Saudi Arabia: More from the Mouth’s of Children, No. 5


Hearing and then visualizing through the ears and eyes of children is enlightening, educating and just downright entertaining at times too!  In this latest post of the new series, young Nikki gives her views and perspectives!  I enjoyed learning Nikki’s outlooks on many of her responses about both Saudis and Americans. I’m confident readers will smile and perhaps chuckle aloud as they see the rest of her responses.



What is your name?




Where do you live?




What is your nationality?


I have no idea what that means.


How old are you?


Five, but on my birthday I will be six!


Who is the leader of Saudi Arabia?


Jesus?  I have no idea.  That is why I said Jesus.


What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?


I have no idea what that is.  I’ll guess…the President.  Is that it?


Who is the leader of the United States of America?


Oh that’s easy. That’s the President of the United States.


What is the capital of the United States of America?


I would say that is the American flag.


How many hours does it take to go from America to Saudi Arabia?


I would say like 9ish hours.


What is the best thing to do in Saudi Arabia?


Go to the beach and swim and ride on dolphins.  But…do they have dolphins you can ride on?


What is the best thing to do in the United States?


Swim at Nana’s and go to the park.  I likes park.


Why do women wear black in Saudi Arabia?


Because black is black.  That’s just my guess.  Does the flag even have black on it?


What is a muttawa?


A dog.


What is the adhan?


That means I’m probably done.


Are there muttawa in the United States?


Probably yes


What is a Muslim?


I don’t know.  I guess … I heard it on the news channel but I forgot.


What is a Christian?


That’s easy.  A Christian is a type of person that is brown.  The skin is brown.


Do Muslims and Christians like each other?  Why or why not?


Yes.  Because it just sounds cute.


What do Saudis like to eat the most?


I have no idea what Saudis are.


What do Americans like to eat the most?




What would you like to say to other children around the world?


Hmmm….Hello.  I love you!  But for like Spanish people, I have no idea what I would say since I don’t know Spanish but I do know “kaneechoowa” and it means ‘Hello.’



18 Responses

  1. FuunY! What is it about meat and Americans’ favorite food?? I guess it is true kids hate veggies.

  2. hmmm…maybe on future interviews I should add the question about what are favorite veggies of both Saudis and wherever the young one is from!

  3. Hilarious! I have this huge smile on my face now. I love that “adhan” means she’s probably done and Christians are brown…hehehe. And Jesus as the leader of Saudi Arabia…boy, wouldn’t that be nice if he were? I’d move there!

    Muttawa = dog…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Sorry, Nikki is too cute! 😀

  4. for those that don’t know (foreign readers) a mutt is a slang term used for dog…but in this case I would say he nailed it on the head about muttawa = dog. priceless.

  5. Priceless, Carol!! Nikki is a precious five year old. I love how her (I’m assuming) linguistics are sophisticated and childish at the same time – too cute! And how sometimes she’ll say she doesn’t know and other times she just says whatever sounds good to her. Oh, if the world were designed by a 5 year old……

    And I agree – what’s with the “meat”? Where I come from we rarely even use that word to refer to it – it’s always “chicken”, or “hamburger”, or “steak”, or whatever. And we eat waaaay more pasta and things with grains in them than we do meat! lol

  6. oby…dont know about other kids but mine love veges. For instance I took them to Golden Corral while is a buffet style in case you dont know…anyhow my 13 year old came back with a plate full of green beans and broccoli…and that was it. i told him…Im paying 9 bucks for that plate, you better get something else too…so he went and got some corn. 🙂

  7. westerners , why the hell do u come here if u hate the country? for money?

    saudi arabia helped many poor foreigns and they still insult us,, we should kick u out!

    u stupid westerners telling ur childern that muslims want to kill u. why dont u tell them about ur evil america and the millions of ppl they killed?

