Saudi Arabia: Winter Wonderland With Abdullah

I’ve been taking another trip down memory lane with many of my fond memories of life with Abdullah.  I have written previously about his adaptation to life in America when we were living outside of Washington, DC.  As I watch how so much of the United States continues to have harsh winter weather I’m reminded of Abdullah’s initial reactions of snow.  During his first snow storm he was mesmerized with his eyes locked to the window watching the soft flakes floating down.  As the snow started falling faster and thicker he was like a child impatient to go out and play.  He liked how the snow was covering up any trace of where the yard ended and driveway began.  At that point I reminded him that someone would have to shovel the snow the next morning if we were to get our cars out from the garage.  Oh how I remember how he laughed that confident and joyful laugh of his and assuring me not to worry.  He would be happy to have the experience of shoveling snow.

Sure enough the following morning after a hearty breakfast with a big cup of hot coffee he put on his heaviest jacket, woolen neck scarf, gloves, boots and Atlanta Falcons baseball cap he set outside with a smile on his face and snow shovel in his hand.  After about fifteen minutes he came back into the house for a short break.  When I asked him how he liked shoveling he told me, “Well…now I can say I have shoveled snow. It was fun for the first minute or two but I’m ready for it to melt away now.”  However, he assured me that he would finish the job he started and did not want my assistance with the driveway.

The next time snow was in the forecast Abdullah made sure we had a snow blower in the garage ready and waiting to be put to use.


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  1. The baby is so precious 🙂 Also,, I completely agree! The snow becomes boring after awhile. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed, Lakia!

  3. Great memories. I also remember the first time I brought my (then boyfriend) Spanish husband home to New Hampshire to meet my parents for the first time. We arrived on December 13 and from the plane into Boston, it was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky. He said, “It can’t be cold- the sun is out.” He quickly learned otherwise. And after 32 years here, he still doesn’t like to shovel. Love your blog.

  4. So cute! 🙂

  5. Both of the Saudi boys living with me eagerly awaited the coming of snow this winter and wouldn’t listen to a single negative remark about snow.

    They made light of my concerns when I told them to be back before 10 pm on a night when a blizzard was expected. They ended up snowed in at a friend’s apartment (with about a dozen other people) for nearly four days.

    They no longer care for snow and now pay very close attention to anything I say about the weather.

    Although they have never even tried it, they are adept at making themselves scarce when the driveway needs shoveling. ^_^

  6. Very cute, mashaAllah 🙂

    Snow can be fun in the beginning, but after a while it gets very tiresome, especially when the roads get icey!

  7. @Okie Homestay – being snowed in with friends for four days is exactly what American kids look forward to in winter! Those Saudis have a LOT to learn! 😉

  8. Go Falcons!!!! They came so close this year! Made the entire superbowl disappointing that Greenbay won 😦

    I love love love this post! ❤

  9. I am so ready for Spring and consistent warm weather!

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