USA/KSA: American Bedu Speaks Out on Cancer

The other day I was watching some youtube videos and wondered how easy (or difficult) it can be to just sit and make your own youtube video.  I went to and read how to set up my own account or I guess I should say ‘channel.’  It seemed fairly straightforward so I pondered for a few minutes on what would I wish to say to the world.  Actually it was not hard to decide.  I wanted to speak out on cancer.  I  wanted to speak out with facts yet at the same time inspire hope and encouragement to others.

I will be the first to admit that the quality and sound is not the best.  That’s one aspect I have yet to work on and figure out for future videos (if I dare to try again).  However I have chosen to share this video, poor sound quality and all, with readers of my blog for I am sincere with my message and hope that it may help someone whose life has been impacted by cancer whether as a patient, caregiver or someone whose life has changed due to the diagnosis of a loved one with cancer.  Cancer does not care what nationality or religion its victims are and support is available for everyone.


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  1. Salaam Aleikum, Carol:

    I just wanted to commend you on your bravery and wisdom. I have been following you for the last couple of years and I have learned so much from you. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your life and your lessons with me and with all your readers.

    May Allah bless you and grant you peace and serenity.

    Jazakallah Khairan for all your good works…


  2. You have such a sweet voice. Thanks for sharing this, Carol!

  3. Thank you Sarah and Susanne.

  4. Carol, thank you so much or this video. Wishing you all the strength you need for recovery.
    We love you and pray for you and your health!
    P.S You look great!

  5. well done Carol and such an important message…My prayers are with you always and BTW you look and sound great!

  6. Great work Carol. Very moving and brave and an important message. I am sure that you are an inspiration to many including myself.

  7. Lovely to see you again Carol!! Bravo and well done!! That’s fantastic! I think it will be incredibly helpful for other people in similar situations to see this and not to feel so overwhelmed, alone and lost. Your video is very powerful because it is so personal and yet so strong and positive. I’m sure it will provide inspiration to all who see it! Please do keep at it!

  8. So inspiring, Carol! I am passing your message along to others. I hope you will do this again – your demeanor and words are comforting to anyone who is suffering with this disease or knows someone who is. BTW, I am sure you have heard this a million times, but you have the most BEAUTIFUL eyes…ha! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Thank you!!!

  9. Even if this touches one person and gives hope and courage you have succeeded, Buti know even apart formt his video you are a source of inspiration, wisdom and hope to many.

  10. So nice to “see” and “hear” you! I’m so glad you did this- because you have something to say that is worth hearing.

  11. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I want this message for folks to also know that they are not alone!

  12. Thank you Carol.

  13. Very brave to put this message out.
    I wish you all the best.

  14. God bless you Carol. My father is also at a stage four, but continues to love life, love others, and love God, just like you. Shukran Jazeelan.

  15. Shukran Alek Michelle for your kind words. I will add your father and family to my prayers.

  16. […] inside.  Fears add stress into the equation and cancer loves to grow and spread with stress.  Talk to whoever is closest or most comfortable to speak with […]

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