    Mohammed, you are new here so I am warning you: Please mind the language, keep it polite. I will allow your comment this time but it is borderline.
    Moderator #2

  8. @Coolred, I love your son!
    @Mohammad, I am sure it is the money in many cases. I don’t know why Americans (europeans too?) seem to have to take every possible opportunity to insult Muslims and Arabs. But since our leaders have been doing so, it has been worse. Americans seem on the verge of making it a specific constitutional right. You are right to say something. we all should be trying to stop the incivility or it will eat us all. Keep calm and carry on (*

  9. Mohammad…

    I find your comment amazingly one sided…how about all the many islamic countries leaders andpeople both whose favorite sport is “bash the west” or who love tocall the usa evil or who blame us for every conceivable problem. The ME faces? Come on…if you can dish it out you should be able to take it. Maybe you felt it was your right to criticize the west without being on the receiving end of any ugly comments. Be sport…if you want to criticize, you can’t cmplain when it comes your way!

  10. I thought this interview was really cute (and so did my mom)! 🙂 Nikki must have a very vivid imagination!

    I thought it was cute that she knew the Japanese word for hello, but not the spanish one! I’m curious to know if she thought “adhan” was “all done”… And LOL@ Christians’ “skin is brown”. Maybe she has a friend named “Christian”…?

    I have actually heard a lot of American guys (& some girls, too) talk about how much they “love meat” so this doesn’t surprise me. Maybe it just depends on where you live and who you hang out with?

    Considering it is very hard to VISIT KSA, my guess would be that the main reasons people would choose to go to KSA is for the money, to perform hajj & ummrah, and/or to visit family. Of course, some westerners may reside there if they are married to someone from there and get approval. What’s wrong with moving somewhere to get a higher salary in one’s chosen profession?

    If there wasn’t a need for foreigners to work in KSA because locals could do the job, it would be much harder to get a work permit visa to live in KSA. I see it as a win-win for both sides. It’s not all that different from most countries in this way. For me personally, if I went to KSA, it’d be for the cultural experience.

    As for what parents teach their children, I imagine that would vary depending on the parent. Children get their information from a variety of sources so I think it’s wrong to put all the blame on the parents because maybe they weren’t made aware that their children felt this way. People hold biases against other people around the world just because others are different and I don’t know why. It’s not something that is native to any one place in particular.

  11. I must say, as Nikki’s mom, I was also amused by her answers. She tells it like she sees it and it opens your eyes to look at the world through the eyes of a 5 yr.old (now 6 by the way!) She can say hello in Japanese and count to ten in Spanish but she only learns what she is interested in learning. She has no use for liberal media (obviously) and doesn’t judge anyone by their religion or their skin color (obviously). It is my hope she will continue to see the world and people in it as people to love and hopefully her attitude will rub off on others she meets.

  12. Oh yes – the “obsession” with meat is probably my fault – I love to cook and experiment – we try all kinds including unusual things like venison, gator, wild hog, etc. so my kids finally got tired of trying to “guess what mom cooked tonight” and now categorize everything as “meat”. 🙂

  13. I am so proud of Nikki and her inquisitive way to look at the world and ask questions too! It is clear her mind is always active. I can easily see her as a Scientist! Hmmm…I should have asked her when I had the chance what she’d like to be when she grows up!

  14. I know the answer to that one because she is constantly adding to her list of careers – right now she wants to be a doctor on Sundays, a firefighter on Wednesdays and a cop on Tuesdays. She also wants to be an elephant trainer and an astronaut but she hasn’t decided on which days yet.

  15. Lisa, ”She has no use for liberal media ”
    How can a 6 year old have ”no use for liberal media”?
    I would think that is an distinctly adult approach. I suppose that was a bit of fun? Otherwise I would like to know how a 6 year old can come to the conclusion that she has no use for liberal media, and how she knows what liberal media (versus what? non liberal media?) are.
    I love her choice of professions.
    I also love your experiments in cooking and thet your children dig in to them as well! If there’s one thing in which most children are true conservatives it’s food 😉

  16. Sorry – by “no use for liberal media” that was my way of saying that she thinks the news is “boring!” Most of the news we see here only shows one side of the political and religious situations that politicians want us to see. She would rather watch a show on the Discovery channel!

  17. lol Lisa, you say that as if the reason she would rather watch the Discovery Channel is because ‘most of the news we see here only shows one side of the political and religious situations that politicians want us to see’
    rather than because she is 5 going on 6! LOL

  18. Nikki is one of the most inquisitive little ones I’ve seen! If the news were on she’d watch it and have questions!!

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