Saudi Arabia/USA: Women in Islam


Here is an opportunity for American Bedu readers near to the California State University, Northridge, to hear and learn more about Muslim women.  The Muslim Students’ Association at CSUN has been proactive in their variety of programs which reach out for better understanding and communications.

California State University Northridge
Muslim Students’ Association Proudly Presents:

Women in Islam
“Who They Are, What They Did, And Where They Are Going”

Please join us on March 30th for an evening of discussion, dialogue, and debate about the role of Women in Islam. The event will take place in the Lake View Terrace Room of the CSUN University Student Union (USU), which is located above the fitness center. Please arrive promptly at 6pm. Esteemed speakers Edina Lekovic, Laila Al-Marayati, and Lobna Mulla will be heading the event. There will be a raffle and light refreshments.

$5 for students
$10 for non-students
Free for registered members
All proceeds will go to support the CSUN MSA


7 Responses

  1. ooooh, do you think they willl talk about the fact that women in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, are excluded from participating in elections either as a candidate or a voter?

  2. I am pretty sure Muslim Students Assocation won’t be holding a workshop on how husbands are only allowed to beat up their wives with a toothpick :)-

  3. The role of women in Islam is the same as the role of men…to submit to god…believe in the prophet…pray…give charity…and perform haj once in her lifetime if she can…what else is there that singles her out as having a whole lecture focused on her “role”.

    Translation….a Muslim woman’s role in Islam as established by the patriarchal demands of Muslim men. Period.

  4. Coolred…

    Excellent point!

  5. I believe that even the most skeptic might be surprised if they can attend. Rather than point out differences there needs to be more focus on the similarities.

  6. I wonder who, exactly, this is geared towards. Muslim women or non-Muslims?

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