Saudi Arabia: Memories of Jeddah


My late husband was born and raised in Makkah.  Yet if you asked him where he was from he would say Unaizah for that is where the family tribe originated.  But when you asked him what was his favorite town in Saudi Arabia, he’d always answer Jeddah.  I remember when he took me on my first tour of Jeddah.  He was so proud to show me the city he liked the most.  Entering the city from the route we took there was a sign which indicated an exit for the “Islamic Port of Jeddah.”  Abdullah turned to me with a grin o his face quipping “I guess all the ships must wear a niqab.”  Our tour of Jeddah included the Corniche, a long drive beside the seaway and of course showing me where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been until the majority of its employees, to include my late husband, were transferred to Riyadh.  I saw where Abdullah had his first apartment.  I’m not much of a shopper but Abdullah insisted that I see some of Jeddah’s malls.  He also pointed out all of the artwork and unique statues which can be found throughout the city.

While there are many options and venues to introduce readers to Jeddah, I found this pictorial rap video of Jeddah entertaining:


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tour, Carol. I my husband was very sorry that I wasn’t able to see Jeddah on our visit to KSA . When we make a return visit Jeddah will be our first stop for sure!

  2. i’ve beento jeddah , enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere , but riyadh was home 🙂 and carol F says the same thing , he also says he’s from unizah 🙂

  3. I wonder if our husband’s fathers knew each other, as my husband’s father is from there as well.

  4. Long lost cousins!!

  5. Unaizah is not a big town…most of the families do know of each other!

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