Saudi Arabia: Behind the Veil: Part I

BBC produced a video “Behind the Veil” which featured Reem Asad, a Saudi woman known for her campaign to have men banned from working in women’s lingerie stores.  I like Reem and endorse her campaign.  Any woman who has tried to purchase a bra or other intimate garment within Saudi Arabia understands that it can be a loathsome experience to receive over-solicitous service and “well meant” recommendations from a woman-deprived male!

Yet if I share candidly, I don’t think the BBC video best represented Reem and her worthy cause.  I have not viewed Part II yet and at this juncture not sure if I want to use my time to view it!  In my opinion the reporter began and ended Part I of “Behind the Veil” with a demeaning view of Saudi women.  For example, contrary to statements in the beginning of the video the majority of marriages in Saudi Arabia are NOT polygamous or to child brides.  You can always count on the media to make a mountain from a mole hole and focus on sensationalizing a story.  I am surprised and disappointed to find that on a BBC video.

However, that is only my opinion.  What do you think after viewing the video?


4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t watch the whole thing as the volume was very low and there was a constant humming that was very irritating.

    But, for argument’s sake I didn’t hear them say that the majority of Saudi marriages are polygamous, it said that polygamy was the norm. Isn’t there a difference there? Are polygamous marriages in Saudi Arabia looked at as something odd or are they considered ‘normal’?

  2. I watched both parts 1 and 2 of the video and found both to be extremely boring and uninformative. Didn’t add anything new at all to my knowledge base.

    However, I did find an online article on the same subject … “A View From Behind The Veil” … by LA Times reporter Megan Stack, whiich I found quite helpful in understanding the “women issues” in Saudi. As a woman in the male-dominated kingdom, she quietly fumes beneath her abaya. Even beyond its borders, her experience taints her perception of the sexes.

    Here’s the link to her rather lengthy article, but it is an excellent read:,0,5491632,full.story

  3. The video is so generic, one almost forgets it is about a very specific problem. It seems to be meant for a audience with almost no background information on the subject.

  4. Exactly…no background info and sets a pre-biased opinion all the way through (in my humble opinion)….

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