Saudi Arabia: Porcelain Exhibition in Riyadh

I am an advocate of the arts and art in all forms.  It is with pleasure to advise of a porcelain exhibition that will be taking place in Riyadh.  I know that I would delight to have the glorious painting of the porcelain painted cats!  I encourage all residents in the Riyadh area to take advantage and view the unique works of porcelain art which will be on display showcasing the talents of local artists!

nb:  For some reason I cannot insert the photos which were provided with the information but I wish to assure American Bedu readers that there are very talented porcelain artists whose unique works of art will be on display and definitely worth seeing!   The picture above is simply a sampling of porcelain painting but not part of the exhibition which will be on display at Najd Compound.


Following are the details to attend:


The Porcelain Painting Artists (TPPA) have the pleasure to invite you to their

Annual Show in Riyadh


Thursday April 14, 2011




Najd Compound, Riyadh Hall

To leave your name at the gate, please e-mail it to or call the front desk at 2481040



3 Responses

  1. Ooo lucky me, I will be in Riyadh that weekend. Are the items available for purchase?

  2. I believe there will be opportunities!

  3. I wish we could see some of the exhibits.

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