Saudi Arabia: A New Mile High Club Rising in Jeddah?

While many places around the globe are downsizing and have difficulty finding occupants for business space and personal properties, one country, Saudi Arabia, continues to grow and prosper with no shortage of prospective tenants.  The latest project in the spotlight is the proposed “Mile High Skyscraper” in Jeddah.  The name is not a joke.  Developers have released construction plans of a building rising up one mile high into the sky.  For anyone who has visited Burj Khalifa in Dubai imagine a new construction twice its size!

Like Makkah with its centerpiece clock, Jeddah will have its own facelift with construction of what would be the highest building in the world.  An elevator ride from the ground foyer to the top floor will take twelve minutes!  The “Mile High Skyscraper” is to house hospitality facilities capable of serving one million people, apartment residences, shopping facilities, restaurants and business enterprises.  Medical facilities have been included in broad construction plans. Additionally, the demand for more housing, shopping and hotels provide the need to hire additional workers from both within and outside of the Kingdom.  Workers are required for the new construction project and the new enterprises such as shopping malls, restaurants and hotels will open up more jobs too.

Structural and safety features likely filled pages of information by the firm which undertakes the endeavor of the “Mile High Skyscraper.”

A short video depicts an architect’s model of what the “Mile High Skyscraper” and surrounding area could look like.

Is the construction of a “Mile High Skyscraper” a good idea or is it a modern day attempt to reconstruct a Tower of Babel?


13 Responses

  1. The money could be spent on building sewage and drainage systems for Jeddah so people don’t drawn when rain water get mixed with musk lake human waste.

    The building will be designed and built by none Saudis and so will all the material needed to build the structure.

    At the end of the day billions of dollars will find their way out of the country for labor, material and designers.

  2. I agree with Dr. Alyami. What a waste of money. Another mega project to keep up with the joneses.

    And then there is this:

    Saudi prince pulls plans for Benedict Canyon mega-mansion in LA

  3. Oh no they DI’INT!!!!

  4. Sounds really cool! I bet the view would be lovely from the top! I like how what seems to be solar panels (alternative energy) are incorporated into the top of the building.

    However, the practical part of my personality hopes that they use good sense and build it in an area it is unlikely to have flooding in case there is another flood in Jeddah. Or maybe some of the money for the project would go towards making sure the building and surrounding areas have the proper systems they need to prevent future flooding, if it’s still necessary?

    I am also interested in how they plan to build the structure in order to avoid damage caused by wind, etc. towards the top of the building. I hope that very high-quality inspection crews are used for a project this size because if it isn’t structurally sound, it is likely to cause many deaths if and when it breaks. And yes, I’d likely make the same comments about wind and structural integrity about any project of this size, no matter the location.

  5. A mile high building is problematic for so many reasons. How does one evacuate the building in an emergency? (Emergencies do happen). In the US tall buildings were built with US technology and with well paid US workers. If this were that case is Saudi Arabia one might be able to justify it, but otherwise it is just an extravagance.

  6. They’re doing it in the bathrooms in airplanes over Saudi Arabia?

  7. It’s a stupid idea.
    Although, at least you would be safe when the next flood hits the ”modern” un-sewaged city of Jeddah.
    That is of course as long as the place stays stable, as Jeddah is has really the most suitable type of soil for such a project.
    And isn’t it quite close to a fault line in the tectonic plates or something?
    Thank you but if I want a ”nice view” I would prefer hiring a plane.

    All this ”who’s got the biggest …” is só typical for men. I wonder, if you have to do it with a car or a building, if that means you would never win the natural way and you know it?

  8. That should have been: ”As Jeddah has not the most suitable soil”

    Desert girl, I suppose if you do it right on the top of that building you could count it as a ”mile high” effort…

  9. Isn’t there something in the Quran or Hadith about the signs of “end times”, where barefoot bedouins will compete in building towers? (Or in this case, it’s the flip-flop wearing Asian construction workers.)

  10. Is there? lol But seriously, the construction workers wear flip flops? No OSHA there, eh?

  11. @Lynn, I don’t know about the BIG buildings, but I remember watching home construction workers walking to their site carrying a shovel and wearing flip-flops. I also used to feel bad for the airport workers who carry your luggage. It always seemed like they had poor footwear.

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