Saudi Arabia: Live in Jeddah? A Rare Opportunity for Women to Protect Themselves

Albidayah center is offering a self defense course for women this coming Feb 19, 2011. If you or anyone you know is interested please call 6655225, ext 123. or 0566177134 for the details. The instructor is Rafif Badghaish a Saudi Black belt in Karate and self defense. I think this is a great opportunity to learn at least the basics. Please feel free to share with anyone and spread the word.


9 Responses

  1. That’s wonderful to see! I’ve always thought that self defense classes would be a better protection than the abaya.

  2. a thirty minute training on the cobra crotch grab, or whatever that technique is called, will freak out any guy, if you know what i mean. squeeeeeze hard.

  3. This class gives a new meaning to the word Ninja….

    Gia, Ouch, you are scaring all the men on this blog!!

  4. Gia, ouch!

    When people talk about women and self defense, I always remember a gal I saw on Miami Beach about 25 years ago.

    She was a tall, young woman, about 6’2″ (1.86m), black, very athletic, running along the beach with a very big German Shepard – a dog that obviously had the evil eye. To make matters worse, she had some sort of pistol on her hip. As she went by me, all I could think was ‘wow’.

    Nobody in their right mind would mess with her – and live.

    Anyway, I miss the posts about flowers or cooking.

  5. All women should be on martial arts from the age of 6 to the age of 20.
    Eastern Martial arts are ”íntelligent” fighting sports, very suitable for women, you use your brains and technique effectively, instead of brute force.
    Some styles like hapkido were specifically constructed for women, although a lot of men practice hapkido as well.

  6. fighting techniques like Aikido and Hapkido, (first is Japanese, second is Korean) are highly intelligent martial arts, to explain it very basically, they use the force of the attacker against him.

    Ideal for women as men usually go for mindless force, and women are more intelligent.

  7. I like the explanation! (smile)

  8. Please let us know when these classes will be available in Riyadh. I am dying to join…

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