Saudi Arabia: Explanation of the American Bedu Banner


First of all I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the followers of American Bedu blog, both those who are new to the blog and those who have been following the blog for a period of time.  I’ve received multiple queries wanting to know the genesis of the American Bedu blog banner and it’s a pleasure for me to explain and describe!

To begin with the banner was designed by Aafke Brouwer, who is a talented and versatile artist from the Netherlands.  She started following American Bedu blog back in its infancy and we became friends.  I believe the banner she created truly captures the essence of American Bedu and what the blog is about.

The connected flags which adorn the camel represent the two countries – my own United States as I am an American national and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the land of my late husband.  The camel is pictured as I am known for my love and fascination of camels.  The two cats are illustrations of my own precocious cats, Tripod and Saheba, who were both rescued from Pakistan.  The sheep which bears a slight resemblance to an old English Sheepdog is the indigenous sheep of Saudi Arabia, the Haroof Nejdi.  Front and center is Aafke’s image of me, sitting and typing out a new post for American Bedu!  Beside me on the small table is a pot of Arabic Kawa, Saudi coffee, the symbol of hospitality.  Next is a burner with smoking oud, the traditional incense which is a scent of welcome.  Last but not least is the Arabian horse followed by one of the tombs of Maidan Saleh, part of Saudi Arabia’s great heritage.

I’m proud of the banner Aafke created for American Bedu and I hope that you enjoy it as well especially now knowing the background behind it.


26 Responses

  1. It is a great banner. AAfke did a wonderful job. Actually the only thing missing is an owl.

  2. The other thing missing is the palm tree.

    By the way I see something way to the left. Some letters and arrow. Is that intentionally there. Also on the page (not the banner) on the right gray area, I have been noticing a smiley. 🙂

  3. Yes, the palm tree. Why didn’t I think of that?! It will fit nicely behind the Arabian. The owl (all those late nights, plus wisdom) can be put flying above the coffee pot! AA, get out your canvas and start updating.

    What else can we add?

  4. I enjoyed finding out the meanings and origin of the elements of this banner. I agree, Aafke did a great job.

  5. Have seen that smiley for months now..was also wondering what it’s for and why just stuck out there in the middle of nowhere.

    Yeah…the absence of a palm tree was the first thing I noticed as well.

  6. Bravo, Carol. I noticed that you are near the 2 million viewers mark. How wonderful.

    Since you asked…..I’d say that you are missing the bats that fly high above the trees at night. I only remember them because we saw so many in a park in Najran a few years back and I see them out at night while my husband and I sit outside in the late afternoon. I think there should be a small campfire as well since that is how they made the coffee in the good old days. And, most importantly, you are missing the Saudi people themselves. Perhaps a Saudi man could be dancing the traditional sword dance in a group, and the Saudi women could be shown as a doctor, or pilot. Just thinking. 🙂

  7. I love the banner!
    As a fan of Hello Kitty the logo on your laptop immidiately caught my eye..Do you really have a HK computer? If so-Im jealous lol 🙂

  8. I love your banner Carol and yes I think it is a great representation.

  9. Actually I think it needs a UNC picture of some sort to make it complete. 😀

  10. I’m still giggling after reading all the comments…especially the suggestion of a UNC pic!

    What i can say is that Aafke made the perfect banner in representation of me and American Bedu.

    But I’ve got to rib all of you with the references about palm trees….don’t you really mean to say date trees?

    And no, Laylah…I don’t have a HK laptop but I really do have a HK abaya…thanks to Aafke!

    I think Aafke is in transit now but I’m sure once she is back with access to the internet she will add her own comments too.

  11. Yes date trees of course and how about a mosque against a setting sun. Just a thought.

  12. I’m enjoying hearing others views of what stands out and proclaims “Saudi Arabia.”

  13. Sand?
    Oil, not oilk!

    Now I want to see AA put all of these in the banner.

    Warning: If she doesn’t feel up to the challenge, I will do it. I have never let the lack of artistic talent stop me from doing things (and that goes for brains, looks and money, too). It will not be pretty (I have already decided to put a cat in a pool of oil but not sure who gets the ghutra – the camel, carol or the sheep. I’ll put the owl in the palm tree and throw in sand everywhere, up to knees. The Kaaba goes on left to balance the tomb on right (may be pushing sacreligious so must be careful. The picture of carol is too tame so I will spice it up. I’ll add a sun above the pot and maybe a pinup calendar on the wall. All those years in Arkansas really come in handy when decorating.

  14. Jay…I love you idea! Folks should submit their designs of an American Bedu banner based on what either American Bedu or Saudi Arabia means for them!

  15. Date palms? No, although we do have one of those along with a few coconut palms not to mention the royal palms around the house.

  16. Royal palms? that’s the first I’ve heard of those…what are they?

  17. Royal palms are the ones that dont have that natural curve that gives them that bowed look. Too royal for that. 🙂

  18. now I have no idea if I’ve seen a royal palm or not…

  19. Thanks for sharing that! Very interesting to know the reason behind it. I had forwarded my boyfriend one of your articles and that was one of the first things he asked, what everything stood for… love it!

  20. Thank you, Lakia!

  21. Carol…my comment was tongue in cheek…not sure you picked that up by your comment. 🙂

  22. Royal palms have a smooth trunk with white rings.

  23. Hee, heeeee! Missed this post!
    Excellent post Bedu! I was sick, then traveling, then sick again, and very busy too with little internet time.

    I choose the subjects of the banner out of posts Carol wrote which I particularly liked, and which subjects I considered very typical or iconic for Saudi Arabia. And also recognizable to the non-Saudi visitors.
    Of course the incense burner is burning Oud!

    One has to make a choice too. If you put too many things in it becomes messy and a jumble. One needs a balance between details and empty space to make a good composition. Just packing everything to the last bits of empty space makes for a bad piece of art work.

  24. I was wondering when you would comment Aafke!! (smile) I absolutely adore my Bedu banner!!!!!

  25. Aafke,
    The banner is lovely!!!! ❤

    Thanks for the explanation of the banner. It's very interesting! 🙂

  26. Aafke perfectly captured the essence of me and Saudi!

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