Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Needs Its Own Discovery Place Kids

There truly are limited opportunities and places to go for children (and teens) to have fun and relax, as well as parents feel comfortable that their children are safe and in a positive environment.

There are amusement parks or mini zoos for children.  Typical of the Saudi customs, one must also check when making plans to go to such a facility whether there are ‘women and children’ days and/or ‘family days.’

However what I think would be very beneficial, healthy and fun for young children (and their families) in Saudi Arabia would be an equivalent of an educational facility that is right down the street from me in Huntersville, North Carolina.  This facility is called “Discovery Place Kids.”  It is a great place for moms to get together and where children have a wonderful time and learning is made fun.

Discovery Place Kids has focused on health, science and technology with a creation of events, exhibits and programs that makes learning feel like play.  For example, at Discovery Place Kids, Your child CAN…

Be a firefighter, a chef or an explorer, build a castle, create a masterpiece or captain a boat. Visit a farm, run a grocery store or dig in an outdoor Garden. You can only imagine what your kid CAN do at the new Discovery Place KIDS.

Discovery Place Kids has flexible hours of operation and its annual family memberships are quite reasonable at US$90 per year.  Discovery Place Kids has become my 2.5 year old grandson’s favorite place to go.  He has recognized the route and becomes very animated in his car seat as we approach his favorite destination!

Discovery Place Kids will also have special presentations such as puppet shows and singing songs.  I find it so cute to see my Grandson attempting to sing some of the songs he has learned once he is back home.  Unfortunately once my Grandson is at Discovery Place Kids he is always reluctant and vocal when it is time to go home!  I guess there can’t be a better recommendation than that for Discovery Place Kids and its success!


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  1. I would love to see something like this in Saudi. Indianapolis has one of the best Children’s Museums all around. Saint Louis has the Science Center and also the Magic House which are wonderful outlets for kids and even adults like me.

  2. A very wonderful innovative, invigorating and learning method. I would like to know more about it.

  3. I would love such a place for my children to go to. My 2 young boys would certainly enjoy such a place. The only place I know of in our area which is somewhat similar, is the Science Centre with Imax theatre in Khobar. Thanks Carol for sharing 🙂

  4. One of my favorite memories is of my son in preschool (in the states) using a real hammer and nails, washing plates with bubbles, exporing sand, etc. He absolutely loved this playtime, and we incorporated it even further here in Saudi when we returned for visits. At one of the beaches, for example, we helped the kids gather wood and make a fort using their real tool belts. They felt so grown up. Even our daughter and her other female friends joined in this fun activity.

    In many of the malls here in Saudi now, one can find many of these creative places for the children to go.

  5. I really like this idea! I think kids would have a blast!

  6. I know from my recent time in Saudi and especially in Riyadh there were not enough places for young children to go and be able to learn and experiment instead of just run around and play.

    A place like Discovery Kids is very well organized and supervised. In addition to the multiple rooms there are also scheduled activities, puppet shows and exercise times too.

    Discovery place is more structured than many of the places I saw in Saudi where the kids just ran wild with housemaids chasing behind them.

  7. Oh my goodness my little sister is CRAZY about a place like this (we go to Discovery Cub ) (She’s 7) We go literally all the time. And in the summers when there are a lot of khaliji families here for vacation, it becomes packed with families. It’s an amazing place. But because of that, she’s super interested in math and science and makes extremely high marks in all her subjects. Way better than a Chuckie Cheese or something. But I agree 100%, places like these are amazing for kids and wonderful because it really is amusing for all ages because I get right down on my knees and play along with her, lol.

  8. what a great idea!
    Riyadh definetely needs something educational like this for the kids. Like you said now there are only places to drop the kids to run around out of control and leave them under supervision of the maids..
    What time does this place close in the evenings?
    If they’d bring one here I bet you it would be open until 2 am on weekends.

  9. I’m not exactly sure what time it closes but I can tell you it does not stay open as late as the places in Saudi typically do. Guessing…I’d say it closes by 7pm.

  10. kindly i need contact number for “DISCOVERY PLACE KIDS” in Saudi arabia.

    thank you

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