health and medicine are both relative and changing. Be optimistic. Certainly you will take the boy to Thailand and he will be amazed. My wife was there this year and she loved it and the people.

    Carol, It is posts like this that let us see our “Virtual family” – as you say – as they are. We need to see the smiles once in a while, until – as Red predicts – the swords come out again.

  25. @Suzanne

    I rarely talk about him because I gave him up for adoption when I was 19. It was an open adoption and I still talk to his other mother. In fact we just had a 2 hours conversation because he’s not doing too well. He’s 15…. I think that says it all. Plus he’s INTELLIGENT (yup he’s my son *wink*) and just did the pre SATs where he scored 99%. Needless to say he’s bored as f**k in school. I told the adopted mom I’ll send him to private school if she can’t afford to.


    Thanks for that that. I get to go to the doctor today and tomorrow. Weds thursday I get to go for an MRI (no brain damage because the lack of oxygens) and for a CT scan or PET scan of the lungs. Yay me! Thank god for good insurance. I really feel for those who do not have good insurance and get sick. 😦

    I’ll mention to the doctor about you having an infection of the lining. She did ask if i was given a antibiotic in the ER and I was too drugged to remember. God I really need somewhere warm right now….. *sigh*

    I can’t wait to take him to Thailand. He’s going to be in shock because he’s been raised middle class American and I’m taking him back to High Society Thailand (different from what the tourist see) where all the cousins his age have been in private school since preschool (age 3 in Thailand) and have never washed a dish in their pampered lives. *roll eyes*

    He’s gonna….. die isn’t he? 😛

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