Saudi Arabia: As Seen in Jeddah

These billboards have appeared at several populated intersections in Jeddah.  Given the conservatism of the Kingdom and seclusion of women, it is with surprise to find public billboards advertising of clinics for women and rejuvenating their most private area.

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  1. Lol…what a WILD contradiction…Keeping women covered while publicly advertising for what is covered.

  2. That IS Saudi Arabia – contrasts and contradictions!

  3. Bwahahahaha!
    I drove by one the other day (actually was driven by one). It’s hilarious!

  4. Funny!!

    The Arabic version of the sign is not so direct. It translates to “women cosmetic laser surgery”

    I guess they figured out, the conservatives would not know English:)

  5. Living in Tabuk for the past 9 years, I have discovered that much gets “lost” in translation. Imagine my surprise when I saw my first “saloon”, a place where men get their haircuts and shaves:-)

  6. We passed this ad last week and commented on how strange it looked. I wonder how it escaped the authorities? I guess they were lost in translation!

  7. Actually, I don’t think conservatives would necessarily not be for this. This is really about wives catering-going the extra mile- to please their husbands- not about a woman feeling good about herself.

  8. How the heck does one rejuvenate a vagina? i must have dozed off during this lecture in med school!!!

  9. Radha, I suppose a hairless nether region makes it look as if you were a pre-pubescent girl.
    Or they make out it makes you ”tighter” again after childbirth.
    Sounds like a quack.
    I suppose anything goes to keep your loyal husband from chasing after the next, younger, co-wife.

  10. No, I hear they do ‘Vaginal Lifts’ . Perhaps it gives you a few extra miles with your husband before he is forced to trade you in for a younger model. LOL

  11. Oh I’m sorry, of course it’s not the men’s fault, they are forced

  12. It is a sad day when women put their health and tender delicate parts at risk for no medical reason just to satisfy someone else.

    why is medical procedure taken so lightly, Doctors are not GOD , they don’t know it all, why would you willingly subject your body /alter it from the naturalized state to please someone!!!

    Why do women do this? where is the self-worth?

    Why not learn painting to improve yourself, maybe Yoga perhaps to tighten your muscles ( incl the inner ones 🙂 )

  13. i am not surprised about this billboard. It’s a man’s work in Saudi so of course they want the women without glasses and to be ‘like a virgin” at all times. When all else fails I guess they can get another virgin.
    Saudi is definitely not the ‘poster boy’ for Islam or women’s rights.

  14. Removed, mind the language a bit

    Moderator #2

  15. shame on me but the cartoon images that can come to mind on this one….

  16. The signboard does seem funny but the one in Arabic is much better.

    If the Arab women do this for men, I wonder why do western women do it? There are numerous clinics in USA that does this kind of surgery.

  17. I’ve never seen such a commercial in Amerika, and trust me, if such procedures were common here the commercials would be all over the media.

    Maybe they do it for Muslim medical tourists, like hymen reconstruction, that’s done a lot all over the west but mostly for Muslim women.

  18. @sarah – numerous clinics where ? This is not taught or approved by the AMA. There are reconstruction surgeries available , but that’s reconstruction after trauma,accident etc., I’m quite sure there are not many drs or hospitals who rejuvenate the vagina just becaome someone feels like it .. quacks perhaps…
    If this comes to the notice of authorities they’ll shut it down in a heartbeat,
    of course some plastics cater to the hymen reconstruction ( even though we all know it’s fake 🙂 ) but hey some people like to indulge

  19. Radha,

    There are many in USA and there are doctors specialized in this field. Some are:

    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Tampa Bay & Sarasota

    Atlanta Vaginal Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery Center
    According to their website: “Drs. Miklos & Moore have personally operated on patients from 47 STATES & 43 COUNTRIES. No other cosmetic vaginal surgeons in the USA can make this claim. See why vaginal surgery patients from all over the country come to Atlanta, Georgia for their surgical care.”

    Then there is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Insitute of Los Angeles.

    Most of these surgeries are done to enhance female sexuality, some for hymen reconstruction, others to correct defects. Its same both in West od East. India, (Philippines too) also has clinics for the same.

  20. The women do this because of the pressure to be perfect. Women here are in a constant fight for their life.
    their survival depends on to be perfect.
    There is always a chance that the man will marry another woman.
    But by the way that is much rarer for hijazi men. It’s the nejdi men who tend to marry other women.

  21. @sarah,

    I still say there are not Numerous clinics . And most of then surgeries are reconstruction. not a fun rejuvenation without cause to indulge your vanity.
    I’m sure the surgeon whom you mentioned is board certified and registered, so are numerous plastic surgeons, All i’m saying is vaginal rejuvenation is not as common outside the eastern countries.

  22. Western women do it cosmetically for the same reasons women from the ME would do it … because they are stupid and have been sold a ‘bill of goods’ by people who want to make money from them. It’s probably not as common in the west but it’s getting more popular thanks to the greed of doctors and clinics who have found a whole new market for parting women from their money for the sake of beauty that they have already if they could only learn to love themselves as they are.

  23. Nice Sarah has once again attempted to divert the discussion from the weird commercial in KSA to the US.
    Tell you what Sarah, if those surgeries are common in the USA I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the majority of the women who undergo them will be Muslim women. After all, for a Muslim woman it can be a life or death decision to be regarded as virgin.

    So everybody, please don’t cater to Sarah’s distraction tactics, the thread and the blog are about Saudi Arabia, not about America.

