Saudi Arabia: Launch of Muna AbuSulayman Exclusive Spring Collection

Muna AbuSulayman is one of the most talented and beautiful (inside and out) Saudi women.  It is with pleasure for American Bedu to pass along Muna’s message about the launch of her Spring Collection of exclusive fashions.  This is an event women in the Kingdom will not want to miss!  Muna’s exclusive designs will appeal to both Saudi and expatriate women.



I wanted to thank you all for your friendship and announce my second collection showing in riyadh for a week.
details and location are below 🙂 ( Silver Dew… Old Fantil Store near Extra on King Abdul Aziz road)

and I really do appreciate it if you can send it to your Elegant Saudi Friends in Riyadh. Or send me your phone and I will send it to you on your cell.


يسر الإعلاميه و المصممه منى أبو سليمان أن تعلن عن إطلاق مجموعة أزياء حجاب ربيع 2011
مجموعه راقيه و أنيقه للمرأه العصريه
تبدأ غدا 28 مارس و لمدة 4 أيام. 4197153/4197143

تعلن منى أبوسليمان عن عرض تشكيلة ربيع ٢٠١١ من أزياء رائعة نهارية و فساتين سهرة مع تشكيلة من حجابات

Muna AbuSulayman is delighted to announce the launch of her Exclusive and LIMITED Spring 2011 Collection in Riyadh.

…Elegant, stylish, beautiful clothes full of refined details accompanied by a collection of hand made embroidered scarves in a LIMITED collection for the very stylish woman in you.

Join Muna at Silver Dew, one of Riyadh’s most beautiful boutiques, as she unveils some of her 2011 Casual, Semi formal, and Evening dresses that are tailor made with her own unique exquisite details and designed to satisfy the most discerning women in the Middle East.

Invite friends and family members to the event, I hope to see you all there….

Jeddah event will be at I LOVE HISHMA, for Summer 2011 🙂
We will also be showing in various stylish boutiques for Fall 2011 Collection.



Tel# 419-7143 / 419-7153 – Working hours from 4:30 PM – 10:30 PM

طريق الملك عبدالعزيز مع شارع العروبه بعد أكستر – فانتيل سابقا, Riyadh,

4 Responses

  1. I don’t know that gods and nature could create someone like this.

  2. Very cool! I really appreciate that she uses healthy models of varying shapes and sizes. On her website, I like the embroidery detail at the bottom hem of the tunic shirt style”Sky Queen” and the embroidery on the head scarf that matches, too. I love embroidery when done right! 😉 According to the website, this is last year’s clothing line? I can’t wait to see pictures of the Spring line online! 🙂

  3. Assalamu alaikum,hope you are doing fine,my greatful greetings to you my great bosom-friend,muna-abusulayman.Hope you’re doing fine.In addition how’re families.

  4. A.w.w where are you

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