Saudi Arabia: Anniversary of Women’s Skills Bureau

It is always with pleasure to make announcements which showcase initiatives and opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia.  The Women’s Skills Bureau has recently passed its first year anniversary  and is continuing to grow even bigger and better!  


Without your help this last year would not have been possible, we have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the responses, enquiries, feedback and information.  Please receive our sincere thanks and well wishes for your support.

We consider you as ‘friends’ of WSB so you are already aware of who we are and who we are seeking to address, however, if you refer to our website you will be nicely surprised at how we have been able to grow our online focus and information for the benefit of our user-base, sponsors and registrants.  The original dilemma’s facing the expat spouse in the kingdom we hope will become a thing of the past as we grow our site and its potential to reach out to the target communities.

It is therefore with great excitement that we enclose our new media kit with this year’s sponsorship opportunities.  The kit has been designed to provide you with the latest statistics and information on our audience and target market and a range of opportunities in which everyone can benefit from.

We have introduced a monitoring and evaluation process around the organisations outputs so we can better inform you of the tangible advantages but also opportunity areas you may wish to consider at any time throughout the year.  This will also include the seasonal opportunities we have with our cultural and religious events and gatherings in the kingdom.

Please have a look at some our new introductions: the monthly newsletter, which enables us to have direct marketing opportunities to our registrants with a distribution covering most of the active network groups and organisations in the kingdom in our target area.  We have a new community events calendar and a dynamic new classified section.

We hope to connect the organization to professional on-line networking sites to allow our professional members to connect and assist each other with the challenges of business and employment here in the kingdom.

We are growing, improving, reaching out more every week and are lucky to have attracted a group of young, professional women to our volunteer committee to connect with all the various cultures we are lucky to have here in Riyadh.

We have only two sponsorship opportunities left to fill and we also want to encourage organizations and individuals who support our efforts to donate whatever funds you would like to keep this community based service afloat.  Our budget is small but realistic and we appreciate all the donations we are fortunate to receive.
We hope you choose to support of our organization. We honestly have access to a unique group of up market, professional expatriates who elude traditional marketing campaigns.

Thanks for all your support,

Sarah Kennedy and the WSB committee

(we enjoy the benefits of an international committee of progressive individuals and we continue to welcome all nationalities and cultures to our site and all feedback they may offer)

Women’s Skills Bureau
Bringing people together for the good of all



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