Saudi Arabia/USA: A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Sometimes no words are necessary and the photo itself speaks volumes…



15 Responses

  1. I don’t get it but I can’t really see what’s on that screen they are watching so perhaps some words ARE necessary after all? lol

  2. I agree with Lynn… What are they looking at?

  3. @Lynn
    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this picture before. If I’m not too mistaken they’re watching the recent Egyptian revolution unfold.

  4. Ok, it seems it is a 4x split screen showing the speech of Mubarak and on the others it’s other news events happening at the time. I would hope that ALL the leaders of the world were paying attention to a news event of that magnitude.

  5. Chocking the way Obama rests his foot on Jackie’s antique furniture!

  6. I know! You’d think he was born in the Third World or something! LOL

  7. The arms folded with one ( hoping to hear better news) , the other looks disapointed, and Pres. ‘I cannot be bothered today as it always the same thing everyday’

  8. oh, I get it!!! They are watching “The Magic Garden”. “I see President Obama”
    ( I always resented that they never called my name)

  9. I believe that President Barrack Hussein Obama and his staff are watching YouTube on the split screen computer ALL the highlights of his presidency:

  10. They don’t look too happy!

  11. LYNN: You’d think he was born in the Third World or something!

    Yes, rumors are that he was born in Kenya … for some reason the birth certificate is missing and no one can locate it. I heard last week that Donald Trump is on it’s hot trail :)-

  12. LOL Harry! I heard that The Donald got out HIS birth certificate and came up with the same problem that he accuses President Obama of! LOL Well, anyway, I’d never vote for The Donald after that stunt on Celebrity Apprentice when he hired Joan Rivers over Annie Duke!

  13. It seems they are thinking, “There goes our buddy Mubarak. What was Hillary thinking when she said Egypt was stable?” 🙂

  14. It looks like the president and people he’s with are just standing/sitting in a relaxed way while they evaluate whatever it is that they’re watching. And whatever it is, it looks like they’re all lost in deep thought (and possibly later, deep conversation) about it. I would guess that they’re trying to figure out the best way to deal with a given political situation that none of them seem exactly thrilled about. But to be honest, I think one of the “thousand words” the picture conveys is curiosity- as in I really have no idea what it is that they’re worried about & discussing!

  15. They are looking at the world news

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