Saudi Arabia: Quilt Show and Artisans Fair in Jeddah

Most hobbies and crafts that expatriates have enjoyed outside of the Kingdom such as scrapbooking, knitting, book clubs, quilting clubs and more do exist within the Kingdom.  Sometimes it just seems to take longer for expat women with common interests and hobbies to find one another and connect.

Having a common hobby while living in an “uncommon” country can create an instant bond and lasting friendship.  Towards discovering these special friends I suggest that an expat woman begin dialoguing and expressing her interest on a special newsgroup such as before arriving in the Kingdom.  Additionally, after arrival start spreading the word locally about any special interest.  If living on a compound or in an apartment building there are typically bulletin boards where information can be posted.  International schools, embassy or expatriate clubs or simply chance meetings with other expatriates are also excellent word of mouth venues for finding other women who share the same interests.

For women in Jeddah and surroundings who enjoy quilting, here is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with other women who enjoy the fine art of quilting:


  • The Quilting Arts Studio and The Quilting Bees of Jeddah announce the:

    5th Annual Quilt Show & Artisans Fair
    Wednesday, 9 March 2011
    12 Noon~10:00 P.M.
    at The Quilting Arts Studio

    Many beautiful quilts on display
    Vendors selling unique handcrafted items
    Mini Quilt Tombola
    Cafe Corner with home baked goodies
    Zaran Abayas
    Cake Walk
    Silent Auction
    Quilt Raffle with many prizes

    ***LADIES ONLY***

    To find the location, go to this link:



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