Saudi Arabia: More from the Mouths of Children, No. 4: CJ


What is your name?


Where do you live?

 Orlando, Florida

What is your nationality?


How old are you?

11 3/4

Who is the leader of Saudi Arabia?

 King Abdulla?

What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

 Not a clue

Who is the leader of the United States of America?


What is the capital of the United States of America?

 Washingtom D.C.

How many hours does it take to go from America to Saudi Arabia?


 What is the best thing to do in Saudi Arabia?


What is the best thing to do in the United States?

 Have fun and learn

Why do women wear black in Saudi Arabia?

 Not a clue and I am not THAT bright

What is a muttawa?

How should I know, cause …. I don’t

What is the adhan?

Nope dont know

Are there muttawa in the United States?


What is a Muslim?

 People that pray to God and beleive that people who dont beleive their religion they need to die

What is a Christian?

 People who pray to go and beleive he made everything and want to be with him and ask for forgiveness from our sins.

Do Muslims and Christians like each other?  Why or why not?

No because we have different religions muzlims want to kill us christians but we christians want to be neighbors with  everyone and love everyone

What do Saudis like to eat the most?

Rice and chicken

What do Americans like to eat the most?


What would you like to say to other children around the world?

Learn well and do good in school for a great future 🙂


If any other children wish to share their answers, please do not hesitate to email me at


37 Responses

  1. Cute! Did CJ type his answers? 🙂

  2. Actually I think it is sad that someone taught him that Muslims want to kill him. what is wrong with adults to corrupt children like that?

  3. Wow speaks volumes on how influencial parents are to children. and how our values and attitudes affect them so much. Pretty sad to see a little kid talking about muslims wanting to kill christians..good work parents ! How sad. No wonder there is so much racism/prejudice and ignorance in the world with parents who teach there children to believe in those things.

  4. Carol…when they have an answer like “Muslims wanna kill us”…why dont you follow up with “why do you believe that”…instead of something inane like food choices? Seems his answers deserves a little more attention to understand why he and other children would think such a thing.

  5. I was wondering the same thing. This is a child who is almost 12 years old. Where did he get the belief that Muslims want to kill those that don’t believe as they do?

  6. In reply to comments: the media are full of this sort of thinking. One does not necessarily learn everything at home. I remember being quite shocked at what my children brought home from kindergarten.
    Aren’t these interviews an e-mail questionnaire rather than direct?

  7. djd, Funny you think he got it from the media? After all, there’s enough in the Quran and hadith which encourages the same process to deal with ”non believers”. Who says he didn’t learn this from a Muslim school buddy?
    After all, we had a fellow Muslim blogger whom we liked write on her blog that all humans who are not ”from the Book” are not really humans, they are only ”Breathing Machines”.
    So there are Muslims who endorse this view and of course they will teach it to their children and those children will talk about it to other children. No media needs to be involved here. Actually, I haven’t seen any news program and certainly no children’s program on American tv come up with this. Unlike Arabic children’s programs, where they do tell children to hate Jews and how great it is to become a suicide bomber…

  8. Wow, I thought it was cute! Thanks, Carol 🙂

    Anyone who thinks it’s bad that he thinks Muslims want to kill him is being silly. Children come up with these thoughts based on what they see/hear and on their own logic – not necessarily from what their parents say. They aren’t nearly as controllable as you think they are. When I was in kindergarten my class did a project where we each had to say/draw a picture of what the president’s job was. Some said gardening, some said baking cookies with grandma – you know what I said? “Take everybody’s money and put it where nobody can find it again” I was 5! I can’t remember where I got that idea, since my parents never discuss politics and I didn’t watch much TV, but somewhere in my child’s head it must have made sense. (And given today’s economy I don’t think it was too off the mark, but that’s another topic).

