American Bedu Blog Rules

Two years ago I wrote a post on Blog etiquette. As there are many new guests since then I am posting the rules again.

American Bedu originated in a desire to share perspectives, observations and views of  life in Saudi Arabia. Over the years this blog has become a focus for discussion of many different topics with the focal point Saudi Arabia.
I am sure we can all agree that meaningful discussion enriches our views and knowledge. The discussions on American Bedu enrich my blog. One of the joys of modern communication technology is that we now have the possibility to discuss and learn with and from people all over the planet. I hope this leads to greater understanding and mutual appreciation.

I sincerely hope that all my esteemed readers and commentators will abide by these rules:

  • Make sure you know what the blog and the post is all about before you start commenting.
  • If you want to ask a question, put it in the right post, if it does not pertain to the post, take it to the ”Dear Bedu” page or the Debate Page.
  • When commenting, try not to go off-topic!
  • Do not yell! (using caps continuously through one comment is like YELLING)
  • Be polite both in your comments, and in responding to the blog-owner, or other visitors.
  • Don’t be a “blog hog” and make too many comments. Leave some space for other visitors.
  • Do not paste copy large parts of texts; keep your comments short! If you do feel the need that a large body of text should be read refer to it with a link.
  • A visitor who is rude, abusive, or is trying to rile people up and make them upset, is called a ”troll”, the best way of dealing with a troll is to ignore them!
  • Do not repeat what other visitors have said before you: if somebody has made the remark you wanted to make, and they were there earlier, leave it.  Rather than repeat their words, acknowledge that you agree with them.
  • Do not make your comments too long: try to make your point in a few sentences. Longwinded comments tend to get skimmed over by other readers.
  • If you are a blogger yourself, your own blog can be accessed by clicking on your name, there is no need advertise your own blog by adding a link to your comments, this is considered ”spamming” in the blogworld.
  • Repeating the same comment multiple times is also considered spamming.
  • Some visitors may feel they are ‘invisible’ when posting to the blogosphere.  However attacking individuals and or characters will NOT be tolerated.  It is okay to disagree with what another visitor has commented upon but do so in a respectful manner.

I want people to speak their minds freely here, and everybody is entitled to freedom of speech and their own opinions and convictions. This is an open forum, I welcome everybody here.

But, I want to make it clear that some actions are absolutely not acceptable. Unfortunately I have been forced to put some visitors in moderation or ban them.
Unacceptable are:

  • Personal attacks on other commentators, bad language, cursing, rude gibberish
  • Attacks on children (now that I have interviews with children).  Attacks on children will never be tolerated and visitors who do so will be banned immediately
  • Shadow accounts. Unless there is a good reason and it has been approved by me in advance I do not allow shadow accounts. (a shadow account is when one person uses multiple persona’s to comment)
  • Disclosure of personal information of third parties. Some people who comment know each other in the real world, or have read personal stuff on their own blogs. It is unacceptable to disclose sensitive personal information to which you are privy and thereby injure another blogger’s privacy.

Some more information:
New commentators always have to go through moderation the first time.
Sometimes a comment ends up in spam, for reasons unknown.
If the comment contains more than one link it goes to moderation automatically.
I am not able to check moderation and spam on an hourly basis, it can take a while for a comment to be posted
I have two moderators who know my rules and wishes and apply them when I am unable to visit my blog. They do not comment or discuss, they only apply my rules.


20 Responses

  1. Thank you. Was wondering why you had left attacks go unchecked, which made one feel bad on leaving. Being a Muslim i was wondering if i was there to discuss or just be ridiculed. So i respectfully chose to step away for a while.

  2. Good that rules ar reinforces. To be honest, if someones comments are very long, I make a brief persusal–short an sweet much better.
    Love the picture above–cheers me up. ( sorry for being off the topic)

  3. ‘Being a Muslim i was wondering if i was there to discuss or just be ridiculed.’

    Hmmmm, interesting. People’s religious beliefs are very, very personal since it is an active choice that individuals make so, I guess if another person sees that same religion as ridiculous or whatever then how are they not insulting the person? And what about the person who chooses NOT to have a religion because they think it is ridiculous? How is the very, very religious person not insulting that person for their lack of ‘values’ ?

    I guess this is why there is a rule that in ‘polite’ company that you don’t speak about politics or religion.

    So I guess you need to decide whether you want a blog that discusses Saudi Arabia (which IS religion since there really is no separating the two) or one for ‘polite company’. 😉

  4. I take exception to the ban on “rude gibberish”…if not for rude gibberish some would have nothing to say. 😉

  5. Which attacks went ”unpunished”? As far as I know every low personal attack got a warning and people who transgressed the ”unacceptable” threshold have disappeared, or you see them only once or twice back?

    And as far as ridicule goes, nobody has the right not to be ridiculed if they claim something which is ridiculous. Actually I consider ridicule not only one of the most effective weapons against evil, but also the most friendly, fluffy one. Much better than chopping innocent people’s heads off for example.

    I think it’s sad that Bedu needs to state the unacceptable rules. Attacking a child is so low that everybody should have the decency to refrain from it.

    As is giving out personal sensitive information about other human beings on the net.
    It really shouldn’t have to mentioned at all.

  6. Where does it say ”rude gibberish”?

  7. ‘Personal attacks on other commentators, bad language, cursing, rude gibberish’

    Aren’t all of these thing subjective anyway? One person’s rude gibberish may be another person’s Holy Book. No? 😉

  8. ‘Some people who comment know each other in the real world, or have read personal stuff on their own blogs. It is unacceptable to disclose sensitive personal information to which you are privy and thereby injure another blogger’s privacy.’

    And that’s another thing. What if Aafke was trying to represent herself as respectful of religions when her blog, which is NOT private, makes it clear that she is a devout Pastafarian? I think that if someone has a personal blog that is open for all, and their name here links to it, then they have to expect that it will NOT be a private, personal matter and if it is relevant in some way then why can’t that be brought up?

  9. oh, ok.

  10. 😉

  11. Actually I am considering reverting to worshiping the Goddess of the Invisible Pink unicorn.
    But on the other hand, as a Pastafarian you get to wear pirate outfits. You actually get extra brownie/heaven points for wearing pirate outfits…
    But then I always think that women should always choose a Goddess to worship as in Goddess religions women get treated so much better.

    (disclaimer: this comment is not meant to come over as either an attack, ridicule, or rude gibberish)

    (Ok, I was lying in the disclaimer, it’s all that)

  12. Oh, Aafke, you are just incorrigible!

  13. Just got a laugh reading these comments! Thanks, Ladies! 😀

  14. Does Pastafarianism have anything to do with pasta? Now there’s a credo!

  15. (Warning! This post could be interpreted as an attack, ridicule, or rude gibberish, if you read it it’s your own lookout)

    Susanna, there a a movement in America that if creationism should have equal time and be taught next to science, in science classes, then there are other ”theories” which should be included. the most famous is the FSM, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who in a drunken stupor created the universe. This theory btw is the only one which explains why the universe is such a mess, and so it is the most plausible one.
    Also there is a direct correlation between the disappearance of pirates and global warming. Because the Pastafarians are again growing in numbers and pirate dress and code and language is on the rise, global warming has been halted.
    What more proof do you need that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the real creator of the universe and all other religions are but the invention of a deranged imagination?

  16. r’amen!


  17. Stop it Aafke, you’re making me hungry! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the much needed laugh again.

    And thanks Bedu for allowing the silly gibberish.

  19. I am ok with a goddess but not with pink unicorns.

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