Saudi Arabia: Upcoming Business Workshop for Women

Dar-Al-Hekma College, a progressive women’s university in Jeddah, is offering a great opportunity for women to attend a four day business workshop.  This workshop will be conducted by young MBA professionals from the renowned Hass School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.   The four day workshop is offered for a fee of two thousand Saudi riyals (SAR 2000).

The workshop begins on May 22 and concludes on May 25th,  2011.  The deadline to register for the workshop is Tuesday, May 17th.  Hurry and reserve your place now!

For more information please contact:  Ms. Dania Yaman at 02-630-3333 ext 732.  Or email her at


4 Responses

  1. I know I’m being a bit picky here but Dar al Hekma is a college and does not have University status- yet.

  2. I am being picky too.
    Until Saudi women have the freedom to conduct their own business on their own without a male agent, have the freedom to travel freely without the permission of a guardian and have the freedom to get to work however they choose, be it chaufer, driving themselves or public transportation, all the business seminars and workshops will be for naught.

  3. I understand why you say that Linda but disagree. The better educated women are the more likely to push for their rights. And ultimately it will be up to them.

  4. @Sandy – My bad. Thanks for pointing it out.

    @Linda – I also understand your perspective but like Sandy I think that there need to be concurrent actions and opportunities which in turn will further equip Saudi women with greater education and global awareness. A business workshop is much more than just focus on business techniques and practices; it is an opportunity for exchange of ideas and information too.

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