Saudi Arabia/USA: The Fight of Cancer Continues; Please Help


My and Abdullah’s journeys with cancer began in Saudi Arabia.  In Abdullah’s case, his journey began and ended in Saudi Arabia where my beloved may rest in peace.  My own journey with cancer, without Abdullah, the love of my life, continues in America. There is no polite way to say it, regardless of nationality, religion, or culture…Cancer Sucks! Yet at the same time, I acknowledge the reality that I have Stage IV breast cancer which is inoperable or incurable.

However, thanks to my cancer, I have a greater compassion and understanding towards others who are facing their own fears and battles.  Why or how, you ask. I will tell you. My entire life turned around with the diagnosis of cancer for both myself and Abdullah.  Abdullah and I found a closeness and greater understanding of each other that we’d never reached prior to the fight against cancer.  It’s not as if we were not close before, but we learned that in addition to sharing our love, we learned how to share our fears. Supporting each other as we could during our respective battles made both of us grow stronger in spirit.  Abdullah passed away; I lost my home and literally had to rebuild a new life while undergoing aggressive treatments. Now I have learned not to take anything for granted.  I live each and every day to the fullest.  I no longer “sweat the small stuff.”  My cancer has given me a greater understanding of faith and trust.

The battle of cancer also gives me an unending appreciation for the American Cancer Society and the support which it provides to cancer warriors and their families.  Once again, I am going to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life to help raise funds so support and research can continue towards finding a cure.

Concluding this post, I also reach out to YOU for your help.  If you would like to support me as I participate in the 2011 Relay for Life, please click here.  Your contribution makes a difference in the race for the cure.


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  1. Hello

    I have no idea if you readArabic but you might like this:!/event.php?eid=166152426765674

  2. Dearest Carol,

    You have been so strong throughout all of the time I’ve known you. I’m glad that you are still fighting back and sharing all that you learn from your own life and your experiences with cancer as well as with Saudi Arabia.

    I’m reading a book now called, “Forever Ours.”
    A few of the stories amazed me because one of them in particular is so similar to a story that happened to one of my friends.

  3. Dear RTW,

    Thank you for your support and confidence in me. I sincerely hope that my outspokenness and drive for support for the Relay for Life will in turn help many others.

    You’ll have to email me details of the book. It sounds interesting just by the title!

  4. […] been taking another trip down memory lane with many of my fond memories of life with Abdullah.  I have written previously about his adaptation to life in America when we were living outside of […]

  5. am really very sorry for that sickness. may allah give u the strength to live

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