  24. There are numerous clinics in USA that does this kind of surgery. ….. There are many in USA and there are doctors specialized in this field

    So what is your point, Sara? What are you trying to prove?

    If Amreeka, the “Great Satan”, does it, then Saudi
    Arabia, mecca and medina of the islamic world and land of the prophet, must do it too? I personally think that such reconstructive surgeries are haram in the birthplace of Abdul Wahab :)-

  25. What Sarah is trying to do is the childish: ”them do it too”- finger pointing, and the other goal is to deflect the conversation away from Saudi Arabia, and change the conversation to talking about America instead.
    Even though everybody knows that in America and Europe the vast majority of women who undergo hymen reconstruction are Muslim women.

  26. I don’t think this is just about hymen reconstruction. I think it is most likely more like a ‘facelift’ for those who do not want to age gracefully and I don’t think that the Muslim world has a monopoly on that mentality. Hymen reconstruction, sure, but not for turning back time’s effect on the body. We’ve got a lot of cougars out there these days. 😉

  27. @Aafke- LOL! “Bet my bottom dollar”!

  28. ok maybe i’m bored stuck at home, i’ve been obsessing for the past 2 days about rejuvenation, i cant still figure out what one would rejuvenate down there. I mean medically . I think the term “rejuvenate” is not appropriately used here, it’s more of a cut and tighten . just to satisfy my curiosity i went andread up on it.. eghhh imagine going to all that trouble & pain and no one will even see the inside of your vagina but your gynec. what a waste of time ,effort and money.

    F was stunned when i asked him about it 🙂 he just stared like i had 2 heads. then shook his head and walked away. men are such bad sports…

  29. And plucking the eyebrows makes you cursed by Allah.

  30. i think it’s just a procedure to help stimulate a sleeping vagina. a couple of injections in the hooha and there she goes. until it falls asleep again…lol

    does anyone know any saudi men who married girls that were virgins but didn’t bleed?

  31. As about 50% of women don’t bleed on first intercourse that would be likely.

  32. i wonder if they keep it a secret

  33. Depends on whether or not it was the husband who wanted it done. 🙂

  34. boy…makes me glad my hubby accepts me imperfections and all…

  35. What imperfections? I myself am beyond perfect!
    From all angles….. :mrgreen:

  36. LOL. I guess that as long as the hair and face is covered, everything goes.
    Seriously, though, the first time I heard about the vaginal rejuvenation was on an American talkshow and in a western magazine (might be cosmo, but cannot remember). I remember thinking “those crazy Americans”. I’m European, btw 😉

  37. Once again, it goes to show that we as a society have to revert back to the age of 15 to make ourselves feel worthy.

    Beyond a medical reason, for someone to contemplate having this surgery, is very disheartening.

  38. Radha,
    I much prefer your idea of yoga for strengthening the inner muscles!! 😉 And of course, other healthy, non-invasive natural methods for livening things up if necessary (e.g. massage). Besides, isn’t the mind supposed to be a factor for sexiness, too? The idea of unnecessary “cosmetic” surgery just makes me *cringe*.

    This idea reminds me some of the latest craze for lap band surgery (for the stomach) in the US. I don’t understand why people don’t simply change their eating habits- they’re going to be forced to do so after the surgery anyways! Why, people why?!

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the women found it more necessary than men. I’ve known a lot more women who cared more about this sort of thing than men. I think it has to do with insecurities related to beauty and the “ideal” woman.

    Such a shame, because confidence is a factor for beauty and sometimes women have more beautiful curves with “those ten extra pounds”. Sometimes, wrinkles add to the person’s individual style and beauty rather than detract from it. I see nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, but beauty is most definitely about more than looks!

    I also don’t understand the botox thing. Why would you shoot yourself up with bacteria?!

    Sorry about the soapbox, but this type of thing really bothers me!!!

  39. AA, my intention was not to take the attention away from KSA. The topic of this post is the funny signboard – a contrast to the lifestyle of the community but the comments were as if this surgery was done only in ME by Arab/Muslim women. That is what I wanted to say that this procedure is done all around the world. Maybe I was not clear. Pls do not be so judgemental and jump to narrow conclusions.

    And why do you have to be so touchy; why are you denying that western women do it too? American women do all sorts of surgeries as they are obsessed with beauty. Media portrays beauty in women as “perfect” looking.

    I do accept that many ME women, (and Mexican as a news report said) go to USA to do this procedure. That also goes to show that it is done in USA.

    I have seen American medical documentaries where they talk about this same issue in America and they interview American women who would want to go through with it. They said it increases their confidence, enhances their sexuality and feel desirable. Women are women where ever they are from.

  40. I’ve worked with nurses for 30 years and many times we would get into the lunch room and all do our pelvic floor exercises as a joke. (virginal tightening) . Who wants to go back to the virgin days. Yuk. I was a much better lover later in my marriage. Practice makes perfect.

  41. I cant believe all this hoop la about this ad. Yes, they do this int he US. I thought about getting it myself. After a woman has children many times things get lose down there. After I had my daughter everytime I sneezed urine would come out. It got on my nerve durring allergy season. I tried kegals and it didnt really work, so I went to the doctors office to find out about this. He also told me about other things they do down there, none of them included hymen reconstruction or turning you into a virgin. If I had $7000 to blow manybe I would have done it myself but for me thats alot of money. I went to a dr in Houston Tx. I am sure all his clients we not Muslims. Why does everything have to be Muslim against nonMuslims……..

  42. good eye, I was going to take a picture of it, on the way to pick up my son from AISJ…really funny 🙂 this country!!!

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