Saudi Arabia: Please HELP Jeddah Flood Victims!!!


nb:  continued and up-to-date information on where and how to help Jeddah flood victims can be found here.

Jeddah flood victims need your help NOW!!!

Dear Friend,

Please forward this request to your friends and respective organizations.   If possible please sms or call and inform them to donate now.

Several NGOs and YIG (Young Initiative Group) have been tirelessly helping flood victims since Wednesdays’ devastating rains.  YIG is asking for your help and donations.  Please donate, water bottles, food, clothes, blankets, flashlights etc. Please bring your items to AL-Harithy Exhibition Center also known as  Jeddah Center for Forums and Events which located on the corner of Hera Street and Madinah Rd.  ( See driving directions below.

Al Harithy Exhibition center is open for everyone!  So if u want to volunteer or donate it is open from 9am-9pm. Starting today Friday January 28, 2010. They will continue to take donations at this location for a few more days.  But today it is imperative you get your donations there now.

Females are needed for buying, receiving, sorting & packing the donations received.  They will be working inside the Exhibition center and Males with cars 4X4 are needed on the field. Gentlemen are asked to be available in the Parking lot and be there in the morning or as soon as possible to register and be assigned in the groups to head to a specific area for delivery and distribution and to support the groups which they are assigned to.

Females are more than welcome anytime to participate inside the exhibition center to help sorting & packing the donations received.

Please do not forget to register once you enter, YIG would like to  keep track of everyone volunteering. If students need community service hours please make sure you indicate that upon signing in.   If you are younger then 18years of age, you must have your parents approval to volunteer.  YIG and all other organizations involved do not take any liability for damage to vehicles, or individuals during their volunteering work.  Please be aware of this disclaimer.

For further info plz join YIG  (Young Initiative Group) Face book group page for constant updates.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Zulikha Hussain
Independent Consultant
Interfaith Activist/Youth Activist 

Increase awareness + Increase tolerance + enrich ourselves and others. = Peaceful world


Directions to Al-Harithy Exhibition Center
From the City

Following the signs for the airport or for Madina, leave Jeddah City on Madina Road going north.
Prepare to leave Madina Road at the Hera’a Street exit. Pass the Aramex offices on your right and go  straight ahead at the traffic lights, then with the exhibition centre on your right, take the first right turn.

From the North

After passing the airport, leave Madina Road at the Hera’a Street exit and make a U-turn under the Flyover.
With the exhibition centre on your right, take the first right turn.

From the East & South

The roads from the Jizan & the south and Riyadh & the east join the main highway from Makkah and the Jeddah Ring Road. Once on the Ring Road, follow the signs for the airport and Madina. Ignore all signs for the city centre or the port.
Leave the Ring Road following the sign for the South (Saudia) Terminal of the airport, then with the airport on your right, follow the signs for Jeddah City. Do not take the airport terminal slip road.
At the intersection with Madina Road (options for Madina, Corniche or City Centre), follow the City Centre sign to join Madina Road going south. Leave Madina Road at the Hera’a Street exit and make a U-turn under the Flyover.
With the exhibition centre on your right, take the first right turn.


6 Responses

  1. How come Jeddah is not on the news? or is the western world simply interested?

  2. The fact that cities of one of the richest countries in the world have no drainage or sewage systems is indicative of utter mismanagement of people’s wealth and contempt for their well-being.

  3. Having lived or traveled to so many countries in the world I have found that most countries infrastructure is indicative of regional need. I believe that since Saudi Arabia and Jeddah in particular has been receiving more and heavier rains the drainage and sewage systems will be updated.

  4. Throwastarfish:

    Good point. I can only speculate that because Saudi Arabia is seen as the world’s biggest humanitarian donor there is less coverage or “perceived need” for Jeddah. Additionally, there are other events, such as Egypt, which are overriding other “newsworthy” events.

    It is frustrating that US news channels have not covered Jeddah or just in barest details. Thankfully I and many others do have the internet to remain current on areas and issues of interest.

  5. i live in riyadh how do we give supplies, is there a collection point here in riyadh.

  6. The last Saudi flood(nov 2009) was also blacked out by the international media-and off course by the saudi media) Except for a few scenes where the flooding wasn’t too drastic.

    It was only recently when I saw the videos on youtube that I realised the unbelievably horrible nature of these floods. Up until now I had believed the floods to harmless with a few people being killed-maybe, I thought from lack of knowledge and experience of any disaster. But the videos shocked me-This should have been on the front news in all the worlds media. But it looks to me like the world media is protecting its own.

    I wonder how these media moguls would have reacted if this had been Tehran or some other Iranian city.

    You are doing good work though-Allah bless you.

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