Saudi Arabia: Breast Cancer Support Group in Riyadh

It is with the greatest joy for me to share with American Bedu readers that a Breast Cancer Support Group has been established in Riyadh!  I encourage…endorse….plead…PUSH that any woman facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, in active treatment of breast cancer, a survivor of breast cancer attend this meeting.  She will not only help herself but be a great resource and support to others in attendance.  Family members and caregivers and friends who have someone battling breast cancer are also encouraged to attend.

The first meeting will take place on Thursday, 14 April 2011, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Kingdom Hospital.  The meeting will be held in the hospital’s Training Room which is located on the first floor.


The discussions are in the English language and for this debut meeting, Olympic psychologist, Felicity Heathcoat, will speak to the group on ‘Stress Reduction Techniques.”


There is NO CHARGE to attend and participate in the support group.


For additional information, contact any of the following:


American Community of Riyadh:  director (at symbol)


or call Kingdom Hospital:  275.1111 extension 3 or 4

Consulting Clinics:  465.9100 extension 1




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