American Cancer Society – Every Donation Makes a Difference

  Today I begin the next phase in my battle against stage IV metastatic breast cancer.   I’m ready for this next fight…or should I say journey?  I’m feeling like an old hand or veteran warrior against this disease as I realize it is going to be my third time to undergo a series of radiation treatments.  Thankfully compared to chemotherapy, radiation is a breeze!  I simply go in, get positioned by the technicians and after a few quick “zaps” which are painless, it’s over.  The goal of radiation this time is twofold; relieve pain and hopefully shrink the size of the new tumors which have developed.  Today’s series of radiation treatments is anticipated to last for 2.5 weeks of daily treatments (sans weekend).

I do not know how long of a break I will have after the radiation treatments are completed but I will return back to aggressive chemotherapy.  My intentions are to continue daily posts on American Bedu throughout the treatment and in fact, as long as I am able.

Yes, as long as I am able…I am a realist.  Once a cancer warrior is told that the disease is metastatic it is as if there is a pac man inside of  the body gobbling up the healthy cells required to fight.  Ironically in many cases it may not be the cancer itself which makes the strongest warrior fall but the side effects.  The warrior’s body is weakened and immune system threatened and at the highest risk for infection and complications.

The American Cancer Society through its annual Relay for Life raises funds which benefit warriors.  EVERY donation counts towards new medications and treatments which are less evasive for warriors.  EVERY donation counts for education and research which benefits warriors.  EVERY donation counts to find the cure for ALL cancers.

I humbly ask that YOU consider making YOUR donation to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  Simply click here to donate.  EVERY DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!


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  1. Is it a fight or a journey, or something else? The concepts of “fight” and “journey” are somehow not satisfying. I can say that on the authority of supporting my father during the last three years of his illness. I often wondered whether another metaphor might be more accurate to describe the relationship between cancer and the humans affected by it.

    It’s hardly a fair “fight” but nor is it a “journey” in the sense that one voluntarily boards the vehicle which transports one along the route. So far, I have not discovered a more suitable metaphor.

    Metaphors aside, I pray to Allah for your successful completion of the radiation treatments and the subsequent chemotherapy. You are an American Bedu Warrior…you go, girl!

  2. In a strange twist of fate, in my early 30’s I watched as nearly all of my friends and neighbors died, mostly from cancer. I had kidney disease but survived. It is a strange limbo between planning for life and planning for death. I like the saying ‘if it the day of judgement and you are holding a tree sapling; plant it.” Bless.

  3. ‘ I watched as nearly all of my friends and neighbors died, mostly from cancer. ‘

    Alice, how horrible. Did you live on 3 Mile Island or something equally toxic?

  4. Dear Carol,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately. My mother was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago.
    My husband and I and our little baby travelled to Mecca to pray for her. I also remembered you and your battle, hope you are doing well!!

  5. Laylah, I am so sorry to read this.

  6. I think i am going to coin the phrase “War Against Cancer” (one fight we can all agree upon!)

  7. Laylah, I am sorry your mom has received such a serious diagnosis. I hope she will be able to take the most effective treatment for her type of cancer.

    You, too, are now a Cancer Warrior.

    My father died of metatstatic bladder cancer three years ago. Cancer is a family affair, believe me. May Allah help you to help your mom.

  8. hopefully, other westerners receive it .

  9. Hope you write for a long long time carol, keep strong and have hope

  10. I have to agree that “war” is a better term. After your visit C.J. has been rethinking his idea of becoming a marine biologist and thinks it would be really cool to be a doctor and find a cure for cancer when he grows up. (That might change again since he’s only 11 but after talking to you about it he thinks finding a cure would be “way cooler than having to hold Relays all the time.”)

  11. C, Thinking of you and wishing you all the very, very best. Andrea x

  12. Arghhhhh…the “War Against Cancer” about killed my computer! ): ):

    I received a news alert which mentioned my blog and American Cancer so I chose to click on the link. Before I realized what was going on, I lost all of my document files and pictures. ):

    Irrespective, I still like the phrase “War Against Cancer.”

  13. EEGAADS! You lost your documents just by clicking a link? Did you click a link, or an attachment or an email?

  14. I first clicked on a “google alert” link which cited my blog. After clicking on that link a pop up came up. I clicked to “close” it but it would not close and according to my son, that’s when the virus started. He used another term….I think he said malware or something like that.

    So now I have no documents or pictures so kind of starting from scratch on rebuilding my blog notes. I do have an earlier backup so it won’t be as bad.

  15. yes I guess war is the term that best describes it. My mom will start her war with a major operation. She is a very strong woman like Carol, a true warrior!

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