Saudi Arabia/GCC: Ten Must Read Blogs

Although American Bedu did not make the CNN list of top ten blogs to read from the Middle East I think it is worth sharing the list of blogs which did make the list.  Among them is Eman’s SaudiWoman Blog which is a fabulous blog.  Eman writes candidly on her blog and her readers get to hear the voice and perspectives of a Saudi woman living in Riyadh.

I agree with the article that bloggers do provide insider views and insights not available through traditional media.  While the CNN article focuses only blogs from the Middle East region, I think it would be worth hearing which blogs American Bedu readers believe are good to follow for insights and information specific to Saudi Arabia.

3 Responses

  1. Hello and I pray this finds you in the best of health.
    The blogs mentioned on CNN are interesting and give a great insight into the middle east and I believe it helps people have better understanding of our region of the world.
    Although, I think it is hard to pin point which blogs are best in regards to the topics they cover. It really depends on who is reading them and which demographic they are trying to attract since we all know it is impossible to attract everyone.
    I enjoy this blog the most because of the wide range of topics covered

    Have a great day

  2. I read YOUR blog and dread the day you no longer write. Thank you for pointing me towards some other good ones and may you write long and fluently!!

    (I know your prince is waiting for you but I hope he and Allah lets us enjoy you a bit longer)

  3. I think your blog definately deserves to be in Top 10!

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