    The point is, children are a lot smarter and a lot more observant than we adults give them credit for. If CJ thinks Muslims want to kill him, then don’t criticize his parents – children call their parents out on stuff all the time! Instead, look at the world he has been given to interpret. If you don’t like that, then change it. In the meantime, help him to learn that not everything is black and white: not all Muslims are bad, and not all Christians are good. I have quite a few muslim friends, most of whom are Saudi, but I wouldn’t ever tell this little boy that he’s wrong without first trying to understand where his logic is coming from. Some Muslims DO want to kill him, for the simple fact that he’s breathing. So long as he doesn’t start hating, if it keeps him a little more wary/safe, then I say let him have his viewpoint. If he’s wrong, he’ll figure it out eventually.

  9. Aafke: Who says he didn’t learn this from a Muslim school buddy?

    There is whole lot of truth to what Aafke is saying …

    According to muslim friends of mine, all “good” muslims especially who live in the US and other kafiristans, indoctrination of their young ones starts at a very early age, so that they don’t get corrupted by the western values.

    They are taught that, as muslims, they are superior to christians and jews. They are also taught taquia at such a young age (legalized lying as exemplified by the prophet) that it is okay to make kafirs as friends in Darul Kafir, while in their hearts/minds they must think of those kafirs as apes and pigs and swines, not to be trusted. To reinforce strong islamic values in their children, starting at a very early age, muslim parents lay a strong foundational value in terms of the relevant verses from the koran and hadees and prophet’s seera about the kafirs and their religions.

    Out of sheer curiosity, I visited a couple of islamic schools in the greater seattle area few weeks ago, along with a muslim friend of mine. All schools use korans by Hillaly/Khan authorized/published by the saudi ministry of religious affairs; to find out how bigoted this translation really is, just google it and read it online. All the books used by students are published/printed in saudi arabia and provided free of charge, containing the usual bigotry and hatred against other religions.

    What struck me most was that there were no US flags anywhere in sight. They salute the 57 flags of various islamic countries and their pledge of allegiance is the opening chapter of koran. When asked about this, the principal said that they are trying to inculcate the concept of umma unity against the kafirs amongst their students. Besides, she said that “our allah is not the same as the god in the pledge of allegiance”.

  10. Harry, wow, seriously? What did you say to them to get this info from them?

  11. I never thought to get any publisher info from the Islamic ‘Sunday School’ book that my daughter’s Muslim friend had shared with her (at 12 yrs) but I did take note that it gave a good warning against being friends with the unbelievers. Shortly after that my daughter began to turn around and not face the flag at morning ceremony/pledge of allegiance at school.

  12. Irrespective of religion, if you get US citizenship, you raise your hand and pledge alliegience ot the flag…

    so everyone who’s come to the wicked wicked west and accepted citizenship has done it atleats once 🙂
    kind of remins me of the saying ” D0 not bite the hand that feeds you “

  13. @ Harry Guggen, – she said that “our allah is not the same as the god in the pledge of allegiance””

    Look at teh positive side, she’s atleast acknowledging that there’s another god up there in residence 🙂 progress maybe ???

  14. ‘so everyone who’s come to the wicked wicked west and accepted citizenship has done it atleats once’

    Yes, radha but they didn’t have to mean it 😉
    Remember, taqqiya!!

  15. radha, defenitely the first step to acknowledging there are many more gods hainging around.
    Good to know.
    And then it’s only another small step to realizing there is an invisible teapot orbiting the planet, and the existence of the Goddess of the invisible pink unicorn, and the greatest überGod of them all: The FSM!!!

  16. Yes, radha but they didn’t have to mean it
    Remember, taqqiya!!

    Lynn, that’s exactly it!

    Remember, that guy Shazad Feisal who tried to blow up times sq in nyc. At his sentencing, judge reminded him of the oath that he took when he became a US citizen to defend america against all enemies foreign and domestic; and then asked him why he tried to kill and maim innocent fellow americans.

    Feisal replied that the oath meant nothing to him since he took it under taquia (exemplifying his prophet). He went on to say that he is muslim first, pathan (his tribe) second, and pakistani third. He further added that he has never once considered himself an american and never will.

    I bet that is the attitude and belief of many muslims who live in the US and other kafiristans.

