Saudi Arabia: Time for some Geographical Fun

I decided to finish out the month of March 2011 posts on a lighter note.  Since events continue to unfold in the Middle East region, see how well YOU do with this Middle East Geography Quiz!  Be sure and share your results and if you choose to, your nationality!


14 Responses

  1. my 12 year old daughter got them all correct with only three mistakes. She is American. This is especially good news since some Americans are known to be awful in geography!

  2. That’s fabulous! She outdid me!!!!!

  3. That’s a really cool game! One fun game families can do to help with geography is to play, “find that country” on a globe. It’s fun even among adults sometimes, especially if you are trying to locate countries that are rarely ever talked about. Sometimes, to better understand what’s going on in international news, it helps to pull out a globe and get a better sense of where the country is located as well as its topography and climate, etc.

  4. I don’t remember how many I got wrong. Somewhere around 5 or 6 I think? Looks like I need to spend more time on geography! LOL.

  5. 3 mistakes ( central asia formerly Bukara بخارى ).
    the rest OK 🙂

  6. Had trouble with that “stans” lol..other than that not too bad. 🙂

  7. That was fun…I had trouble with the “stan” countries. The rest was relatively easy.

  8. It took me awhile but I did it. Some I had the general idea but couldn’t get the arrow exactly on the spot. The -stans I know I don’t know well–they didn’t have them when I went to school. 🙂 I was raised American and live in France.

  9. 1 wrong – formerly India now American 🙂

  10. yeah, those Stans were NOT there when I was in school.

  11. Some of the ‘Stans’ definitely a problem.

  12. apparently we all share the “stans” problem 😀

  13. I ahd problems with the ”-stans”!!!
    Excpet Turkmenistan, because that’s where the Achal-Teké’s come from.
    And I had a problem with Niger, I first put it in the right spot, and then it said it was wrong so I tried it at other places which were of course wrong, and then in the end it turned out my first choice was right.

    Oh, and I am Dutch.

  14. Former Russian territories are confusing! A definite eye-opener. Thanks for sharing.

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