  17. Harry

    This is exactly what I was talking about with all the saudi publications. I am beginning to feel that the time for muslim and non who got along and coexisted peacefully is over…since saudi hijacked most islamic schools and mosques they have raised a generation of people who will not be loyal to the usa. They feel that we are the enemy and there is notrust…just mindless lies about how we want to destroy islam. I was completely blown away when I first heard that from someone…it was so foreign to me that I could not comprehend where this idea came from. Evenwhen I pointed out that islam was protected under the law and they were free to worship…didn’t matter. The programming was in place despite proof to the contrary. It feels almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. And those kids in the schhol who are owing their alliegance to all those foreign flags are the future of aamerica. It is a shame because there is no reason one can’t be american and muslim. Thanks to saudi and others it seems increasingly even though islam is for everyone supposedly, it is becoming more and more an arab wannabe club. And they wonder why people are starting to wonder about muslims…damn shame for muslims and non alike.

    Sorry for the typos…out of town and using my phone…not much of a texter.

  18. Yeah, Where DID the kid get the belief that Muslims want to kill those that don’t believe as they do? Was he watching news? Reading the Quran? Listening to an Imam? the apostasy laws? Was he a Copt in Egypt? A Christian in Pakistan?

    Remember, this is a blog where we have recently seen Imam’s being asked not to curse non-Muslims during Friday sermons… Why does this happen? Why do authorities and others have to point out the obvious? Why have even ‘moderate’ Muslims not complained?The fact is that Islamic dogma (and the Quran) teaches that non-Muslims are evil people that only want to deceive and corrupt them.

    The question is not where the boy learned this silly thing, but what are Muslims going to do about the constant and generalized derogatory statements about non-Muslims?

    I, personally, can say that Muslims have threatened to kill me because they don’t like what I say. Not only that, these same Muslims think their god and religion require them to want to kill women and children because of what another person says. That is pathetic but the violence of some seems not to be a problem for most Muslims.

    As I have said before, Muslims will not live in peace with non-Muslims. Depending on factors of time and numbers they will try to degrade, subdue, enslave or kill non-Muslims. Bad times are coming.

    Thank you, Muslims, for the pain and suffering you are going to bring on all of us. We could have screwed it up ourselves, but it is much faster and violent with your expertise.

    Oby, I am with you. I fear that the lines have been drawn in the sand. Personally I have no goodwill towards most Muslims. That is sad, I recognize. Most of them are either dishonest or ignorant about their religion. The good Muslims (and they exist) don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of changing things. They, too, must decide on whos side they are. One has only to look around to be the most intolerant, regressive and brutal forms of islam gaining ground at the expense of the more tolerant versions – including in those countries that Muslims like to cite as examples of moderate Islam (Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia). All of these have been in the news lately and they are not so tolerant after all.

    Then there are things like this:

    Quote: Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today.

    So where are all those moderate Muslims? Why can’t they control the haters or use the Quran to show them the errors of their ways? Is it because the Quran is unclear or, oh horrors, maybe because it supports the radicals?

    Bad times are coming!

  19. Why can’t they do anything about this imam? Surely they can get rid of him or arrest him for incitement. Why is he allowed to carry on. If some other clergy did this and incited people they would not allow it. I personally think any clergy that is that irresponsible should be removed. Or perhaps they are afraid of riots. Itneedsto be nipped in the bud…though it is past the bud stage. If they feel they can get away with it they will never stop. This guy is actively preaching hate. Terry jones did too but they were not violent and he had like 8 followers?

  20. In case you didn’t know, Terry Jones is in jail right now for refusing to pay for his permit for his planned ‘incitement’ circus. I think the man is a total nut case and I am very glad that he doesn’t really have any followers BUT, he kind of has a point. He should be free to say or do anything he wants to do as long as he isn’t calling for the deaths of or harming of people. This permit was to pay for protection FOR him or to keep the rioting Muslims at bay. That doesn’t seem right some how. The guy should be able to say what he wants on public property and people need to just IGNORE him rather than feed into it.

  21. oops, never mind he isn’t in jail anymore. He finally gave in and posted his $1 bond. I guess he heard about Wayne County Jail? Not so bad ass anymore, eh? LOLOL

  22. CJ typed and submitted his own answers (as they are posted) to me.

    He has had some limited exposure to Muslims.

  23. I agree lynn…you should be able to burn a quran or bible or torah or whathave you…you should even be able to say you don’t like a faith or tnink it is not the right one…but building up hate against an entire country the one in which muslims live andsay horrible things in order whip up hatred/violence is wrong. It is the equivalnt of me goingto egypt and me and my copt friends doing that. How long would I survive?

  24. oby, it isn’t about him building up hate or inciting people to hate. I don’t think ANYone takes him seriously and I’ve never really heard him say anything that sounds like he is intelligent or knows what he is talking about and I’m willing to bet that that is a universal feeling about him. The problem is that the people protesting against him might turn violent. Why? Just ignore him. It’s not like he is promoting ‘Death to Muslims’ or encouraging them to deface mosques or anything.

    He is NOTHING compared to that Choudry guy in England and he is allowed to stand up and speak in public places.

    But, to be fair, they DID say he could have his say and they gave him options, other than in front of the the mosque, and he refused. He must be feeling pretty dejected. This is the second time that he has made grand plans and the second time that he has been shot down! LOL

  25. CJ did respond AND type his own answers. His answers definitely surprised his mom who plans to have some discussions with him to understand the genesis behind some of his answers.

  26. I like that he is “11 and 3/4” LOL. He must be counting down until his birthday! 😀

    Who knows how CJ came up with the idea of “muzlims” wanting to kill people. It could have been anything, including overhearing adult conversation in any public place, the news, etc. I think the main undertone is that it seems like to CJ, Muslims are violent whereas Christians are peaceful. Considering I know a lot of Christians who are afraid of Islam because of religious-extremist crimes (let’s be real- there are extremist Christians who commit crimes, too), it doesn’t surprise me that a tween would have learned this from somewhere. I believe certain FOX news shows may carry similar undertones at times.

    I think it’s interesting that CJ said the best thing to do in the US was to “have fun and learn”. Does he like learning or did he just say that ’cause it’s what he thought adults would expect him to say? Is there something fun he enjoys doing the most in the US?

  27. Lynn…

    Sorry my mistake I should have put a name on it….I was saying that Jones is small potatoes and I was referring to the Choudry imam…to me he is a force for evil. There is one thing to preach for your faith and another to exist to solely incite hate and I think he falls into that category. He isn’t about Islam…he is about destruction…much worse than jones.

    The part about the mosque…were you saying it was jones or Choudry?

  28. Jones, he was in town planning a Good Friday protest in front of the big Mosque in Dearborn Michigan (aka Arab Town USA)|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

  29. I was talking to a nine year old Saudi boy that attends an international school where he learns in both Arabic and English and he told me he hates the letter t and refuses to write it because it’s a cross and he hates Christians as he was stabbing his paper with a pencil!

  30. That’s an interesting statement for a 9 year old to make who parents have chosen for him to attend an international bi-lingual school!

    I think it would be very interesting to have answers from classes of students from different parts of the world. Please feel free to circulate and forward answers to me:

  31. @Re: Pastor Terry Jones

    LYNN: “He should be free to say or do anything he wants to do as long as he isn’t calling for the deaths of or harming of people”.

    I agree! Obviously, Pastor Jones was jailed for “Thought Crime”. This is a clear case of drip drip drip creep creep creep sharia into our constitutional rights and bill of rights. This is a restriction on the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression that Islamic supremacists are certainly going to try to use in the future to press for even more. Yup, creeping sharia is coming to the US, slowly but surely, similar to what has and is happening in Europe at a much faster pace. Like in UK, there are over 80 sharia courts and folks it is going to happen here in our US, unless we take a strong and principled stand against it.

    Jones was only in jail briefly, and the fine was a symbolic one dollar, but clearly Dearborn authorities see him as a threat to public order. Why?

    Was Jones threatening to burn down the mosque, using copies of the Koran as kindling? Did he threaten the Dearborn Muslims—or Muslims anywhere else? Did he strap a suicide vest to himself and detonate it in a crowd of infidels? Did he plant explosives in his underwear and try to blow up an airliner in mid-flight? Did he load a car with explosives and try to explode it on a crowded night in Times Square? Did he murder 13 Americans while shooting “Allahu Akbar” at Fort Hood? Did he murder an American serviceman outside a military recruiting center in Little Rock for Allah and Islam?

    Here’s the lowdown on Dearborn’s soft bigotry of low expectations: that Muslims are so violent and irrational that they won’t be able to control themselves if Jones holds a protest? And he has to pay for damages? Why wouldn’t the marauding Muslim hordes pay the damages if they are doing the damage? And if they get violent, why aren’t they in jail?”

    Indeed. the New York Times reported that “Robert Sedler, a constitutional law professor at Wayne State University, said the United States Supreme Court has ruled that it is the police’s job to protect speakers at such events, and said it is unconstitutional to require protesters to post a bond for police protection.”

    Yet it has been done now, and the precedent set that a man has been arrested, jailed, and fined for the Orwellian crime of planning to hold a politically incorrect protest. Whatever one may think of Terry Jones and his book-burning (and I am not a fan of book-burning myself), every free citizen should be supporting his right to protest in Michigan. Muslims should not be immune from criticism and protest in America any more than anyone else is. To restrict Jones’ right to protest in front of a mosque is to send the signal that violent intimidation works, and that those who killed people in Afghanistan because of Jones’ Koran-burning have achieved their ultimate goal: to make Islam immune from criticism because every potential critic will be afraid to speak out.

    Folks, that is the road to tyranny. And now we have embarked on it.

  32. Harry I have to agree with you. As much as that guy disgusts me, as an American who values freedom of speech, I have to support him in this case.

    This case reminds me of when my then 7th grade daughter got sent home from school because she had brought school election posters to school that were derogatory against a specific candidate who had a history of poor behavior, fighting etc. Well, that girl got pretty upset with my daughter so they sent my daughter home ‘for her own protection’. I was upset with my daughter because I had told her the previous evening, when I had seen the sign, that I didn’t think it was a nice thing to do, ‘how would you like it if someone did that to you’ and the whole lecture and she did it anyway. It wasn’t until later that I thought ‘wait a minute if that girl is a problem that we need to worry about her getting violent then SHE is the one that should get sent home!’ The best part about that whole story? That day when we got home from school I had sat her down to talk about the incident and the whole how we should treat others lecture and that was when she told me that I had no business talking to her about ‘morality’ because ‘you smoke and drink and aren’t Muslim’ ARGH!!

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  34. As CJ’s mom, I did speak with him after this questionnaire – not at all to criticize him – but it opened a discussion. Our neighbors are Muslim and he remembers after the shooting in Texas that our neighbor came over immediately to let us know that they did not share the belief that Christians should be targeted by Muslims as the shooter did. Their son is friends with my son however they are both very aware of the differences in their beliefs. My son also did a school report on 9-11 and there is no denying the root belief of those involved. However, on that note, he was equally disgusted by the behavior of Mr. Jones (of course he doesn’t believe people should be able to burn the American flag either but I won’t even go there!) He believes that if everyone just did what Jesus would do that we would all be better off and I completely agree with him. I like the fact that questions jump from religious beliefs to food because they are, after all, children and don’t need to be weighed down by the burden and seriousness of too many world events too young in life.

  35. You’re a very wise Mom, Lisa!

    Love you!!!

  36. Carol – CJ finds it somewhat amusing that his answers sparked such lively debate – he wanted to comment but I told him I would do so for him. “How can anyone think that my parents have taught me to hate Muslims when all you hear on the news is that the Quran says it should destroy infidels and the majority of terrorists believe they are doing that?” He doesn’t understand a religion (or any version of a religion) that promotes hate because Jesus is about love not hate and he prays for those that feel that they should hurt other people for any reason.

  37. CJ’s a good young boy. I look forward to seeing the man he will eventually become!

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